#BlackhawksLegend Eric Semborski Gets A Rookie Card

On Saturday afternoon, the Blackhawks desperately needed a backup goaltender.

On Wednesday, Eric Semborski got a rookie card.

When Corey Crawford needed an emergency appendectomy and couldn’t play against the Flyers, the Blackhawks signed former Temple (club) goaltender Semborski to a one-day amateur contract. He sat on the bench, had his picture taken by fans through the glass, and smiled the whole time.

On Wednesday, Topps introduced two digital cards with Semborski on them.

6 thoughts on “#BlackhawksLegend Eric Semborski Gets A Rookie Card

  1. I gotta give you an LOL on that comment, Wall. My wife even loved that one.

    What a terrific story.

  2. Sometime a move like what hapend to that guy can change a life foreever..and its always nice to to hear story like that ….its quite nice from the Hawks to think of giving him a shirt with his name ….and making a real prince story out of it .
    What a change in that organisation since the Death of Frustrated Bill ….

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