30 thoughts on “Blues Sign Paul Stastny

  1. Fast and Furious first hour… lots of movement… but with deals like 7M for Stastny and 5.5 for Bolland… 5 for Cammaleri, i dont mind the Hawks being a little quiet. Versteeg @ 2.2 and Oduya at 3.5 will be cheap at the end of the day, and im sure stan will find a team that needs to make a move. We will unload some cap… make room on the bottom 6 for the kids and we will be fine…

    A guy like Perreault will be ok. We can rotate Shaw/Smith/Perreault at 2c (i know the committee thing sucks, but when you have 19/88/10/81/20/29 you are ok…). The sky isn’t falling people…

  2. So the Kings have the best 4-deep centers in the league, the Ducks add Kesler, Dallas lands Spezza and the Blues add Stastny.. Ever feel like your sitting in the slow lane while traffic wizs past? Obviously we have $$ limitations (and Spezza was a big $$), but Stasney and Kesler were ideal for our 2C needs and these in conference moves are why the Hawks should have unloaded Sharp (if possible) and made a play. That said, who knows what Jr’s been trying to sell behind closed doors… Hmmmm..

  3. Tim, I think you are right…the money being thrown around is a little ridiculous. Surprised that Stastny chose St. Louis, but he likely saw this as one of his final big pay days. The Hawks were going to struggle to find room to get him (similar to having to account for Kesler after next season). The more we talk about Perreault, the more I like him. With the cap situation, and the likely new contracts for Toews and Kane after next season, we need versatile players who will come in, fit in various spots and be hungry to win. Saad and Shaw were hungry to win in 2013 and the team then rallied around Zus. The Hawks could use someone like that again next year…more youth and then a “grizzled” veteran who wants to win and plays hard to do so. Even without a 2C, the Hawks don’t need more star power…the players are talented…they need someone who will eat space, be where they are supposed to, and help with puck possession.

  4. The Blues have Cap issues too. Not like the Hawks but issues just the same. The Blues are pretty set on defense. However, they need 4 forwards and a backup goalie and have about $11mm to spend. So they will be paying for Ott, Roy, Sobotka, Schwartz and a decent backup goalie (assuming Elliot remains the main man). $11mm won’t cover all that. So the Blues will also have to rely on a couple of forward prospects in the lineup.

  5. Where are the Hawks in discussions with Regin? Thought he was a nice piece that was underutilized by Q…

  6. Dallas gets Hemsky to go along with Spezza…big improvements in Dallas….agree with you Negzz…we are sitting in the slow lane and watching…maybe Stan puts the petal to the metal but I’m thinking status quo …if we sit back and observe there will be no one left of any significance. Not that its bad, these teams are trying to catch us! Losing ones head on frenzy day can be a disaster, but still….yikes.

  7. Holy crap. Statsny to St. Louis is the worst possible scenario. Wow. Add to that Kesler to Anaheim and Spezza to Dallas.

    Better hope and pray Teuvo is the real deal and that he arrives in a big time hurry. I wish there was some way to add Toews’ pal Joe Thornton, but that’s a pipe dream.

  8. FYI per news reports: The Chicago Blackhawks did not tender qualifying offers to any of their remaining restricted free agents prior to the deadline on Tuesday.

    The Blackhawks did not offer contracts to restricted free agents forwards Terry Broadhurst, Byron Froese, David Gilbert and Philippe Lefebvre and defenseman Theo Peckham, allowing them all to become unrestricted free agents.

  9. Answering my own question on Regin:

    Peter Regin will officially become an unrestricted free agent on Tuesday, but he and the Chicago Blackhawks still haven’t ruled out a return to the team next season, according to Regin’s agent.

    “Still talking with Chicago,” Regin’s agent Craig Oster of Newport Sports Management wrote in an email Tuesday. “They have many moving pieces and all are related because of the cap.”

    The 28-year-old Regin could provide Blackhawks depth at center and wing as he did last season. He didn’t play consistently for the Blackhawks after arriving from the New York Islanders in a trade in February, but he had positive performances when he was in the lineup. He had a Corsi (shot differential) of better than 50 percent in 11-of-17 regular-season games. He finished with two goals, two assists and was a plus-5 in 17 regular-season games and had zero points and was a minus-1 in five playoff games for the Blackhawks.

  10. Moral of the story? The salary cap is driving things for the Hawks. There simply is zero financial room to even think about a substantial addition. And even Perrault (who I don’t like for the Hawks) would seem to be off the table. So it’s going to be Teuvo time come hell or high water it appears.

    Very seriously concerned about our lack of “size” in an increasingly ruggedized Western Conference too.

  11. Wait, Bolland for $5.5mm for 5 years. Bolland is a quality player but jeez, he has not played a full season in 5 years. Tallon has gone off the deep end.

    So here is how SB and JT/PK conversation is going
    SB: Hey guys look….Statsney and Spezza both at $7mm are really helping their teams build around them. What do you guys say to $9mm for 8 years.

    JT/PK: F@#k you Stan….Bolland got $5.5mm and he will only play in half the games.

    Result: $11mm for 8 years

  12. Gionta (a 35yr old Small winger) just got 4.25 X 3yrs… Makes Bickell’s 4M per look ok…

  13. Guys this isn’t that bad because apparently most other teams forgot there is a salary cap and so their signing of marginal players (besides Stastny) at elevated prices is really doing the Hawks a favor.

  14. Dale Tallon has to get to the salary FLOOR in Florida, so he had the luxury of giving Bolland that kind of money. Plus, I think Bolly will actually thrive in south Florida. He can’t score or generate much offense, but he’s a maniacal two-way player who, truth be told, the Hawks severely missed in the playoffs. I wish Bolly well.

    Wish there was a friggin way to dump Versteeg.

  15. Uncle Dale is still footing the bill for a portion of Versteeg’s salary as it is. He might be dumb with a calculator, but ain’t no way he wants Versteeg and his ten-cent head and eroding skill set back for full freight.

  16. Tab what about Mike Fisher or Matt Cullen for Oduya or Leddy (preferably Oduya) and Danault or McNeil or Nordstrom or even Kruger and rights to K. Hayes. Fisher and Cullen both won over 50% of their faceoffs last season and both contracts run out after the season. Oduya and Cullen would work. Richards would be close, but if it was Oduya I think it also works. Nashville gives up a center to get a Dman, if its Oduya that can help build a solid 2nd pair, and gets a young forward with potential. Chicago can get someone who will play hard and can probably fill the 2nd Center role for 50-60 games in the regular season and then all of the playoffs, gives up a forward who (besides Kruger) would have a tough time not being bottom 6, if that, over the next 4 years, free up a dman space for the young players, and gives Nashville negotiating rights with a player when free agents don’t always look to go to Nashvegas right off the start.

  17. Hopefully the agent for Toews and Kane isn’t using today’s transactions as leverage for a salary closer to the higher end of what was asked for initially…

  18. Bolland is the most overrated player of the last decade. Call him a “Two-Way” player all you want, but half of the “two” is offense, which Bolland sucks at.

    Avalanche probably won’t make the playoffs next year.

    The Blues got better up front, still don’t have a legit playmaker on offense.

    I wonder if fans in LA are also bitching about their team not making any FA splashes? Hint guys, the Hawks and the Kings are so far ahead of the rest of the pack that the other teams need to drive in the fast lane.

  19. We are no longer far ahead of Minnesota, Colorado , St. Louis and Dallas if we are even ahead at all. If we are to do anything it will have to be through a trade, which seems to me pointless until next year. Keep our heads, give the youngsters and shot and we will stay up there.

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