11 thoughts on “Bolland, Emery Out For Game One

  1. Im assuming that will put Zues on the second line with Shaw centering 25/29.

    Only question is who gets the 4th Wing next to 16/67? Carcillo? Morin? Hayes? Smith?

  2. Dear Hawk Followers (Fans)

    Bolland can stay out since he has not come thru for the team .He is not winning faceoffs and has been hurt for the last two years with various problems. He is better maybe in coaching a minoir league group.

    Let’s hope Emery heals since groins can be a pain in the butt

    Red Baron

  3. I agree with you Ryan. I would like to see Smith or Morin in the lineup over Bollig. I thought the fourth line was great with Morin – Kruger – Frolik. Bollig serves no purpose on this team, He does not hit and only talks after the whistle. The Hawks will be better served to roll four productive lines against a team like the Wild who do not have a deep defensive core.

  4. WFaW…..I see where your going but would use Smith or Carcillo instead of Morin or Bolig. I think Smith is simply a better all around hockey player.

    Tab, that is an awesome line up. I love it when Q switches Kane and Hossa. Hope he does it for some shifts tomorrow.

    Good Luck to Crawford. Your team needs you at your best.

  5. Great lines…if the Hawks stay healthy, this lineup will win 4 straight versus the Wild….I too would love to see Ben Smith make it to the starting lineup over Bollig.

    Smith will be starting for us next season…

  6. I’m guessing Smith get his chance to play in game three maybe game two. Q likes to reward players, so Bollig gets the start. Not that I think he deserves it, but that is how Q coaches.

  7. Emery is the more immediate need. If Crawford struggles, having Emery in the bullpen is a much better option than either Karlsson or Hutton.

    I still believe Bolland (IF healthy) will play a big role in the playoffs. However I think he would be more effective in his shutdown role. Therefore, maybe him not being ready for Game#1 is a blessing in disguise for it allows Handzus to cement his spot between Kane and Sharp and Q will want to keep that line together and use Bolland elsewhere, hopefully like this:


    Especially against the Wild where Bollig/Carcillo sandpaper is not as needed as it will be with other more physical teams.

  8. ER…I agree completely…Handzus has a real chance to cement his spot on that 2nd line…Bolly on the 4th line with Kruger and Frolik would be good.

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