Bowman: Bonus Overage Hurting Blackhawks Cap Space

While speaking with the media before Friday night’s Blackhawks Convention Opening Ceremony, general manager Stan Bowman confirmed that the team has $750,000 in bonus overage from last season that will count toward the 2015-16 season cap.

The Blackhawks have approximately $70.4M committed to 21 projected roster players – not including the bonus overage – and the NHL’s cap limit for next season is $71.4M. The Blackhawks can be up to 10 percent over the salary cap during the offseason, which they may need to retain still-unsigned RFA Marcus Kruger.

34 thoughts on “Bowman: Bonus Overage Hurting Blackhawks Cap Space

  1. Bickell is immovable. So it comes down to Versteeg. Hope Stan just goes ahead and adds a quality prospect of high pick to make a deal happen. I seriously will be really sad if Shaw has to be traded to make this cap thing all work. I guess as I look at things it doesn’t add up to think Kruger comes back. We already are over the cap. Kruger should be able to get around $2.5 M per. That can’t fit even if they do move all of Versteeg’s salary.

  2. Where is good ole dale tallon when we need him? He always seems willing to take are bad contracts

  3. I have a feeling the #7 defenseman has already been added and it’s either, schilling, Svedberg, or Gustufsson.

  4. Bickell will be traded, even if we have to eat some of his salary. The kicker is it might take a sweetener thrown in, such as Shaw. That may be why we traded for Garbut. Blackhawks fans a gonna love this guy. I know Duncs is glad to have him on our side.

  5. It’s always darkest before the Dawn and right now the Hawks Cap situation is definitely dark. The Hawks need a minimum of $3M to re-sigh Kruger and add a cheap 7th d-man. But the dawn will come and then we’ll have the team we will cheer for throughout the 2015/16 season. All this agonizing is for naught.

  6. Bowman could have resolved his cap problem by trading Sharp for a draft pick, prospect, or low-salaried veteran. Let’s hope Shaw doesn’t have to be moved. That would leave only Garbut as a high-skilled agitator who can stay in front of the net. What a mistake trading Jimmy Hayes for Versteeg. Boston brought Hayes in to balance the lost of Lucic. Meanwhile, the Hawks keep getting smaller. I don’t think Versteeg would fetch more than a 3rd rounder.

  7. RTF….OR, Bowman signs Kruger to a multi-year extension (4-5 years at $2,5…), and he moves Bickell AND Versteeg *before* the season starts.

    I. too, like Shaw…especially playing with Kruger and Desjardins. If Bowman absolutely HAS to move him (because he’s a valuable asset and there was no other way to get deals done for 29 and 23), he got Garbutt to fill that role. Again, consider it “the cost of doing business” — Chicago won The Cup, so it was worth it.

    I am not “keeping score”, but are you aware of how often you’ve been WRONG? Or, for whatever reason you feel most comfortable being “NEGATIVE” (only to be proved wrong)? I mean, weren’t you engraving St.L Blues names on the Cup the afternoon the Ryan Miller deal was announced? Or, this post season proclaiming some bs about the Hawks COULD NOT beat the Ducks? (…and, a few other prime examples in between? Teravainen “doesn’t fit” into the Hawks system, etc.) I apologize if I’m being a prick, but I am curious….(and I REALLY hope that I am correct and you are wrong again – GO HAWKS!!)

  8. Rufus, David Clarkson, Nathan Horton, mark savard, and chris pronger have all been traded in the last 7 months, there are NO untradeable contracts, the leafs would take bicks if the Hawks retained salary which isn’t the end of the world, they want guys with something to prove and Detroit was interested in 29 in the 2013 offseason so Babcock probably likes him

  9. Stan Bowman has nevver once eaten some salary to move a guy. The only way Bickell or Versteeg get moved is if Bowman throws in Shaw or draft picks/prospects at this stage. The fact that both Bickell and Versteeg are at the fan convention this weekend telegraphs to me that we are NOT going to like the next move or two to be made. Shaw leaving is front and center on the table. It sucks. It is what it is but it sucks. I hope Bickell invests some of his $4 M salary in a Kevlar suit because he is going to be public enemy number 1 with a lot of Hawk fans this winter f he is still wearing the Indianhead and Shaw is not.

  10. The interesting thing about Bowmans quote is that he said there are a few scenarios that have presented themselves and at this point he and the front office just have to choose which route to go.

    The way I interpret that is there are a few deals already in place, he just has to decide which to pull the trigger on. It does not sound like he’s going to wait until October to resolve this.

  11. RUFUS, liked what you said and your spot on!!!! Prickell should have never gotten that 2 year contract!!! We are already paying for Towes and Kaner’s and now we have a chance to loose Shaw who to me is 10 times the player Prickell ever was!!!

    Yes, Prickell needs to go and if Bowman has to eat his contract for the first time to keep Shaw so be it. We have lost enough already and loosing Shaw would be the nail in the coffin for the Hawks.

  12. Jay, the board is a lot dumber for having read your remarks. By the way, it’s “you’re” as in “you are” and it’s “lose” not loose as in “something’s loose in your attic”.

    And “Prickell”? My God …

  13. Hi

    I´m a longtime Hawks fan from Sweden. With a question about why the UC won´t or will respond to fans about their name being in NHL 16.

    There a lot of Hawks fans and fans from other teams in the gaming community that are being ignored by united center. I have tried to contact both the Chicago Blackhawks and united center as well. But nobody wants to explain what the f..ks!!!! going on.

    I find it a bit strange that EA sports can get the licens or paperwork sign by the other 29 teams sponsors in the game. But when it comes to UC nothing, zero. Its in NBA 15 live ( same company EA) over the years.
    Free advertising, right.

    The last time it was in the nhl series were in NHL 11. Note that it was when the merger between Continental Airlines an United Airlines in 2011 was done. Is it becasuse of the logo or rights? Who knows? Noone will give a explanation or respone. Just silence.

    The Chicago Blackhawks can have both Toews and Kane on the cover on NHL 16, they will also have the their unique goal horn and Chelsea Dagger in the game. Even Tommy Hawk, can you belive it. (All this missing in NHL 15).
    They have won 3 CUPS in 6 seasons. But can´t get an authentic and real arena atmosphere.
    The big bad guy in this drama is united center. Keeping on to a policy like the old man did on allowing home games on TV it seems like.

    Plus we as Blackhawks fans deserve to be respected and represented the right way. Even do it´s a game.

    Here are some tweets from the socialmedia up to this date from fans BEING ignored:

    Come on @United @UnitedCenter. Don’t be the one company/arena that is too good for their fans.

    @- I wouldnt be surprised. The United Center name has been in in the past NHL games…

    @UnitedCenter Please, please release the license for NHL 16 from EA Sports Stadium UNITED CENTER writing as a fan of the Chicago Blackhawks

    @United @UnitedCenter We want the #Blackhawks arena in #NHL16!

    @Rammer34 Can you let us know if you guys get United Center?

    @- @- @Rammer34 Why does nba live 15 have united center.

    So “Chelsea Dagger” will be in NHL16 but not the @UnitedCenter? Come on United Center give @EASPORTSNHL permission already.

    @Rammer34 That stinks.

    @- 6 jul
    @united @UnitedCenter @NHLBlackhawks , give us fans our house ! @EASPORTSNHL #ItsInTheGame #nhl16 . #Chicago

    If I remember correctly they have so far 29 of the 30 but were still trying to get them all.

    I can only make 1 guess right now for what arena won’t be in the game

    I really hope that they have the UC in the game this year. It just feels wrong playing a current NHL game in the old chicago stadium or a other arena

    They won’t EA UFC has “chicago arena” instead of the united center.

    United is a hell of a company to get marketing rights from.

    (I think Chicago Arena might never, ever gonna be in because of United Center disliking of the Hawks)

    This just upsets me so much. Being a long time Hawks fan I would’ve loved to see it in the game. Of course my team is the one who’s arena isn’t licensed…

    Can anyone speculate as to why they would have problems licensing one of the NHL arenas? Why wouldn’t the Blackhawks want United Center in the game?
    I really can’t see the downside, especially if you’re being paid to have the arena’s likenss used.

    No united center???
    I live in chicago and am very upset that it says CHICAGO STADIUM or another name on the ice than the UC.
    I guess they did not get the license to u use the UNITED CENTER. Sucks :-(

    Re: No united center???
    It’s been like this for years, if not always, if I remember correctly.

    NHL 11 is the last game to have the United Center licensed, I wish they would get the rights.

    Re: No united center???
    It’s a shame this is another year where they don’t have the UC in the game.

    I think this problem was after Continental Airlines and United Airlines merged in 2011.
    The old rights to the United name and the new logo was not probably not valid after that.
    (The Airline kept the “United” name, but swapped to Continentals logo – the blue globe).

    One thinks it should’ve been sorted by now though.

    But it will still be Chicago Arena (or whatever it is called in the game) right?

    HLHornsandSongs retweetade
    Frozen Faceoff ?@FrozenFaceoff 6 jul

    Dont blame EA Sports, they just need a signature. @united just doesn’t value hockey fans. @unitedcenter bad PR

    Lets get United Center licensed in #NHL16. EA just needs a signed waiver.

    @EASPORTSNHL will the united center be in the game?
    EA SPORTS NHL ?@EASPORTSNHL 12 hours ago@- Hi, -. We don’t have any news on the United Center at this time. Keep an eye on our official channels for updates.

    And on and on and on like this it goes. I find it embarassing, sad and straight fu..ed up. How can you as a company keep ignoring the fans or customers like this? The united center can and are doing it. I know that it will be the same generic arena once again Thats a got damn shame.

    Do what you will with this information. The Chicago Blackhawks and last and not least the united center has done that.
    Hopefully more people and fans contact and pressure the united center on whats going on with a respone or them give us an explanation.

    Thank You for listening

    Best Regards

  14. The .750 is 44 bonus (playing in 10-19 games). We can trade 29 (or 23), even at 50% retained will cover Krugs caphit. I do not think Krugs wants more then 2.5ish. Waive Morin/Tropp and bring up Panarin.

  15. If memory serves I think the Hawks had like 2-3 million in overages after the first cup run. That’s probably why Fernando Pisani was a free agent signing that offseason. Hopefully Ryan Garbutt and Andrew Desjardins find chemistry quickly and Anisimov proves that a Russian hockey player can become a stable contributor in an organization that has never had much luck with Guys from the former Soviet Union. Panarin too.

  16. Eric, that’s what I thought. Rocky would get this license thing done so the united center is in game. Do you know if they will have custom music again. That is what matters when it come to songs/music. Operation Sports has music packs (with organ and every team goal song, PP song, offplay/at the whistle, intermission, etc.)(500-600 total songs) The man thing is the rink, who cares if they call it Chicago Stadium, just have the authentic rink like the others.

  17. WOW, ERIC, I hope you can get that worked out with NHL 16. How the hell did that post not get moderated? And re. Rufus and friend, step back, kevlar, REALLY, I want him gone to0 but come on.

  18. Morrison, they (EA) cant make the arena authentic or real because the united center owns the building. If they do I belive they get sued, according to US laws I think. Why is important that the team have an authentic arena name? If 29 of 30 other arenas can do it…. On the ice now its says Chicago Blackhawks instead of Chicago Stadium. Look the blowjackets have their canon in the game, the chicken wings the octopus, the missing lightning got their tesla coil or whatever its called etc. I can only compare this to the old mans Tv policy/home games. About the custom music in the game, no you cant custom music. Again a licence issue because of Sony. If someone is downloading music the wrong way and so on. Thats how it goes I guess .

  19. Bonuse overages are hurting the Hawks cap space? Silly me. I thought it was the really bad contracts he’s dished out.

  20. ^^Yeah right, the really bad contracts on those really bad players that just helped win the Stanley Cup. What a travesty. Stop whining for once.

  21. Dave,

    It doesn’t take long to figure out Rufus’s schtick. Crybaby about everything and if you’re right, you can say I told you so. If you’re wrong, you’re still happy because the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup. Be careful though, he’s a tough guy wanna be who might tell you to pound sand up your ass.

  22. Albertahawksfan, it’s a combination of things – including the Cap not rising as expected. The oil market and disposable income has had an impact on Hockey Related Revenues (HRR) although I suppose if one is so disposed, one could still blame Stan for basing his business model on expected revenue growth rather than taking a more conservative approach.

    A couple years ago, the Cap was projected to be about $3M-$4M more for 2015/16 than $71.4M. Last summer when the Cap was announced at $69M, the projection for 2015/16 was lowered somewhat but the $71.4 is still lower than it was projected to be at this time last year.

    When Bickell signed his $4M/4yr deal, the Cap projection was the higher amount and expected to continue to climb at the same rate. His deal was high, but it was market driven and would have been manageable had the HRR continued to rise at the (then) current rate. Bickell’s deal in retrospect looks pretty bad, but at the time it was more to do with Bickell isn’t worth $4M than Cap crippling.

    When T&K signed their mega-deals last summer, the Cap projection had already been lowered and it was more of an aggressive gamble on Stan’s part (as well as T&K) to “hope” HRR would pick up to closer to the previous rate. When HRR not only didn’t pick up, but slowed down even more, the Cap hits of T&K, Bickell, Crawford all became Cap crippling. The dilemma for Stat at the time though was whether to show commitment to T&K by securing them with deals commensurate with their value to the team or taking a more business approach and risking alienating one or both of them and watch them walk away.

    I think Stan has had a lot of very tough decisions to make and he has more in front of him. The thing that’s sometimes hard to keep in perspective is that although Stan hasn’t been perfect, who would have done things better, or more appropriate – who could replace Stan to do a better job moving forward? It’s too easy to criticize when our own neck isn’t on the line and we can’t guarantee a better outcome from some other guy.

  23. ER, well said. Hindsight is 20/20 so it’s easy for armchair GMs to be right all the time. However, given the circumstances, Bowman was reasonable in his actions and hey, the Stanley Cup is in the house.

    July 18, 2015 at 6:40 pm
    ^^Yeah right, the really bad contracts on those really bad players that just helped win the Stanley Cup. What a travesty. Stop whining for once.

    Yes Mr Knowitall. Justifying a bad contract by bringing up a Stanley Cup victory when they weren’t even on those contracts at the time has so much relevance doesn’t it?

    Why not wait for the upcoming season before you beak huh?

  25. Alberta, do the board a favor and STFU. You’re getting as bad as Rufus and you calling anyone a know-it-all is laughable. You’re one of the biggest blowhards on the site, you think you have an answer for everything, you think YOUR way would have always been better. Guess what, WRONG.

    So like duuuuuuuuddde, turn around your backward baseball cap, put down your video game and the next time you get the urge to “beak” STFU.

  26. Ebony , great post, few names Ken Holland, Dean Lombardi , Marc Bergivan, to name a few, never been a bowman fan, too many give him all the credit, for the team tha Tallon built. And your right cap was projected higher, but having been a hockey coach for 20+ years never get over excited by one year wonders ( Bix) I think Stan was hoping he was second coming of big Buff, but he’s nowhere near as physical, not even close in talent. And bowman panicked and gave him an overinflated deal. It will be net resting to see what he has to throw in to sweeten the trade. McNeil will never amount to much let him and or morin or other throw in from Columbus ( trupp or garbage…oops garbutt. I think Hayes for Versteeg was mistake, as was not giving Kevin a spot, you can’t tell me Anyone thinks Bickel was better option than Kevin Hayes. Saad trade I’ll give C+ now, if anisimov can play 75-80 games and dano continues his rise then it’s a A. If anisimov plays 45 as he has most of his career then back at B-. Sharp trade was baffling to say the least. Stan over played sharp at draft passed on both trade option at draft. If paliotta and Johns ended up making NHL rosters and are productive both trades don’t appear to be good. One extended injury to hammer, Seabs or dunks and could be rough year. I know all you that are in live with bowman will throw out three cups in 6 yes Company line, but 2010 is ALL Tallon , 2013 is 80 % Tallon and 2015 is 70 Tallon, and yes Stan has some cap relief in 2010 that wasn’t his doing, but this time Bickel is all his doing, Crawford at 6 M all bowman, trading jimmy not signing Kevin, over valuing sharp, trading away Young D, time will tell. Seems as though Stan is playing into Q’s hand by getting older vets and trading away youth? I felt this offseason we needed to get younger, doesn’t appear his is the direction.
    And for the grammar geeks, who gives two shits about spelling errors and grammatical mistakes in a fricken blog, kinda sounds like some of you are being trolls. If people want to post negative blogs who cares, no one is forcing you to read their post. IDK IN MY OPINION pretty silly.

  27. re: Larry’s 3 who could “adequately replace Bowman”

    What has Holland done w/out Nill? Real question… now we get to see what he’s got post-Babcock as well.

    Dean Lombardi is in the same cap mess the Hawks are and he hasn’t extended Kopitar yet. He won 2 Cups… and then missed the playoffs. He’s done a nice job in LA – but not better than Bowman has in Chicago over the last 7 years imo.

    Marc Bergevin is a nice name but he’s still trying to convince the world that 2 goals per game + an elite goaltender is enough. I haven’t been impressed with their skaters outside of Pacioretty and Subban – neither of whom was drafted by Bergevin. Indeed, since Bergevin took over as GM of the Habs in May 2012, only 3 players drafted by Montreal have appeared in the NHL (only 55 games from the 2 not named Galchenyuk).

    The reality is that Bowman has done a fantastic job managing a top-loaded roster and kept his elite players in-house while keeping the team competitive while, as ER mentioned, the cap has not gone up by nearly as much as many projected. If we go thru his record with a comb there will be misses, of course. But there are also 2 Cups that he is personally responsible for.

    If you don’t like him personally because he’s an accountant, or because of the way Tallon left town, so be it. But he’s been an elite GM that most of the league would kill to have calling the shots for them.

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