Bowman: Crawford Dealing With Post-Concussion Syndrome

On Wednesday evening, Blackhawks senior adviser Scotty Bowman told Prime Time Sports on Sportsnet 590 The FAN in Toronto that Chicago netminder Corey Crawford is dealing with post-concussion syndrome.

The accompanying article on Sportsnet’s website notes Pittsburgh’s Evgeni Malkin skating through Crawford in late November.

Crawford was putting up Vezina-caliber numbers before he started missing time. He was placed on IR on Dec. 27.

7 thoughts on “Bowman: Crawford Dealing With Post-Concussion Syndrome

  1. Please refer Corey to Healing with Hyperbarics for treatment of his concussion. I had vertigo and dizziness and nausea for three years after a concussion until I was treated here. Dr. daphne Denham is doing groundbreaking work treating concussions with this modality. The office number is 847-420-7474

  2. That was head contact plain and simple. Where’s Jamal Mayers when he’s needed? Agree with SSHM. Malkin needed to taste an appropriately-timed knuckle sandwich.

  3. Diddo. 5 players should have wanted a piece of Malkin. Only one excused is DCat. Franson, Hartman should have been automatically in there with Keith and Sharp following.

  4. Then they let Malkin the mouth breather just stroll over to the box as they all stared at Corey instead of doing anything.
    I miss players with edge. Even Shawzer would have been in Malkins face, punching it. This really bothers me.

  5. This falls squarely on lack of locker room leadership. The patsy, cream puff style the Hawks play encourages behavior like Malkin’s. No one laid a finger on him, not even a solid check into the boards. Our forwards get beaten when they stand in the crease too long. Imagine what would happen if Renni was on the receiving end of a knee to the head.

    Taking a beating in front of 20K people tends to discourage such offenses.

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