Brandon Saad Traded To Columbus

The Chicago Blackhawks have reportedly traded forward Brandon Saad to the Columbus Blue Jackets in a seven-player deal.

Chicago has also traded defenseman Mike Paliotta and forward Alex Broadhurst.

Coming back to Chicago in the deal are forwards Artem Anisimov, Jeremy Morin and Corey Tropp, center Marko Dano and a fourth round pick.

Anisimov, 27, had 27 points in 51 games for the Jackets last year. He has one year remaining on a contract with a $3,283,333 cap hit.

Morin, 24, was traded to Columbus by the Blackhawks last season for defensman Tim Erixon. He carries a $800,000 cap hit for the 2015-16 season.

Tropp, 25, had eight points in 61 games for the Jackets last season. He has one year remaining on a contract with a $625,000 cap hit.

Dano, 20, posted eight goals and 13 assists in 35 games in his first NHL campaign with Columbus last year. He was the 27th overall selection in the 2013 NHL Draft. His cap hit for the next two years is $925,000.

143 thoughts on “Brandon Saad Traded To Columbus

  1. Yeah, well, that sucks. I don’t get this at all. I hope the return is something special and not just a pick and 2 average players.

  2. Ridiculous trade. How do you give up one the best up and coming power forwards for this pile of trash? Wow.

  3. I really don’t understand this one!!

    Did they overpay for a Russian mentor for Paranin…?

    And, apparently somebody in the Hawks organ-EYE-zation thinks more of Morin than coach Q and I…

  4. Its on the Hawks website its not a sick joke, but hey I’ve heard this Zhamnov kid is going to be better then Roenick

  5. Speechless. But very, very clearly this telegraphs that the Blackhawks KNEW Saad was getting a big offer sheet on Wednesday AND that there was no practical way they could fit his salary into the structure of the team payroll without grave consequences otherwise in their estimation. This deal is ALL ABOUT THE SALARY CAP and minimally about the potential of Dano. Amisinov is a throw-in to make the money work for the Blue Jackets and he will be a one-year rental for the Hawks…nothing more.

    Wow. I guess that fu(king salary cap hurt a whole heckuva lot more than we ever estimated it would. Very sobering and sad day.

  6. Bob McKenzie saying they were tipped off an offer sheet was coming tomorrow at $6.5 million for six years.

    What would they have gotten if they’d simply turned down the offer sheets, a first rounder and some more draft picks right?

    Do not like this trade at all.

  7. So “they got what they could for him”. Well that’s an asshat way to manage your assets. They pride themselves on working proactively, it sure didn’t happen in this case. Columbus didn’t give up much and I don’t like giving up Paliotta either. Broadhurst, eh, ok but not a guy you spent 4 years working with and worked your ass off to sign.

    Now there needs to be more moves to counteract this nonsense.

  8. I am stunned but as the facts come out I completely and fully understand what the Blackhawks did here. Bottom line, they can’t fit a salary like that for Saad under the salary cap. They just can’t. There are “core” players, and then there are “CORE” players within the context of the cap. There are only three players that fit the definition of “CORE” in this salary cap influenced world of ours and they are quite simply Toews, Kane and Keith. Everybody else is fair game to be traded, let go, whatever.

    Blame the salary cap folks. Blame the salary cap.

  9. I would have taken the “1st, 2nd and 3rd rounder in next years draft at that dollar amount” instead.

    Oh well, at least they have Morin again!?!?

  10. So, if I have this straight – SB set the asking price for Sharp ridiculously high, pretty much getting laughed out of the room. Then the threat of Saad getting an offer sheet of $6.5 per for 6 years results in trading him for a bag of pucks and Jeremy @$^&ing Morin!? So rather than just giving Sharp away allowing him to sign Saad, he has to trade Saad for nobody and also throw in a decent defensive prospect (not like we need any of those) to boot? Inconceivable.

  11. Thanks SSHM. If true, and looking at what they got back, I would’ve thought long and hard about taking those draft choices instead. Assuming the report of an impending offer sheet are true and I have no reason to believe it’s not true since they made a last minute desperation deal. Jeremy Morin again? Really?

  12. Hof …”Now there needs to be more moves to counteract this nonsense.” – absolutely!! I hope you are correct.

  13. Lebrun and Melrose are saying the Hawks have found no takers for the full salary hit of Sharp, Bickell or Versteeg. Coupled with the an impending massive offer sheet to Saad tomorrow, Bowman’s fate was sealed. I guess the other teams in the league took a collective memory of screw the Chicago Blackhawks…let the rot in salary cap hell after winning 3 Cups in 6 years.

  14. dano is supposed to be a solid player, listed as a center, 8 – 13 in 30 some games, supposed to be a defense first guy, lil guy, sounds like a wet dream for Q haha

  15. Melrose goes on to say that Columbus was only making the deal if the Blackhawks agreed to take on some salary….meaning we get Amisinov for one year plus Jeremy Morin. He said all the leverage was on the side of Columbus and they exploited it fully.

  16. At least you cant say they dont have any center depth now especially if kooga gets resigned.

  17. What I don’t get is that Anisimov has a salary cap hit of 3.2 million. What are you saving. Couldn’t they just buy out of one or more of the Bickell, Sharp and Versteeg contracts? Anyone know the upside on Dano?

  18. I cannot believe I am reading this. This is the only major mistake the Bowmans and crew have made since weve had our team. I do not care if Saader wants 6.5m, match it and then trade whats needed. To me theres no excuse for this, none.

  19. No more trash to take from Columbus? And of course, we’ve got the magical 4th rounder too. Would think twice to trade only Paliotta and Broadhurst for that return…

  20. Looks like SB’s riverboat gambler swagger of the Godfather offer required for Sharp and matching any offer sheet for Saad came back and bit him in the @%%. Yeah, it’s all about the cap but this reeks of hubris on Bowman. He should have seen this coming and been willing to give away Sharp and Bickell with Palliotta and whoever else to resign Saad. The rest of the NHL is having a good chuckle at Bowman’s expense right now.

    That parade seems like a lot longer than 2 weeks ago.

  21. Why would you trade a top 3 power forward and a top 5 prospect, for garbage, when you had the opportunity to not match an offer sheet, and could have gotten back a 1st/2nd/3rd rd pick?


  22. This is why the cap needs to be modified. The league should allow 5 players to be cap exempt. Hell make it 5 players you drafted or have been on the team for at least 2 years. Why should other teams reap the benefits of great scouting of the hawks? Aside from that i cant believe the hawks couldnt find a taker for crawford. I would rather move him and keep saad. Crawford will never be worth more in a trade than he is right now.

  23. Rufus, are you saying that this deal is better than three draft choices and no cap hit which is the do nothing option? That was SB’s fallback.

  24. Does anyone have any thoughts on the counter argument to just letting Saad sign elsewhere and taking the compensatory draft picks rather than making this deal? I’d like to hear it and hopefully feel better about the deal.

  25. Well this blows, but if the McKenzie report is correct that Saad was trying to stick up the Hawks for $6.5M AAV, then he obviously didn’t value staying with the Hawks above making the big bucks, and not that I judge him for it, but then it’s better that he move on and the Hawks get a couple pieces back than lose him to an offer sheet.

    Anisimov is serviceable and should be a help with Panarin and Dano is a pretty decent prospect that could turn out to be a very good player.

    Bummer, I liked Saad, and apparently more than he liked playing for the Hawks. Oh well … I’m sure there will be more shoes to drop soon. Stan has ample opportunity to piss off the fans some more in the next few weeks.

  26. Dano and the defenseman Tropp are decent players but that’s it. I don’t know what Morin’s contact status is but just cut him. Anisimov is blah and not a longer term piece.

    I get it that this thing was salary cap forced but my God …

  27. Blackhawks took note of the fact that Dougie Hamilton got $34.5 M from the Calgary Flames today. Seriously, we can get mad at Bowman all we want but it is the damned salary cap at work. And just because some idiot report says the Hawks are/were asking the moon for Sharp doesn’t make it true. As Melrose said just awhile ago the Hawks have found NO INTEREST in Sharp at his salary hit for 2015-16. So that tells me that Bowman can’t give away Sharp. Or Bickell or Versteeg. So what is he supposed to do? Can’t be held hostage buy the rightful contract demands of Saad. And there are plenty of teams willing to spend stupidly out there. Ask yourself this? Is Brandon Saad worth $6.5 M per season on THAT Columbus team? He’s going to severely miss Toews, Hossa and the Q system of play. Not saying he isn’t a great young player, but Hawks could not in good conscience pay Saad $6.5 M per and make the salary cap work.

  28. For me it was always a bridge deal or a ‘ohh shit we’re fucked’ deal with Saad.
    Trading Saad isn’t the problem, the problem is not trading at least 2 between Sharp, Bickell and Versteeg.

    PS: I don’t get Saad. Cashing in at 23 seems to me like a strange choice. I’d always choose less money while winning, than a lot of money playing for leftovers. Boh…

  29. The counter argument of just taking the draft choices … first it would depend on the team making the offer sheet and projecting how high the 1st round pick would be.

    Other than that, given this return, for me it would have been a damn serious consideration. When I read Jeremy Morin my jaw hit the floor. Crazy.

  30. There is no counter move, you just let a 22 core guy leave for nothing, Columbus fans think Dano is going to be a superstar. I know Saad was a superstar. This is the worst trade by the Hawks since Roenick for Zhamnov or Chelios to the wings.

    @ BOY NAMED SIOUX, yes I move Crow over Saad at this price tag!

    @Hof, yes I take the draft picks because not only did you not get their best prospect (Dano is not that, although highly rated) which is likely not enough but you took back F’ing salary too! Horrible horrible trade. One of the worst in team history hands down!

  31. I am a fan of Crawford but I would have traded him long before Saad. Dano is the only potential upside in the trade. Excellent speed and a good two way player but as somebody said another little guy.

  32. Rufus your not answering the question of what in this deal is better than just doing nothing and taking the three draft picks. Anyone?

  33. Rufus you make excellent points, they make sense, but Barry Melrose saying there was absolutely no interest isn’t the be all end all either.

    They can still trade Sharp, get something decent for him which they now need to do, and keep some of his money if necessary. If you have to keep some money, you do it and you keep room for your young assets. They got saddled with money in this trade anyway, this Anisimov guy makes good coin.

    I get the salary cap issues but they got bent over.

  34. Just bought my tickets to Boston. Anyone want to join me in drinking with some Bruins fans on the downward spiral of the immediate future of our hockey teams?

    Some fricking plan. Should have taken the picks from whoever was prepared to make the offer sheet rather than take the fecal matter we received!

    Morin again. Maybe we can turn him and get Erixon back. Geez!!!

  35. Plus Bowman said they were keeping Saad no matter what. It’s on record, it’s in print.

    Don’t say shit like that if you haven’t adequately planned for all the possibilities. Blackhawks got aced here. Not happy at all giving up Paliotta either, insult to injury.

  36. Now they can sign Anisimov for something like 4 years per 5 mil. and we have a new and more expensive version of Handzus long term on our team. I guess his max. will be something like 12 goals and 20 assists for a season. I would never believed I will get this Roenick – Zhamnov dejavu…

  37. From what I am reading they should have either taken the draft picks(no salary back) or signed Saad and gave away sharp, bickel and Versteeg or bought out the contracts if they couldn’t give them away. Hopefully, Dano will be a top player. That is my hope from this deal.

  38. My guess as to why Bowman didn’t allow the offer sheet to come through and take the picks was based on the Team he was going to sign with. My question is can Columbus get the picks if they don’t sign him and someone offers an offer sheet or is this trade only going through because Columbus has already agreed to sign Saad?

  39. I”m also wondering which team would have been making this offer of $6.5 for 6 yrs? If it was either a division rival or a conference rival, then Bowman’s hand was forced by trading him to the best offer coming from a team in the East.

    Did the Hawks over-value the market for their players? Sure seems like the league has the boys over a barrel and seemingly worse return on value then the Leddy trade a year ago.

    Don’t like this at all. Not one bit.

  40. A sad day-don’t really think the 1, 2 and 3 is a better option for losing Saad either-(they would be gamble picks) What I don’t get is why you couldn’t get a team to offer a good young piece-perhaps a D-Man who could be a top 4 and a 2nd or 3rd pick?
    Confusing to say the least-
    but I do see how taking on 6.5 million more would be really tough.

  41. Stan should’ve taken literally anything he could get for Sharp (if teams were biting). And Saad was selfish at the end of the day. You don’t need to cash in at 23. Apparently winning is not the most important thing to him

  42. RTF you are taking the high road on this. I’ve been very much pro Bowman since his post 2010 rebuild but this looks to me like he got blindsided which you just can’t do in his position. As Hof noted his plan all along was to match any offer (that should be in bold and italics) for Saad. If his only way k get there was to dump Sharp and Bickell then it was a flawed plan. Bowman can spin this any way he wants including “blame he cap” but no two ways about it – this is on him.

  43. Bowman on Kruger: “We’re getting closer to completing something there. Those talks have been going very well.” I guess he will be traded soon for Tim Erixon and 4th rounder, right? Wondering if Toews and Kane didn’t think now that it would be better to take 1 mil. per year less to help to keep the band together…

  44. :( Saad was my favorite Hawk. Columbus is now my second favorite team.

    For those that would rather go the route of letting him get offer sheeted? Absolutely not. Always take players over picks.

    Anisimov is a total Q guy. Can center 2-4.

    Dano is going to be a thing. He had great numbers last year playing with rather mediocre linemates.

    Morin makes me laugh. Poor Jeremy.

    Troop? Don’t know enough.

    I imagine Bowman wanted the bridge deal because TT is going to demand a major pay day too when his ELC is up. Maybe Bowman thinks that TT is more important to the organization going forward and didn’t to risk losing him.

  45. Love this deal! Dano will be far, far better than Saad in two years and Anisimov replaces Richards at a faster speed and with better production. Have said before on this site that Saad always benefited from playing with Toews and Hossa. Good player, not great.

    Dano will be a great player and together with Teuvo will be the next generation of Hawk stars. His possession numbers are out of sight for a 20 year old and he produces. If the Hawks decide to play him on the top line next year, he will outproduce Saad by 10-15 points.

  46. Players should always try to get the most money they can get, and if you say otherwise you’re a damn fool. Would you take less money at your job than you could make elsewhere? Nope. It was admirable that Hammer took a discount to stay here, but don’t call Saad selfish.

    And Saad is 22, if he wants a 6 year deal, he can renegotiate at 28… that’s pretty good earning potential.

  47. As a fan, I feel let down with news of Saad being traded. Especially, as Hof said above, when Bowman said they were keeping Saad.

  48. A decent trade, Saad doesn’t have the finish he wants to get paid for. Saad and Kane didn’t hit it off. A Russian mentor for Panerin is in the fold.

  49. @ TYEAR8299 good call it could have come from in the division or from a contender with cap space which could have meant late round picks. There are 8 teams with more then 6.5 million in cap space, and 1st, 2nd and 3rd round picks in 2016 draft.

    Yotes, Preds, Caps, Sabres, Flames, Columbus, Carolina, and the Oilers. Imagine Saad with McDavid OMG!

    Wow this blows!

  50. Those commenting do not know enough to speak wisely about this. Relax, it will all work out.

  51. Finally something positive from Hawk Facts! IF Dano turns out to be great then the move was brilliant.

  52. Apparently Saad didn’t like playing hockey into June……. Must of messed up his social calendar……

    Hawks have always managed to come out smelling like a rose, let’s hope so this time too……

  53. I’m not a Stan basher and I’m not even that upset about this deal given the report is true that Saad wanted $6.5M – but I must say that anyone who believes the words that come from Stan’s mouth should know better. This isn’t the first time where declarations are made and fall short of reality. Stan makes mistakes like every other GM (and human being), but he tries to keep the Hawks on top of the NHL and to date has done pretty well. I don’t doubt that he really wanted to re-sign Saad, but Saad is not worth $6.5M, especially not within the salary cap situation the Hawks find themselves.

    Furthermore, the delta between Anisimov’s cap hit and whatever all of us thought Saad would get is pretty negligible meaning Stan still has to trade Sharp or Crawford or some combination to shed a bunch more from the cap. Kruger is still sitting there waiting for an offer sheet too. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kruger is wearing a different sweater next your too.

    But really – the world didn’t end. Let’s moan and whine for a day or two and then let’s have faith.

  54. First of all, Saad has to take what he can get when the oppurtunity is there. There must be some reason they didn’t take the picks and no salary. Bowman is not stupid but i question his giving limited trade contracts AND overpaying guys like Bickell. If you are going to take care of guys with generous contracts don’t hamstring yourself with limited trade clauses. For that i do question Stan’s thought process.
    If we could have moved Sharp to Dallas for a couple of picks and signed Saad to a good contract, didn’t we have till opening night to get under the cap?

  55. Why in blazes would any team help the Hawks out. The biggest mistake here was not moving Sharp before last season, when his stock was worth something. His declining play coupled with questionable activities makes him worthless unless the Hawks pay probably half his salary. That move would have felt like a kick in the gut last year too, but this is a worse feeling. All I can think of is Saad knocking Hedman on his a$$ for skating near him.

    They just couldn’t keep him. By all reports they weren’t even close on price. Maybe the Hawks knew of another contender that was going to sign him, so they Winnipegged him. There’s no telling he signs with Columbus even, this could get even more gruesome.


  56. This may be crazy and probably is, but I get the feeling that Columbus may turn around and trade Saad again. They dumped some of their garbage in our laps (except for maybe Dano), and now they have a valuable asset to deal. And what are we going to do with Anisimov and MORIN?? I’m sick.

  57. Mr. Rufus, for maybe the first time in blog history, I sincerely agree w/ you. Saad is not worth that much salary/cap hit on Columbus. No way. He fit in Chicago like a glove. He is a very good player, but not worth that salary on that team. Bowman did a very good job. And I will stick w/ Morin thru thick & thin; he is in his contract year, I’ll be damned if he doesn’t produce if given top two/three line minutes. If he finally gets a chance to play regularly, he can post close to Saad-like numbers w/ high-end players. Dano is an outstanding young player. This trade will work out well for the Hawks.

  58. As far as getting Anisimov and Dano instead of 1st, 2nd and 3rd round picks – I think that’s the right decision because Anisimov and even Dana can help next season whereas those draft picks are almost assuredly a few years away. Hossa is 36, Keith is 31, Seabrook is 30 – the chances to win a 4th Cup are greater in the next couple years than they will be in 3-5 years out.

    And, this prevents Anaheim or another W.C. competitor getting Saad with an offer sheet would not have been able to match.

    And, I think Dano is going to be a pretty nice player.

    So let’s wait and see how it all turns out.

  59. I’ll feel better about this if SB can find a way to keep Vermette – strength down the middle and a couple of new young wingers should be enough to have us talking about a repeat next spring.

  60. I don’t think the picks are very attractive because it is typically at least 3 years before the pick makes it to the NHL (unless it is a top 5 pick). I have to agree with RTF that this sad day is caused by the salary cap. For those who say why didn’t we give away Sharp there may not have been a team willing to take him unless the Hawks retained significant salary (this is also what I am reading regarding Kessel). Any team that starts to get good is likely to be strapped by the cap unless it starts to rise more than a few million. Also, I believe Tropp is a winger not a defenseman. This one is painful but we will have to find another way to put together a contending team for next year. If we are able to move Sharp then perhaps we can sign a solid #4 d-man.

  61. ER you aree right. 6.5 would have been hard to deal with going forward and if Hawkfacts is right we might be better off in the long run. Trades take a few years to judge properly so I will keep the faith but it still stings like a motherf#}{%^r

  62. This is a terrible outcome but I don’t get the dump on Bowman theme. Last summer he had to get 19/88 signed. Anything but a long term deal there would have been unacceptable. Those deals were done with an expectation the cap would be rising faster than it did. It didn’t rise and now we were in a box. Stan said the right things but a deal takes at least one willing partner.

    I am sure he would have given Sharp away for a 7th round draft choice but we need to accept the real possibility that no one would take Sharp period. 29/23 would be even harder to move. Any buyout would mean dead cap space for multiple years and we can’t afford that.

    We can even have the debate about Crow. The list of teams that might possibly be interested in him would be very short. Could have deal have been made? We will likely never know.

    The only real question for debate is whether you do this deal with CBJ or take the three draft picks from whichever team planned to sign Saad. We don’t know the team so hard to say. At least being with CBJ means we won’t have to see him often.

    No doubt Saad will be much less of a player in Columbus but it was his choice to grab the cash. Most of us would have done the same. His name is already on the Cup a couple of times. Certainly it won’t get there again unless he moves on from CBJ.

    I am sad to see Saad go but the outcome is the result of having the talent necessary to win three Cups in six years and a hard cap – not the GM’s incompetence.

  63. They are saying on the conference call an extension with Anisimov is close. 5 years.

    Dano was a 1st round pick of CBJ in 2013 so he looks to be the centerpiece of the deal from the Chicago side.

    Tropp looks to be a depth defenseman (shoots right) who will compete for a spot, a #6-7 guy.

    At the very least, Bowman needs to stop saying he’s definitely going to get x player signed and that x player will be here for sure. Credibility hit.

    Excited to see what Dano can do but frankly more interested in what other moves they make.

  64. I see that Seabrook is a UFA next year and makes almost $6M this coming year. I wish I didn’t see that. Please tell me Seabs is CORE core. Somebody tell me that….

  65. Marko Dano is a PLAYER. It was previously mentioned he had 8 goals and 13 assists in 35 games. But after he was called up in March finished with 14 points over final 15 games with plus-12 rating. 10 of those 14 points were at even strength.

  66. Nick, Seabs is core core. But beware of Stan saying he’ll sign Seabrook for sure.

    The bright side to this deal (always gotta look at the bright side right?) is they’re pretty deep at center, assuming Kruger is back.

    I bet Philip Danault is a little pissed about this trade too.

    But I will relax, after all, Hank Janssen has spoken and said we don’t know what we’re talking about. So now I feel all better.

  67. Boy Named Sue.. You know where I stand- Saad all day…

    To all of those guys here who bashed me for being so Negative on 29 (Handcuffs)-
    this is what it lead to…

    IF the report of 6 yrs/ $36M are true… this is a no brainer for SB + the facts- that nobody wants to pay up for 10 or 29– Cuz – They don’t have to!!!

    But- I really LOVE the Trade (not that I want Saad gone!!!) Versus 3 picks…
    here is why-
    Anisimov – ain’t all that bad
    This Marko Dano-
    1.) has put up comparable #’s to Saad
    2.) is younger/cheaper
    3.) several here say is small– He is actually listed at 6’0 and 216 lbs. on Hockey Futures
    4.) he is known for defense and plays a chippy/gritty game- quick
    5.) known for defense — yet put up Saad type numbers NOT PLAYING WITH 19,81, or 88!!!!

    At the end of the day… SB made this team stay competitive- Replacing Saad w/ a STRONG, Younger/cheaper guy- who actually – it sounds like he plays a lot like Saad- who can play now- versus- Picks/unknown/take more time to develop.

    Also, got a lot of Peripheral players- so now- SB can package and Piece off- and has lots of options…. Cuz it still looks like no one is biting on 29/10… for the price SB wants at least….

    furthermore- if he paid Saad– the prices for 10.29.23– would have really gone down more!!!!

  68. Wow, just got home and bang, right in the face there is Saad gone, Paliotta and Broadhurst also and the entire Commited Indian Nation melting down into a pile of goo. Pop goes the Stanley Cup bubble. Need time to digest this all along with the comments. The only thing I have to say at this moment is I vehemently disagree with all this ” would have been better if it were Crawford talk” because that is just sheer nonsense and lemmings going over a cliff. Just happened to watch Game 6 Cup night again late last night and Crawford was the man, as he was the previous 2 games, as he was all season long.
    Whole thing is stunning. Quite a blow but the whole picture is far from complete.

  69. I guess Q is going to be forced to play Morin at least 5 minutes a game now. Morin asked for a trade 4-5 months ago. Can you imagine his upset about being sent back here. He’s living groundhog day. Q’s not going to give me any minutes, Q’s not going to give me any minutes, Q’s not going to give me any minutes, Q’s not going to give me any minutes, etc.

    Wouldn’t it be ironic if he ends up putting up better numbers than Saad!!!

  70. People are losing their minds over this.
    I love the Manchild, don’t get me wrong. He’s (was)my 2nd favorite player on the roster, but face reality.

    He’s young, has many years ahead of him and already two Stanley Cups. He’s been there now and you can’t blame him for preparing for a future after hockey.

    I heard the Hawks were looking to pay around 2-3m, nowhere close to 6+.
    I’ll miss him, but SB made the right move. I’ll still wear my jersey proudly.

    Don’t forget we have a lot, A LOT of up and coming talent at forward. When they are ready, many of our baggage contracts will be gone.

  71. Rufus, you make excellent points. Clearly the Hawks needed Saad to take a bridge contract in fact they probably setup the Cap for him to take a bridge contract and he outplayed it. They wanted to control his destination which is why he got traded and didn’t let him sign an offer sheet.

    Saad is obviously an integral part on two Stanley Cup winning teams. He is probably the second best American born player in the game and if he signs a 6 year deal in Columbus he just bought himself 12 ass whoppings from 19 and the rest of the Hawks.

  72. Can someone clarify that this isn’t what Saad was asking for, but was what another teams offer sheet was going to be? If I understand this right, Saad has no say except he could have signed a deal with the Hawks before all this. I don’t quite understand why the trade instead of taking the picks, unless they like Anisimov and will sign him to a new contract.

  73. I knew Dano is a young prospect. And I knew Anisimov is a nice 3rd center. I didnt know Dano was a center. I also didnt know how he was as far as scoring. In 35 games he scored 21 points and was +12 (.6ppg). Not bad for a kid that turned 20 in November. For comparison sake Brandon Saad scored at a .63 per game clip this year. In Saad’s age 20 season, the lockout shortened 12/13 season, he scored 27 points in 46 games .58 ppg. Now knowing that, you could argue that Saad’s ceiling isn’t as high as he’s been a .58,.60, and .63ppg player playing next to Toews.

    Also with Anisimov, you have a .5 ppg player that plays the same 2-way game Saad does. Anisimov is being paid half of what Saad wanted, and he plays center. Is Saad twice as good? No.

    If Dano can play a defensively sound game,and can win draws as a second line guy, you can put Teuvo on wing. Also, the Hawks can pair Anisimov with Artemi Panarin on wing.

    86-Dano- 88
    Baun-16(figured 3m)-Desjardins (figured 1.5)

    ?(Barret Jackman?)- 57


    70.24 cap hit.

  74. The more I listen and understand this the more I sadly understand what Bowman sis and why. Bottom line it’s always about the money and who can blame the player. Whether it’s Saad now, or Ladd and Buff in 2010. Saad isn’t taking a bridge deal and that sealed his fate in terms of staying in Chicago. You cannot pay Saad $6.5 M per right now without have to deconstruct this team. That would babe meant goodbye for sure to Kruger and Shaw in addition to Bickell, Sharp and Versteeg plus all the free agent departures. What we’re going to do, start 6 rookies or minimum contract guys to the 3rd and 4th line?!? What Bowman got from Columbus is absolutely better than the risk/promise of a 1st, 2nd and 3rd pick next year. Sad day. We did get a very promising prospect in Dano plus a one year rental of a Russian center who plays good two way hockey and should be on the 2nd line.

  75. I think this was a good deal.

    Also gets them off the barrel and if they choose to move sharp or bickell it won’t be out of desperation.

    They just got deeper and better up the middle. Onwards and upwards

  76. Gravy, Mckenzie said Saad wanted 6 @6.5 per. And said someone may have been willing to do it. Stan heard someone was going to and made the deal. I like this deal, maybe not as much now, but moving forward I think I will

  77. Mr. Rufus I’m proud of your intellect today. Bowman sent a message as well — if you want to be a part of parades every couple/few yrs, you have to sacrifice; Saad, by and thru his agent, wasn’t willing to do that. So be it. Saad scored one goal the entire ’13 playoffs. He had a hot couple games at the end of the Kings series last year; that was it. He’s not Mike Bossy circa ’80s. He’s a very good young player, but we move on.

  78. According to CSN, Saad and his agent did not want a “bridge” contract for 2 years. They wanted their money now!! Okay Saader, let’s see how playing golf in April feels in 2016.

  79. Bowman did okay on this. I don’t want to hear this garbage that the right move was trading Crow to be able to have $6.5 M per to pay Saad. One there is little market out there for any goaltender right now. Two we can mightily thank Crawford for that 2013 and 2015 Stanley Cup trophies. We don’t beat Boston without Crow in net. Simple as that. I’ll take my chances going forward with our core and the Q system of play and Crow in net and Bowman restocking the cabinet. Meanwhile I sincerely hope Saad is prepared for the weight of insane expectations placed on his head in Columbus where I’m not quite sure how his impressive talent will translate to wins and lofty numbers without his pals Toews and Hossa, plus the maniacal and disciplined Q style of play.

  80. Yesterday I saw the Hawks were offereing under $2.8 mill or so and Saad was asking for $4 mil and probably more years than Bowman offered. I thought they’d work something out. Stan had to do what he had to do with a huge offer out there. Sometimes the sum of the parts is great than the whole and these players coming over might not be so bad with the other great players the Hawks have and offset the loss of Saad . I remember the Seattle Mariners had one of the best years ever in baseball after Griffey Jr. and A-Fraud were gone. The shock will wear off and we’ll see. I can’t see it being a disaster.

  81. Ernie, If Saad was asking for that much then he really didn’t want to stay. He had to know that the Hawks couldn’t make that work. He wasn’t willing to take a bridge deal either. I think Stan has earned some credit, so I’m not going to blame him…yet.
    I was worried about this for a while, but I was told on here “not to fret. Saad isn’t going anywhere”.

  82. There is no such thing as a home town discount. Saad did what was best for his family. The Hawks are in a bind and there was NO WAY they can pay $6.5mm to Saad……nor should they. I think the thing Saad’s gonna miss most is Shaw and the city of Chicago.

    Hey and we don’t know…..Anisimov, Morin etc could be trade bait as well.

    Let’s let the process happen

  83. BTW……If Saad was asking for $4.5mm or so for 3-5 years, he would have been signed on the spot.

  84. Mr. Rufus, I continue to agree w/ you — well stated! Keep up the rational thoughts. Outstanding! And please, have a heart (no pun intended), Morin will prove you wrong if given a chance by Q. Low risk high reward.

  85. With the recent (reasonable) signings of Toffoli and Stone, SB must have felt that he was going to get a bridge deal done. Unfortunately the other side had more leverage and we either had to move quick or be at risk of an offer sheet. We have survived the trading of Buff, Ladd, Campbell, Bolland, Frolik, etc. and I believe we will field a strong team again next year and going forward. Saad should be very good with Johansson in Columbus but at the end of the day it is still Columbus. I loved the quote from the Jackets GM that said he just talked to Saad and he “seemed excited”! I’m guessing reality is setting in that he will no longer be playing for the Hawks on a line with 19 and 81. That said, I understand that you maximize your value when you get the chance. There will definitely be more moves in the coming days and I will withhold further judgement on the deal until we see what the final product looks like.

  86. One ranger of this deal I like is it allows Bowman to move Sharp without a gun to his head. If Sharp gets moved for a solid package you can probably point back to this trade as facilitating that.

    I wager Sharp will look a lot better to these teams that have been low balling Bowman once the UFA frenzy money is spent. Can’t wait to see what kind of deals Frolik and Justin Williams get. A GM coming back to Bowman after striking out in the UFA market now longer holds the gun, Bowman does.

  87. While we all expected Saad to be re-signed, I think we failed to acknowledge how weak the team was going to be at center. Having TT and Shaw as 2nd and 3rd line centers was not going to cut it in the western conference and we weren’t going to have much cap room to change this. We will be much stronger if TT and Shaw can remain as wingers with more physical centers.

  88. Now it will be interesting to see if Bowman can get anything for Sharp. And a new home for Bickell. I sure would like to see Desjardins back? Sad to see Kings are locked in on getting Oduya. Hate to see him on that team. Lucic and Oduya would be a nice offseason for them.

  89. Contrary to Rufus’ intrigue, I don’t think this makes moving Sharp as much of a priority. Still need to get rid of Bickell, but 10 might be here on Opening Night now

  90. Come on folks! This will eventually work out for the good. In this salary cap era we simply can’t take a $6.5MM hit for 6 years and expect to win any more cups. All these new players deals are expiring within 1 year. We just gotta hope that several young bucks step up and play lights out. Coach Q is gonna have to be flexible enough to play some young talent early in the season to groom them for the playoffs. Q is gonna have to earn his paycheck as “coach”……………might sound crazy but don’t be surprised to see Crawford get dealt in some kind of a wacky trade. Ain’t nobody gonna help the Blackhawks!!!!

  91. although athletes should strike when the iron is hot a four million three year deal for SAAD would have given his a chance at another cup or two and then he would still be 26 and could cash in on the long term contract after upping his value even more playing with Hossa and Toews. He will now reside in hockey hell in Columbus with probably no chance of winning a cup(see how happy rick nash was there). If he was smart he could have had on or two more potential cups and would have retired with all of the cash he needed after the next contract.. Richards was paid handsomely to buy out his contract and settled for 2 million to win another cup. SAAD will also be living and partying in columbus as well as potentially losing endorsement money. he should have gotten the deal done. rather short sighted.

  92. The key to successfully navigating the salary cap era is to have more players who over perform their contracts. It sounds like Bowman felt the Hawks and Saad were not close to getting a deal done. And I don’t begrudge any player getting the best deal for himself. If my boss told me he could not afford my salary demands because they overpaid some guys in the next office, I would say too bad, pay what am worth or I will find someone who will.

    Bottom line is the Hawks got a center who might be able to play with Kane on the second line, as well as a young first rounder in Dano, who scored 8 goals and had 21 Points in 35 games

    Bottom line is the Hawks got players who might contribute right away with entry level contracts or in Anisimov’s case be in a stronger negotiating position to get s team friendly deal.

    You win by having players overperform their contracts and then replacing them with newer younger versions that do the same thing.

  93. I was really impressed by Anisimov early in the year. I think he was actually a great pick up and I’m excited to see how Dano does. Obviously losing saad is inexcusable, but at the end of the day, we got at least 2 good players for less than what one would cost. And we can take a short drive to Columbus if miss him

  94. Saw this pop up on my iPhone…..and then had a mini-stroke.
    Once I came to my senses I immediately started reading the responses here.

    Wow. I will miss Saad. But, with the possibility of injuries, concussions, etc. etc. I have wondered whether there would be any “hometown discount”, if even possible, at play for anybody. Guys are going to go for the money. Can’t really blame Saad in that respect. Looks like Stan did what he could with the pending offer coming 20’s way. Didn’t Doug Wilson make Hjalmarsson a big offer a few years back that helped send Niemi off?

    Other teams will bend the Blackhawks over in any way they can. It’s just up to SB, his Pops, and the rest of the crew to figure out the best way to fight off the predatory offenders. Going to keep the faith regardless, and it’s going to be interesting to see how this all plays out. Where the heck are 10 and 29 gonna go? The “creativity” is going to continue. I just hope it’s not too damn painful. But I will never be a fair weather fan. I’ll have to trust that the top brass know what they are doing and will do they best they can.
    Go Blackhawks!!!

  95. I would love to know where Dano slots into the lineup. Columbus didn’t use him as a center last season. He had great production and will play for the Hawks next season, but where?

  96. Again Dano after being called up in March had 14 points in final 15 games. And this is a kid that is defensively responsible first love that in a center especially with his Offensive numbers. This seems like a kid that will really take to Toews and Hossa. If he just soaks it in with what we can put around him I am excited to see what Dano can do.

  97. I’m glad there are so many smart hockey people on this thread. I’m much calmer now after reading what Rufus, Wall, Ernie, et al had to say. @Rufus – you are right on the button re the expectations that Saad now has to face, and on a team not nearly as battle tested and talented as ours.

    And it kind of strikes me as a bit funny that you always hear these guys say – and I’ve heard Saad say it, too – that the playoffs and the Cup is why they play the game. Well, apparently, now that he’s got his name on two Cups, his priorities have changed. And that’s okay. He wanted his money now and I wish him luck. We’ll see where he goes from here.

  98. whether this works out to be a good move or bad move, I still kind of want Wall and JS to make a Hilter bunker video about this.

  99. I am coming down off the ledge. Visceral reaction initially to losing a kid who is universally liked but it sounds like there was really no way a deal was going to happen with the Hawks. Can’t blame the kid for wanting to get paid (although he doesn’t have anything yet). Yes the haul from CBJ is better than the picks. Still don’t like having to throw in Paliotta but we were over a barrel. Ebony you are correct we rant for a day (or 3) and then move on. I for one welcome our new alien overlords. Man what a day.

  100. Amazing to see the shift from the first several posts to the last ones-the truth is somewhere in the middle-
    to say that Saad never was ‘part of the core’ is an incredulous statement-he was an important part of the core of two Cups and if not for the realities of the cap world he would have been a wonderful big piece going forward. He will be missed.

  101. Miroslav- excellent post… I have stated the same thing in different words… cap world will always require young/cheap players to way out perform their contracts…

    and – you can’t eat to many bad deals… SB/Hawks escaped 29’s deal… imo- with the injury to 88 opening the door to “cheat” the cap…

    This deal- is the “Right” deal for Hawks…
    This Dano- sounds just like Saad in a lot of ways (doubt he has that powerful Hossa stride – though)… but tough/D responsible… quick

    If Panarin/Dano/TT and/or a young Buck D-man step up… Hawks should be right there… If 2 of those guys excel… who knows how deep the team can go…

    Tab- I almost inhaled my beer when I read your 6:30 post…. Just this morning you scolded me for suggesting SB might find a way to keep Sharp- and trade at TDL- if needed!!! LOL!!!!!

  102. What a bitter pill to swallow
    I have been a Stan proponent up until today. Today he was de-pants and did not even get a reach around or a cup of coffee for the Hawks. Junior B put the Hawks into a bad situation by not dealing Sharpie last year and by not signing Saad to an extension before there was and ultimatum hanging over the organization’s head.
    To add insult to injury, Junior throws in Paliotta. Lord knows we do not need defensemen with size that can skate. It would be silly to hold on to that type of prospect when we can get Mo back instead. Mo is the only player to spend more time in Q’s doghouse than Rundsblad. I wonder what it would take to get Pirri back. That threesome would make great blog fodder.
    As for Anisimov, I am not sure how that will work out but at least he has some size BUT 44.5% at the dot and he only took 229 FO last season. As for Dano, he did have a nice NHL debut with 21 point in 35 games. Only issue is that he is another 5’ 11” munchkin forward but I hope he works out. For Mo, can you say Ice Hog for life.
    As for the Cap, I am not an expert. These 4 outstanding Bluejacket fellows will cost $5.63M. I am not sure if that is all salary cap relevant but most of it if not all should be. The Hawks would have been about 1 Rundsblad away from signing Saad. So why not allow the offer sheet to come in and either match, match and trade or reject. Ask yourself what is the probability that Columbus is a playoff team next year? That 1st, 2nd and 3rd round picks start looking good. Of course this assumes that Columbus would have placed the offer which cannot be confirmed. In addition there is limited cap relief. It sounds as if Junior is looking to sign Anisimov to an extension. So much for cap space in 2017.
    Not sure what Junior is planning but one thing is for sure the next moves have become mission critical and the tolerance for errors has become smaller. The Hawks need to move salary, slow and age. Let me add one more irritating thought. The knuckleheads received a 2nd rounder for Bieksa who is older than Sharpie and but costs less. Junior cannot find anyone to play ball with Steeger, Bic, or Sharpie….come on he was asking too much.
    As for myself, thanks for the memories Saader and good luck and I will be re-watching SCF game 6 tonight.
    Go Hawks

  103. I think the Saad extension and the Sharp trade are linked; The money from the Sharp deal would have gone to offset a lot of the Saad bid which was number one with SB. I think the Hawks overestimated Sharp’s value and were unpleasantly suprised by Saad, whom I do not fault for going for the money. I don’t think the Hawks got the interest in Sharp that they expected or that deal would be done and the Saad issue might have ended differently.

  104. I watched every playoff game in 2015 knowing this was a very special team that would unfortunately have to trade some star players. After winning in 2010, and 2013, this 3rd cup seemed even more special. You have to learn to savor each of the 16 wins as they happen, relish the moment, hang on to memories, but realize the reality of whats to come in a salary cap era.
    Dont blame the GM that help give Chicago three cups in six years or a young player that wants to be rewarded for his skills.
    In the cap era……”thats hockey baby.”

  105. Looks like the chances of 10 staying are now 50-50. I’d wager that if we can move 29, 10 will be here next year. I am fine with that, if 10 gets the proper linemates.

    Looks like a decent return. Much better than three picks. Two centers in the deal means Shaw will play wing where he belongs.


  106. Tampa was the highest scoring team last year and lost to the team that allowed the fewest goals (tied with the habs).
    Botyom line…Defense wins…Hawks have plenty of players that can score goals (without Saad).
    I would now focus on the blue line and giving the Conn Symthe winner some help.

  107. So … Dano can play wing and center (shoots right) and people out of Columbus are saying he’s better suited as a wing. I’m sure they’ll move him around anyway.

    Bowman at the conference call said this move allows them to focus on other moves, which on the surface makes sense. Before trading Saad he didn’t have cost certainty, now he does and now he knows who he can move I suppose.

    I wonder what Paliotta’s thoughts are tonight. If he didn’t realize it’s a business, he does now. Four years of working with the Blackhawk organization and then having heart to hearts with Stan Bowman about why it made sense for him to sign with the Blackhawks vs. pursuing free agency ala K. Hayes. Then boom, traded. i don’t necessarily feel sorry for the young man because that’s life in pro sports, but if I’m another college kid weighing whether or not to sign with the Blackhawks this whole thing crosses my mind.

    They still have TvR, Johns, and Pokka as right defense options and then of course there’s Rundblad (who I thought CBJ would have wanted) and then this Tropp guy. Suffice it to say, I will be very interested to see how Paliotta turns out. I think his ceiling is much higher than a bottom pair guy. We shall see.

  108. Just to throw in a little change of pace…..
    Bieksa and Corey Perry now on the same team.
    Anaheim may be the top contender for biggest douchecanoes of the entire NHL.

  109. The CAP is a bitch and much for the Bowman “magic” . . . Saad was one player to build on for the future an untouchable IMO. His upside was not even “scratched” in this Hawks System of over pass, drift and circle back, when Saad is forced to PUSH the PUCK with the Jackets, wow, he’ll be the next Tyler Seguin IMO. Saad was playing at maybe 75% of his talent so I am very happy that he like Butler leaving the BULLS that both will get his chance to shine in the right system.

    What we got in return is laughable, more role players . . . more bodies, more average more ho hum. You gotta be kidding me on some of these lame comparisons posted here, all role players, not what the Hawks need. I do like Jeremy Morin and glad he is back but this is horrible.

    Yes Hawks have a lot of Baggage (bags of cash spent big salaries) with no real market value in trades . . . “Sharp has some value in a trade but after that is a yard sale.

    Not a good day for the Hawks . . . a very long season next year, lots of whinnnning next year about gee whiz I thought this guy was going to be better? I have said for three years Saad is not playing to his strength and he will be twice the player with the Jackets. Maybe just maybe Saad went to be the star he is destined to be.

    Go hawks . . . lots of if”s next year

  110. Saad left for two reasons
    1- more money
    2- Chance to shine on his own line, and lead

    he was a shadow with the Hawks with just an occasional burst of brilliance, now he will bring it every night. I will miss him . . . but at least now i can see him be the player I KNOW he should have been with the Hawks.

    next year is a new year but the west is tuffer

    Hawks need a Primetime Scorer NOW

  111. Bowman took a sucker bet . . . always take the draft picks! Trade for the draft . . . the players we got here are average at best.

    Cap does suck . . .

  112. Sheeeeeeiiiiit I forgot Panerin =P Good call!



    That is potentially a deep, fast, and very skilled forward lineup. A lot of young unprovens, but compared to the 2011 cap crunch team, this is far more hopeful.

  113. Wow, shocked at first but things are making sense. Really no one can complain about anything if we were all on board with two 10+ Million dollar players. The core is still there minus one player, but it would have been the same problem with 10 gone instead of Saad, and at least there are some nice role players and a good upcoming player coming here. This is probably a lot better than the offers SB was getting for 10. I think Sharp will bounce back this year and will have comparable or even better numbers than Saad. Probably the biggest complaint is Saad was part of the future, but the future should be another Cup next year!

  114. I think for fun we should compare what the Avs got for O’Reilly. Since both players want roughly the same dollars.

    Zadorov, Grigorenko, Jt compher and a pick.

    Dano,Anisimov, Tropp, Morin pick.

    I’m not sold on Zadorov. Grigorenko looks like a bust. Compher just played his second year of college. Point total went down from his freshman year.

  115. We will see how good Saad is with CBJ, I wish him well but he will certainly miss 81 and 19.

  116. MtM- I usually love what you have to say… but I really disagree with a lot of your points here today… Saad is a very good all around player… But “build the team around”… too much cred…. Saad has super strong stick, and great powerful stride, straight line… But- He was awful on PP, and while his shot has improved a lot… not close to 19,88,81 , 10…

    I haven’t seen Dano play… but numbers/stats/Corsi/ Higher level stats look very promising (I don’t remember names of)…. Show the kid has some IQ, built like Parise, 90 + Hits in 35 games, attention to Defense, the video shows his hands look good (of course- they are HIGHLITES)…

    At the end of day- Hawks 19,88 deals makes us Pens2.0… SB cannot afford any bloated deals… and ONLY way Hawks shine again soon- is like mentioned earlier-
    Young/CHEAP guys step up and OVERACHIEVE their contracts… I will take my chances w/ 86,72,56 “Overachieving/outperforming” their $Million$ cap hits versus Saad Outperforming his at $6.5M… 1st off – we don’t have a choice, and 2nd we don’t have a choice…

    If 56 is quick or fast skater… SB/Hawks will be better off- in long run…
    and he will put up solid #’s playing w/ 19,88,81…

    If he is just an above average skater… at very least- sounds like a Frolik type, smart, strong, quick…

  117. I might have overreacted a little at first. As much as I want to keep Saader and do not like this. Have to look at bright side of things. This does give us more options on who we keep and resign. 10 and 80 might stay for a couple more yrs depending on who we trade.

  118. That’s the thing about having really good young players with upside for .925 or less. We might be a faster team speed.

  119. 50/50 if they trade 10??? then-


    This group of Forwards – actually looks as good or better than Last year!!!

    the Issue might be– 27 gone… and Young/unknowns on the backend…
    That Reilly kid… that would have been huge- if SB landed him

  120. No more bitching about the Cap please. It is the best thing the NHL could have done to save the league from obscurity. Everyone operates within the same set of parameters. The Cap floor at $52mm or so was an even better idea. So the NHL is a league where the top paying teams can only be about $19mm more than the bottom team. This has made the NHL an exciting league.
    NBA teams $24mm to $84mm
    MLB teams $68mm to $272mm…..WTF
    NHL teams $52mm to $71mm

    What I wonder is what Saad thinks. I am sure Columbus was NOT his first choice. Saad’s agent said he wanted money, SB decided where to send him!!

  121. One Chicago paper reports Saad as “Shocked” the other as “Crushed.” For a guy who said, “The money’s going to come and go, but to win championships and play on a great team, that’s what it’s all about,” it makes me wonder about the communication between him and his agent.

    My guess is we’ll see Toews and Kane’s names on the cup again before we see Saad’s.

  122. Yes, massive shock wave through Blackhawks nation over this. I agree with you Red Rocket: this is not at all what Brandon Saad really wanted. Remember in the immediate euphoria following Cup win Saad made some remarks about a hometown discount concerning his upcoming contract. I’ll bet both his agent and his father sat him down for a talking-to after that. Then the agent went in high, Stan couldn’t unload Sharpie and Bickell and/or Versteeg, and boom just like that Saad is a former Hawk (still hard to say). I gotta believe Saad’s mindset was that his side would get ample time to negotiate and he’d settle for something he could live with and then onto next season, still wearing our Indianhead. But now he’s gone. Brandon Saad is in as much shock as the fans over this I’m sure.

  123. I’m on vacation in Austria and experienced this trade late at night after getting up at 1:00 am to watch the USA-German ladies semi final soccer match. Saw the trade at that time and was surprised to say the least. So following the match I went back to sleep again with this on my mind. Woke up thinking about it some more. First thing that stuck with me about this big trade was the sadness of Saad being gone. We watched this guy grow up from a raw youngster into being a powerful and skilled forward. Saad also had a good attitude and clearly loved being a Blackhawk.

    How then did this whole thing fall apart, especially after SB said Saad re-sign was a big priority? It harkens back to when JR left years ago. I felt the same way, but the Roenick mess came about over a longer period of time, and growing acrimony between Hawks management and Jr’s agent as I recall. One could say the same thing about Chelios’s departure to Detroit too.

    I agree with REDTOPPARKING and thought this surprising trade had to have come about in that way. It’s just a real pity that Saad is no longer going to be wearing the Indianhead because the guy was developing in such a promising way. I also have liked the play of Anisimov for many years, yet my only concern is that this guy seems to have had some injury plagued seasons. From a talent standpoint though, he always impressed me. I have heard that Dano also appears to have lots of upside. A good friend that lives in Slovakia whom I feel is an astute hockey fan said Dano can really play which makes me feel a little better.

    Yes, it’s all about the money and the cap keeping parity in the NHL. As much as I hate the cap, it works IMO. Problem is well designed teams that become successful are not able to stay together for very long. Tallon and Bowman have created some really great teams. Yes, they paid for the Stanley Cup’s we all pray for and revere, and in doing so signed, sealed, and delivered some big player purges that sent popular and talented players out of Chicago.

    The scouts have done a good job in finding some young and cheap talent that has infused the Hawks with more good players and adding a solid veteran here or there has now kept this team quite competitive since 2009. Pretty impressive. The Rockford team is well coached to develop young talent to play Blackhawks hockey.

    The current purge is obviously still underway. No one will do the Hawks any favors meaning Bicks, Sharp if they go will bring back anything close to fair compensation. Hawks will have to absorb % of those salaries to move them?

    It will be interesting to watch next years squad develop when it is finally set. Hawks will remain competitive given the strength of the core guys. I will always miss Saad though and wish him nothing but great success as his career develops. Jackets will give the East some trouble. Those guys were pretty hot at seasons end even though they didn’t make the post season due to really bad injuries.

    Auf Wiedersehen und

    Lets Go Hawks!!

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