Brent Seabrook A Healthy Scratch In Ottawa

Seabrook, 32, has one goal and ten assists in 41 games with the Blackhawks this season.

26 thoughts on “Brent Seabrook A Healthy Scratch In Ottawa

  1. Wow. Well this is news.

    Everyone knows the Hawks give tons of rope to their guys. Looks like everyone will be feeling the pressure with the team not being in the playoff picture.

    I wonder who is next?

  2. I wonder if this is because of a potential trade looming? Perhaps reading in between the lines too much, but this is shocking.

    Seabrook hasn’t been great, but he hasn’t been as bad as everyone has made him out to be. The contract doesn’t help, but Seabrook still have value.

  3. WOW’zers! Not often you see a $6M player getting scratched. Good, the time for sacred cows has past. Now, hopefully the next sacred cow will fall – that being Keith on the PP.

    I wonder who wears the 2nd “A” tonight – Kane?

  4. Wake up call for the entire team. With his scratch and Franson in Rockford definitely the fastest defensive core but by far most inexperienced too, see how they look.

  5. Seabrook hasn’t been great, but he hasn’t been as bad as everyone has made him out to be. (MN Hawks Fan)

    Maybe Q has realized Seabrook at 60% of what he once was isn’t really better than Kempny? Maybe it’s just a wakeup call for the entire team?

  6. Boys……………this is a message to the team, the organization and the fans. The reason it’s Seabrook? He is a complete “pro”. Believe me, he gets it. He understands it. But more importantly, the rest of the team better get it!! That includes Toews, Saad and anyone else who is not carrying their weight.

    The guy that probably should be the captain of this team is making the supreme sacrifice in order to better his teammates.

  7. It’s a tough move to see. But it’s a needed move.
    I would assume Kane is wearing the second ‘A’ tonight.
    Im looking forward to seeing the d pairings tonight. Very good skaters with the exception of Murphy.
    I wonder if Gustafsson gets in tomorrow.

  8. Reg, I agree. Message to the team as well as Seabrook. And yes, he does know exactly why this is happening. Because, regardless who gets paid what, this is a fully funded team performing lower that our, as well their own, expectations.

  9. Pretty straightforward I think from Coach Q in that clip. A balance of d-men, and six guys are playing better right now. Probably good for Seabrook as well. But, if someone wants to read anything into it maybe someone getting some playing time is being showcased a bit? Not quite sure who that would be.
    Hopefully turnovers etc. will be at a minimum tonight with the guys playing.

  10. If there were any questions about Q’s commitment to winning hockey games, and how he feels about his squad’s record, I think they’ve been answered. That, and showcasing Gus I suppose. I’ve seen 10 full games or so this year, and Seabrook was simply awful in at least 2 of them, not too bad in the rest. Obviously Q demands O from his D, and his former cornerstones are well below a point per game combined.

  11. Ian Indian thats it combination of things. Rest guys like on a back to back with lots of games keep everyone playing. Showcase more guys then the ufas.

  12. Message to the team. If they don’t come out with fire in their bellies tonight, and the next 3 at home, then we’re done. I, too, think Seabs has taken some fair criticism but also a lot of unfair criticism, too. His leadership is invaluable, and this could be the turning point for this group.

  13. now that hoss is on the shelf, seabs is my favorite blackhawk. that said, this needed to happen and I predict it will help the team and brent will handle it with his usual class and grace.

    father time, lots of miles on the chassis and the elephant in the corner no one wants to talk or write about: multiple bad concussions, both reported and treated, and not reported* have all lead to players not being anywhere near what they were. seabs and toews are the poster boys for this obvious drop in hockey capabilities.

    but in their prime, no two players have made me more proud to be a hawks fan and no one can take that and our 3 cups away ever esp the 17 seconds which will never be repeated IMO.

    but with respect to #7, IMO he has been as much or more of a captain in this 10 year fun run than #19: remember the two instances in the fine article below by dan rosen. both are examples of toews losing himself and it costing the team, till seabrook showed up and said what needed to be said to get the captain back on track… who is the real captain here?

    so we enter a new chapter where our former leaders need to throttle back and let the youth come forth as they came forth from 2009 onward. we will still get contributions from them and many of the most valuable might just be off ice, like how well brent seabrook handles a night like tonight.


    *(see game 5 period 3 vs bost0n in UC in 2013 finals when bergeron went to northwestern with a punctured lung and toews sat the entire 3rd on the bench laughing much of the time cause he didn’t know what day it was.)

  14. I hope this gets the Core’s attention. Too bad Seabrook has been chosen the fall guy.

    The Hawks inconsistences stem from the veteran players. They have not been doing the tough things to win games, winning board battles, checking, clearing out the front of the net, blocking shots, and worst of all no net presence on offence. These are Q tenants that we have not seen on a regular basis. I really hope that seeing Seabs in the press box gets their attention.

    I will be watching tonight with high interest. A couple of greasy goals and Hammer like shot blocking exhibition would be nice to see tonight with a win.

    Go Hawks

  15. Give Q credit he always comes around to the right decision eventually. I think some of the fans here need the same wake up call as Seab. His play has been abysmal, he is the top 15 paid defenseman in the league and is a huge reason why this team finds itself in last place. What took so long?

  16. ^If #7 is a “huge” reason for our current place in the standings, then several other equally huge reasons exist as well.
    Too many nights our “best players” have not been our best players. Each guilty party has their own specific cause or reason for their falling short. I doubt any of us know exactly what those might be.
    Maybe tonight’s effort was a supreme nod to #7. The team knows that Seabs was a lamb and they responded out of respect to Brent. As they should.
    Lots of hockey left to play in 2018.

  17. @ Ryandale

    Yes a huge reason, he is the Alternative Captain and the highest paid defenseman on the team. His contributions on special teams have been brutal and Q can’t even skate him in over time because his fitness isn’t up to speed. The fact that this team needs to rally around him is pure sillness! The players should have some pride to be part of a great organization and come ready to live up to their contracts. Too many players on this roster have got fat and happy living off past accomplishments and the list starts with #7

  18. Huh. I always thought of Hockey as a team sport.

    Is seabrook living up to the contract? No.

    Is he so terrible hes deserving of all the crap hes been given?

    And his fitness level has nothing to do with him not skating in OT. He could be as fit as ever, but still be slow.

  19. I simply pointed out that many have been under achievers.
    I don’t know if the team rallied around his sitting or not. I thought it might have been possible and if they did, I see that as a good thing.
    If you think 7 is public enemy #1, take all the shots at him you want.

  20. Well, I do not think Seabrook is the problem. Murphy has been a slow disaster although playing his opposite side does not help. Seabs does not deserve this. Having to play with AHL cailbre dmen the entrie season, at times a different one every second night does not help. Keith is suffering the same fate. Rutta is an adventure at times in his own zone like Forsling and Kempy. I hope Seabs is back in and either Rutta or Murphy sit.

  21. They looked hungry tonight, even if it is against a team that’s struggling.
    RD good to see your post.

    I’ve always admire the leadership of 7, but he too can be sat for a game-it’s healthy at his age/ and his skill-set and nobody is untouchable which is important.
    #19 looks re-energized and that has a big impact on the other players.

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