Brent Seabrook Makes Blackhawks History

On Sunday we received yet another reminder that we are watching the golden age of Chicago Blackhawks history.

Corey Crawford set a new franchise benchmark with his win on Friday night, and Brent Seabrook established a new standard with his first period goal on Sunday.

Seabrook’s power play tally was his 20th career playoff goal, setting a new record for Blackhawks defensemen; he had been tied with Doug Wilson and Bob Murray.

The goal was the sixth power play marker of Seabrook’s postseason career, which is tied with Wilson for the organization’s best by a defenseman.

6 thoughts on “Brent Seabrook Makes Blackhawks History

  1. Seabrook is the prime example, exhibit #1, of how the Blackhawks do playoff hockey. He gets a ton of disrespect throughout the season, totally unwarranted, but when the playoffs come around his critics look like fools. That shot he made today is patented playoff hockey, OT game winning, in your face, nuclear blast, eat that, leadership stuff. Columns and columns of folks rambling mindlessly about Bickell’s playoff hockey while Seabrook gets it done game in game out at a consistent highly elevated and effective level. Keith from Toews and Kane last game. Seabrook from Toews and Kane this game. The beat goes on. #7 is already a legend.

  2. A Stud. Character. Heart. Bomb from the point. Physical against the team’s most physical players. Respected by Toews.

  3. Well hell,.,.,another good old draft pick kicking butt.
    Seabs was a top 10 first round pick who has been so solid and strong ,.,.not getting hurt ,.,playing tons of hockey and making people better. Take note you dumb ass Edmonton fans.

    I hope T.V.R. can stop being on the ice for so many of the other teams goals,.,.,
    Not in the same class as Seabs at all.

  4. Without #7 getting Tazer to relax in 2013, we don’t win the Cup. The guy is a gamer. Mining Man was dead on………a legend.

  5. My son, (who still lives in the Chicago area), and I were just talking about Seabrook after last night’s loss. I live in NJ now so I don’t get to watch too many Chicago sports anymore. So we are texting back and forth during the whole game. My son and I were throwing out words like, strong, a rock, consistent, team player, to name just a few to describe Seabrook’s play. Even the St. Louis Blues do not want to mess around with Seabrook. Making him the assistant captain was long overdue. We probably have…no “we do” have the best 2 defenders in all of hockey… B. Seabrook, and D. Keith. We’ll get’em on Tuesday night!

  6. During the game, Doc mentioned that Niklas Hjalmarsson broke the Hawks record for most playoff games by a defenseman when he played his 120th game yesterday. Not sure whose record he broke. I checked Doug Wilson, Bob Murray, Bill White, and Pierre Pilote but it was not one of them.

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