Brent Seabrook Named Alternate Captain

On Thursday, Joel Quenneville announced that Brent Seabrook will assume the alternate captain role vacated when Patrick Sharp was dealt to Dallas earlier this summer.

In the statement released by the team, Seabrook said:

“I’m very honored to be a part of the (leadership) group up here and wear a letter for the Chicago Blackhawks.”

Expectations are that a contract extension could be the next piece of news for Seabrook; the 30-year-old defenseman will be an unrestricted free agent next summer.

11 thoughts on “Brent Seabrook Named Alternate Captain

  1. This is a no-brainer move by the team. Also, a very high priority to make him a Hawk for the rest of his career!

  2. Agree totally. This guy is a gamer and a BLACKHAWK and should never wear another jersey. Look forward to that extension taking place.

  3. #2 DK is a tremendous d-man who is HOF bound, due in large part to having #7 BS as his partner!

    If the hawks didn’t have #19 on the roster #7 would be wearing the C…

  4. Very deserving honor to one of the stand up guys on this team. He has been a leader in the true sense of the word for many years. Hawks core is largely made up of players that lead by example. Toews, Hossa, Keith, Seabrook, Hammer are special that way and top my list.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  5. Nice move, that answers my question from months ago about teams having 2 Dmen as permanent assistants. What a player and what a monster season he just came off of, he was an absolute nightmare to play against in the playoffs. Really filling out his potential, his body and mind are both at the highest level right now. With that top 3 D in place, I don’t care if the Hawks took a step back on offense (losing Saad and another year on Hossa, I don’t count Sharp who is a great champion but in steep decline in goal scoring), they will be a contender again.

  6. Love Seabs and felt after Sharp left Seabs, Hossa and Kane (prior to his off ice issues) were all in the running for the A, good for Seabs he has earned it.

    That being said i am 10o% against a long term extension for him. Stats show that defenseman like Seabs show there age right at around 31. Seabs is 30 years old, the Hawks are going to be paying Seabs likely between 5 to 6 million a yr for a player in the decline not a wise decision for the organization. I really hope im wrong but i dont like this at all.

    Reminds me of the last 2 yrs of Sharp getting a fat salary and basically sucking and contributing as a 3rd liner. Paying for past performance isnt wise in any sports.

  7. “Reminds me of the last 2 yrs of Sharp getting a fat salary and basically sucking and contributing as a 3rd liner”

    Yup. 34 goals/78 points in 2013-14 never happened. Amazing how deep the team was that a guy who sucked and did nothing on the 3rd line led them in goals and points for a season!

    In related news: Sharp wasn’t healthy last year. Was he an all-star when he was on the ice? Not always. Was the end of his time in Chicago underwhelming? Sure. But let’s hang onto our exaggerations a little tighter kids.

  8. Excellent. Very happy for Seabs. A true leader on the team who has earned that letter he will wear.

    Git-R-Done Stan.

  9. @ Tab

    You absolutely nailed it! Older players get hurt and production drops off. 2013 was when Sharp should have been moved his value was never higher. I ran his splits and posted them here before, his numbers fell off a cliff after the 2013.14 reg season.

    Shoulda traded him then
    Woulda likely had money to resign Saad
    Coulda won the cup without Sharp

    I get it everyone LOVE’S Sharp, That being said I love Seabs game but dont love the idea of paying a guy for past accomplishments. Its not smart in a hard cap league.

  10. Great choice…easy pick. Seabrook has been a silent leader for years. Now he can add his voice on and off the ice. Make sure you extend his contract to make him a Blackhawk for his career. Congratulations Brent.

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