Brent Seabrook Sitting Again, Not Happy

Blackhawks head coach Jeremy Colliton is not making any lineup changes for Tuesday night’s game.

Which means veteran defenseman Brent Seabrook will be a healthy scratch for the third time in his career – and second consecutive game.

It sounds like Seabrook isn’t very happy about the decision.

“A good player for somebody” sounds like Seabrook might be willing to entertain waiving his NMC if the right option presented itself.

67 thoughts on “Brent Seabrook Sitting Again, Not Happy

  1. It’s really hard to watch the core on this team disintegrate after being so valuable and winning three Stanley cups.

  2. I’ve always been a huge fan of Seabrook, but he last few years have been hard on him. He has moments of greatness, but then moments of absolute WTF.

    I don’t like seeing him get pushed out, but at the same time…maybe it is just the time to move on.

  3. Meanwhile in Nashville, Josi just signed for 8 years at 72.4m per. That won’t age well. Turns 30 in June. Poile says “as he enters his prime”… He’s spectacular now. But at 38….

  4. I think what they are doing is disgraceful. If you didn’t want to give the guy a NMC and this much money then you shouldn’t have. You should not be trying to force your way out of a contract this way. More so when you benefited for the years he was underpaid and winning. Has he lost a step, sure. If I was Seabrook though I would cheerfully tell them if they want to pay me 6.8 million to sit on the bench god bless them I’ll sit.

  5. Seabs is one of my all time favorites. He was the ultimate locker room leader. That being said we are only getting one side of the conversation. Maybe he only heard he’s out again. But he also thinks he hasn’t lost anything. Sometimes players are the last to realize. I really noticed the difference in speed and quickness from KooKoo and Gilbert. Unfortunately for Seabs his time has come. Our 7th D-man.

  6. Love Seabs, but he’s definitely not the player he used to be, but who is. This is the game today, he must know that…doesn’t mean he has to like it.

  7. It was Stan’s terrible contract, now he can lay in that bed he made. Seabrook is a great player and great guy to have in the locker room, too bad it is coming to this.

  8. Nobody in their right mind would take on his salary and remaining term….so the Hawks would have to eat part of his salary and give up a top prospect in the trade….soooo….this will turn out to be a pretty crappy situation in the lockeroom if this continues.

  9. Stan paid him royally and he going to be paid for another 4 years I believe. Seabs is a smart guy and team player so hopefully at some point he will realize he’s a diminishing return. To clarify what I wrote before..Maybe Seabs only heard he’s sitting out again from Colliton and he blocked out everything else because that’s all that mattered to him. Hey it happens to me. Like I get a prognosis from a doctor and blank out on everything else he said.

  10. The Blackhawks are paying him big $, if he’s not performing he should sit! Anyone who says different is either blind or has their eyes closed. He is slow in a game that has gotten faster, if he doesn’t like situation either ask for trade or retire, there is no loyalty in a business. If we don’t perform at our jobs we get terminated, he is not performing to a level that is acceptable. I appreciate what he has done but this is third year he has been terrible.

  11. This feels like a pissing contest between the old guard and JC. Toews is not playing well, what will JC do to him to get his attention? I suspect Crow sits a few games in a row. Keith is likely not far behind. It’s not just the former core either. Strome was demoted to 4th line WING and is now fifth center. DeBrincat joined him on the fourth line as well. Not sure what these guys are not doing that Kampf, Kubalik, Nylander and Dach get to be treated with kids cloves by comparison. But I hope the team figures it out because this disfunction between the best players on the team and the Coach needs to end.

  12. Disclaimer: I love Swabs and I know I’m biased. but damn thins reeks.
    This is NOT the way 7 deserves to go out. No conversation since Sunday?
    F*ck Colliton if he hasn’t talked to Brent since Sunday.

    Damn it this isn’t how I wanted it to end.

  13. I think Colliton is correct in what he’s doing. It says to the doesn’t matter who you are or what you did. If your’e not performing at a level you should be performing at your’e sitting, getting playing time reduced and or dropped off a line. Unlike Q who used to be that way when he first got here and then became tougher on the kids while letting his vets slide by. By the way I saw Kane really got jacked up the other night when Cassidy made a great save on him. Suddenly Kane was flying. My biggest complaint about Colliton so far was him splitting Kane and Toews and worse Cat and Strome. That was a ridiculous head scratcher.

  14. As I wrote Stefanie, you are only getting one side of a conversation. What do you want to do with Seabs. It’s obvious he’s slow, lost quickness and is just about done. He’ll get paid his 6.8 million for the next 3-4 years so don’t feel so bad for him. Hey he was one of my all time favorites.

  15. Moste embarrassing move by a Blackhawk coach since Orval’s crack about heart transplants. Reeks of amateurism.

  16. Jordy, thats what I’m saying.
    Seabs is getting the brunt of this…why?
    One game I get. But two in a row?
    Why not sit Keith? Or Toews, for that matter….??
    Seabs is not the only one who’s performance has been lackluster.
    To put all of this on 7 just plain sucks.

  17. C’mon folks this is not a disgrace or embarrassment. Seabs is a heart and soul guy and was a critical piece to winning 3 cups. We did not “give” him a new contract – it was negotiated and I’m sure his agent was looking at other offers. He got full market value, which he richly deserved, but if his play deteriorates he deserves to sit – he will still collect every dollar from that contract. JC’s job is on the line and if he is going to shy away from tough decisions like this then he needs to be gone. I give him credit for making this decision. I have to believe there has been a conversation along the way regarding Seabs shortcomings – not sure he has to get a full explanation every game. Speaking of his contract I don’t see any chance of a transaction unless we retain at least 50% of the dollars.

  18. Am I the only one who can’t figure out why Colliton is coaching our team. I agree Seabrook is slower and should see less ice time. His locker room presence is more important especially with the young guys. With that said – I suggest Gustavson GONE. Gilbert – GONE. KoekKoek – Gone. Murphy – Gone. Bring in some young hungry guys, let Seebs and Dunc mentor them. That way you get your moneys worth out of Seebs contract. Gotta shake thing up. Biggest mistake was A. letting Panarin go and B. not getting him back. C. Firing Q

  19. Agree MS. As I wrote for the upteenth time.. how do we know what Colliton said. We’re getting one side of a conversation!

  20. I respect Seabrook alot, but he is getting full salary to sit because his play has regressed. I said before when he isn’t one of the top 6 dmen anymore, it will have to be dealt with. Complaining about his nmc clause, then basically saying he desrves a can’t take him out of lineup one isn’t being realistic. He’s paid 6.875m aav so that’s a pretty good consolation.

    Hope if he is moved he plays a few more years somewhere, sure he xa help a young D core

    Rusty as what a trade looks like, would Gus and 1/3 to 1/2 of his salary retention type of package be close.

  21. Seabs was a warrior during 3 Cup runs no doubt but he can no longer keep up – the pace of the game has out grown him – I don’t know if he ever tried to improve his skating or not but it’s simply not good enough in today’s game

    I applaud JC for making the difficult decision and sticking to it although Seabs being out probably won’t last much longer

    If it does maybe Seabs would weave his NMC – it seems unusual that JC hasn’t talked to him much – if true you’d hope that will be rectified – Seabs definitely deserves that but based on performance right now he also deserves to sit

  22. Looking at Seabs contract just confirms Bowman is an idiot. Most of his yearly salary is a signing bonus. That gets paid in full even in a buyout. Hawks would take 5-6 million cap hit even with Seabs gone.

  23. I love and appreciate what Seabrook has done for the Hawks as much as anyone – he probably singlehandedly saved the 2013 Cup run by sticking his head into the penalty box and performing a cranial rectalectomy on Toews – but this situation can’t be ruled by sentiment. First, we don’t know the details of the Colliton/Seabrook interaction on Sunday when he was told he would be out of the lineup against the Kings so we can’t know if Colliton is at fault for treating Seabrook inappropriately today. Second, maybe, just maybe, Colliton is sitting Seabrook because he believes it gives the team the best lineup to win the game and isn’t that what we want the coach to do. So why is Seabrook’s nose out of joint – because Colliton didn’t coddle him? Really?

    Hopefully Seabrook gathers his senses and tamps down his ego and commits himself to doing whatever he can to help his teammates win hockey games – even if that means a reduced role … or he tells Stan he will waive his NMC because he wants to take his hockey stick and go play somewhere else. Either way – the Hawks should be better off.

  24. The saddest part is Seabs saying hes playing pretty good.

    Yet he has the worst corsi and is on for 11 goals against and 3 goals for. Ugh.

    Sorry #7 youre not playing pretty good.

    This IS sad to see tho’ but we all could see this coming. Its gonna get worse too Im sorry to say. :(

  25. Stupid effin question from Ben Pope for Sun Times to Seabrook asking if he’s upset aboot scratched.


  26. As I said before if Coliton is trying to deflect the criticism, to take the pressure off the players and put it on himself to help them turn things around, it’s working.

  27. The way Seabs will be off the Hawks with minimal loss is the Seattle expansion draft. Minimal I define as another player, and a pick or $$ retention. Not all 3. Agree with Black Label about having him as a mentor to the young guys while he’s here. Answering the Panarin situation, We Couldn’t Afford Him!

  28. JR thinking something similar along to what Tallon did by trading Reilly Smith for nothing and Exposing Marchesault in expansion draft, to protect defense. Anyway maybe do a trade for infamous future considerations and certain player left unprotected, type of deal.

  29. Have to agree with LOAGS. The saddest part of this story is that Seabrook thinks he is still playing well. His game has really fallen off in the last couple of years…to the point where he is more of a liability than an asset. In a couple of years, this will be happening to Kane&Toews. That will be even worse.

  30. I think MS and Ebony summed it up really nicely. He didn’t make them give this questionable (that’s being really positive) contract so he shouldn’t be held accountable for that-but his play, he is and he isn’t a top 5 guy in the league right now. (on a good team) He can sit and he shouldn’t play back to back or 3 games in 5 days unless needed. That being said the coach needs to be upfront with all his players.
    Don’t alienate a leader.
    The Josi contract is just like 7’s and is a real head scratcher? No excuse for these 30 to 38 contacts anymore.

  31. Mo on a buyout caphit for 4 yrs is 6.6m, 3.6m 6.6m and 5.1m quite a bit more than what retained salary would be, Seabrook only gets 2/3 of remaining salary and around 10m in signing bonuses that go away in a buyout. Trading better for both sides and an incentive to waive his nmc.

  32. Just looked at capfriendly, he is owed 20.5m more after this season in salary and signing bonuses. If he refused to waive his nmc in favor of buyout, he would only be paid just under 5.7m of that 20.5m, be paid over 8 years then instead of 4years too. Can’t imagine he’d want to do that.

  33. I would be sitting Keith before Seabrook. Sure Keith looked good last game. But we played L.A. Toews has been nonexistent most of the season so far. Perlini really wasn’t given a fair chance. Come on and look at who should be getting axed! Bowman. Tallon was let go because he supposedly screwed up a couple of contracts but look at the ones bowman has given out with NTC? He should have gone before Quenneville. Even though coach Q needed to be moved to. Seabrook is still a great leader. He should be treated better than he is. Maybe he should go where someone will appreciate him.

  34. Mo year 1 and 3 is a $390,000 savings on caphit 95%.of it. Year 4 is 1.8m in savings, still get 70% of the caphit. Year 2 is just over 50% of caphit only one any good.

    Same warmup lines
    91 19 88
    8 64 92
    20 77 65
    12 22 17

    2 44
    68 6
    39 56

  35. Glad Seabs is pissed…..otherwise he would lose respect. Think JC is trying to get discipline and control of his team. Seabs just happens to be the fall guy….today.

  36. Looking forward to games 10-20. This is 5 in 7 days and we played good in about half of them, against good teams and shit teams, and didnt get half the points.

    We could do good, I think we get it together in these 10 games. If not then we are sucky and maybe get three top 5 draft players.

  37. So, let’s have tghsi team trade Perlini and have an 19 year old centre like Dach who shootys right play left wing with TOEWS & KANE? He is not the power forward to get them the puck!
    And once again, traps SAAD by leaving him with Kampf and Kubalik? Really? This coach has got to go!!! You need talent to win and you need topn 6, top 9 to get into the playoffs. Why is DACH not the 3rd line center tonight?
    20 19 88
    12 17 8
    65 77 92
    64 22 91

  38. When did we get shitty at D. When we traded Hammer. Goalies have made it look not as worse as it is past 3 yrs.

    How do you get a #1 Defensemen, without signing a 7 yr contract for high caphit. Dafting doesnt count.

  39. Seriously guys, GUS needs to park his a$$ on the bench next. He can’t get the puck out of his own zone.
    So glad sitting Seabs again has helped…
    38 SOG for the Preds in 40 minutes?
    That is not sustainable for *any* goalie.
    Christ on a cracker!!!

  40. Enough of this shirts how of a dumpster fire. Bowman and Colliton had the off season to figure out the pk the pp the personnel. Blow this up NOW !

  41. Wow was LA that bad or Nashville that good?
    Both these teams are in the same league-lol

    21 million being wasted tonight and throw in 7 and 2 not playing-zero contribution from 33 million $.

    I know it’s not a popular thought but Dach can use some time getting stronger and more body aware in junior. He looks 18 and may end up in concussion protocol again.

    Can’t watch anymore.

  42. LA is that bad and NAS is playing good and on a hot streak and we are on a bad streak, it multiplier effect. We played hard agasint LA because we had to, had no enegery for this 5 in 7 days game.

    Be a lot of, talk, the next 5 days off, before 2 in 2 days.

    I wait for games 10-20, then I say it but not during a shit sch like this, until game 20 we could get it together. We are really bad for how many good players we have.

    19 88 are not this shitty. Something is wrong. BOS core is just as old, they have their young guys, we have 77 playing his first 5.

    Need that young wave and a #1 Defensemen this summer or treade deadline.

  43. What excuse are they going to use for this one. Even Eddie said (in a polite way) the hawks are no match for the preds. Minus the LA game , two goals in 4 games . This is not a playoff team. Fire Bowman, let the new GM hire his own coach and blow up this team and start over. My worry is Lehner leaves after this yr, then were really screwed.

  44. The whole preseason and these 10 games, we are bad. Could not imagine this bad, during the summer. 6-3-1 would have been good, 3-6-1 is bad but we looked worse then that at times.

    Maybe having another 5 days off inbetween games, it will give the guys time to think and not be able to do anything about it.

    I am not buying were this shitty. There has to be something wrong. Theres no way were worse then last yr.

    What is this crap, starting with preseason.

  45. Read this, makes sense, but why are we so shitty for about half the games.

    Is it possible that the talent isn’t good enough?
    It’s the one thing I don’t want to entertain.

    Posted by jesterking on Oct 29, 2019 | 10:35 PM reply rec flag
    Anon Amiss
    They’re better than this garbage
    They got what they deserved, and I am fine with it.

    Posted by Anon Amiss on Oct 29, 2019 | 10:40 PM up reply rec flag
    I don’t think so.
    Kane is Kane – even his down years are almost PPGs
    Toews is a slow starter but usually gets going
    Saad is having his best start to a season ever
    Debrincat is a natural scorer who potted 40 just last season
    Strome was a legit 2C quality player last season for nearly 60 games last season
    Shaw is a good middle 6 player that can slide anywhere in the line up
    Caggiula is a high skill complimentary player who can fit into many roles
    Kubalik and Nylander have been bright spots with untapped potential and room to grow
    Dach has looked like he belongs and could be really special
    Kampf and Carpenter are excellent defensive specialists
    Keith is still a top pairing d-man
    De Haan and Murphy are top 4 quality defensive d-men
    Gus, when at his best, is at least a 40-60 point producer
    Maatta has been a steady, minute eating d-man who can slide to top 4 when needed
    Lehner and Crawford are one of the best goalie tandems in the league

  46. How can anyone feel sorry for Seabrook? He’s a very rich man about to enjoy retirement. Every athlete answers to Father Time some take it a little harder than others.

  47. The bigger issue, that I see, is Colliton. Okay, he sits Seabrook for a 2nd time. But, he doesn’t take the time to explain to a veteran, who wears the “A”, as to why? That shows no respect. He did the same with Perlini. That kid was given virtually zero chance to stick with this roster. This same coach panicked and broke up the top 2 lines. The only lines that were productive were the bottom 2, that he left alone. Then he panicked further and broke them up. So…zero lines worked. He put the top 2 together, against LA and they were dynamic. 22 was with 12 & 17. He was centering? Why? He had a solid game, but then the bottom 2 lines were floundering. I have tried to give Colliton the benefit of the doubt. However, this year has shown me that he is flailing around with zero ideas of what to do, he’s too proud to ask his veteran players for help, and is too arrogant to even talk with them when he benches them. No. Colliton needs to go. I don’t know if Scott Stevens would be willing or even if he’s able to come to Chicago…but he would be a marked improvement. In my opinion.

  48. This organization seems to have developed a player assessment issue.They have come to quick decisions and developed a dislike for players rather quickly,JOKER,SCHMALTZ,PERLINI,DALEY,PANIC and the list of their recent draft picks that have been traded away.Painfully obvious that the BOWMAN family has to be invited to leave now.And take Mc Donough with you!

  49. Brian, I don’t see this as disgraceful at all. In competitive sports there can be no gifts…if you’re not playing as well as some other guy, you dont play. This ain’t rec league.

  50. Fluffy I have to agree with your observation on Keith. The last couple games he had flashes of his old self but I cannot count the times when he has seemed to just mentally freeze and stand still until he gets stripped for answering chance.

    Guys are falling off we really should be rebuilding because we’re nowhere near a contender now. Get picks and prospects and start again…I hated trading Michael Nylander, Steve Sullivan and every other player of value back in the day but it got us into a spot where we had 31 picks over 2 drafts and this whole run began there.

  51. EspoForever, Maybe my post is a little misunderstood. I am fine with them benching him for not preforming, IF he isn’t one of the best six on the team. I also don’t think he should be complaining if that is the case. But I think a big part of this is meant to get him to ask for a trade because of the money.

    Watching last night I just can’t say that he is sitting because of skill alone. With Murphy being put on IR I don’t really buy that they are benching him because he isn’t as good as the two guys from the Ice hogs that have been called up. Last night the house was on fire defensively, and dumb mistakes. I was watching here with my son 12 who plays D and he was even like, “My coach would kill me if I let that guy down low sit there in front of my net with no body on him”. That is exactly what was happening to the D. Those are errors that shouldn’t happen to guys that are hypothetically better than Brent Seabrook. So to be clear I don’t have an issue with benching for performance, but I do have an issue with benching to force your way out of a contract that you don’t like. Hope that helps.

  52. Maybe it’s just me, i haven’t minded 7’s play. But if you are going to make a point to the old guard, you cut off the snakes head and 7 is exactly that.

  53. Stan Bowman needs to go.Colliton needs to go.Hawks can’t handle it when getting forechecked can’t win the puck in corners ,Can’t get puck out of their own end and are always letting players in front of net untouched.They need players that can skate and play with an edge.NEED SOMEONE WHO KNOWS HOW TO JUDGE TALENT.HARD TO WATCH THIS

  54. Your Core players are the problem…. Keith,seabrook,Kane,Toews,Gustaffson…
    HOW many dumb passes Kane gunna do in offense zone that get intercepted & turned into 2:1 for opponents with 2 players sitting hgh on pointmen WAITING.
    just an example…. Not motivated rich primadonnas… Forwards are ALWAYS
    “saving” their energy so when Hawks get the puck for offence but Don’t BACKCHECK… LAZY. ?

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