Brian Elliott, Blues Beat Blackhawks In Game 3

After some non-controversy in Game Two, the third game between familiar rivals at the United center on Sunday afternoon was review-free.

Unlike the first two games, Game Three had lots of rubber getting on net. But the theme of the series remained the same: great goaltending for both teams.

The opening 20 minutes saw eight called penalties lead to a power play goal from a defenseman for each side. Brent Seabrook opened the scoring with his franchise-record 20th career postseason goal, and Colton Parayko tied the game almost exactly ten minutes later.

Rookie defenseman Viktor Svedberg went to the box with Kyle Brodziak only 1:49 into the game and Brodziakpicked up an extra minor, leading to the Seabrook goal. Svedberg went back to the box alone nine minutes later, a power play that Parayko converted. Svedberg was, predictably, stapled to the bench for most of the rest of the afternoon.

Shots were officially 10-9 in favor of the Hawks in the first period, and the parade to the penalty box kept Vladimir Tarasenko off the ice for much of the first period.

Chicago dominated a second period that was almost completely even strength.

Skating 4-on-4 to open the second, Artemi Panarin lost his first career NHL faceoff but beat Parayko to the puck in the corner. He set up Artem Anisimov on the doorstep, and a whiff worked out perfectly as the knuckling puck slipped past Brian Elliott.

The Blues took only one penalty in the second and successfully killed the penalty, but they were outplayed throughout the period. The Hawks out-shot the Blues 24-13 in the second but were only able to generate the one goal.

Which would come back to bite them in the rear end only 5:15 into the third when Patrik Berglund rifled a shot past Corey Crawford from the Stanley Cup Playoffs just inside the blue line. It appeared the puck was redirected off Michal Rozsival on it’s way to the net, but a tough luck goal for Crawford to give up after an exceptional performance for 45 minutes.

Indeed, Crawford kept the Blues at one goal in spite of terrific chances right on the doorstep in the second period. Unfortunately, Elliott was just as good (if not better) on the other end of the ice.

Poor puck management and not converting on some great chances continued to haunt the Hawks, and then St. Louis got their break. a double-minor on Patrick Kane handed the Blues four minutes of power play time and, unlike the Hawks in the first period, they took advantage.

Jaden Schwartz converted a pretty tic-tac-toe passing play near the end of the first two minutes and beat Crawford for the game-winner. Tarasenko set up David Backes to Crawford’s right, and a nice touch pass immediately to the doorstep set up Schwartzin prime position.

The Hawks had a few chances down the stretch but couldn’t beat Elliott, who has been the best player in the series. With the 3-2 win, the Blues take home ice advantage back.

Game Four is at 8:30 CT at the United Center on Tuesday night.

88 thoughts on “Brian Elliott, Blues Beat Blackhawks In Game 3

  1. “Poor puck management and not converting on some gear chances continued to haunt the Hawks” .. That says it ALL about this one.. Crap. Outside of that I got nuthin’.. Going away to sulk now.

  2. Once again, lacking killer instinct. They played not to lose from about the 10 min mark in the 2nd on, and it cost them. Outplayed significantly the 2nd half of the game. Was that our B squad today Tab?

  3. Good game. Again, could’ve gone either way. Our passing was sloppy all game. That always kills us. Blues got some rough, but correct, calls against early, but got a lot of bounces the rest of the way. Ladd hitting both posts on a shot, two goals deflected off defensemen (and the nasty skipping puck). These teams are so close that a bounce or two is all it takes.

    How long has it been since we blew a lead heading into the third period? Two years? What a streak.

    Expecting Kane to catch fire in response to the double minor. Toews line is going to start putting in some of these chances. Best puck possession we’ve seen from that line all year. Encouraging play from Hossa. Panarin is a revelation. Crow is still lights-out.

    Where’s TT? We really need another line to generate some chances. And Roszival had a brutal game… can recall several needless turnovers in all zones.

    We’re right where we were in 2014. We get better as series go along. Go Hawks!

  4. We had plenty of chances. Three tough games – thought the game we won was probably our worst. Three of the Blues goals in the series have gone in off a Hawk and we hit a couple of posts today – got to believe the puck luck will even out. Also expect Elliott will wake up and revert to his more typical performance.

  5. To me the Hawks looked terrible in the 3rd. Couldn’t get the puck out of their own zone to save their lives. In some cases certain guys looked like they were (a) older and slower than the Blues, (b) didn’t want it as much as the Blues, (c) afraid they were going to get hit by the Blues, or (d) the proverbial all of the above.
    Had plenty of offensive chances, sure. But when you’re up 2-1 going into the third you’d better get off your a$$ and play some tough defense. Skating around the middle of the ice and whacking sticks at the puck didn’t get it done. Get it past the blue line. Battle against the boards. Get off your heels. Seabrook was a deer in the headlights just a few seconds before the tying goal, when he slowed up and didn’t go get the puck when he saw a Blues player charging. Yeah, he delivered a hit after he gave up on the race to the puck, but about 2 seconds later the tying goal was in the back of the net.
    Toews was an exception. He took what Ott had to give and came back with a fantastic shift. TvR looked lost. TT looked out of his league. I’m a Rozy fan but he was turnover central today.
    I’m going to be the naysayer here, saying that the Blues have now turned a corner by winning their first at the UC in the playoffs. I’d love to be the Rufus T. Firefly successor and have everyone tell me what an idiot I am, after the fact, but I see the Blues winning this in 5.

  6. Fuckin’ Roszival, he fuckin sucks! Why did the Hawks resign his slow, turn over prone ass?!

  7. Crap! Out played them in both losses and handed the games to the scum. Let’s hope luck changes again for game 4. We need it.

    Really, Toews has been very average this year and if it continues they’re screwed. We’ve been blaming his wingers all year and it’s time to put the blame on his 10.5 million dollar back. His line was clearly out played for much of the game.

    I’ve been cheering for Teravainen for 2 years but I think I’ve had it. That 2 on 1 pass to Ladd with 4 minutes left in the game was absolutely brutal. He looks like a boy against men.

  8. Not to worry. My goodness, a few bounces don’t go our way and people freak out. The boys will bounce back and the bounces will bounce back our way, too. Though I do agree that TT needs some tough love. I would sit him for a game or two and put Ladd at center on line 3. See how it works. If it doesn’t, switch back and let Desi center line 3, Ladd back up to 1, and drop Panik down to 4.


  9. The Hawks’ problem is quite simple– the bottom two lines are a mess, this is on Q for perpetual tinkering; this leads to NOT rolling four lines.

    Desjardins has only played well w/ Kruger & Shaw or w/ Kruger & Teavo. Otherwise he has never contributed. Teavo has performed far better on the wing than at center. This stuff isnt brain surgery.

    When the bottom two lines are in disarray — and they are — bad things happen. The offensive flow is non existent. This is on Q.

    Lastly, Roszival has resembled a human turnover machine. Gustafsson cannot and would not be any worse. Ehroff is no great shakes, but is Svedberg is going to be benched for little reason, he cant be any worse.

    These are correctable issues, the seminal point is will Q act on them or remain oblivious or stubborn? If he doesnt make these simple changes, he will be watching the Derby races in person this year in Lousiville. As he likes to say, we ll see.

  10. Comments are too harsh. We have played well, very well and if we stay the course we will win this series.

    Notice Hitchcock calling over the ref after their 3rd short handed situation, whining about his poor team being treated unfairly. Unfortunately this actually gets consideration and why they then try to overlook things or even out the penalties. I suppose Q might have done the same but in that situation I would tell the coaches to get his team under control, it is what it is. Politics in the playoffs should fall by the wayside and everyone on the same page from the get go. Suck it up.

    Morrison- get the Highlanders to bring jellies with them…. Bait and distraction.

  11. Tough loss, and hard game to swallow as a fan-enjoy the process boys, we’re blessed to be fans the last several years–
    hope it’s 2-2 series after Tuesday-then best of 3

    Agree with TT, but he will be an important part of the future.

  12. I felt the loss coming on going into this game, and I was not disappointed. Yet I was terribly disappointed. I am officially sick of TVR criticism, he’s fine. Actually shows up on offense, he’s gonna get a playoff goal this season. The Blackhawks have solved Brian elliott, they just can’t put the puck where it needs to be, kane and Hossa’s misses were hard to watch. Number one player I am missing right now is Patrick Sharp, a calm skater with a chip on his shoulder would be nice right now.

    Can these guys get hot again? Yes they can. Will elliott keep Kane and Toews out of the net this series? No. What’s the meaning of life? Tune in Tuesday for all these answers and more…

  13. At the game, and once again in this series Tuevo was non-existent. To me it’s very simple what happens this offseason. Dump Teuvo in deference to somehow finding the salary cap room for Shaw.

  14. HA! Nice one MS!!!!! I unfortunately stick to my prediction but that was a classic post you just laid down, and yes, I think we are in a bizzaro world. I love the Blackhawks. If I didn’t I wouldn’t be tuning in here all the time to read Tab’s dissection of games and the latest news, and to also read all of the opinions of the posters. I just have a bad feeling and am seeing some things that just seem off to me. I also think the Blues are gaining momentum. I hope that indeed I am NOT Rufus (God Bless Him!).

  15. Great post Nick. The ebs and flows of the playoffs go period to period.

    When Ladd hit both posts on the shot late in the 2nd, doc Emrick screamed “they score”.

    Turned out, it did not go in and instead of 3-1, hawks in control, it was still a one goal game.

    Having said all that, Roszival can no longer play at this pace. I Have a lot of appreciation for what he has done as a Hawk, especially in 2014. However, How Q starts the third period with him on the ice though is baffling.

    Last night when I watched the Kings game and the stunning amount that Scuderi plays, you just know, the Kings are in trouble. Same with Rozy. The NHL is not a league in which 37 year olds can log crucial minutes.

  16. Yes, we let this one slip away. We did not play in the third period. However, I just want to remind everyone of something. Numerous times in the past the Hawks did not pick up their play until things looked the most dire. Calm down boys, this series is not over. Some valid points about various players, but Toews and Kane will be heard from before this series is over. If we keep attacking like we did in the first and second periods today, more pucks will be going into the net. These guys and our coach will make adjustments. Keep the faith.

    I have to wait to debate Peanut Butter about Teuvo’s value to this team after we win this cup so no comment about him today. It wouldn’t be positive anyway.

    I will give Q a jab. I don’t believe Svedberg should be playing at all in this series. At least with Rosy you can justify playing him due to his experience. With Sveddy’s limited skills, there is no viable reason to play him. Benching him after a couple mistakes supports that he shouldn’t be playing in the first place. There is no way Sveddy should be playing ahead of Ehrhoff or Gus for that matter.

    Let’s go Hawks!!!!

  17. PS. Panik & Weise 6 minutes plus each played; Teavo 9 minutes plus. Same first two games different set of three forwards.

    When Q has three forwards (absent injury) playing under ten mins, and two of them well under it, the facts are clear — good bye Cup, hello early summer. The #s don’t lie.

  18. Ok iceman, agreed, when players play like shit, you don’t win the cup.

    Here’s the move. Shaw to the top 6, as he’s earned, and Ladd to the bottom 6, as he’s earned. That’ll get us to the next round.

  19. Nick in San Diego- Now I won’t be able to sleep until after the meaning of life is revealed on Tuesday. Any chance you can give us a hint.


  20. Wow, Demo. Is that your hot take – that the 4th line wasn’t an impact line?

    It’s a tough loss. Special teams played a huge role in this game. The double-minor was bad luck; two of St Louis’s goals were bad luck; the Lehtera plays were good luck.

    The bottom six forwards are not making an impact 5-on-5. TT is certainly a part of that. But I’m not on the Trade TT bandwagon. I don’t think TT is the key to this series so long as he’s E/+. And I’m not panicking unless they lose on Tuesday.

    Panarin looks incredible.

  21. Weiss and TT were not factors. TT has contributed zero so far. Sit TT and play Desi.
    We lookout of sync. Rosi has been a liability.

    Something is missing . Has benn most of season.

  22. NOTHING WAS MISSING ON THE HUGE MID SEASON STREAK THAT EARNED THE PLAYOFF BID. MM, I wish the answer was Nordstrom, that Douglas Adams was full of s***. Sleep tight, the Hawks players are.

  23. A bit surprised that Desi sat this game. Why? If it was to bring in Weise why not sit Fleischmann.
    I think moving Ladd to center 3rd might be a good move as suggested, and move TT to wing but is it too late to try that now?
    Just really surprised at the play during 3rd period.
    But, my contention is that if the Hawks win this series they go on to win the Cup.

  24. Nick in San Diego- Good laugh. Well you never know if someone does has the answer and the reference was definitely to the Hitchikers Guide/Adams and not Nordstrom, whom I forgot about and his #42. Yes we were a force to contend with many times this season and nothing was missing. So far Crawford has been outstanding, Panarin amazing, Keith all you can ask for, Toews playing hard and all told we could just as easily be leading this thing 3-0. Blues are playing for their very existence from the coach to the core so therefore are incredibly highly motivated. We have earned the right to remain intact. How’s the weather there?, I can only imagine… Still very much winter up here.

  25. Some good comments – cover much of what I saw and feel,

    To me, pretty simple — they pissed-away two gift PP opportunities after the first (easy?) goal. Somebody say, “Lack of ‘Killer Instinct’ (or something like that)”? And, fuckin’ Rosival picked a great time to revert back to not only slow, but stupid. It’s not over, and *perhaps* it’s too early to panic, but they handed home ice back to the Blues. Oh, this team needs to feel back-against-the-wall pressure? “That’s bullshit…” (- Reg Dunlop, Slapshot)

    Yes, Elliot was really good, but as somebody suggested, the Hawks played not-to-lose…and, that too is bullshit. Let’s see the Stanley Cup Champions Tuesday and forward!!

  26. OK boys (and Tracey), here it is. Dump TT … he’s got a glass jaw. (Anyone want to buy my TT bobblehead?) Keep Shaw. Tell Rozy that if he fluffs another attempt at a clear he is washing jocks. Margarine Man sucks. Last year it was the guys we got at the trade deadline that stepped up and made all the difference; this year, they are a liability. Need to roll 4 lines or we’re finished.

  27. Dickie Dunn- They know that …..right? I mean they must know that, or realize that, or someone tell them so they know. Please tell me they know that! Can you get into the lockeroom and do the Reg Dunlop speech? …probably get arrested or worse but we are Committed Indians after all. Someone tell them what Dickie Dunn says.

    When we rolled 4 lines we had that big streak going. What the heck is going on.

    I’ll be alright…keep it together, breathe.

  28. MM, I won’t comment on the weather here because I don’t want more traffic here.
    The trade deadline move for Ladd has sucked as of late, Ehrhoff has been beyond disappointing. Absolutely no sugar coating this mess, Ladd isn’t holding onto a puck as long as anyone waves a stick near him, Ehrhoff doesn’t get the program here, he’s done with this team. At least Ladd can redeem himself, would love to see him do so.
    Jeez, we’re talking 2 losses by a margin of one goal by the other team. The Hawks are fine, but very beatable as of now.

  29. TT may even get you 20 goals on another team but when the heat gets turned up in the battlefield that is the NHL playoffs he is destined to be a non factor as have been the Sedins for all of their career. Peanut Butter with all due respect, consensus on this blog is against you with regards to the boy.

  30. I recall that Rozsival had issues last year. Bowman resigns him, same issues( coughing up the puck ) again.Last year the first thing Stan did after the cup parade was resign Rundblad.That money could’ve been used towards a 2nd pairing d man.This issue will come up again next year.A winger for the Toews’ line will need to be addressed.Also because of the Kruger signing ( no goals – 2 in the playoffs ) Shaw won’t be with the Hawks.Stan will address this is issue by waiting till the trade deadline to trade high draft choices and prospects for players that Q will sit in the press box.

  31. I was lucky enough to be invited to a lower suite behind the net where the Hawks shot in the 2nd. I stood the entire game. A great visual you get there and different from my normal seats(which are good)at the UC. Alas, the Blues took back home ice advantage, but like the first 2 games this one could have gone either way. The bounces are going the way of the Blues at this juncture. Ladd with a double post in back of Elliot that would have given the Hawks a huge 2 goal lead and momentum. Berglund goal was right in front of me. What a crazy bounce from a shot that never would have had a chance had there not been a deflection. That puck just exploded up into the top corner. Crow had zero chance with that from my angle. The Berglund goal seemed to suck the life out of the Hawks and the fans. Kaner slapped with a 4 min high stick that simply looked like bad luck as an inadvertent episode that came at a really bad point in the game. Blues first goal also appeared to hit a Hawks stick to change puck direction.

    Giveaways from both teams, but more egregious with the Hawks. Rozy noticeable in this dept past few games but many were guilty. That has to clean up.

    Blues exchange human pos with Reaves out and Ott in. Loathsome characters is putting it kindly.

    This is a great series thus far. Elliot is the reason the Blues are up a game, and just barely so. As I said at the start to the this series, this is a better Blues team than what we faced 2 years ago. The games are crazy close. Blues have received the better bounces so far. That can change in a blink. Hawks special teams have to raise the bar. That was the difference along with Elliot in the end.

    Sure I was disappointed leaving the UC yesterday, but I expect the Hawks to come back strong tomorrow. Players tone sounded upbeat in the post game, so lets just breathe in, breathe out and let this series evolve. Hey, its great hockey we are seeing guys.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  32. If Q healthy scratched 86 last year why not give it a try tomorrow? I’m with those suggesting 11 centering the third line. Perhaps 12-11-25 can sustain more offensive pressure and bang thus allowing Q to roll 4 lines. I’d also consider giving 32 a rest. I’m still not shaving!!! As others have said in the past these are the golden days of the Blackhawks and we are blessed to witness this awesomeness of relevancy. Positive thoughts.

  33. IN DEFENSE OF RUFUS: For all the hammering he’s taken over the years for his often-outrageous opinions, I believe he was correct about TT. And his description of Svedberg as the Russian Pylon is also deadly accurate.

    Chime in, Rufus. What have you got to say?

  34. Hawks are getting very little from the Toews line offensively. The offensive decline of Hossa has been startling this season. And we are getting very little from Ladd, which is really too bad given the high price he cost to rent.

    In fact, the only thing working at all on offense / offensive push is the Anisimov line…and Shaw. Give the Blues credit. They have suffocated the Hawks in the offensive zone and there just aren’t shooting lanes or rebound opportunities. And net front presence has been a joke outside of Shaw. If not for Crawford being exceptional we would be down 0-3 in this series too.

    Hard to “roll 4 lines” when you don’t really have 4 lines to roll. Teuvo, Fleishman, Weise, Mashinter/Panik, Kruger, Des Jardins do nothing offensively. Absolutely nothing. The key to this series right now is Toews, Ladd and Hossa somehow stepping up against a choking defense and a goaltender playing at a very high level.

    This series has proven one thing. That Shaw must be retained at all costs this summer. Meaning Teuvo is out of here, and hopefully he can be packaged with Bickell as a way to get some desperately needed salary cap room to be able to keep Shaw.

  35. I disagree on those ripping on Ladd. He had 8 shots yesterday and he is adding a good physical element. How can anyone say the first line isn’t doing anything? No one is doing anything!

    Fleischmann has gotten the minutes with no results. Weise and Ehrhoff have not gotten minutes since coming here. Sit Fleisch and TT and try another combo Q.

    Good thoughts everyone.

    Go Hawks!!!

  36. Most striking to me is that the team did exactly the opposite of what Q espoused the other day. He said he hoped the Blues have 70 hits in the next game……..means Hawks have the puck.

    What happened yesterday? The Hawks just about matched the Blues hit for hit. In what world does 72 have enough time to dole out 5 hits or the team 36 hits? I understand our players don’t want to take that crap in a 7 game series, but going after opposing players to be physical plays right into StL’s game plan. Should not be ours.

  37. Yes Booman, I concur. I think Ladd has been one of the Hawks better players so far in this series. Some changes in the bottom 2 lines I would have no problem with. I would like to see Weise with more minutes. Fleischmann is foundering after playing pretty well a few weeks ago when he first arrived. Teuvo is fighting himself I think as it can happen with young guys. TT can play in big games as witnessed last year in the playoffs. Please note the Hawks star guys aren’t exactly lighting it up either against a very well structured and stingy Blues defensive scheme that just shuts down space.

    I feel the frustration out there. While the giveaways cannot be excused, especially in the neutral zone moving forward, the Hawks have generated plenty of quality chances with the puck just not going in. Bad luck and great play from Elliot.

    It can all change quickly.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  38. MM- “roll 4 lines”… when Hawks had big win streak… WHO- did they beat???
    Most of those wins were against Garbage teams!!! excluding Pens (before they changed coach- and started winning again) and Preds- who were in a “slump”

    Q- can’t roll 4 lines… cuz they aren’t playing Leafs/Yotes/Avs

  39. There aren’t four lines to roll. That is the reality. Give St. Louis credit. They are playing smart hockey and choking the Hawks in the offensive zone in front of a goalie in Elliott who is playing superior. And we just haven’t been able to convert our supposed edge in “skill” to mean anything. Also need to remember that St. Louis realizes it absolutely MUST get by the first round of the playoffs after their last 3 years of early exits. They are playing motivated hockey and like a team willing to take a bullet (in front of the net). The Hawks aren’t getting good looks at the net. And they haven’t been able to out-skate or out-hustle St. Louis to the puck.

  40. Was at the game. Ladd’s double post shot and Crow’s softy cost us this one. Hawks did some things well, other things not so well.

    For the past 2 post-seasons I was calling for Roszival’s head because his turnovers constantly led to goals. This year, I’ve started to regain my trust in his D. But yesterday, his turnovers were very apparent again.

    Yesterday’s game marked the 5th game vs. blues this season where the Hawks led the game with 10 minutes remaining in the 3rd period, only choke away the game and lose. The trend is crystal clear and must be reversed immediately to avoid elimination.

    We must have a multi-goal lead otherwise the blues come back from the dead to pull the zombie comeback win. We must capitalize on all opportunities.

    I love this team, but Champions don’t choke. Fix it Q!

  41. Still waiting for your witty response tab. This team can’t score in 5 on 5 play now, just like the couldn’t the entire second half of the season. You said it was due to injuries and the B squad. Team looks healthy now, so what’s the deal?

  42. Agree with Laxman.

    Team is missing the killer instinct to finish !! That’s what is missing.

  43. Regarding 4 lines that we supposedly don’t have: Not really buying that- we have Desi-Kruger-Shaw, which was devastingly effective last year in the payoffs and then a whole group of players remain to make up the other, not super stars but NHL caliber and more than effective in slightly less ice time roles. This team is built akin to a modern day auto assembly line where it is no longer restricted to making a specific model but can change over real fast to something totally different. Any player on this team can fit it any line at any time, virtually seamlessly. Not very many clubs can do that or as effectively as we can. It is one of our great skillsets. However I defer to Q as he is privy to information we simply don’t have. I’m still trying to fiqure out if TVR is a genius or jackass! We are not out of it by any means and think we should simply stay the course. Crawford will keep us close and we have the firepower that’s for sure.

  44. MM- the “4th line” isn’t the issue… nor is it the line that is being sheltered/protected by Q!!! read the box score… it is the “3rd” line… issue… TT- isn’t strong enough to Center a 3rd line (he needs a stud winger or 2– like Sharp/Vermette)… and to add- TT didn’t center that line last year…

    Motte – will be a WELCOMED addition next year, speed, tenacity… if Hawks land Caggiula or other??? Plus a Swede/Fin D makes the Jump??? Hawks are all ready better NEXT year… But it ain’t happening this year!!!

  45. tab,

    I repeat my thanks for working to make this the premium hawks blog:

    let’s keep the faith with this team: almost every time it got to looking grim the last few years they rallied to win, and every opponent knows that.

    I have my issues with a lot of Q decisions but we are on the ship and he is running it so let’s stay positive and will our boys to victory

    a goalie friend who does a lot of research told me the following:

    “so surprising and frustrating that they aren’t shooting more on glove side high with the stat of 43. 6 percent of Elliot’s goals are given up there. He does drop his glove when goes down.”

    if the hawks know this stat, they sure aren’t shooting there YET: maybe that is the key to victory in round one!

    let’s go hawks!

  46. Wall, “Motte – a WELCOMED addition next year… if Hawks land Caggiula or other??? Plus a Swede/Fin D makes the Jump??? Hawks are all ready better NEXT year… But it ain’t happening this year!!!” — that’s interesting, based on what? Crystal ball? Fortune teller? Psychotropic drug-induced dream? As far as this year, it’s 2-1 in the first round. The Hawks haven’t played their best, but it might be a little early to write-off 2016.

  47. Gofor-4… “shooting” glove side… easier said than done… Good defensive Teams… eliminate those shots (see Hawks versus Bolts last SC)… Crow was outstanding… but I can argue… Most/all saves where on ice… Bolts missed the net on the “easy” elevated shots… and the rest is history…

    When Preds lit Up Crow… early last PO’s… the Preds had time and space… and put several Pucks into the “Top shelf”… NOT Crow’s fault… Rest of the Team CANNOT give NHL players that kind of time and space to Pick corners… when that issue was contained… Hawk’s Goalies looked a lot better!!!

  48. Laxman, there was no soft goal given up by Corey yesterday imo. If you are referring to the Berglund “bounce from heaven” goal, I believe you are very much mistaken. That shot hit off Rozy went down hard to the ice and then exploded like a rocket up to the top corner. No chance for Crow there. Pure good fortune to the Blues.

    Corey gave them a chance to win yesterday.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  49. Right on cue all of our cynical prognosticators are back with a vengeance. Hawks are gonna lost in 5, this team needs to roll 4 lines, Q needs to get it together. Same thing every year, you guys fail to understand the resiliency of this team. Its the third round of a heavy weight fight, and the champ is taking a little punishment, but you just know he will make the adjustments and then put the ‘contender’ away. Hawks take the next 3 and send these Blues packing in 6. Have faith boys and girls, we are talking about your three time Stanley Cup champions! They are smarter, more skilled , have the heart of a champion and they will not be ready to hang up the skates until the last second falls of the clock in the SCF! Book it baby!

    Seriously though, all bravado aside, the Hawks are fine, they’ll figure this out, they always do. I agree Rosy or Svedberg need to sit for some time and let Erhoff play, not sure about Gusty though. You know that Toews and Kane are due, so no worries there. Fourth line is playing fine also, but TT needs to step up and I think he will. Crow is playing amazing and regarding soft goals whoever said that, is a little soft in the head. So all in all this team with the superb leadership will pull it together, just a little bit and take care of business – for sure. Go Hawks!

  50. Laxman, Phil’s correct on that ricochet shot off the ice. That was not soft. CC has been awesome this year and in this series.

    Good post Barry B. Everyone questions the heart of this team when the going gets tough. The good thing is that this team & its coaches do not question themselves. This series is not over.

    Go Hawks!!!!

  51. Wall , Dickie Dunn : I agree with both of you on Motte. There’s also Hayden , Knott and Hartman. However somebody has to make sure Q gets the memo and doesn’t screw with them like. Stripper’s g string .Up and down.They will never fail if they don’t try.

  52. Tough loss. What putting Desi in for Fleischman and Erhoff for Svedberg and otherwise leaving the lineup alone. The third line needs more ice time. Hawks will win game 4.

  53. According to all the numbers, the Hawks lose more game #3’s in a series than they lose the entire rest of the series. So, if those numbers are all true and the Hawks get better as the series goes on, the Hawks should win games 4,5 and 6.

    That being said, the production from the #1 line has to improve. Our defense and goaltending has held up, but we need the money guys to bring the lumber tomorrow night.

  54. All these people calling for Teuvo’s head and Erhoff is the answer, wake up people the Hawks are only down 2-1. Last time I checked takes 4 to win. Anybody remember the last game Erhoff played, he was terrible and do you want Mash in for TT? when the Blues have won 3 games and are leading with 1 minute left then I might be concerned but not now. RELAX

  55. TT isn’t playing well but to put that much onus on a 170 lb. 21 year old is ridiculous. Don’t give up on him!

  56. Tough series for both teams. Have to give Elliott his due. He has stopped shot after shot all series…clearly the better of the two goalies. Crawford is holding his own but I think Elliott will be the determining factor. He’ll he even shut down Kane on 3 breakaway attempts this series alone.

  57. …..yup….we are definitely experiencing some offense malfunctions..just heard score Stars-Wild game 2-1 Stars…..Sharpie has both goals ….lol….miss you Sharpie……..

  58. unwavering : marked by firm determination or resolution; not shakeable.

    It’s early and while they’re better this time, it’s still the Blues. We’re fine

  59. If Q makes the simple lineup adjustments, agree w Feathers 100% Blues have zero pedigree/credibility. When Elliot beats the Hawks four games, then I’ll give him credit; otherwise, he is due to start letting flurry of goals in.
    Meanwhile, Hitchcock is nervous eating at the buffet….

    Of course, this is dependent on Q not enduring brain cramp.

  60. They got more of the bounces and breaks in the first few/similar to NAS got bounces first then we did.

    ANA and TAM, we split first two on road and didn’t get game 3 at home. Then had to win game 4 and we did. This is going to get exciting because we know the Blackhawks are coming.

    We going to take it to another level.

  61. None of you seem to want to credit the Blues for what they are doing defensively. And Ellott is peaking. The St Louis formula is to beat the Hawks in a low scoring defensive battle. So what changes in game 4 for the Hawks? And don’t tell me this garbage about rolling 4 lines. That hasn’t been the problem at all. Fact is we either find a way to win 1-0 or 2-1 games of this series is over. We are doubtful going to beat this team via a scoring barrage. Not the way they are playing in front of Elliot on defense.

  62. Anthony Justin-re: Sharp and Oduya/John’s for that matter…wish to heck we had made that trade to Montreal instead…bet they wish they had as well…Should not be sending those guys within our division. After the Saad thing occurred there was a window of opportunity to possibly keep Sharp, even Tab mentioned that fact. They should have ended up with the Habs for who knows what but I’m sure both sides regret they didn’t make it happen. BTW Dallas lost 5-3 tonight but they will win that series even with their leaky defense and craptacular goaltending.

    Like those stats Peanut Butter…makes me feel alright with the world.

  63. PB…great stats. I have the faith the Hawks will live up to those stats.

    Speaking of Johns, he is looking very good for Dallas. He played as the #4 dman last night and played 20 plus minutes. Sharpie with Two goals. Not revisiting the trade, just being a fan. I am just cheering for all the WC games to go long because our series will be going 6-7 games.

  64. Bowman has no choice but to dump Sharp. And even then he had to take on some of Daley’s contract to make it happen. There were no good options. And idiots who want to deal in skewed revisionist history can pound sand where the sun don’t shine. Might I also suggest you bone up on the realities of the NHL salary cap top.

  65. The Blues D and Elliott have been outstanding, but the fact remains that the Hawks have beaten themselves to this point- literally in game one, and an incidental (correct call since he did draw a teensy bit of blood but it looked like Kane was just trying to regain balance, could have been a major if not, not sure but I’m too disgusted to look at it again) double minor in game 3, at a pivotal time in the game. I think this might be the game that Q throws physicality out the window, it seems like they have been making an effort to keep the hits totals closer in games one through three, and frankly, the Hawks have been pretty good at playing the Blues’ game, just not good enough.

  66. Here is my adjustment for game 4. DO NOT try to out hit the Blues like the Hawks did Sunday. It is not the Hawks game or what Q wants. The natural instinct was to react to StL’s physical game. Hits were 40 to 36……..Panarin officially had FIVE hits…..WTF? Stay within the possession game, get the lead and keep the tempo up.

  67. Looks like some changes for tonite
    Runblad in, Svedberg out
    Desjardins in, Wiese out
    11 / 22 / 65 love that line

  68. Thanks for the roster update Mike, looks like Q saw my post :) Desjardins wasn’t going to sit for too long, and Rundblad will move the puck up ice. Now whether he gives up as much as he creates is the thing to watch; if Crow can bail him out like last year, or he has figured out where the middle of the ice is, this is a good move.

  69. Let’s hope Rundblad’s hiatus from the NHL has taught him some patience, and to look before you pass. I’ve always liked the offensive side of his game, and it could work to our benefit, but this move still makes me sweaty.

  70. You swap out 43 for Rundblad. One mistake and Rundblad will be done after 5 minutes. Where’s Gus or Ehrhoff?

  71. If that mistake is icing the puck, OK. But if he does one of his no-look passes across the middle of the ice in our d-zone (or anywhere), then that one mistake can be deadly. Either Ehrhoff is hurt (read concussed) or else Q has some kind of an allergy to German born players.

  72. Hopefully a good ending but the Ladd penalty was really selfish-up one, three minutes left, refs hoping to give one back-come on Ladd, you were a captain, a leader.

  73. Haha. Hawks suck. Losers. Toews. Muh captain “serious”. Haha. Should be captain do nothing. Losers. Enjoy the golf course you nobodies. Hahahahahahahaha

  74. Wow ,.,lots of posts to read ,.,.,or not. Hate to be the broken record,.,i know ya know what a record is because most of us fellas are old ,and bald and drink to much and are fat and lazy ,.,.where was i going with this ,.,oh yeah ,.,and suffering from part timers,.,But our happy little team has been infiltrated with to much import and not enough made in North America. Out played ,out worked ,no killer instinct. Stay Out Of The Box,.,.well hell they just can,t. Not even close to the Blues.

    And when i said the Blues were due for some great things,.,.,Some ,.,including the great and powerful TAB,.,.,posted some demeaning ,smart ass slap back ,personal JAB. Suck it up boys.

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