Cam Ward Opens Season, Corey Crawford Return Soon?

Coach Joel Quenneville said on Tuesday that Cam Ward will be your opening night starter in net for the Chicago Blackhawks.

We all knew that.

But Quenneville said that Corey Crawford “might” be able to return as early as Oct. 18, which is significantly earlier than many had believed he would be available. Crawford has practiced with his teammates two consecutive days.

17 thoughts on “Cam Ward Opens Season, Corey Crawford Return Soon?

  1. If Q wants to remain “in the winning business,” he had better hope and pray Crawford is 1000% sooner than later, and that he remains as such for the entire season. Otherwise, it’s good night Irene; he will have an inordinate amount of free time (we know he has the capital) to follow the equines.

  2. Good for Crawford to see he has gotten almost all the way back to doing what he loves to be able to do. Hope it works out and all is good for him.

  3. Amen on avoiding the cheap shots. He will have a leg up on that avoiding St. Loser twice. Now we have to keep malkin from kneeing him in the head again.

  4. Good news on CC.

    Opening night is almost here – yippee! Even if my expectations are (very) low – it will be good to see the boys back on the ice again. The long slog through the hockey-less desert is almost over.

  5. After how bad last yr was, playing short handed without 81 and 4, along with injuries. A decent yr will feel like and be a pretty good yr.
    Then with draft/trades/high end ufa add and next yrs training camp will be buzzing again.
    Will enjoy this season, for the right reasons, knowing that in 12mths were going to be coming.
    Not to take anything away from this season. Its a good yr to get better.

    Crow deserves to get back and be good as usual-in time. Just take her easy this yr while getting back in.
    Your the man, who has good taste in vech.s

  6. If we get a top 7 pick again, Bowman and crew should get a raise.
    That would get us another high end player for when were deep again.

    Were lucky 5 of 7 worst teams are in East and were in hardest division, when we could use high end picks.

  7. At least NHL isint laughing stock in major sports/again now.

    You cant have a team with the best record in the fucking conference have to play a one game series ever. Ever.

  8. Good news on expansion front too. Going to vote in December on Seattle starting 20 21 season. Meaning guys like Boqvist, Jokiharju, Kahun and Mitchell if he burns a year this season be exempt. Thought maybe with stoppage possible they would postpone it too 21 22 season. Maybe opener not likely to happen. Saying Escrow payments by players could be biggest issue for them. Owners won’t open it.

  9. It’s really hard to make a prediction because of the CC-he (if stays healthy/regains form) can be 8 to 12+ point difference. So I’ll go in the middle of the range that I think could happen–82 points which puts them in the bubble of being in the top 10 picks for next year’s draft.
    (If Crow not a factor this year about 73)

    Good crops of forwards and a chance of Hughes makes 79 or lower a good thing.

  10. That’s why this season is good no matter what. Record not good we get another player like that. Then next yr and on, we need to be coming on.

  11. October 18 – if Hawks are reasonable by then let Crawford take some extra time to be certain. No rush here.
    As far as all the predictions are – DeBrincat 40 goals? Not if he’s saddled with 19. Toews has lost it. He ruined Saad last year and the damage seems to be lingering today. In fact the past 3 years we’ve seen a carousel of players put with him and all failed. You would think management would clue in to the real reason.
    Oh well. Alex can fail, then be traded away for a prospect. Repeat pattern.

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