Canadiens Acquire Jonathan Drouin

Big-time trade season has officially started in the NHL.

On Thursday afternoon, the Montreal Canadiens acquired forward Jonathan Drouin and a conditional sixth round pick in the 2018 NHL Draft from the Tampa Bay Lighting for defenseman Mikhail Sergachev and a conditional second round pick in the 2018 NHL Draft.

Drouin, 22, was the third overall pick in the 2013 NHL Draft. He is currently a restricted free agent after scoring 21 goals with 32 assists in 73 games with Tampa last season. He has 95 points in 164 career regular season NHL games.

Sergachev, who turns 19 on June 25, was the ninth player selected in last year’s NHL Draft. He appeared in four games for the Habs before heading back to Windsor (OHL).

21 thoughts on “Canadiens Acquire Jonathan Drouin

  1. Would have loved seeing him in the Indian head. And I don’t think Montreal had to give up a ton to get him either.

  2. McKenzie thinks the addition of Drouin means the odds of trading Galchenyuk go up.

    He says the Habs are wanting someone down the middle and now on defense.

    Anisimov’s name is out there…as well as Hjalmarsson’s….

  3. Montreal just upgraded their offense (which was in serious need of an upgrade) and Tampa felt they would lose Drouin to Vegas without any compensation. They received a former first rounder vs. nothing.

  4. Him coming to the Hawks would have been a wasted exercise seeing as he playing for a contrace next year.

  5. MacKenzie Reporting Galchenyuk would normally be 5.5m to 6m a year bridge contract to sign him, would need to move alot of cap to get it done.

  6. Galchenyuk is a piperfect dream, the Hawks have zero room for ANY significant additions. Welcome to a poorly managed cap team.

  7. What SSHM said… lots of bad contracts here… very little room to wiggle for
    N-MC-Stanner… can’t trade them… do-do-do… Can’t trade them

  8. Hockey purgatory is a bitch. And that is precisely where the Hawks find themselves. No longer talented or deep enough to compete for a Cup. But not lousy enough to have high draft picks as the hope to replenish with higher end talent that can fill in around Kane, Keith, Crawford and Toews before they are old and irrelevant. Bowman is reduced to finding cheap talent in the Euro leagues and KHL while taking fliers on circus acts like the tiny DeBrindicat.

    This is what it was like to be Vancouver 4 or 5 years ago. Methodically rotting away around the Sedin twins and Luongo.

    Hockey purgatory sucks. At least we have three banners from the last decade hanging in the rafters.

  9. I think it’s time to move beyond the bad/expensive contracts. Yes there are some but the Club needs to try to be creative and make something out of this both short and long term.
    Drouin is only 22 with elite skills, hope he thrives in the ‘fire storm’ of Montreal. I think he will. This is a move that will help short term and possibly post Weber and who knows–Price. What does he command next year? He wants to win a Cup badly.
    (Montreal parted with a very necessary asset for them-a potential stud defenceman-they are all in and it could get ugly if it doesn’t work.)

  10. @ NOONAN96

    I’m not sure how you are expecting the Hawks to be creative when they have zero csp flexability? Its unreasonable for the Hawks to find a Panarin every year, or some college FA that has slipped through the system. They either don’t want or can’t move Seabrook, They need to lose TVR to make up for the bad Kruger contract. I don’t like posting other content on the site but I thought this article was spot on.

  11. SSHM – I read the article earlier and couldn’t agree more. Bowman’ missteps have cost this team dearly, and I have little faith that he’ll be able to rectify those terrible contracts and bad trades with any upcoming moves. RTF said we’re in hockey purgatory, and he may be right, but the reason we’re there is entirely of our own making.

  12. Being creative is trading a core player and a guy with a caphit like Artys. You get a good return for Arty and if its Seabs you get a possible good/ok return. The key is to sign a top 6 FW or top 4 D that’s a ufa and get the other in the trades. Ufa wont be that good of caphit but the combination of the trades the caphit is lower and you have same or better players based on what we need the most.

    Just because we are at the cap and have the caphits we have and no current space doesn’t mean we cant add and make roster better. You just have to do it that kind of way, when normally you donot want to trade a core guy but when it makes the roster/possibly and cap space better, that’s the way.

    Plus you have extra trades that will be done with expansion team so there will be players that are available that no one thought would be. There might be one there we like.

    If you people think were done just because some of core is now in decline, from highest peak yrs, then make it happen this way instead of just say its over since we donot look like 1 of the 2 best teams the last 2 yrs anymore. Do something about it.

  13. SSHM, not disagreeing-but that doesn’t mean you don’t try to make something out of that lemon. You can’t go back and undue the bad. (And some of it has been very questionable)
    If things continue to slide for the next two years, which it may then it ill be time to look at GM and even Coach Q.

  14. Its like anything in life be thankful for what you have and make the most of your opportunities. See they are saying Reinhart on the market again still think thats a deal to pursue.

  15. Saying Panthers Jonathan Marchessault will be available in draft $650,000 cap hit and 30 goals last season, thats the type of contract would be worth looking at coming back in a Vegas deal if could get it done.

  16. That’s being creative getting in on some deals/trades that way through Vegas baby. We got lucky to get Bread and decent 3/4th liners or 3rd pair guys are welcome from fa college/euro. Donot stop just because.

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