Capitals Handle Blackhawks With Ease

After the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup in 2010, they opened their championship defense 1-2-1 in their first four games.

After the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup in 2013, they opened their championship defense losing two of their first three games.

With a 4-1 loss in Washington in the books, the Hawks are now 2-3-0 to open their third title defense of the decade.

Scott Darling got the call on Thursday night and stopped 20 of 24, suffering his first loss of the season. He didn’t get much (read: any) help from the skaters in front of him, however.

Viktor Svedberg’s first career NHL goal – coincidentally on the day the Hawks announced a one-year deal with veteran Kyle Cumiskey – was the total of the Blackhawks offense in their last 120 minutes of hockey.

Chicago put 27 shots on net in the game, 17 of which came in the second period. They only had one power play opportunity, and allowed a power play goal to former St. Louis Blues forward TJ Oshie while short-handed in the first period. When John Carlson scored his first of the year in the second period, the game was effectively over.

Matt Niskanen put Washington up 3-0 early in the third, but Svedberg scored only 71 seconds later.

Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane put two shots on goal – combined. Teuvo Teravainen led Chicago with four shots on net, but didn’t take a single faceoff and was minus-two in the game. Kyle Baun, who replaced Ryan Garbutt in the lineup, was the only skater with less ice time (6:00) than Teravainen (9:29). Andrew Shaw, who actually played a decent game, returned to taking faceoffs and won four of seven while leading the Hawks with three hits (Toews was also credited with three hits).

Niklas Hjalmarsson was credited with five of Chicago’s 16 blocked shots in the game.

Bryan Bickell had one hit and one shot on net in 18 shifts.

If there’s one positive Hawks fans can look forward to, it’s that the NHL’s current dumpster fire – the Columbus Blue Jackets – bring Brandon Saad back to the United Center on Saturday night. The Jackets are still winless through four games, and have been outscored 20-9 in those four contests. Columbus also hosts Toronto on Friday night.

33 thoughts on “Capitals Handle Blackhawks With Ease

  1. Whelp. Everything we concluded after the drubbing by Philly applies again tonight. I really have no clue on earth why Baun is on this roster. He isn’t remotely NHL material. Shaw was best player on the ice tonight.

  2. Hopefully some other nhl gms will become infatuated with 43s potential, and trade for him. He might get a little better, but because he’s so huge, he’s never going to skate like he needs to to be an effective, mobile defenseman. Screw the potential—dump his gargantuan, screening-his-own-goalie ass. For the first time ever, I agree with our resident bloviator Rufus: Svedberg is but a pylon.

    And as for Bickell: at this point, the most we can likely get for him in trade is Dumdums bong. And that’s a big if. From what I hear, Dumdums bong is willing to park itself in front of the net, unlike 29.

  3. No need to panic. But clear we have a virtual crisis at LW. And what to do with Teuvo in terms of his role. Not sure I understand what Tik is or is not. And dilemma exists because Shaw, Garbutt and Des Jardins are being rammed roles they are ill equipped to handle.

    And for the love of God can we move on from Svedberg the Swedish pylon, who two nights in a row has been exploited because of his lousy positioning and fundamental inability to move on his skates.

    Work to be done.

  4. I’ve also seen enough of Svedberg for a while. Send him to Rockford for more seasoning. Can’t skate and I don’t see him as a viable option this year.

    Baun wasn’t that noticeable (this really applies to every skater on the team). Shaw played with heart – like always – and Bickell played pretty well I thought. Hopefully he can play a more consistent game and add some energy.

    Good news is TvR is continuing to improve. Give me Rundblad every day of the week over Svedberg.

  5. Too early to panic yet. In Stan Bowman we trust, his track record indicates he’ll make the right moves at the right time. Bring on Columbus and let’s get two pints at home in a blow out win on Saturday…

  6. I did not see the game tonight but,.,.,i do see a different team than we had in June.
    Lost some very skilled character North American players
    We have ,i think added to many skilled European flash and skill guys.
    Daily looks lost most the time ,.,.man he stands out,.,.needs to find his place.
    Losing Johnny O was bigger than i thought. The big guns have been silent for a couple games. Boys better start gelling or the sky will fall. 19 will rally the boys.

  7. No need to panic yet but I see a few troubling signs with this team. We only have 5 legitimate top 6 forwards: 19, 81, 72, 86 and 88. I do not include Anisimov in this group. He is a career .46 point per game guy. Compare that to Richards at .85 and Vermette at .52. He does have the advantage of being younger than the other two but his face off skill is not on the same level as Vermette. I would move him down to third line and move 86 to a permanent spot as the second line center with 72 and 88. TT’s style is more in line with 72 and 88 than 15’s. Once he gets his face off problems corrected TT will be a great center. Last season I suggested that 86 needed to be on the team at the beginning of the season. I will make the same comment about Dano. He needs to be on the team now because he is the only top 6 forward talent we have besides the 5 mentioned above. I am very pleased with the improvement of TVR. IMHO we have four quality defenseman: TVR, 2, 4 and 7. After that it is a mess. I agree with Hawk Head, Daley is lost. It is still early so there is still hope for him but I am not impressed. Bickell needs to go down now. I would like to see a stat on possessions lost. Between fumbling passes, making bad passes and getting easily rubbed off the puck on the boards Bickell must lead the team.

  8. There is a lot of cup hangover fatigue right now. Setting all the parts in place is going to take a little time.

  9. “After the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup in 2010, they opened their championship defense 1-2-1 in their first four games.”

    “After the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup in 2013, they opened their championship defense losing two of their first three games.”

    Let’s get off the ledge and give the coaching staff and team some time to work this out!

  10. Ho hum. Hawks sleepwalked through the 1st, showed some life in the 2nd and should have buried 4-5 great chances. 3rd period not good enough. Team D is out of sorts, D pairings not what we will be seeing down the road, and guys that normally finish aren’t getting it done. Normally that is just lack of concentration. Love it or hate it, this group filled with lots of new guys will need some time to gel. I liked Shaw’s give a damn last night. While I don’t like seeing the Hawks lose, better to get beat this way than give games away when leading late. On a comical note, Svedberg seems really adept at setting screens, but at the wrong end of the ice…..Plant that guy in front of opposing keepers on PP’s!

    Lets Go Hawks!

  11. Brokerwayne, to go more into that after 2010 we started 8-9, after 2013 we started much better (I forget right now but think) 13-2. Thing to remember is we had the same guys for the start after 2013. It usually takes the first 5 or so games to get up to speed. Even in 2015 we were 4-0-1 and still started 9-7-1. Then we got our lines settled and went on a tear. I see the same for 2016, regardless of first 5or so games (2-3) we should be better then 9-7 and then once were 20games in our lines will be settled. We need to get roster figured but that’s what I am seeing. Not to mention the stupid 3in4 then 4 days off, 3in4 then 5days off, etc sch to start. Cant get into rhythm even if it wasn’t the first 5 games or so.

  12. I said from day 1 that Daley is awful. The only reason Daley is with this team is because Dallas wanted to dump his contract badly and that was the price to pay for them taking the Sharp contract. Daley, simply put, is a trainwreck on defense. He always has been in his career. We suffered a major loss swapping out Daley for Oduya. And sadly, Daley has two years on a contract that makes him immovable in most regard.

    The roster turnover this offseason was major. And yes, a big sudden dose of the Eastern European guys has been a shock to the system. It will take time for them to assimilate to what the Hawks want to do, and we just don’t know yet if it can come together.

    But job one has to be two things. One, figure out where best to play Teuvo because that is a mess right now. He has to go back to center because he is NOT a LW, and unfortunately we don’t have roster accommodation for him at RW.

    Two, Stan is going to have to seriously consider what his options might be at LW. And we cannot make Shaw or Garbutt into what they are not at the position.

    Svedberg and Baun should be banished to Rockdord this morning. My Lord neither should be on this damned roster.

    Work to be done.

  13. This Team with new additions is not expected to play “great’ right out of the box. When players not only know their roles but commit to it like Marcus does every night. Capitols are a very good on a mission.

    Hawks had multiple chances on open nets, post and tip ins, just s tuff night.

    Good news is TVR is playing very very well, most of it is his “skill” some of it is line mate such as Keith at times but he is playing very well, but the REAAL SKILL in todays NHL is be able to press on the offensive end and a la Tampa get back and cover on defense, TVR speed is not exceptional so his transitions when he gets pinched is not always great! Svedberg was good too, keeping it simple.

    Svedberg problem is he is really big but he’s not a great shot blocker so he at times is just a big ass SCREEN on our own goaltender, if he can learn to position better to block shots from a guy like Hammer then he’d be very good on the back end,

    Garbutt really needs to show up! Hawks need his attitude, a healthy scratch may motivate him vs the Blue Jackets!

    WE REALLY NEED A SECOND LINE POWERPLAY ….period. All this chatter about who plays next to Toews and Hossa is really not a big deal, we do NOT have anyone in the system that can fill that spot. Trade yes …guess and AHL dudes no!

    But our second unit on the power play has to be established. Way too much passing on our First line, looks good but these coaches are on to it, collapse and just let ya dance around. YOOOOOSHE goal shows you how quick to move the puck in close in coring zones and SHOOOOOT. Easy Peasy, Hawks cross ice pass looking for backdoor all night it’s sooooo obvious, when it works it’s on Sportscenter when not like last night it is THE PROBLEM.

    Go hawks

  14. I just figured it out, the Hawks are using Svedberg as a sideshow like Bill Veeck used Eddie Gaedel in 1951. Sveddy balls can’t skate and is not and never will be NHL material. He is John Scott that can’t fight. With that said, Q is using the left shot options available. He already knows what he has in Runblad and Cumiskey and is playing Sveddy because he does not have many choices. We all know the obvious; we need to improve our defense. You know SB is working on finding a trade partner to make some sort of deal.

    With regard to the forwards, patience, patience, patience. We have skill, just need to workout the formula and let the team gel.

    With that being said, it was a painful game to watch. The Caps were flying all night. Have to give them credit for that; they came to play at a high level.

    Go Hawks!!

  15. Brokerwayne said, “Let’s get off the ledge and give the coaching staff and team some time to work this out!” — really captures the spirit of the thing.

  16. Hawks1961 – Richards is a .85 pts/game player for his career but he was below .5 with the Hawks. Richards and Vermette started out slow with the Hawks but finally fit in. Hopefully Anisimov does the same.

  17. Ermehgerd!!!! TRADE EVERYONE 5 games into the season!!!!!! BUNCHA LOLLY GAGGERS!!!!!!



  18. I know its a small sample size but how’s Dano doing in Rockford? Maybe he’s a call up to play along side Hossa and Toews. We would have to send someone down or make a trade…

    Svedberg looks like he’s afraid of getting hit with the puck… maybe its time for some seasoning in the minors? Given his size, I wouldn’t give up on him though.

    Bickell… he’s just taking up cap room and keeping someone else (who has skill) from playing.

  19. I keep posting about Dano, they want him playing a lot in Rockford and it’s only been two games. He has one assist.

    They want him to learn the system better, start playing with some confidence, and get lots of ice time. It will likely be a little while until they consider calling him up, barring a string of injuries.

    As I’ve said many times, the Blackhawks do not want to rush their prospects and Dano is still very very young.

  20. Another Rockford note, they named Mashinter the captain today, and among the things Dent said about him was Mashinter can lend the voice of experience to a pretty young room and help the newer players learn the ropes of pro hockey.

    While I don’t fault anyone for asking the questions, there are two reasons why “x” player isn’t called up from Rockford … it’s either:

    a). Salary cap, or
    b). They want the player to get more experience

  21. Just heard that Hinostroza was called up and Baun and Cumiskey assigned to Rockford. Anxious to see if this kid can make an impact. had a nice pre-season.

  22. I am not sure why everyone is so quick to rush to judgement of Svedberg? 1st he is a 6th Dman. That roster space should be used to devlop players. 2nd he is a young Dman. Dmen like goalies typically take longer to develop. 3rd have faith in Joel he knows whats doing. If Q likes his game, i trust him!

  23. Wall’s HINObsession will gear up to full throttle if he’s been recalled … I’d imagine they will give several guys auditions during the season, it wouldn’t hurt if one of them showed they belong.

  24. hoping:

    14 or 29/19/88
    29 or 14/Hino/TT

    two hungry teams will meet Sat…. should be a Must game ( for an Oct. game-lol)

  25. Hockeyjunlie – I wouldn’t give up on Svedberg, either.

    Wall – the lines look good. I hope the Hawks are hungry (after most of the last two games). Bickell better find his game with 19 and 81 – he’s probably running out of time and options.

    Hof – thanks for the Rockford Report(s).

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