Chicago Blackhawks Ditch Third Jersey’s Jesse Rogers confirmed on Monday what had been rumored for months: the Chicago Blackhawks will play the 2011-12 season without an alternate sweater.

After spending the last couple seasons in throwback alternates that resembled the sweaters worn in the Winter Classic, the Blackhawks have decided to stick with their iconic white and red sweaters for the coming season.

In other news, Nick Leddy has signed his first endorsement deal. Leddy and LA Kings defenseman Jack Johnson have signed with Shock Doctor.

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3 Responses to Chicago Blackhawks Ditch Third Jersey

  1. jmk52 says:

    Won’t miss it much, especially the boring beige–though that does trace back to something they wore in the mid-30s, according to this site:

  2. Giovanni says:

    I won’t miss them at all. If they wish to go to a 3rd jersey,…be creative. Otherwise, put the ole’ beige black and red back in the cupboard and lock it up…tell the grand kids about ‘em.

  3. Steve from Rockford says:

    I would rather see the all black as the alternative.

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