Chicago Blackhawks On Sports Illustrated’s Cover

For the first time since Bobby Hull appeared on it 41 years ago, the Chicago Blackhawks will grace the cover of Sports Illustrated this week.


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6 Responses to Chicago Blackhawks On Sports Illustrated’s Cover

  1. beachpig says:

    Correction to my own. I believe that was a regional cover, as Strasburg was on a different cover same week.

  2. RyanDale says:

    I think it’s nearly all regional anymore. I got an issue after the run in 2010 with them on cover and this week some folks are getting a vintage Big East b’ball cover…..always Good to see our boys getting on though

  3. hawks13 says:

    hockey almost dead?what was the other option? basketball? gaggg

  4. SouthSideHawkMan says:

    The Puck Daddy is a mother pucker,….–nhl.html

    What a dick head,….sorry to be so vulgar but he deserved it!

  5. SouthSideHawkMan says:

    His number 1 hockey SI cover of all time,…..the 2008 RedWings stanley cup victory go figure!

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