Chicago Blackhawks Schedule Released!

The schedule for the upcoming 48-game season for the Chicago Blackhawks has been released. Click here to view it.

The Blackhawks also released a letter to their fans on Saturday night. Click here to read it.

Here are some key home dates for the Hawks:

  • Tuesday, Jan. 22 – Home Opener vs St. Louis – 7:30 pm CT
  • Sunday, Jan. 27 – Detroit Red Wings @ Chicago – 7:00 pm CT
  • February 12-25: 7-game homestand
    Feb. 12 – Anaheim
    Feb. 15 – San Jose
    Feb. 17 – Los Angeles
    Feb. 19 – Vancouver
    Feb. 22 – San Jose
    Feb. 24 – Columbus
    Feb. 25 – Edmonton
  • Tuesday, March 5 – Minnesota Wild @ Chicago – 7:30 pm CT
  • Friday, March 29 – Anaheim Ducks @ Chicago – 7:30 pm CT
  • Thursday, April 4 – St. Louis Blues @ Chicago – 7:30 pm CT
  • Friday, April 12 – Detroit Red Wings @ Chicago – 7:30 pm CT
  • Monday, April 15 – Dallas Stars @ Chicago – 7:00 pm CT
  • Friday, April 26 – Regular Season Home Finale vs Calgary – 7:30 pm CT


One thought on “Chicago Blackhawks Schedule Released!

  1. A bit out of the loop here, so please do enlighten me… Plainly, we aren’t going to see any eastern conference teams this season, is the playoff structure going to be traditional though? I’ve heard some musings about different playoff structures to alleviate the PR burden the lookout has lain upon many lower tier skill/financial teams.

    Also, what do you guys have to say about these match-ups? I think the hawks will be furious come game 1 v. the Kings.

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