Chicago Blackhawks Select Alex DeBrincat

With the 39th overall selection in the 2016 NHL Draft, the Chicago Blackhawks selected forward Alex Debrincat.

Debrincat is listed at 5-7 and 165 pounds but he’s quick and has no problem finding the back of the net. He scored 51 goals in each of his two seasons with the Erie Otters of the OHL, totaling 205 points in 128 games.

From EliteProspects:

“DeBrincat is a small player with a dynamic skill set and a pure sniper. He is undersized, but can be very nasty to play against and shies away from no one. He skates well and is very effective around the net. He is hard to contain for such a small player, and has great chemistry with anyone he plays with. A decade player in the OHL. (Tyler Parchem, EP 2016)”

Pre-Draft Rankings:

Ranked #33 by
Ranked #26 by ISS Hockey
Ranked #25 by Future Considerations
Ranked #37 by McKeen’s Hockey
Ranked #21 by NHL Central Scouting (NA Skaters)
Ranked #33 by TSN/Bob McKenzie

22 thoughts on “Chicago Blackhawks Select Alex DeBrincat

  1. He’s small. Can score. And is a sparkplug. Please, let’s not compare him to someone else. That’s too easy.

    Called it yesterday.

  2. Nice job Ernie. Was listening to the network yesterday and the panel seemed to like him.

  3. Humm….5 f 7 inch……..first pick …they didnt say they want to get a bit younger and bigger ?
    I dont know the kid but let say we have plenty of small kids like Motte …i hope we can get Motte this year with the Team

  4. Look at the Hawks draft the last few years. Other than a handful they have drafted for size. Debrincat was a first round pick everywhere. He played with McDavid last year and everyone was expecting a drop off. Nope.

    Kid is feisty and don’t take shit from anyone…which also gets him into trouble. Size doesn’t matter as much as it used to.

    Most points by ohl rookie since Kane. Back to back 50 goal 100 point seasons. Size is one of the few knocks. 10 fewer points than last year’s number 3 pick Dylan strome.

  5. Saw him several times over the last two years and he just kept scoring and catching your eye and that was with McDavid, Strome etc to watch.
    I heard him on an interview once and he’s out to prove he can play with the big boys–will he adjust?

  6. This kid is a scoring machine with some serious offensive skills. Many thought he would go in the first round but of course his size held him back. I expect this kid will surprise some people.

  7. I love this pick!

    Wait until you guys see him at prospect camp. Or go watch some video. There is nothing not to like. Size? Boo hoo

  8. Well, who knows. Hard to find pure snippers so it may be worth the pick.

    I’m not concerned about his size or grit but I am concerned about his speed. He doesn’t appear to overly quick. Would be interesting how he did in his combines.

  9. Ernie-I didn’t know he was on the oilers w/ McDavid??? lol

    BLS- I agree about DeBrincat… lots of Potential… But when I watched a little of him in U-20’s… was surprised that his skating seemed average… I guess I assumed at that size- skating would be great like Kane or Johnny Hockey!!! and I was really disappointed by him.

    I do like the Hawk’s Dane Pick– Mathias From… he looks like a skater!!!

  10. Sorry wall. Year before he was with McDavid. 14/15.

    I like Mathias From and Lucas Carlsson. Not thrilled with the goalie pick, aside from the name. But he’s 17 so who knows.

  11. Anyone recall Desjardins fanning on the open net in the Blues series? Well Debrincat had more goals in the OHL last year than Desi had in 4 years. True snipers are huge. Looking forward to see his stats in the OHL next year.

  12. OK- just watched around 12 min. of the “Cat” hilites…

    soft hands, better passer/vision than I thought… great ability to elevate in close space…

    Negatives… was spoon fed a lot of these goals… plays RW…

    He looks like he would play well w/ kane or 72 (but Kane is RW)

    so- does that limit Cat to Toews/Schmaltz LW/Cat???
    or 72/AA/Cat

    Motte/Schmaltz/Cat (but as mentioned- Nick not good in FO

    Cat- looks like he needs “elite playmaker” to work with (and 88 is also RW)

    Hawks good use another Saad type surprise!!!

  13. Love the DeBrincat pick… but whiffed with Krys and Kayumov when they should’ve gone with Raddysh and Adam Fox.. don’t mind the Carlsson (deja vu… let’s hope Lucas is better than Jonathan…) and Noel picks, but would have gone with Bleackley (centre) and Mattinen instead of From and Hillman. The Ryczek pick is hit or miss, but most 7th rounders are… just my toonie’s worth.

  14. I like the Debrincat pick. After the top of the 1st round they’re all a crap shoot anyway and this kid has too much offensive panache to pass up. High risk / high reward. Keeping fingers crossed.

  15. If the kid is half as good as some say he will be a keeper. Just need to let him find his way as he moves up, big difference in talent and skill from here on out. Have to like his scoring ability and grit, who knows Toews may have some help on the way in the next year or so.

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