Chicago Blackhawks To Recall Brandon Bollig

Based on his comments on Twitter, it appears the Blackhawks will recall Brandon Bollig to Chicago.

Bollig, 25, is one of the enforcers in Rockford who will be asked to fill the void left by John Scott. In 53 games this year with the IceHogs, Bollig has three goals, six assists and 163 penalty minutes. He is listed at 6’3″ and 215 pounds.

Because the deadline has passed, the Blackhawks are no longer limited to a 23-man roster limit. Therefore, they do not need to make subsequent roster moves to accommodate the recalls of Andrew Shaw and Bollig on Monday.

For more information about NHL roster limits, click here.

10 thoughts on “Chicago Blackhawks To Recall Brandon Bollig

  1. That a boy Bollig been waiting two years for you going to miss Big John alot but Bollig is one of the top AHL enforcers March 9 John Scott comes back to play against the Hawks ! Bollig vs Big John !!!!!!!

  2. Bollig has more goals this year as an enforcer than John Scott has in his career, not much, but a little bit of an improvement haha

  3. At least Bollig can skate. John Scott is too slow to even get to guys for a hit unless he is standing right next to them, and could barely skate. Im excited to see what this kid can do for the Hawks. Lets go hawks! plenty of time left. All the teams behind us in the conference right now have just as hard as a schedule as the hawks do. People need to get a grip and not give up on their team if they are true Hawks fans. Lets get those 2pts at the UC tomorrow night vs. the Leafs.

  4. It’s nice to see another goon coming up to give the Hawks a hand in the toughness department. With John Scott gone and Carbomb out, this will definitely help. At least it won’t all fall on Jamal Mayers’ shoulders.

  5. I’m excited!Play whom ever you want as the roster is over!Go young guns and show the pre madonna’s on the team what effort is!

  6. Bollig should be able to play more than 2 minutes a night too, maybe Q will “roll 4 lines” as I fondly remember from the cup year.

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