9 thoughts on “Chicago Blackhawks Trade John Scott To New York Rangers

  1. Tab, I wonder if Scott was traded in order to make room for more younger players coming up. Also, from the photo it looked like Odoya is a fighter. If so, that would explain Scott’s departure.

  2. What a great move. When our injured Captain returns, he will be protected by? Not that Scott was that valuable as a hockey player… however when he plays our top guy’s seem to be safer.

    I am now on the fence with Junior. This is what you can do.

  3. Oh man, the one thing that will make losing somewhat acceptable – a John Scott beatdown – is lost. Also, it’s not like we needed to get rid of toughness…

  4. I think Toews will be protected by the same player who has protected him all year…Jamal Mayers. Thank you to Stan for trading John Scott so I wasn’t forced to see him spend more time in the penalty box than on the ice and destroying our defensive corps with the additional minutes he forced on everyone else.

  5. Damn :( I was actually upset by this move. He was a great guy. Not the best of hockey players, but he filled a role and filled it well. I hope this doesn’t mean teams will take even more liberties with the Hawks’ stars.
    Derek Dorsett taking a run at Scott – that was an awesome moment, and I think many Hawks fans can’t help but smile at that thought.
    We’ll miss you, John.

  6. @Kurt – Scott was in the roster when the captain was injured; where was he to protect him and keep him from getting hurt (or punish those that hurt him that game)?

    Scott is the king of staged fights; nobody is a better one and he is a great guy. I hope he takes up a role in tv/radio when his career ends. However, he is a terrible hockey player that is such a liability on the ice that he cannot be trusted to play more than 3-5 minutes a night and he is completely unable to fill his role as protector/enforcer because A) he is never on the ice when the stars players are because he is such a poor player and B) nobody in their right mind will accept a fight with him (except for Dorsett and other teams’ bad player/eforcers). Mayers, Hayes, Seabrook, Montador, Bickell, and eventually Olsen are the ones that need to be the deterrents as they are the ones who get enough playing time to matter.

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