Chicago Gives Blackhawks New Facility Thumbs Up

According to Crain’s, the Blackhawks received good news on Monday – from the city of Chicago.

Four acres of land at 1801 W. Jackson Blvd, where Malcolm X City College’s old buildings currently reside, will be sold to the Chicago Blackhawks’ ownership for $11.7M. The sale was approved on Monday by the┬áChicago Committee on Housing and Real Estate.

That parcel is the future site of the Blackhawks’ new $62 million, 127,000-square-foot practice facility, which will include two rinks.

3 thoughts on “Chicago Gives Blackhawks New Facility Thumbs Up

  1. Now they just need to buy the neighborhood around it too.

    I can’t wait to check this place out when it’s built, even though I’m enjoying going to see them at Notre Dame with the family.

  2. 4 acres for 11.7 million? Wow. Makes my 5 in the NW burbs for 176k look really good.

    I agree that the neighborhood sucks. Maybe they make like the cubs and actually do just that with the area

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