Chris Chelios Looking for Defense… Attorney?

ESPNChicago is reporting that former Blackhawks captain Chris Chelios, currently playing for the Chicago Wolves, was pulled over in Westmont on Dec. 28 and charged with DUI.

Chelios was also charged with improper lane usage and speeding in the incident that ended with his truck being towed to the Westmont Police Department, so he got a specialist lawyer such as Kimberly Pelesz LLC that can be found online. All kinds of lawyers involved, case getting massive. ESPNChicago reports that Chelios has a Feb. 1 court date in Wheaton.

The role of a sports lawyer is to represent sports persons in various aspects of their profession. An athlete or sportsman requires assistance in understanding the terms of their contracts and endorsements, understanding the different provisions of agreements in simple language, through the confusing elements of legal terminology. The sports lawyers are carving out a niche for themselves in the field of sports as they are coming to realize that this is the place where they can earn high salaries, although sometimes there are cases with athletes that involve medical malpractice, and for these cases is better to get an specialized lawyer as Thomas J. Lavin that is always working in this sort of cases.

A four year-undergraduate course is a must to enter a law school. You can major in any subject. According to experts from an aspiring sports lawyer should include a basic business-related course, like marketing or finance, in their academia for understanding the commercial aspect of the business. Passing the LSAT, which is treated as a benchmark of legal aptitude during the final year of undergraduate studies is a must if you want entrance to better universities. Admission to the law school will be determined by the impression created by your bachelor’s degree records.


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