Chris Kunitz Ejected, Blackhawks Burned By Flames

The Calgary Flames came into the United Center playing pretty well.

The Blackhawks entered Sunday night’s game playing like absolutely dog shit.

So of course it would be a competitive, tight game. Indeed, it was the most watchable game the Hawks have played in some time.

In a stunning departure from a recent trend, the Blackhawks didn’t allow an early goal. Or multiple early goals.

Chris Kunitz dressed. He took a minor penalty on his first shift of the game, but the Blackhawks successfully killed the penalty.

It took almost nine minutes for the Hawks to register a shot on net, but they didn’t allow a goal until Sean Monahan scored 10:07 into the game.

Rather than dig themselves into a multi-goal hole early, the Hawks opted to tie the game up quickly on Sunday. Jonathan Toews scored to tie the game less than 90 seconds after the Monahan goal.

The captain’s 12th of the year was unassisted and showed that the Blackhawks might have come to play. Calgary dominated the rest of the period, though, out-shooting Chicago 18-6 in the opening 20 minutes.

Yet the game remained tied at one.

The Blackhawks were hanging around and competing until Kunitz handed momentum – and, ultimately, the game – to the Flames. At 7:08 into the second period, Kunitz hit Travis Hamonic high with a dirty elbow. He received an elbowing major penalty and was sent packing after skating only 4:01 in the game.

When Stan Bowman won the highly-competitive bidding war that included only the Blackhawks this summer for the services of the washed-up Kunitz I’m sure Chicago’s general manager envisioned nights like Sunday, when the veteran would have a 17-4 penalty minutes to ice time ratio.

Sunday night should be the last time Kunitz wears the Indian head. He’s no longer a viable player in the NHL and his cheap shot against Calgary cost the Blackhawks dearly.

The Flames scored twice during the five-minute major (served by Dylan Strome). Elias Lindholm and Derek Ryan gave Calgary a two-goal lead that would prove to be enough.

Later in the second period things got chippy again. James Neal, noted dirtbag in his own right, tried to avoid running into Corey Crawford. But after hanging onto the crossbar for a moment he still wound up landing on Crawford, which led to Jan Rutta cross-checking Neal. In the scrum in front of Chicago’s net that followed, Rasmus Andersson took a couple whacks at Patrick Kane. Who didn’t like that? Crawford, who appeared ready to do the dance.

Crawford looked frisky enough that Calgary goaltender Mike Smith slowly drifted toward the center of the rink… just in case.

There was no fight, though. Neal received the only penalty from the action.

With Neal in the box, Chicago made them pay. During a line change, Crawford got the puck up to Alex DeBrincat who served one up for Strome, who took care of business.

Strome’s goal cut the lead to one and the Hawks appeared to have some emotion.

But that was the final goal of the game.

Neither side got anything past the other goaltender in the third period, a credit to the netminders. Both Crawford and Smith had a terrific night and were strong in the third period. Smith made one save with what appeared to be the back of his foot at one point to take away a wide open cage and a would-be game-tying goal.

After failing to put a shot on net on Saturday night, Kane was credited with four shots on Sunday. Toews had a much better night, scoring the Hawks’ first goal and won 16 of 27 faceoffs.

John Hayden and Andreas Martinsen were scratched for Alexandre Fortin and Kunitz. Fortin skated ten minutes in the game but wasn’t very noticeable. Brendan Perlini was limited to just over six minutes in the game.

The Blackhawks have three wins since the beginning of November.

68 thoughts on “Chris Kunitz Ejected, Blackhawks Burned By Flames

  1. Bowman…. Bowman…. Bowman…. the architect of the disgrace. And it’s only going to get worse.

    Speaking of worse, what coach plays the team’s best player (Kane) with two 3rd liners at their optimum very best? I thought it was a misprint before the game started.

    Good evening.

  2. It wasn’t that long ago that whenever anyone made negative comments about Stan we’d get hit with “I’m glad Stan’s the GM and not you” or something equally insipid. Where have all the Stan moonies gone?

  3. The Hawks were lucky not to be down early because Crow was magnificent. If he hadn’t been, this looks like all the other games over the past couple weeks as there were once again opponents wide open in the slot. It actually didn’t feel that much different than the others in the first, except for Crow and the fact that Toews made a great play and scored.

    I agree with the proprietor of this site that this should be the end for Kunitz. Rocky can write off the $1 mil and be done with it.

    The Smith save on Anisimov that would have tied the game was incredible (and lucky), but when a team is going as badly as the Hawks are, that’s the kind of thing that happens. DeBrincat and Kampf (maybe it was Kahun – I am like Foley and can’t keep them straight) missing the net from 8 feet in the third did not help matters. I know they shoot for corners but a rebound is better than having the puck bang the glass.

    Strome could have had a couple. He was dangerous tonight although I do remember a bad TO that wound up not costing the Hawks. Even my ultra-critical neighbor texted saying that Strome was playing well.

    I don’t understand sitting Hayden and Martinsen. They have both been noticeable and playing hard. Fortin probably needs more time in Rockford and the Kunitz situation has been discussed.

    They played hard tonight and stuck up for each other. After the first, you never had that sinking feeling that they had no chance. Smith was great. Are there moral victories? Probably not, but this was as OK as we have seen in a long time, except for the comeback in Florida.

  4. Hopefully Bowman’s days are numbered, (he can’t last into next year) and then we can get beyond the blame game and back into the real world of improving this very mediocre hockey team.

    Strome will probably never be worthy of the 3rd overall pick, but starting to see some positives-hopefully D-Cat can start scoring again.

    Kunitz to the KHL for ten half decent used sticks and some hockey tape. Enough already.

  5. Jordy – I was a long time Stan supporter. I believe that a lot of criticism in prior years failed to take into account the reality of a particular situation, particularly cap management. When you are trying to compete for cups year after year in a salary cap league and ending up with low draft position you can’t afford any mistakes. I thought Stan did a solid job of keeping the team competitive through a fairly long window. That being said the current reality is stark – the depth of prospects are weak, the recent free agent signings of Kunitz and Manning are head scratching and the crazy contracts given to Seabrook, Rutta and Gus defy logic along with absurd assertion that this is a playoff team. I can no longer rise to his defense and believe that our best chance to get competitive again is to get the first or second pick in this year’s draft and sign a couple of actual NHL players as free agents. I sincerely am rooting hard for whoever is in the GM chair to hit a few home runs this off-season.

  6. The core showed some leadership tonight and consequently the team’s effort (outside the first 10 minutes) was more emotional more physical – almost like an NHL team except they can’t hit the net on a wide open look or roof the puck from the crease (AA)

    If Kunitz hadn’t put the Hawks on the PK for 5 minutes they might have won against a CAL team that’s rolling

    Strome (to someone else’s point) doesn’t have to be worthy of a 3rd round pick he (and Perlini) just have to worthy of being traded for Schmaltz

    Strome had a strong game tonight (beautiful backhand goal and set up both DCat and AA for glorious chances) – his skating didn’t seem to be a major obstacle either – he’s not blazing fast but he’s not terrible either

    The team still started the game like a deer in the headlights – fix that (and keep Kunitz out of the line up) and maybe they’ll win a game soon

  7. Kunitz is a hero for helping this team get a higher draft pick; he should be in the starting line up every night and play a minimum of 15 minutes a game.

  8. I feel same way about Bowman as MS.
    I always supported Bowman and still do just mad.
    Ok with a bunch of new guys in organization, if/for ones that can do best for what we need to do, for where were at/reloading.
    I to think that’s whats best for the reload, another top pick and get 1 or 2 elite ufas this summer and another one next summer in addition to some good ufas.
    I keep telling myself/others the ufas we had last yr and this yr were ‘tank’ ufas, temp ufas to fill the roster enough to get by and if they wernt good, this is actually helping the cause, planned or not.

    I do not mind paying our dues, like we have last yr and this yr, in order to get two high end elite players. Then make the right moves. We better do this and its critical we get it right, so we can see some more 19 and 88 magic. Theres still more there. Just cant do it without a full roster. Need that young wave of fast ‘good’ players (like 12).

  9. To the folk above aboot Stan Bowmans defenders.

    I was one because he was you know good at it. No reason to be smug. I admit he needs to go. Not now tho. End of season.

    Kunitz however, can be sent immediately. Surely Sikura can provide more.

  10. Kunitz has a nmc, unless he is asked and agrees to waive it, he ain’t going anywhere but the pressbox. If you want a high a pick as possible as a lot seem too, then Recliner is right.

  11. I don’t think there’s any value in moral victories in professional sports but they played better today – still a far cry from good enough, but all around better.

    I kinda like Strome, at least so far. He gets in position to make plays. Yeah, he doesn’t have great wheels but his skating hasn’t prevented him from being in the middle of the play and getting chances. Jury is still out but I think he looks OK.

    I liked Fortin on the PK – his quickness to the puck is an asset.

    I made the comment yesterday that it looks like Toews has regressed a bit from the beginning of the season because his puck handling wasn’t very good. He looked much better tonight and the speed and puck handling on his goal was very good.

    Gustafsson who? Now if we can just get Murphy back in so Rutta can keep Gustafsson company in the press box – that would be nice.

  12. Jordy, I too believed there was a time from 2010 to 2015 that Bowman handled the Cap brillantly. But his record is dismal the past few years. It is time for more change

  13. At least this game there was an effort. It wasn’t complete embarrassment ten minutes in. Crawford had a very good game and the Toews goal was one of the nicest this year. Same result though.

  14. I only watched around first 30 minutes of the game…

    I thought Kampf was the most noticeable player on the ice–

    After trade- read lots on:
    Perlini- all these scouts claim “”Perlini has great wheels, speed, tough on skates”???

    Their “scouting reports”– seem pretty laughable… very similar to SB/McD- claiming “Hawks are a Playoff team”…. COMPLETE bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. So Hawks- 23 points after 28 games, St. Louis 21 points after 25 games, LA 21 points after 27 games…. BOTTOM 3 in the league!
    Is this when we start to worry about:
    a. Will we or won’t we make the playoffs ?
    b. Are we sellers or buyers at trade time?
    c. Has Stan finally left his mark on this team?
    d. Do we need another coaching change (or 2-3!) before the end of the season?
    e. Are the Chicago papers – EFFECTIVE now- covering more about Cubs baseball than Hawks hockey?
    Nothing can be said that hasn’t already been said- just sad to see the 80’s and 90’s Gawks all over again:( Way to go Rocky, John and Stan:(

  16. Recliner with line of the night-lol

    Seriously though-he has been a great pro and it sounds like a good teammate, but is a shell of the player he was and it’s an embarrassing end to a nice career, with what 4 Cups? 39 in todays’ NHL is like 52 (or even 60) in the old NHL and I think only one player could pull that off.

  17. How did they score a pp goal, move puck up and have a couple of mobile bodies crossing the blueline.
    Debrincat and Strome on 3rd line away from Kane, more noticeable. Kane with different linemates, more noticeable, lets hope Colliton keeps it that way.
    Wall if this team gets back to contender status, the question is can Perlini and Strome be a part of it,

  18. You might be right Hall61 but they also helped to contribute to the greatest run of play and Cups in Blackhawk history-perspective is needed.

  19. I was at last night’s game and kind of did a double take when I saw Kunitz was out there for warmups. I want to be fed a steady diet of John Hayden on the ice. He competes. He gets to the net. Really surprised to see Kunitz in the lineup. I don’t really know what he brings against a young, somewhat fast and somewhat physical team like Calgary. Oh yeah, time in the box.

    On the drive home, Jan Rutta tells the radio guys that one of the Blackhawks’ problems is that they are still trying to adjust to Colliton’s new system. They “hesitate” when deciding where to go and are too late.

    I was sitting at my usual spot, down very low in the third deck at the end where Blackhawks attack twice. It is really frustrating to try and watch this team get entries on the PP. When they do dump and chase, no one is chasing. So, so much for that. It’s numbing to watch. They never even get set up, and that drop pass back 30 feet as a guy approaches the blue line doesn’t seem to deter the opponent’s strategy of lining up and just blocking them from getting in.

    Empty seats down low, especially on the side where the benches are. Either corporate folks aren’t coming or aftermarket customers aren’t willing to pay the high ticket prices for those seats.
    Upper deck pretty much full. Also maybe a bit more involved than in the past. Possibly the aftermarket prices are dropping so that people interested in the game and not the “experience” are coming.

    Hoping for more competitive hockey.

  20. Better effort last night, Kunitz has to go somewhere anywhere please. why is it that every time they get a new coach the PP & PK never change? Other teams place one sometimes two players around our goalie and have lots of success on the PP. Could it be that our PK looks like a turtle around the goal always backing in. Why no pressure on the puck? All they’re doing is screening the goalie for the other team. Seems the system never changes no matter who the coach is, am I missing something here?

  21. Wanted to say I respect most here for being smart and respectful to each other. This and lst yrs 30-80 game sucks. I am glad most understand we have to do what we have to and as far off as we seem roster wise, were not that far away from being deep again. Just need to do the things we talked about. It ll take 2 yrs and I think we do it and win again.

    Stay classy.

  22. Wonderful home birth of a grandson at our house yesterday kept me from the game. Watched on tv though and felt the effort was much improved, but yes Crow saved the Hawks from falling behind badly early. If the Hawks could have finished better they would have won that game. The problem is finding guys that actually can finish consistently. I like that Strome is getting multiple quality scoring chances around the net. Saad still on the upswing.

    As stated above the Kunitz experiment must end asap. If it means sitting his sorry ass in the press box so be it. Yes, the guy had a good career, but his pro hockey tank is running on empty. Considering all the free agents available in the off season, why SB took Kunitz is a mystery. Why Colliton sat Hayden against a hard charging team like Calgary was puzzling too.

    James Neal has always been a chippy player. Good for Crow and to Rutta for shoving him around. Our d men and forwards however still lack the physical grit necessary to make opposing teams regret camping around the Hawks blue paint area. This is pretty much a down roster issue with the exceptions being Martinsen and Hayden. This team needs some mean, and it has been an issue for many years. It is SB’s approach to roster building, and it is deeply flawed imo. The Hawks have morphed into a team that can be pushed around and manhandled without fear of retribution. Sad to watch.

    While Duncan Keith has been playing poorly recently imo, I thought he was completely justified in going after Salomaki the other night. The guy ran him and hit him up high from the side. It was an attempt to injure play. No penalty??? Gutless no call. Pity that only the Cat(smallest guy on the Hawks)was willing to drop em and take one for his team mate. Passive team mentality needs to change.

    So the season slowly clunks along. I am still embracing the “who gives a shit” view of this season. When good things happen I am pleased, but accept that the bad stuff is probably going to outweigh the good with this roster. I am hoping that Rocky is willing to clean out some of the present brass and bring in some quality”hockey” people. Not marketing guys, but people that have played the game and know how to draft and build a quality roster.

    The Chelsea Dagger needs to put to rest as it was a symbol of Blackhawks past dominance on UC ice. It has simply been empty to my ears now for the past few years as this team has gone into decline. That party ended many games ago.

    Let’s Go Hawks!

  23. The three teams in the NHL that have had the most success during the cap era are Pittsburgh, Chicago and Los Angeles. Of the past 10 cup winners only two teams other than the three listed above have won the Cup. All three are currently out of the playoffs and closer to last place the wild card spot…

    My point? The salary cap and amateur draft process are designed to put an expiration date on successful teams. That is still the biggest reason why the Hawks, Penguins and Kings are where they are right now. Years of drafting towards the end of the first round does a lot to thin the talent pool.

    I’m not defending all the moves Bowman has made, just making the point that many of the problems that the Hawks are facing are not unique to them and teams with comparable success to the Hawks are going through it as well. It’s a pattern that cannot be ignored.

  24. Coming to my first game at UC January 7th, to see my beloved Hawks- having been a diehard fan since 1959!! Can’t wait- seats in section 113, row 9! Game is vs Flames for game three of the rubber match ( which I have now LOST!!)
    Hoping for JC’s “system” to kick in by then?! And I hope most of those skating for Wirtz are ALL younger than JC!!! We have some terrific under 25 year olds- not corrupted by anybody’s “system”!! Let them play!!!

  25. AHHHH……Phil, a man after my own heart!! Congrats on the grandson, my grandson will be in skates in 2 years. Now, let’s get to the truth that people hate to hear, “fighting is a necessary evil in hockey”. You cannot let another team push you around and take liberties with your star players and your smaller players.

    Why Colliton would sit his 2 heavy bodies in Hayden and Martinsen just goes to show you that he has no clue about the NHL. He coached in friggin’ SWEDEN before his AHL job. They carry purses on the bench in Sweden!! C’mon!

    The reason teams beat up the Hawks, now, is because they CAN’T score on the PP. In previous years the Hawks would make teams pay for stupid penalties. Now, the tide has turned. Whether the player wins or loses a fight has a huge bearing on what it does to galvanize a team. Just showing up for a fight can change the attitude on the bench. “One for all and all for one”!!!

    The way Martensen attacked the Preds net was a thing of beauty!! And in my opinion, if he runs over Rinne, too friggin’ bad!! People have been taking liberties with Crow for the last 2-3 years. Somebody should have taken on Tom Wilson in the Capitals game after he ran over Crow. Guys, I don’t care that he was outside the crease. Wilson is a known cheap shot artist so you make sure he knows where the line is drawn!! Period!

    Usually, less talented teams or teams that are in a slump need something that UNITES their team and fighting and checking can unite a team until the ice opens up a bit for them.

    I will step off my soap box. Thank you for letting me rant!!

  26. Completely agree with Wraparound 10:29 pm: “Strome (to someone else’s point) doesn’t have to be worthy of a 3rd round pick he (and Perlini) just have to worthy of being traded for Schmaltz”

    So far I like what I see with the two acquisitions. They need time to learn the system and are showing quality play. Strome made a nice wrap pass through the crease to AA, which was miraculously stopped by Smith. At the moment, I will take this trade.

    Ian points out the production from Boqvist and Beaudin, as others have recently. There is plenty to criticize Bowman for (most recently, Kunitz), but, to be fair, he should be commended for his good decisions. Jokiharju is going to be very good, Boqvist and Beaudin may be better. Jake Wise, an excellent pick. All of a sudden, Bowman has made some very sound picks. Give him credit for getting some value for Darling. If Entwistle makes the team, then the Hartman trade will look excellent.

    Key moves coming up later this season: trading AA, Keith, possibly Seabrook. If we can get good value back, the Hawks’ partial rebuild will be heading in right direction. Unfortunately, it will take at least two years to make a deep playoff run and Kane and Toews are not getting any younger.

  27. Original 6 Strome looked better last night no question. I vented about him after Saturday nights game, he was added to give size and more grit to the roster and when Keith was getting blindsided and Debrincat fighting somebody 6″ taller and 40lbs. Heavier or whatever it was, he stands on the ice and watches it all not being a presence. 4 games in he has yet to record a hit. Thats not learning a system based. Reg agree, i have watched physical play bring teans together many times over the years and a happy medium is needed.

  28. I’m sure there’s some Spittin’ Chiclets podcast listeners out there, but for those of you who aren’t, the most recent episode has an hour-long interview with special guest Stan Bowman. Certainly an interesting listen, nice to hear his view on a few topics.

  29. Phil, your posts capture the spirit of the whole thing.

    Ian, thanks. Would like to see most of of guys there, that are eligible.

  30. I’ll second any and all comments about guys needing to give the opponents “the business” if they get anywhere near Crawford or Ward. That has been SORELY missing this year, as in almost totally non-existent. Good to see a little bit more this last game, I will admit.

    This team has to show some guts and get out of their comfort zone. A punch to the face (receiving) may be needed but guys have to be moved out of the net area, during play and after. The Blackhawks need to be a harder team to play against in a lot of ways. Hats off to D-Cat for going after someone in the scrum after Salomaki cheap shotted Keith. Hats off to Keith for going after Salomaki, even if it meant him getting booted. Hats off to Manning for duking it out last night. I hate fighting in general in the NHL, I really do. But the game is a physical one and these Blackhawks are not the Blackhawks of old that could stay in a game and turn on the talent (read Hossa) in the final minutes and win it.

    You know, the movie “Slapshot” was somewhat of a narrative against the brutal nature of hockey. But, if you think about it, the only time the team won games was when they got emotional and got mean! Yes, of course it was just a movie. But it can be compared to these Blackhawks …… unless they stand up for themselves they are going to get drubbed. If there needs to be a culture change for some players so be it.

    Going the dirtbag Raffi Torres or Tom Wilson approach is not the answer. But being tough to play against is a step in the right direction. (Oh, and those types of guys like Wilson who are encountered by the Blackhawks need to be taken care of after they cross the line).

    I’m betting the Blackhawks players will have a little more pride in themselves if they do step up more “and give guys the business”, and their overall game will improve.

  31. Strome is 6’3″ and about 200lbs – so he’s tall but not really “big”. He hasn’t been and still isn’t a physical player. Anyone thinking Strome was going to bring size and grit to the lineup got the size part right, kinda, but was wrong on the grit part. He’s a skill and finesse player who happens to be tall. He’s Schmaltz without the speed but with a better shoot/pass ratio and faceoff percentage.

    Hopefully Murphy returns soon and Sikura gets called up. Then:


  32. EB 33% o facoffs thru 4 games big improvemennt. I was just quoting the trade hype that posters like yourself said you were glad to be rid of thats all ,not what i thought

  33. Looks like Bettman came out the preliminary Salary Cap projection for next season and they are projecting $83M – up $3.5M from this season. These December projections tend to be a bit high so don’t spend too much time playing CapFreindly GM ad building an $83M roster.

  34. Ian, I didn’t realize Strome’s FO% was only 33% since coming to the Hawks … so I looked up Schmaltz’ FO% since going to AZ and it’s only 23% … LOL

  35. True story I sat a seats over of Stan Bowman when he was a scout for the detroit redwings; maybe he had a meeting but he sure didnt watch much of the hockey game. He even tossed his scouting packet and so forth on the floor when he left which was early; what can’t make it to the garbage can at the top of the stairs?

  36. EB comparing is something i said i wouldn’t do. But the 23% is playing top line and taking their more important faceoffs against the other teams best faceoff guys. Schmaltz’s faceoff percentage after first couple of games was up in the high 50% too likely inflated like Stromes was too from facing off against lower end guys.
    If your 6’3″ 200+ you got to stick up for star teammates 5’7″ 165 lbs or so having fighting guys that are 200+ lbs and 6″ or so taller. Thats a given.

  37. ER, usually the first report is closest to what it ends up being.
    They’ll say more at first, then less, then people will say it moght go down, then say its not as high but will go up some. In the end it usually is about what they said first time. So I would count on it being the up 3.5 or 3.

  38. Ian, how deep is Canada’s D core. I have heard Beaudin probably won’t make it however that Mitchell and Entwistle have a good chance at cracking the bottom of the lineup. What are your thoughts on Beaudin possibly not making it, I don’t follow Canada a ton in the WJC especially with how good the USA has been and Jack Hughes this year and all. Could Beaudin crack Canada’s roster?

  39. 200 your probably right, there is 10 dmen left and Beaudin never played in international program much. His play in the 2 games against Russia this fall got him a further look. They stress who gives best chance to win not necessarily best players. Bouchard, Dobson, Smith and forget the other name are a lock. So the 6 others are competing for last few spots. Mitchell was with program before going to ncaa so will have a better chance based on that.

    Congratulations Phil, i have twin 5 yr old grandsons just getting going on power skating. They are with aquanauts competitive swim program and think thats going be their thing though lol.

  40. Sadly won’t see a game until Montreal is in Chicago in Dec 9th- always on Canadian TV when they play a Canadian team!
    Maybe that’s enough time to make sure the BIG guys get the ice time- I’m with you guys in wanting more of Hayden- and anyone else who gives 120% BOTH ways when on the ice! A young lad named Josh Anderson grew up on our street and now plays for Columbus – competes hard both ways every night!
    I just hope JC’s “system” includes:
    – putting the puck IN the net not just around it
    – getting out of your own zone without coughing up the puck
    – NOT taking stupid penalties
    – passing the puck to players on your OWN team and
    -laying some body blows in both ends- hockey still IS a physical game!

  41. Ian and 200 foot game-heard on TSN that they have a wide open D (other than Dobson, Smith and Bouchard) as they usually have a stronger 19 year old core and Beaudin’s injury hurt but he’s coming on has a real shot at one of the bottom 2 spots.
    (Montreal Canadiens still really want him)

    Glen if you switch to Bell at least you get the option of 20 games through WGN.

  42. Strome and Perlini are 3rd and 4th line players on the Hawks. They would never crack any of the playoff teams in the NHL. Schmaltz has and will always have more potential then what we got in return. The best player in the trade is Schmaltz , so Arizona wins that trade and we have 2 NHL bodies as Stan said. We still have a huge hole with no legit NHL 2nd line. This is where Bowman needs to address the weakness via a hockey trade by giving up Mitchell or Beaudin and signing a real free agent like Panarin.
    Nazim Kadri might be available too at the end of the season.
    By the way, the Pens problems started when they gave up Marc Andre Fleury and kept injury prone Murray. They still pay good hockey but they are weak in net without Fleury. Murrray has been horrible and injured the last two seasons. They stil draft well.

  43. Thanks Noonan- got the 20 games WGN… wish they’d show more hockey, less basketball!
    Heard Matthew Highmore our for the year with shoulder surgery… maybe up to the big boys league next season!!

  44. BTW- thanks for the intro to Spittin’ Chicklets… SB comments said slit about why he has ZERO skills to be a GM?! Maybe a stats guy or someone who can calculate salary caps but hanging around with dad, Steve Shutt et al is no qualification to provide strategic personnel decisions fir a winning organization

  45. Hull65, it is way too early to write off Strome and Perlini. ESPN gave the Hawks an A- on this trade. Strome had the 3rd most points in the AHL last year and Perlini has decent potential. Have been critical of Bowman but cannot fault him for this trade. We’ll see by the end of the season. And the Hawks have too many needs that would not be solved by signing Panarin. I sure as hell wouldn’t give up our teenage stud, Beaudin.

  46. Ganderhawk entertaining listen Spittin’ Chicklets.
    Seattle to begin play in 2021, so must be worried about labor stoppage in 20. Bettman took shot at players about his showcase tourney that year, Bettman Cup.
    Anybody under contract to Blackhawks in minors and juniors now will eligible for expansion draft now. Boqvist, Jokiharju, Beaudin, Entwistle plus anybody that signs and burns elc year this season or signed to elc before January 1st. Saad be a ufa that year so if still around can resign after draft and not need protected, AA would be same. Plus this time the opportunity could be there to ask some veterans to waive nmc and not be need to protected. Any ufa signed in next couple of years would need protected too if still under contract for 21 22 season.

  47. Strome has 2 goals in 4 games as a Hawk. Schmaltz had 2 goals in 23 games as a Hawk this year. Interesting…

    I really hope Beaudin and Mitchell along with Entwistle all make Canada’s roster. Would be a good look at what we have with those guys. Will be fun to watch Boq tear it up (hopefully) in a tough division with USA and Finland in it. Would love to see Evan Barret and Jake Wise make USA team as well. Has the USA announced their camp yet this year and any other Hawks to look out for on other countries?

  48. 200 never heard any other release their final camp lists. Will post if i hear anything.

    Just doing some checking a slide year only counts if you play in ahl toawrds eligibilty for expansion draft, got an incomplete explanation befare, on that so if Boqvist and Beaudin, Entwistle don’t play nhl or ahl games this year be exempt for draft in 21.

  49. In 12 games with Boston University, Jake Wise has 2 assists and is -7.

    If he makes Team USA I would be flat out shocked. And they would probably get bounced very early in the tournament.

    Kid still has lots of potential, but has a long way to go as of right now.

  50. This is where you keep every Defensemen we drafted. There going to be good and we ll be stacked at D like NAS. Only if you cant add a good FW at deadline (once were deep again), summer or trade do you trade a D for FW.

    We want to be stacked at D going forward.

  51. 38 looked really good first 10 game after trade to.
    Big picture, were liking what we got in trade more every yr.

    Sample size.

  52. Keep the prospects info coming. Several of these guys are going to be good and it doesn’t matter which ones exactly just that we got lots and lots.

  53. Bob McKenzie called Bouchard, Dobson, and Mitchell (maybe a bit surprisingly) all locks to make TC. Said defense is wide-open after that and as those guys are all right-handers that leaves lots of openings on the left. A Mitchell-Beaudin pairing would be fun (the last time I recall two Hawk prospects playing together was Johns and Clendening).

    He had Entwistle competing at right wing and said there will be a few centers who will be bumped out to wing.

  54. Yesterday when they announced tje team Jordy the crew then said Bouchard, Dobson, Smith and one of the younger guys would be the big 4. So interesting to see what happens.

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