Collin Delia Deals Minnesota A Loss

The Blackhawks came back from Christmas and got out-shot by a substantial margin on Thursday night.

But Patrick Kane had a hat trick.

And Brandon Saad scored twice.

And, thanks to Collin Delia, the Blackhawks would only need three of those five goals to pick up two points in the standings.

Delia was a delight between the pipes as the Wild bombarded him with rubber. The Wild out-shot the Hawks 15-4 in the first period but the score was tied at one after 20 minutes. Kane scored four minutes into the game to give Chicago an early lead.

Zach Parise tied the game 11 minutes later and that’s where the score would hold.

For Minnesota, that would turn out to be the sum of the offense.

When Saad scored 23 seconds into the second period, the Blackhawks regained the lead.

Kane scored again three minutes later on the power play to extend the lead to two. Little did we know that would be the game-winning goal

Chicago put 11 shots on net in the second period; Minnesota had 16 shots reach Delia.

In the third, Saad scored a power play goal 12 minutes into the third to give the Hawks some cushion.

Eric Staal scored with 51 seconds left in regulation to cut the lead to two. That still felt safe, though, with Delia dominating.

Which speaks volumes about the young netminder’s performance, because nothing has felt “safe” this year for the Blackhawks.

Kane finished off his hat trick 14 seconds after the Staal goal to close the books on the evening. Chicago put together a five-goal performance from the offense, and Delia stopped 46 of 48 to steal the show.

Dylan Strome had another good night, finishing with two assists and three blocked shots while winning half of his 16 faceoffs. Jonathan Toews also collected two assists and won 13 of 29 at the dot.

Brent Seabrook blocked six shots on the night, while Erik Gustafsson was credited with two assists on the blue line.

69 thoughts on “Collin Delia Deals Minnesota A Loss

  1. Fairly obvious Delia should be no. 1 goalie until he loses it great game from him again with an opportunistic offence for support.

    Another good day for prospects.
    Kurashev both Swiss goals and player of game.
    Entwistle 1g and taking impirtant fos at end of game getting it done.
    Mitchell among leaders in ice time Can
    Boqvist 1a
    Jokiharju still playing.

  2. Delia is playing (with similar stature, technique and demeanor) like Crawford 2010-11 season after the Turco Experience. He appears to be a keeper.

    The Hawks have some good young players and Bowman has to receive credit for same. That being said, he primarily caused the train wreck of a season, lack of forward depth and atrocious decision making as to trades and NHL free agents the last three seasons. He should still be fired.

  3. Ian great point, kusharev and entwistle outstanding young players, they look NHL or close to NHL ready. Barrett as well.

    Fair is fair, bowman great job identifying young players, North America and Europe as well. As I’ve stated before, make him head of scouting and that’s all he allowed to do.

    He gets a flat “F” NHL trades and the like.

  4. If you get a chance to check out Finland vs Kazakistan wjc game on now, do it. You may change your opinion on Kakko, vety physical game and he obviously doesn’t like it, pulling up avoiding hits and playing hot potato with puck.

  5. I’d like to see Delia get 2 of 3 starts and see what he’s got. He may be the future and the future isn’t far off. I was listening to the game so I didn’t get to see the line rotations. I do like how the D has been playing. Good to see a hard work 60 minutes.

  6. For all those who wanted the Hawks to take Joe Veleno at the draft – it seems Entwhistle has replaced him on that line at least during the CAN – SWZ game and I would think for the next game and the way Entwhistle is playing perhaps for the duration

    So maybe we got a player at least as good if not better then Veleno in Entwhistle – we’ll see but an interesting turn of events

    And of course we still have Beaudin who the Hawks drafted instead of Veleno

  7. It’s early but Delia looks like the real deal. Need to be patient and hope he will be wearing an Indian head sweater for a long time. But continue to play Ward a lot because we need to get a high pick.

    Great to see Saad getting rewarded for his overall good play this year. Hopefully, this game will give him a nice lift. And what a burst of speed from DCat and his quick hands to set up Saad.

    It is painful to watch Perlini stand out as the worst player on the ice. True that sometimes a 12th selection in the draft doesn’t always make it in the NHL, but he contributes almost nothing. If he doesn’t show improvement in about a dozen games from now, he won’t be on the team next year.

  8. Original 6, the Schmaltz deal would have been so much better if Stan told Chayka the price was Strome and Arizona’s 2nd rounder. Accumulate more picks and dominate the 2019 draft. After all, Chayka said he was the one who kept calling Stan about Schmaltz. Afterwards, Stan boasted that he received two top 9 forwards for one.
    To be fair, Strome is a very good player. But Stan could’ve won the deal outright if he realized that this time, he had Chayka drooling over the player he wanted, Schmaltz. I did not read anywhere afterwards from any of the so called experts that the Hawks “stole” Perlini. The reaction was more like – meh. Very telling then. Very telling now.

  9. Whats music to my ears and we ll wont ever have to hear again, for a long time, is we ll it took a hat trick from a HOF and a 46 save performance just to get a win/2 pts against a tired and playing bad lately team, at home, the list goes on.
    Were starting to see the better of having between a half and full roster, where what quality of team we have. That is more then half, right now. That’s nice. Stick to the plan system and get what we need the most. Then we ll be back, with what we deserve to be with. A deep roster.
    Every move is strategic or why else.

  10. Interesting the guys on second city said 11 was a player and wasn’t sure on 17 and wasn’t worried. Yep that says it there to.

    Once you think you’ve got it all figured out, your wrong.

  11. Couldn’t help myself, took a peak. LA won again. Were now ahead, right now, for 1st pick.

    CHI 6
    LA 5
    NWJ 3
    OTT 3
    DET 3
    ARI 3
    STL 1

  12. Dylan Strome has an obviously strong hockey iq and it’s not so much his skating as it is his strength on the puck and his overall physicality. I hope this is something that an off-season can address. Anyone have an opinion on Strome’s upside?

  13. Kurashev!!!
    Nordgren (if he can stay healthy)

    and 1st Rd. Pick- 2019

    Like all these guys better than Joker… and Joker- has played much better than I ever expected him to this year… so LOTs of positives for next year

  14. Not sure if it is because he plays with the Cat so much, but Strome has been very good. Hockey IQ does seem high. But as mentioned a little, this Evan Barrat kid looks great! Stood in front of the goalie during power play which US scored on , and then scored on his own by taking it to the net from the boards. Eddie O r u watching? That is what u preach all the time! Forget Penn state— get him Here.

  15. I like Strome.

    Barrat is like Shawzer any or a scorer. I remember he Stalked that MSU player in the box and then came out and nailed him and scored a goal. I like him.

  16. Delia needs to play most of the games. Im not for tanking if we have options. Gus and dahlstrom are keepers and being able sit seabrook and keith is paying off.

  17. By sitting seabrook and keith I mean less minutes. Im still for seabrook especially sitting a few games if possible. Kane had a great game, so did saad. Toews and gus as well gustaffsons offense is an added bonus. Right now weve got two lines playing well and better d and goaltending at least with delia

  18. This game had very little meaning. The Hawks’ goalie was great and Dubnyk was giving up softies. That pretty much summarizes it. They should continue to rotate Delia and Ward. They don’t want to overwhelm Delia by making him the number one guy yet. Coach C said in an interview yesterday that they expect Crow back. If Crow does come back, then what do you do with your goalies? Stan is probably not going to be on board with a $3 million goalie sitting in the press box.

    DeBrincat needs to quit with his Nick Schmaltz impersonation. He has one of the best releases in the game yet he gave up a shot last night to make a low odds pass that didn’t work.

    When the ice girls were cleaning up the hats, I noticed that someone threw a Kane jersey on the ice. I can understand celebrating a HT, but that is a $175 celebration. The guy that did that must have had too many of those $9 beers at the UC.

    It was good to get a win, but this was not an encouraging win. They got outplayed and not by just a little. Dubnyk usually owns the Hawks so it was good to see him implode for a change.

  19. Wall when talking about Finlands key players missing from the wjc this year, Nordgrens name isn’t even in the conversation. Sounds like his development has ways to go before he would be NHL ready.

    Barrett looking like a real good chance for next year, excited about his development. Also Entwistle showing strong 2way game, good on fos and pk, looks more ready to make jump to Hawks next year.

    Kurashev is a nice skater who could be a legitimate NHL sniper. He is willing to battle for the puck but if not doing that he doesn’t play without the puck on defense just puck watches. Needs some work on his game there, for sure.

    Defense will have alot of healthy competition to see who plays next year should be interesting to see who is there. Boqvist under Hunter in London is really improving his overall game and is a legitimately in the running for a spot next year. Jokiharjus poise in the wjc looks head and shoulders above most other defensemen there. Playing close to half the game there, should really elevate his game.

    Hopefully Delia can keep playing like an elite goalie although some sort of bubble bursting has to happen eventually, just hope his confidence remains when it does. Likely ends up back in Rokford if Crawford as Colliton said he expects returns to get playing time.

  20. It was a weird game. It looked like the entire Wild team was suffering from “Keith-itis” with their inability to shoot straight. That’s not taking anything away from Delia who played marvelously – we may have something to build on with him. I like Delia’s demeanor – calm, cool, collected with a dash of feistyness,

    Really liking the way Strome has been playing – he and Kane are building some chemistry. Hopefully Perlini can put it together because up to this point he’s just a worse version of Fortin – lots of speed and no results. At least Fortin had a positive impact with his disruptive forecheck.

    I was taken back a bit when Kane scored his 20th goal and they announced it was the 12th season he’s done that – 12th season! Man, has it gone by fast! I mean I knew he turned 30 last month and it’s been a bunch of years but the number 12 was startling. Hopefully he has a bunch more.

  21. Goalie win Hawks, goalie loss Wild. Hawks were kind of gifted 3 goals. Delia has been outstanding in his two starts. If/when Crow comes back it’s a good problem to have too many quality keepers.

    Love to see the chippy Wild lose again to the Hawks. Amazing that Hawks division record is as good as it is. Wild were really good at missing the net last light in high percentage shooting areas. Good point ER. About those opposing team quality scoring chances being given up by the Hawks. Our eyes aren’t lying. Hawks lead the lead in that category. They have to bring that number back down. I’d also like to see the Hawks grip and rip it as opposed to trying to make that extra pass. Usually in those situations Hawks players are either at the net or hard on their way in that direction. D cat in particular since he has a nasty, fast release.

    On a positive note Hawks forecheck has really improved and neutral zone coverage is also better. Hard to believe Hawks are actually winning special teams battles recently.

    I remain somewhere in the middle with this team. Not too high when they win, and not too low when they suck and lose. Take the bad with the good, and just hope they play hard and give a solid effort.

    This insufferable 3rd period extended, manufactured “make some noise” schtick at the UC, is just plain sad that management has such little regard/respect for the enthusiasm of solid Hawks fans.

    Let’s Go Hawks!

  22. STROME’S upside? None, He can’t skate and as a second line centre, this is a real problem. And his is weak on the puck for his size. Lacks puck strength down low. His stick handling is chaotic. Upside, he makes a good pass from behind the net? Not much there, sorry. And his points are all off of super star Dale Tallon’s pick number 88!
    Kurashev is a better skater and so was Schmaltz. You need speed and size up the middle to contend with the big boys! He is just too slow. And Kahun is a terrible skater as well. His technique, choppy style is tough to watch. He slows down as he tries to speed up the ice. Too funny, looks like a pee wee skater.
    I think he belongs on a forth line, at best. Bring the Cat back with Toews and Saad. Or give the lightweight boxer Sikura a chance but again, he is afraid of his own shadow and too thin. But he is most definetly a better skater. Tired of watching number 24 on the 1st line, it’s a joke. Plus, number 24 should be retired! Doug Wilson!!!
    Ian Mitchell better than Joki!

  23. Phil, yea I think most here had the right mind set during training camp before games. Then we play good and bad at same time and go 6-2-2, thinking playoffs for sure and whatnot. It wasn’t reality that set in after game 10, it was simply not having a full roster. That caught up to us. I was shocked we went 3-16 after that.

    Right mind set, want playoffs but better for getting back to top team again with top 5 skill and 32-35 pick. Rout to win an play good, when we play good or are in game/score wise. Like not getting win or tie as much as we can to get that future wave the quality we need. It really makes pretty much no game to get pissed at. Just the headshots and in a yr were transition/roster wise, hit those fuckers back every time our guy gets in head or high. Crow comes back I want tomahawks to any player who touches him.

    Is it me or we have a lot of guys at World Juniors and their good to.

  24. Tab he’s not an idiot his man crush with Schmaltz just doesn’t let him think straight. He can’t see Strome is head and shoulders a better player than his boy. Mr Kane sure looks happy to be playing with someone who doesn’t play like a girl and is not afraid to shoot the puck.

  25. Wonder what were thinking for elite/really good ufas add this summer and summer of 20. Bread Man or other make the most sense with this many good prospect players. Prob add both summers just curious what kind of player we need most with who we already have and are getting coming from drafts.

  26. I will be interested to see it Entwistle gets a bigger role tomorrow night. He’s getting a lot of ink today for his good performance. Captain Jonny started the 2010 Olympics as just “a guy” but ended the tournament as one of Babcock’s go-to guys. The coaches have to go with who is playing well now because it’s single knockout after the prelims and you don’t have the luxury of being too patient. Big opportunity for him and based on what he has done so far, I’m betting he jumps on it. He’s really competes.

  27. To ICEMAN “He gets a flat “F” NHL trades and the like.” You obviously do not know Hawks Hockey Very well. The Good trades top 10 non salary cap induced

    1. The trade of Darling landed Barratt.
    2. Shaw ended up with the Cat and Krys
    3. Hartman for Edsell, Beaudin and Kurshev
    4a Saad for Anisimov, Morin (ended with Panik), and after a few trades Lucas Carlsson
    4b Panarin for Saad, Forsberg and Nordgren (moved around draft)
    4.c Morin for Panik
    5. Clendening for Forsling
    6. Frolik for Luke Johnson and John Hayden draft picks
    7. Dave Bolland for Carl Dahlstrom
    8. Ben smith for Dejardins
    9. Dahlbeck and Merkley (1st Rd pick for Vermette and Lord Stanley
    10 Hossa Hinastrosa for Entwistle
    11. Trade picks for Dallas to move up to take Goalie Oettinger where hawks get Henri Jokiharju and Altybarmakyan

    A few bad trades:
    1. Teuvo netted Kayumov and traded other pick
    2. Danault and Romanov (18 yr old Def) for Weise and Fleishman
    2a. They drafted Danault after trading Troy Brower to Caps
    3. Picks which neither has made it for Kimmo (maybe Karma helped win the Cup with him on the team). it

    Lastly a bunch of silly trades of people who provided not a lot of value to either team. Stan has done an ok job of trading and drafting, signing free agents the past few years could warrant criticism. His trades, Besides Teuvo and Danualt, have been pretty good. Would you rather have Shaw and Danault or The Cat. Darling helped on the Teuvo trade by getting Barratt.

  28. Stan giving out ridiculous salary to Seabrook and several others (Panik, Bollig) is hard to swallow and hopefully is bought out when Seattle enters. If not, he will deserve the criticism in a few years. Keith and Crawford were solid delas as was Hjalmarsson. Anisimov, Kane, Toews, Saad are a few dollars over market value but nothing

    3 trades still waiting:

    Panarin/Saad/ Anisimov leaning towards Columbus but this summer will find out more
    Schmaltz for Strome, Most of you wanted schmaltz out of here and several of you favored Fabri (Lord help us on that one)
    Hjalmarsson for Murphy (about even but trending a lot towards Murphy everyday he plays.

  29. Hawks in Tx good points, the free agents and additions the last few years seem to be an indication of how far this team was away from competing again. Next summer should indicate how close they feel this team is by who they pursue in free agency. Room was cleared to go how big they feel. So wait and see what the rest of this sewson shows and how big a push the off season brings for next season.

  30. Good list man. I know some trades were bad like 24 but he did do good more then people think and I donot mean Iceman.

    Another thing Bowman is good at is gaining an extra pick every draft by trading down a little and getting same guy we wanted anyways.

  31. Ian good point those guys were tank ufas designed for purpose not because we thaugt/nothing agasint them they were better or as good as Others we could have got other teams signed. We must have been looking ahead and planning. Looked who’s available (if not resigned) in 2 yrs and in 3 hrs, heyyyyy dude you like deep dish or righteous steaks.

  32. One thing I like about Barrett, like Shawzer /Bolly, is he looks like he passionate. Going to Penn State will make a person that way, drive, us against world attitude because of crap from 10 yrs ago. It already was an outstanding academic education place and good people there!other then that one guy/same crap at MSU/it happens every where. Penn State has the most pride and class and with the way the public ha ha people before anything/knows everything, it’s created this tuff attitude and one with class that 5e place already had for people who go there.

    There’s a reason S. Barkley is next Barry Sanders. And the T. Mcsorely guy is a heck of a person with that kind of passion and tuff nose players. Barrett did himself good by going there, and well appreciate his attitude when he play here Blackhawks.

  33. Ian to your point: the last few years seem to be an indication of how far this team was away from competing again. Here are the postives:

    The Hawks have really hit the bullseye in the first round (Henri, Schmatlz, hartman, teuvo, danualt, Hayes) and second round (Saad, Cat) considering they lowest they picked was 18th. The only year the Hawks did not draft well as 2015 when their first pick was 54th. Not a lot of talent after this pick has made an impact so far. The other positive was the signing of non NHL free agents like Panarin, Kempny, Gustafson, Kampf, Kahun has kept us competitive where the ship really could have sailed.

    Here are the Negatives:
    It was evident after the last Stanley Cup the Hawks defense (Keith, Seabrook, Oduya, Hjalmarsson) were no longer going to carry this team. The offense did not carry the Hawks to any of the Cups. It was always the strong defense and timely goals. Kane, Hossa, and Toews were studs no doubt but the Hawks def was the difference. Even the Goaltending was shaky at times. But to give food for thought, it is very rare for a defenseman after the first round to be a stud in the NHL. My guess would be less than 10 Defenseman taken after the first round in each draft even make it past 50 games in a career. That is why the Hawks taking 3 first round and 1 second round the past two drafts is so crucial if the hawks can even contend. They have the horses upfront, albeit without the lead stud Hossa, but past drafts neglected the few problem of their recent slide. You can see the difference currently with some young Def in the mix. Gus reminds me of an older Nick Leddy, oh the painful reminder of Leddy’s def. Ouch that hurts.

    Grabbing current NHL free agents during the summer rarely works out unless you sign superstars like Taveres or Panarin types. I was hoping the Hawks and Stan realized this but to no avail this year. Kunitz, Manning, Davidson, and even Ward have exactly what bottom feeders would expect in their value and production. If Manning was any good, Philly would have resigned him at that value. Rutta, what in the heck did Hawk Leadership see in this one? So fire away at Stan because these two he deserves it.

  34. I can see that. I am thinking though it was by design, getting tank ufas. Whats the best way to reload and reload with quality/top 5 skill (Boqvist/this yr draft) sign tank ufas. Genius.

  35. That’s what I believe about the Four Hosremen. They are a key part. What good does it do with a lot of good FW, when you donot have enough good D. Look at the first 10 games this yr.

  36. Hawks TX:. Quit smoking those funny cigarettes. I give Bowman credit on the young players, absolutely. Particularly the goalie, he looks like Crawford Jr. However, to list the trades as you set forth and essentially absolve him from responsibility is absurd. Pull up the recent article in the Athletic by lazerus as to analysis of Bowman’s trades last three years. It paints a clear and concise verdict — Bowman primarly responsible for Hawks’ current plight. He failed to trust his own solid judgment on young players and made bad trades and worse NHL player free agent signings.

    Yes, there is light at the end of the tunnel — with the right coach. Bowman told us after Q was fired it’s a playoff team, we need to go on a run and all is good; meanwhile, the Hawks are still last in the standings with a gazillion extra games played already. This coach has a lot to learn. To say he is a playoff ready coach (assuming the Hawks get close next season) for NHL purposes is — currently — a bald allegation. And no offense to Bowman the person, the shoe fits.

    Q had his faults, no question, but who would we all rather see coaching the Hawks with a solid team (sans players like Kunitz, Manning, Davidson, Martinsen, Ward), Q or Colliton???

    Good evening.

  37. With this many good prospect/players and the quality this coming in this draft, who do you guys think is best for ufa add this summer and summer 20. What kind, style, position, size/speed do we need the most and will fit good with who we have/that were keeping for 23man in 2yrs and who we already have/and getting draft coming.

    Looks like were looking good at center with 17, Barratt/Wise.
    Who would be better for us, based on who we already have top 6 wise. A center Hughes or Kakko/one of top FWs.

  38. Quiet night for prospects, no points at wjc unless Barrett gets something late in their game.
    Ushl Hakkarainen 2g 1a
    Chl Gravel 26 saves in loss
    All 7 on ice tomorrow at wjc

    Mo.still too many questions yet, will Crawford return, can Delia be a top notch no. 1. Who is going to be on the blueline. To figure out what route he will go in free agency. Like to see Kane have a potent line again.
    Hughes will go no.1 because he is best available and highest potential ceiling no question. After that its wide open who goes where, Kakko getting a push for 2nd pick, see if he can hold on in that spot.

  39. I’m not sure why some get bent out of shape over Stan saying the Hawks were a playoff team when he axed Q – no one should take an NHL GM at their word and if they were completely open with the public I’d worry about their competency

    Stan I’m sure is hoping the Hawks are a playoff team but probably saw what he thought was a good opportunity to get his boy Colliton in to coach what is going to be a lot of young guys

    Stan hasn’t been great since the 2015 cup but he deserves a lot of credit for the last two cups

    He may get fired at year’s end but if the Hawks continue to trend upwards like they have been and players like Strome and Delia continue to make him look good (not to mention the prospects that are playing well) I think he’ll still be here next year

  40. Mo– Wise- been injured… I like Kurashev at C much better!!!

    Kurashev- scoring nicely at WJC-U20… and skating Kane like minutes ( 1st game 25 minutes for Forward!!!)… shows his value to team Switzerland

    Looks like I was right for last 2 years…
    Credit Scott Powers @ The Athletic

    “Sixth defenseman: Brent Seabrook has played the fewest 5-on-5 minutes among the Blackhawks’ defensemen in each of the past five games. Keith has played a team-high 94:27 of 5-on-5 ice time in the last five games, and Seabrook has played 62:31. The lack of ice time hasn’t exactly helped Seabrook. In the past five games, he has a 37.61 Corsi percentage and has been on the ice for three goals for and four goals against.

    For the season, Seabrook is among the bottom 50 players in the league in Corsi against per 60 minutes, shots against per 60, scoring chances against per 60 and goals against per 60.”

    And by the way– as Seabs play less… Hawks collecting more points…

  41. @iceman, I thought that article by Lazerus on the Athletic was lazy and irresponsible It was entertaining, true, but very sloppy and very lazy. It read like a really long comment on a blog. Hell any one of us commenters could have written that article. I was really disappointed because as a journalist, he has access to people and resources that you and I do not have and could have done some real research into what alternatives were passed on rather than simply say things like “find another way.” He gave little context or cap implications for making or not making the trade, he gave no insight that you or I would not have on each move. As a journalist with connections in the league, he should have done more research. It was a really bad article for a journalist to write. It sounded more like rabble rousing than journalism to me.

  42. Wall also in that limited ice time Seabrook has 17 blocked shots compared to Keith next at 11 in last 5 games, pretty important part of the game. Only Murphy with 14 hits has more than Seabrooks 6 hits in last 5. Two areas the defence has a need right now. Also with all the young D developing his leadership may be pivotal in short term. Moving him at some point seems inevitable though.

  43. Wise had an injury plagued Freshman year, but his ceiling is still considered high and a couple more years in NCAA to reach next level yet. Not sure if Kurashev has defensively responsible game to be a center, good chance he projects as a winger in the pros.

  44. Ian- as I have stated before

    Seabs= $7Million dollars Sopel…. But in Sopel’s defense- was in late 30’s when – his “value” to team was ONLY blocking shots/PK’ing (where he wasn’t expose for lack of speed)

  45. The Hawks should be a playoff team with this much talent. They are only 5.5 games out of the playoff hunt or 11 pts with teams to jump. How can the Hawks who have looked awful still have a shot at making the Playoffs?

    The schedule in Feb and march favors the Hawks. They only have 1 Back to Back in Feb and March as both MN and COL (both against Hawks) are B2B as well. Plus their schedule has a lot of winnable teams they play. To Ian’s point, keep Seabrook off the ice and in rotation with Gustafsson and Dahlstrom once Henri is back.

    These next 11 games are crucial, If they can piece together a string 7-9 wins over their next 11 games they are back in the playoff hunt. If not, as the Great Kramer says in Mad Money “Sell, Sell, Sell” and see you at the draft.

  46. Mo, I don’t understand your way of positioning the teams at the bottom of the standings, so I thought I would offer this method which isn’t perfect but takes into account games played: points divided by games played = points per game. Here are the top-10 (bottom-10):

    31. CHI – 34 / 40 = .85
    30. LA – 33 / 38 = .87
    29. OTT – 34 / 38 = .89
    28. NJ – 33 / 36 = .91
    27. ARI – 34 / 37 = .92
    26. DET – 36 / 39 = .92
    25. StL – 34 / 35 = .97
    24. PHI – 35 / 36 = .97
    23. CAR – 36 / 36 = 1.0
    22. FLA – 36 / 36 = 1.0

  47. Yea I would say were a playoff team, even with half a roster, look at the difference in not playing the tank ufas and some others and just playing young guys who have no NHL experience and have been playing AHL/really developeing. Still better to get that top 5 skill.

    Wall/Ian, like those flow charts you kind of have to look at whole pic and if playing 7 more min helps towards top 5 skill, do it.
    Cap hits, every core player deserved to gt nice contracts like that, really do you say to players since your big and physical and those style player donot last as long (before talking about league wide speed change/like when the highway went from 55 to 65) contract is only 4 yrs not 8 for big and physical players, so reup in 4 yrs thanks.

  48. Wall the caphit was a reward for being an intregal of bringing 3 cups back. Thats not hurting resigning rfas or ufas going forward. I have said before i would sooner pay after getting cups than tie hands before getting anything and end with 0 cups as possibility.
    He is still contributing was my point and a good influence on the younger guys for now.

  49. I go by games over .500 and that, sort of, factors in games played. I like that way better because even though which ever teams have more games to play where they can go up down or stay same, at that moment in time that has games played calculated in. I cant go by points because, even though they are in stone, they are misleading kind of.

    CHI 6
    LA 5
    OTT 4
    NWJ 3
    ARI 3
    DET 3

  50. The 5-2-1 where we be played good in 6 of 8 games, is after a 0-8 and we were 2-0-2 after the 0-6-2. Not saying we’re up for another bad stretch just we take a few hits again.
    Big diffenere is players are getting more used to system and other teams haven’t played, that, against us yet/enough times to adjust. Playing young p,Ayers that have been developing and still are and not the tank ufas. Goalie that other teams haven’t seen enough of yet.
    I would like to w8n and make playoffs and we can/even with a little more then half a roster now (without tank ufas and ‘these’ young players) thought I would much rather reload the right way and stock up with better ingredients and get some better tasting results. Not let certain guys or which ever guys get worn out trying to hard now and not have as much juice for the more important yrs to come, 2 yrs.

    Season 20 though we might be too good and will automatically make playoffs but at least then we ll have about 3/4 a roster and more of the young wave will be starting rookie champagnes.

  51. Darren Raddysh continues to have a big year at Rockford. He has excelled at every level of play. Coach Derek King says his defensive coverage has improved drastically in the past year. He appears to be next man up. Might be a nice find for the organization since he was undrafted.

    As we get into the new year, I’d keep an eye on Colorado as a potential trading partner, they will keep Ottawa’s 1st round pick because it’s going to be a lottery pick. They have a bunch of draft picks after that though, that would be nice to acquire.

  52. Ian and I have before that the sch is much harder 1st 40 games and the 2nd 40 games is more of a normal sch. Still want that top 5 skill.

    We’re not the red coats that tuck tail and run and let it bleed for 20 yrs while watching their 2 best players abandon them to rub it in, while they hide in easier conference (other then just those two yrs east was equal to Campbell).

  53. ER, sure and the way you posted and look at my way and its the same. It factors in games played. Maybe I could add in () games played as well. Going by points is misleading.

  54. How bout that Dallas Stars president! Going on a long rant about his two stars – Seguin and Benn, calling their play F—ing Horseshit. Just when you think your problems are bad some idiot shows you it could be much worse! I guess losing to the Hawks sends some people over the edge this year.

  55. Kurashev with a Hat-trick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My Boy is having Fantastic Tourney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2nd coming of Kuznetsov… me hopes!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Wall you can’t like Kurashev because Bowman makes shitty trades and has an”F”. Thanks for trading Hartman dumbass Bowman.

  57. Keep saying it, hes good. Say what works.
    Is this guy going to load the 3rd line with 12. Who centers these guys.

  58. Besides Kurashevs terrific 3 goal game today.
    Jokiharju 1g 1a 0
    Entwistle 1g was the screen on Lafreniere goal and earning praise for his pk.
    Barrett and Boqvist getting set to start.

    Ncaa Shea 1a Ushl Hakkarainenn 1a
    Hagelstill playing.

    Kaliyev watchers, after getting 1g and 3a in linemate Enwistles last game before wjcs. Enwistle scored 2g and assisted on Kaliyevs. Since then without him in 4 games Kaliyev has managed only 2 secondary assists. Wonder how it affects his draft status.

  59. Iceing, no whistle. Then we do two icings.
    Late hit on 56, no whistle. Then they call penalty on us/they score with goalie pulled.
    Garbage, should be up 2-1 after 2nd.
    Even in a transition yr, when we playing good 7 of 9 games, we cant get an even reffed game, every game. They wernt terrible, but those deliberate no whistles/whistles are a difference.
    Hopefully it backfires on them doing that, if we get 0 or 1 pt, that leads to us getting that top 5 skill.

  60. We need the top 5 skill.
    Donot want to be like Notre Dame and really donot deserve to be there, but none the less, get annihilated when there against top teams.
    40 at half time to Alabama, lets us after half. 40-0?
    23-2 at half time to Clemson, lets up after half. 30-0 shutout.

    We want top 5 skill, not get there and get smoked.

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