Coming Soon: Dylan Sikura

According to Chris Hine of the Chicago Tribune, Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman expects Northeastern forward Dylan Sikura to join the Blackhawks as soon as he can.

Just as John Hayden joined the Blackhawks last year immediately following the conclusion of his final collegiate season, it appears the Hawks plan on fast-tracking Sikura to the NHL roster.

Scott Powers of The Athletic reported in June that Sikura turned down a pro contract from the Blackhawks in March, opting to return for another college season.

Sikura, 22, was originally a sixth round pick (#178) by the Blackhawks at the 2014 NHL Draft. Last season he exploded at Northeastern for 21 goals and 36 assists in 38 games, and he’s continued his scoring pace in the new season. He has six goals and six assists in Northeastern’s first five games.

Listed at 5-11 and 165 pounds, he’s a left-handed shot.

16 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Dylan Sikura

  1. Let’s not forget the ‘SIZE” in talent, speed and size!! Look around the NHL and see where we stand? If not for the 10-1 shocker vs the Pens, the “reaper” would be loose!
    YES the “kids” need to develop!
    YES the jury is still out in Bouma, Wingels and Jurco!
    YES the “D” is showing signs of mania!
    YES puck control is an issue !
    BUT in Q we trust- keep juggling lines until the combinations come up +, tell SB what’s working/not working and let’s get this right by Christmas or another looooong summers coming?

  2. Look at Vegas and around the NHL. Speed is king and there are all kinds of guys, even on defense, who are smaller than you would expect, but fast and mobile and disciplined that are helping teams win. So I take this as great news as Sikura could be a nice piece for the Hawks to add.

    Having said that, the problems you mention are really concerning. The trend of allowing more shots that seemed to start last year has only continued. We are one of the worst teams at preventing shots, and no longer a possession team. Other teams have surpassed us in these areas as our guys have gotten older and they have out-drafted us. But we still have some nice talent on our team, upper level skill guys that are hard to find. So let’s see how Q and Stan can work to fix things as we move forward, because they have a real challenge on their hands this year, which has been a continuation of some of the problems from last year.

  3. We can dream that he will get sign in April but its not done yet .
    First ,,,look at the Kids we already have in Rockford and bring a few of them with the big team .

  4. We all said when trades were made this summer that this would be tough season and a work in progress. The foundation is set to improve through youth over next few years and our patience will be tried at times.
    Find it amusing how some people claim to have such great vision but all they can tell us is how bad is after the fact. Yes you can express doubts mostly anybody had at the time and go on about them, but fact is its over and done now you gotta find what the positive is today for going forward.

  5. Just pointing out there is 5 fwds and 4dmen one a rookie and a backup goalie who weren’t with team last year. A returning fwd who is still a rookie and a 2nd yr one playing no. 2 center for the first time and the one in article to be a deadline move. 2 dmen who couldn’t crack the lineup last year playing big roles. I think that qualifies as a work in progress that we need to be patient with.

  6. Good skater and good with the puck. From when I remember seeing him at the rookie camp 2 yrs ago. Definitely a small guy. Even if he comes it won’t be for some time still.

  7. This is why drafted diff. kind of place, juniors, college, free europe fa. When we didnt have a 1st pick, we had already drafted college guys and now these college guys are ready each yr coming up. Hayden, Snuggerud, Sikura, Gilbert.

    As soon as the Blackhawks organization saw, made the proper change. Going to get better as we go forward, when other teams TAM/EDM/TOR arnt going to be able to keep everybody.

    The other day it was updated this guy was up 13 pounds. Is he at 158 or 171 now. Team Speed.

  8. Ian ..thats how i see it also…Many new players needs time to adjust with Q system and the new players …
    20-30 games minimum .

  9. I think the younger players can be good as a group of them. Were looking good for the coming yrs regardless of what naysayer people think. Bowman wants thinks he needs to make big trade he will, Saad. He is three steps ahead of any of us with future roster plans.

  10. Burn it all down!!!!!

    Do a White Sox/Cubs type rebuild!

    Trade Toews & Kane for McDavid!

    Trade Keith & Seabrook for Doughty!

    (Sarcasm off)

  11. The Hawks will almost certainly agree to play Sikura in NHL games to entice him to sign after his college season ends. That essentially knocks one year off his (2-year) ELC so he can hit his first RFA contract after the 2018/19 season. That’s the one advantage the Hawks have by owning his draft rights because if Sikura decides to sign with another team (after August 15), that team can only offer him a 2-year ELC thereby pushing out his first RFA contract out to after the 2019/20 season.

    We’ll see how his senior season goes, but unless he regresses, he could be a very good player for the Hawks.

  12. Tony Z, the Cubs way. The Sox way is yet to be seen. Who did the Sox beat in the World Series again? Where are they at?

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