Connor Murphy Out 8 Weeks

As the Blackhawks opened camp on Friday morning, the injuries have begun.

The Hawks announced that defenseman Connor Murphy will miss eight weeks because of a back injury. That timeline puts him out until early November, which is when the Hawks expect Gustav Forsling to be available as well.

Chicago has a deep blue line to open camp but this news makes the competition for the NHL roster on opening night more interesting in the coming weeks.

13 thoughts on “Connor Murphy Out 8 Weeks

  1. Wow. So much for the long off season and being ready to go. Think about it. Murphy will have to get back in physical shape first, starting in mid to late November, then hope that his Coach actually has the desire to put him in and take somebody out.
    It looks like Murphy’s first game might not until December, realistically.

  2. Jokiharju is a right handed shot. All things being equal, I wonder if this affects the decision on him making the opening day roster. I wonder how much he would benefit from NHL minutes this early in his career. I also wonder how much of my wondering about him is a result of my disappointment at the Hawks doing very little to change a very underwhelming blue line form last year…

  3. That sucks. This guys needs to take it to another level and could be good.

    Look for high scoring games this yr, at least the first 25 games.

  4. The HAMMER is still missed. Murphy is at best a 6th dman so not much of a loss except too expensive. Hopefully, he can be packaged for a trade in December for a draft pick or a winger.

    JOKI will play in NHL this season. Seabs hopefully returns health! We need him for 82 games.
    Worried sbout Crow state of mind. He looks very dazed and confused.

  5. Also, how did Murphy get hurt?
    Off topic, wondering if anyone on the Chicago alumni is aware of what has happened to Joe Murphy? It is a very sad story that I hope the alumni can get involved and help this once very good NHL player.

  6. Jake Dotchin, waived and let go by Tampa tonight. A young right-handed defenseman who lost his spot in the top 6 last year with the Lightning when they added McDonough and previously Girardi.

    Hmmmm. Strange.

  7. Craig sounds like Dotchin reported to camp out of shape. They waived him to terminate his contract because of a breach.

  8. Going to rally around the young guys.
    They are the wave that’s needed to get back to top3 team roster wise.
    Crow is one thing, might have to have another goalie by the time were deep.

    Make no mistake this team will be deep again and have a shot at a 4th Cup, once were deep again, for a good 5 or more yrs.

    With the Crow thing, really like the idea of loading the D draft wise and doing whats needed ufa/trade wise to shape the FW. Which we already have most of.

    Paging 72. Your number is still available if you come back.

  9. Joe Murphy situation sounds so much like CTE, and is very troubling the NHL and NFL is not offering more proactive support for their players with serious health issues, and the scientific research that can potentially help them.
    These guys are modern gladiators and giving their lives for the sports they play.

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