15 thoughts on “Corey Crawford To Have Appendectomy

  1. Wow…no Toews, no Crawford…no problem!

    How long does a person need to recover from an appendectomy?

  2. Haha. Speaking from experience mining man…he probably had it laproscopically. They said no heavy lifting for a month. Granted Crawford is in better shape than I. Getzlaf had this last year. 2 weeks you feel good enough but not comfortable. 3 weeks 80%.

    The problem is the Hawks don’t have the cap space to simply put Crawford on IR and be able to call someone up. So that means LTIR which is 3 weeks. So he’s probably out till Christmas or New Years. Even if he’s good to go before then they don’t really have any other options without sending someone down.

  3. Getzlaf had a timetable of 4-12 days, returned closer to 12. His case sounds peculiar based on how they described it. It had been an issue for a few weeks prior to surgery. Which doesn’t sound like it was a normal case

    William Nylander had appendicitis at the world juniors last year,after he was concussion by a hit. What’s interesting there is that being in Europe they choose to try and pump you full of antibiotics in the hopes of not needing surgery. So he didn’t need to have surgery.

    Even if it was done laproscopically as mine was, you still have a risk of causing a hernia. 9 days after mine, I went to a Sox game. Moving around fine and no pain. But by the 7th inning it was getting uncomfortable and had to walk around.

  4. No Toews no Crow ,.,.OH NO . Wheel fell off the wagon in the second period for sure . This will be a real test for the team to say the least . What the crap is going on with the p.p. looks like a discombobulated mess , as i asked before ,..,who runs our special and i mean special teams ?

  5. Unless toews comes back right away and they would have to make a roster move and be room to call up a goalie

  6. Putting Crawford on IR or LTIR opens up a roster spot for Toews…but they still need a roster spot for the new goalie they bring in.

  7. Yes then they would need to move a skater off roster because they d have 22 and that would open a spot to call up a goalie

  8. But if he’s put on LTIR you delay the other roster move. Open up a roster spot and salary to call up probably a goalie.

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