Corey Crawford, Blackhawks Shut Out Dallas

The news wasn’t great as the Blackhawks took the ice to face the red-hot Dallas Stars. Dylan Strome was a surprise scratch; the team reported he was in concussion protocol and wouldn’t be in the lineup. Matthew Highmore did dress; Chicago went with a full compliment of 12 forwards (thankfully).

Dallas came out and controlled the pace early but then the game turned into a track meet. The action was fast and furious but Corey Crawford was superb.

At 11:20 into the first Brandon Saad bwat Anton Khudobin to give Chicago a 1-0 lead.

It was the 100th goal for Saad as a member of the Chicago Blackhawks, making him the 46th player in organization history to reach that benchmark. The assists went to Alex Nylander and Erik Gustafsson.

Among players from the 2011 NHL Draft, only Nikita Kucherov (196), Gabriel Landeskog (180) and Mark Scheifele (159) have scored more goals than Saad, who scored 55 in his two seasons with Columbus. Landeskog (second) and Scheifele (seventh) were first round picks that year; Kucherov (58th) and Saad (43rd) were selected in the second round.

After 20 minutes of play the goaltenders were the story. Chicago held a 12-9 shot advantage and one-goal lead on the scoreboard but both netminders were terrific.

Not much changed in the second period – except Kirby Dach no longer taking faceoffs. Dach won two of three draws in the first period but Ryan Carpenter was centering Patrick Kane and Alex DeBrincat for most of the second period.

Dallas really brought it but the Blackhawks – collectively – did a great job keeping the puck out of the net. Calvin de Haan kept a loose puck that has slipped through Crawford out of the net at one point. Chicago was credited with 11 blocked shots through 40 minutes.

After two periods the shots were 23 for both teams but, thanks to Crawford, the score remained 1-0 in favor of the Hawks. Kane had been on the ice for 15:14 of the first 40 minutes with one shot on net.

Chicago’s defense was very active. Olli Maatta was credited with three shots on net in the first two periods and Chicago’s defensemen were taking the puck deep frequently.

The Hawks got their first power play in the middle of the third period and took advantage. Kane rifled a shot into the back of the net to extend his personal point streak to 13 games.

DeBrincat and Andrew Shaw picked up the assists on Kane’s 12th of the year.

At the time of Kane’s goal Chicago had an 11-4 shot advantage in the third period. Dallas was playing for the second consecutive night and Chicago’s tempo was wearing on them.

Dallas pulled Khudobin with just under three minutes left and Connor Murphy found the empty cage to extend the lead to three.

The goal was unassisted and is Murphy’s second of the year.

That’s where the score would end.

The shutout is the 26th of Crawford’s career. He ranks seventh in Blackhawks history in that department and is two from catching Mike Karakas and Jocelyn Thibault. He’s four behind Eddie Belfour for fourth in franchise history.

Chicago ended up with a 38-32 shot advantage in the game. Both netminders were exceptional.

Jonathan Toews won 10 of 22 faceoffs in 17:01. Kane finished the night with three shots on net in 21:53.

Keith, Murphy and de Haan were the defensemen over 20 minutes for Chicago. Brent Seabrook was the only defenseman without a shot on net. Seabrook, Keith and de Haan led the way with three blocked shots each. de Haan also led the blue line with four hits.

Shaw led Chicago with five hits.

Dach didn’t take a faceoff after the first period. He skated 15:01 with one shot, one blocked shot and one takeaway.

49 thoughts on “Corey Crawford, Blackhawks Shut Out Dallas

  1. The Hawks’ goaltending is Stanley Cup champion caliber. Crawford is a proven commodity — x 2 — in that respect. If the Hawks had a good coach they would have a chance to win the Cup. Assuming they make the playoffs. Which is a tough assumption bc they are behind the 8 ball in lost points bc of the coach. Bc of Bowman who chose the coach.

    Anyway, we ll take it for tonight.

  2. As close to a 60 minute game as I’ve seen this season. Crawford was money tonight for sure. No complaints.

  3. Excellent 3rd period holding the lead. Not sure how we had the lead after 2 periods, awful passing looked like keystone cops. Special teams very good, Crow was amazing and defense was as physical as I can recall. Connor Murphy was really solid. Did Dach have more time skating or on his ass? -lol! He is going to be a good one but growing up in the NHL can be humbling.

  4. Good game tonight, still a little iffy clearing the puck out of the defensive zone, At least they are starting to shoot more, not always on net but the shots were up.
    Let’s hope this starts some momentum going forward.

  5. Hawks win. Less crybaby comments from some people. I offer to proofread all summaries from now on. “At 11:20 into the first Brandon Saad bwat Anton Khudobin to give Chicago a 1-0 lead.”

  6. Well deserved shutout for Crawford, made some big stops. Total shot count was down but high danger chances 16 – 9 in favor of Stars shows how tough it was for Crawford. Good to see pp helping out with one, put the puck to net instead of pass, pass, pass and good things happen.
    Pretty solid effort, keep it going against Avs Fri and Sat and then Blues on Mon.

  7. Crawford was spectacular and the defense was physical.Debrincat looked much better playing faster with more dangerous shots on net.Tough for Dach given that he has not played center but he can pick it up on the run.Dallas looked much better than Saturday night for 2 periods but ran out of gas in the 3rd. Rest up boys,Colorado plays fast and has no over the hill slugs slowing them down.

  8. I love Highmore’s energy all over the ice. Looks like he belongs.

    Saad scored. Then later, Nylander gave Toews a beautiful pass in the 2nd period and Toews just missed wiring it into the top corner. Would’ve been sweet. Hopefully that line gets going.

    Let’s hope Hawks get their rest then come out flying Friday in front of the holiday crowd and take it to Colorado.

  9. Yeah Dach does spend a lot of time on the ice but finally he got the TOI he’s deserved for weeks now (15 minutes) and he and contributed to an impressive win although it could have easily gone DAL’s way if not for CC – when Strome comes back they need to keep Dach in the top 9

    Murphy was great all game long – nice to se him pot the EN goal

    DCat managed the puck much better and Toews also had a great game – no points but was key on first two goals, was a force all night and a plus 2

    That’s 2 games in a row where they competed their asses off – let’s see if they can keep it up

  10. There it is right there.

    The Hawks’ goaltending is Stanley Cup champion caliber. Crawford is a proven commodity — x 2 — in that respect. If the Hawks had a good coach they would have a chance to win the Cup.

    We have a good team, just not sure on systems and stuff.

    Kust think about how good were going to be once young wavers get established.

  11. Wrap, this is what I meant about sch and playing good again. Once we got past those two games and first 10 min, we havc the energy again.

    Not sure about F with a little extra space to next game but think, even though back to back we could do good SA and STL games.

    It doesant mean we win or lose or tie, just that it makes a big difference in our energy compete, when its normal which is spaced out properly enough.

  12. One of the best defensive efforts of the year. Dmen handled the slot like not seen very often with the Blackhawks in recent years. Seabrook very physical in tying players up. Murphy had an outstanding game. Crow with the big saves when needed.

    Those 10 feet in front of our net were not the easy area they usually are for opponents.

  13. I thought Dach struggled. He was leaving pucks behind that he normally captures. He made some decent plays and he definitely belongs. I was hoping he might take advantage of this great opportunity but didn’t feel he did.

    Duncan Keith made some egregious turnovers. I can think of at least 3. Some of them just leave you shaking your head.

    DeBrincat did not make as many turnovers as usual. He has been a bit better about that lately and when he makes them, they aren’t as dangerous to the Hawks as they had been earlier in the year. He will start scoring again. Some feel he has been disappointing because he is trading goals for assists, but when your game is multi-dimensional, it will make for more scoring at some point. He was not going to repeat last year’s shooting percentage. His percentage is quite low now, so it will revert more to the norm at some point. His snipe on the power play caused the rebound which led to the puck coming back to him so he could feed Kane. Just keep sniping Alex. If Kane is the one that scores, we’re all fine with it and know that you are too.

    Without Crow, we would probably be complaining about this game. Lots of chances for Dallas and some defensive breakdowns. Khudobin was great too.

    I am still a fan of Kubalik. When he was scratched a couple games ago, he said in an interview that he needed to be better. He did not seem to resent the scratch. Or maybe he is just media savvy.

    I wonder if Strome got hurt in practice.

    These two Chicago/Dallas games have been great fun to watch.

  14. Crow and Lehner are part of the team. Teams have good OFF or good DEF and the few teams that have top 5 quality goalie are lucky. But its no difference then having another top 3 Defensemen or a top 6 FW. Yea were lucky to have the good goaltending no more then other teams are lucky to have more good D or high end FW.

    We might get save by goalies other teams get save by having one more D man or high end FW. Overall its the same.

    We could add another top Defensemen though in summer. Liek poeple say we have to have to win.

  15. No matter what happens with the record this yr. You can see were on the verge, roster wise, to have good records or good enough records, to make playoffs. Like these teams that get the luxury of being 15-8 and not worry about this game or that game, points wise.

  16. It’s evident that the reduced workload is a positive for Crow and some healthy, friendly competition. 3 of 4 points nice-Dallas looked tired, and they have had a good run.

  17. Yea, looks like us when we were tired at the end of 6 in 9 days. In the CAR and TAM games.

    They did really good 11-0 where we went 6-1-1 but they are primed after a good yr last yr. We need to get to that point.

  18. Two great games against Dallas for fans of both teams to watch. Another goaltending duel of high quality. Refs let lots of stuff go in the 1st especially for Dallas. It was a special team win for Hawks when the final buzzer sounded. A much needed win at home against a quality team. Hawks were lucky they got the Stars on back end of a back to back that included travel. To their credit Stars came out aggressive with a good forecheck. Hawks weathered the storm and then countered with good pressure on Dallas net. This was a big home game win for the Hawks. If they can beat Avs and then Blues early next week at the UC I will start feeling better about team direction.

    Wow, Saad actually used his hands to redirect a puck into the net. More please! I have been very impressed with Toews work ethic of late. He is really working hard. Hopefully some goals come for him soon.

    I was impressed with Hawks playing much better team defense in the 3rd last night.

    I just wish Hawks forwards would be physically tougher on opposing d men. Our guys get pounded in their own end almost every game. Why not give a little back? It gets contagious when team mates play physical. I suppose that is just the DNA this Hawks team has had now for some years, which has been infused by SB player acquisitions. Hawks do have players that can hit, but most of the time they simply do a fly by or a small rubout.

    Anyone else see the nasty crosschecks Bortuzzo laid on Arvidsson a few days ago?What a dick that guy is. Absolute intent to injure. Four games was waaay to soft a suspension for a career cheapshot repeat offender like Bortuzzo.

    Let’s Go Hawks!

  19. It’s amazing that when the players back check and help the defense and the goaltending is solid all of the little things that drive people crazy completely disappear.

    We all look a little quicker, we look a little more physical and we break out of our zone with more authority.

    Dach STILL has to learn where he has to be in our defensive zone for the pass coming off the boards. He has to stop and not do a “fly by”. He almost cost us a goal. I get it, the kid is only 18. I get it.

  20. 40 games would still not be fair. If its real dirty league shoule ddo 80 to 162 games. Any body worried about cheap shot artists pay salary, then just suspend pay for 4 games and the player and team caphit for the 80 to 162 games. Thats what Torres should have got.

    Anyways, there not ever going to do the penaltys right or the suspensions right so would only talk about it every once in awhile, even though its there.

    Think once the team gets more used to the system, then we hit more. Maybe not want to get out of position when, we still do not know where to be? just yet. By then if we do not hit, sure, you gotta think once we get more comfortable with where were going the FWs will hit more like your saying.

  21. Hawks sure were active last night protecting Crow with lots of Stars shots deflected and blocked. It’s all about give a damn commitment. Crow also very good with rebound control too, and not giving up second chances along with help from d men. Now if they could cut down on turnovers resulting in odd man rush semi-breakaways..Hawks point players turning over pucks and it’s off the races every game.

    Let’s Go Hawks!

  22. Phil if they clean up the odd man rushes and comtinue to get elite goaltending, which no reason to think they can’t, then if they start getting a positive impact from both pp and pk on a regular basis certainly could make this team very competitive on what is misssing right now, night in night out basis.

  23. Phil thanks for pointing out Toews’ effort. Every so often you realize just how good this guy would have been point total wise in his career, if he was just a one dimensional player.

  24. I think the NHL should rethink the age thing with players playing in the AHL. If an 18 yr old signs a pro contract, he should be play in a professional league like the AHL. Dach needs to be in Rockford, learn the pro game, learn to play the 200 ft game he was drafted for. At this point of his career he is not a centerman. This game is proof, he looked out of place, did not contribute to the line he was on and again is manhandled consistently along the boards and spends too much time laying on the ice. Hopefully in the next 2 yrs he gets stronger, learns how to take faceoffs and can win some board battles.

  25. To be a top 5 team again, you have to have a very good PK or maybe PP. Most top teams have that PK up there top 5/10 and PP is decent.

    Were on our way back to that.

    To have a better then decent PP is even better.

    Right need to get better at or Do those things in other areas, that we can control. Players or system. Watch this system turn out to be good after awhile, that be funny.

  26. Thing about regresion to and form the mean, is ture, but when the goalies are this good. Were talking top 5 here, these guys have done this with shtty Defense and system.

    Now we got adjustment to system and 5 back. When we have 44 and 5 playing we are Way better team.

    Not having 44 or 5 is like playing with a Nomral back up goalie on a team that has there Defense players playing.

    No regression for these goalies. The question is how good are we as a team once we get act together and have system that works well.

  27. Days, yea it didnt ever makes sense to me why, red coats like Hayes could dis honor the country his self his family and tuck tale and run for another team that didnt draft him.

    Then you have things like this where the player should be able to play AHL or NHL and it not be high school or NHL pick one and your stuck with it.

    Makes a lot of sense, like suspensions.

  28. Dach prob gets knocked down more, because he is not a puusy and go into the battle areas everytime basically.

    Hes a lot better then the first 5 games where I asked how can he get better at not getting slammed into boards and so much.

  29. Dach was fine – he made mistakes but overall he didn’t look out of place plating a quality opposition and centreing Kane except for FOs and I don’t he took hardly any of those anyway

    He seemed more defensively aware and responsible than Strome IMO in that role and handled the puck well plus nearly scored on Kane’s pass all against a higher QOC than he’s used to

    For his first full game in that role he was fine – he keeps getting better

    People love to point out every mistake he makes and say he’s not carrying the water but a lot of people also wanted to send him back to the WHL but he keeps proving them wrong

    Have a little faith – he’s coming along just fine

  30. Considering Dach’s adjustment he had to make in his game at this early stage pf his career to play with 88 and 12, thought he did ok. Wonder how he would do with 20 and 19 after Strome returns. More consistency on the wing with them could help there.

    If teams took all the drafted players they wanted out of junior leagues and put them in Ahl, the junior leagues would suffer. The Chl is the Nhl’s number one feeder league and ensuring the survival of it, is important to the Owners. Thats why they have an agreement with them not to use players in Ahl unless they meet certain requirements. The Ahl actually allows 18 year olds, so without the Nhl/Chl agreement they in Ahl.

  31. @Ian – once 17 returns I think Dach should play either with 19 and 20 like you were suggesting and move 92 down to 4th line or with 8 and 65 and move Kampf to 4th line

  32. I think I’d prefer Dach to play with 8 and 65 but I would understand rationale for putting him with 19 ad 20 also

  33. Have him play a bit with 20 19 at first and 92 to 4th like Wrap. Then go with that 3rd of 77 65 8. That seems like it belongs and is right for this yr.

    Try both when theres a time and this is one of them.

  34. Good time to play the Avs. Their missing 4 forwards including Rantanen, Landeskog, Wilson. IMO I would like to see Dach with Toews. To me Nylander has been non existent the last few games. Liked Highmore ‘s first game

  35. If Strome is going to be out for awhile it might be a good idea to get Dach used to playing center.On the road where you can not get the matchup that you want let him play with 65 and 8.Carpenter helped out Strome and Debrincat so he could win faceoffs and dig the puck out for 88 and 12.I know it was just 1 game but 12 looked a hell of a lot better without being preoccupied with slowing down and trying to get 17 the puck.He looked more like last year last night.

  36. Wrap think getting 19 and 20 going consistently is mist important if he helps there, rather than playing with 8 and 65 just to replace Kampf, who has been one of the steadier 2way players so far. Nylander on top line is one dimensional, basically when involved and none dimensional when not, which is often.

  37. Days I don’t know what game you were watching but Dach held his own imo. If you send him down who takes his place? He’s way better than what’s in Rockford and his work ethic is spot on. He’s learning on the fly and not hurting this team at all.

  38. Connolly would have fit in nicely as a rugged right winger for TEOWS and SAAD. Otherwise, a player like a Josh Anderson on right wing (size and speed) is what this team needs desperately! A real prospect that can skate, score and has size! Like a Jake Debrusk, Blake Wheeler, Tkachuk, Evander Kane…etc….
    Wedin, Kubalik, Cagg, Highmore, Hagel etc… not top 6 players with game changing attributes! Stan and Kelley need to find prospects like this or simply move on and find real scouts!

  39. Don’t buy that needs to play center crap at all Hull. If he has what it takes to be a center thats where he will end up. If he can thrive at winger early in his career, nothing wrong with that. Remember Mark Messier, went to his first all star game as a winger and to hall of fame as a center. Many others started their careers as wingers and went on to be fine centers as they matured. Try again.

  40. Interesting looking for a better fit for 20 19 line and 12 is moving his ass better without 17.

    This could be the time, because we have to, to find something that we need for these lines. That we werent looking for but will because we have to when guys are banged up.

    Watch Highmore or Wedin find a spot and do really good.

  41. If CHL players under ELC contracts play in the AHL, that opens up roster spots in Juniors, would not hurt their league one bit. Dach needs to learn the center ice position in the AHL and if that doesn’t work out, hopefully you have a power fwd winger….nothing wrong with that.

  42. Days thats like saying you could solve Nhl teams cap issues by letting top players go play in europe for a tear or 2. who do you think draws more fans, it hurts the league possibly to point of folding without the top players.

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