Corey Crawford, Blackhawks Shutout Wild

They started chanting his name 20 seconds into the game, so Blackhawks goaltender Corey Crawford acknowledged the fans in the State of Hockey by shutting out their team.

Crawford played an exceptional game, forcing fans on Twitter ask “how did that not go in?” on multiple occasions. He stopped all 30 shots he faced and looked like the confident netminder the Hawks saw early in the regular season.

It only took one goal to beat the Wild, and it came from Patrick Kane.

Kane’s fourth goal of the series is equal to the number of times Minnesota has scored on Crawford over three games. His tally came on the Blackhawks only power play of the game, and came with just under six minutes left in the first period.

From there, Crawford made every big save necessary for one to be enough and the skaters in front of him helped out with a strong effort to extend the Hawks lead to 3-0 in the series.

The Hawks were dominant at the dot, winning 37 of 59 faceoffs. Jonathan Toews led the way, winning 15 of 22 in 19:02 on Tuesday night. Andrew Shaw, who picked up an assist on Kane’s goal, won seven of nine while Antoine Vermette won five of nine in the victory.

Duncan Keith continued his superhuman postseason, skating 29:22 and 41 shifts; Kimmo Timonen was on the ice for only 5:44 and 10 shifts.

Bryan Bickell skated only 11:58 but still led the Hawks with five hits. Teuvo Teravainen led Chicago with four shots on net, and his confidence with Vermette and Patrick Sharp continues to climb. That line has looked dangerous on every shift over the last two games, and Sharp was the victim of several of Devan Dubnyk’s best saves on Tuesday.

Dubnyk stopped 21 of 22 in the loss.

Brent Seabrook, Johnny Oduya and Michal Rozsival were credited with four blocked shots each as the Hawks blocked 19 Minnesota attempts in addition to the 30 that made it to Crawford. The Wild also had 16 shots miss the target as they dominated the puck in the third period.

The win is the 36th playoff victory for Crawford, moving him past Ed Belfour into sole possession of second in Blackhawks franchise history. He is nine behind Tony Esposito for the club’s all-time mark… a number that would be equaled if he leads the Blackhawks the distance in these playoffs.

We’ll see if the fans are as quick to chant Crawford’s name again in Game Four. The series could end on Thursday night, as the Hawks go for the sweep in Minnesota.


67 thoughts on “Corey Crawford, Blackhawks Shutout Wild

  1. Hey Wall, tell me all you do not know about the Chicago Blackhawks. “Won’t go deep in the playoffs” I have three or four other quotes that are very funny.

  2. I’m not one to taunt but,,, Teuvo is surely a bust. LOLOLOL. Hossa is old and ineffective bwahahaha!! Q has no idea what he’s doing LMFAO. This team is worse than last year and won’t sniff a deep post season run. Huh?

    Tab how do you get these articles posted so quickly after the game? Are you writing as the game goes along?


  3. Faceoffs. We all know how important it is to win that battle, especially in the playoffs where puck possession is key. Tonight was incredible. Somebody tell me the last time we won the Faceoffs battle by almost 20? Incredible. This workmanlike confidence borne of experience is pretty cool to witness. Good job boys!!

  4. Travelling … Watched game streaming on phone in the car ( wife driving) … Could hers the Craaaawww-Fooorrd chants loud and clear.. To no avail’ Battery on
    1%!… Read you guys when I get home

  5. Incredible strength down the middle by the Hawks, and with Shaw playing a wing and taking F/Os the Hawks are dominating the Wild Centres. Crawford obviously looked his best tonight and seems to be much more confident as he is spending much less time down on his knees. A necessary shout out to Michael Roszival who did what was expected of him. He is the key for the Hawks to win another Cup. With Keith’s legs, the Hawks can play 5 DMen every game and bypass Timonen, but Rozy must play solid, significant minutes to achieve this and he did tonight! He blocked shots, used his stick well, kept Wild players to the outside and took the body. If this Michael Roszival continues to show up, the Hawks are looking at another Cup as our forwards and strength down the middle of the ice are allowing us to dominate. As it has been throughout this series, every single important draw is being won by the Hawks which is diffusing any momentum that the Wild can generate! Nice simple game plan by Q as well, the Hawks kept it simple and executed the little things well!

  6. Crawford was very aggressive and had outstanding puck control and command of his crease. Kudos to the Hawk forwards for continually getting back on defense. Toews did a great job of neutralizing Parise. The Wild seem very tentative entering our zone. They must be scared to death of Hawk counter strikes and odd man rushes. Great effort by the boys, finish them off Thursday and rest for the Ducks.

  7. Ernie, no, my wife and I listen to WGN, watch the tube. Time delay adds humor, reduces frustration and my swearing .

  8. Despite being out shot I thought the Hawks were in control for most of the game. Hawks need to work on shooting at empty nets though. One of these days missing open cages to salt away a game will come back to bite them. Glad that one is over, Wild threw everything at the Hawks in the third period but Crawford held on.

  9. Awesome efforts from the 3rd and 4th lines. Kruger was once again a quiet killer. If we continue to get solid 4 line production I like our chances. Hats off to Crow for a great shutout tonight and for his intestinal fortitude to turn things around at such a critical time.

  10. Johnny Gaudreau just channeled Kaner with an amazing shot to tie the Ducks with 19 seconds left in the 3rd. Hopefully the Flames can win a few games in the series.

  11. Hawks very lucky. At least from my seats. This team is not built to go deep from where I sit. My seats telll me this team is a joke and TT is a bust. Q did the best he could with this garbage, he told me at the super secret season ticket holder meeting where I told him how to beat the Wild. Seems he is listening. I know more than all of you. Trust me…Wild in 4…Hawks do not have a prayer.

  12. A great all around game by the Hawks. Patience and simple plays is when they preach and tonight they followed the plan very well. Course, it’s good to have the goalie pitch a shutout to be able to stick with the patient and simple game plan, as well as scoring the first goal of the game (for the third straight game). But, it’s still kudos to the Hawks for staying disciplined when their natural inclination is to create and try to score. Only two times do I recall a player trying to get fancy and both times it resulted in a turnover and a rush the other way. Both times it was Saad who isn’t prone to that stuff so hopefully he learned and doesn’t do that anymore.

    And I would be remiss if I didn’t give Rozsival a big atta-boy. He played pretty well tonight and actually has played pretty well in the 2nd game too. We can handle Timonen getting only 5 or 6 minutes if Rozy plays this well. Keep it up Rozy – we need ya.

    And yeah, it’s nice to have 4 solid lines again. Something we were at least one line short of last seasons playoffs. Richards and Vermette at 2C/3C instead of Handzus and Shaw – BIG improvement.

    One more time on Thursday. Keep playing the same way boys.

  13. Rosy was not as noticeable as other nights. That’s a good thing. Kudos to him for having a good game.

    Hey Wall, if CC continues to be shakey in goal, we are hoisting another cup. I know, I know, it was the team in front of him.

    Great game…COREY! COREY! COREY! Actually, he responds better to CRAWFORD! CRAWFORD! CRAWFORD!!!

    Go Flames!!! Please extend your series.

    Go Hawks!!!

  14. That was an incredible show by Crow, in just 1.5 playoff series he has turned from the worst player on the ice to the best. Second best? If I could have one other player on the ice for 60 minutes it would be TT, that guy is really good and really hungry and quite honestly more dangerous from more spots on the ice than the best player in the league. His shots from outside the circles are unbelievable. 65 continues to impress, 16 and 11 aren’t too shabby either. 4 showed speed and skating I haven’t seen in the playoffs thus far, I’m sure he was playing injured for the past couple weeks. As president of the 32 fan club, I’d like to recognize his excellence in playing the point. Make no mistake, the Hawks cashed in all their puck luck tonight, but they were due. Minnesota was a hot team coming into the playoffs and into the series, I was not expecting a win tonight, one more and it’s off to Anaheim where I’ll actually get to see them play, and hopefully the Hawks can lay a big old turd on their cakewalk path to the cup.

  15. Ernie, YES, can’t put my finger on what he does that bothers me but I don’t like him on football either. And Marv Albert is his uncle I believe, who I think is one of the best of all time. My favs are Foley, John Kelly for STL. his dad might have been the best of all time on hockey, also like Forsland form NBCNET and Carolina and C. Cuthbert from canada and James Houson from canada, just saying.

  16. Notes from last night…

    1) Patrick Kane is good at hockey

    2) Corey is Craw-Some

    3) I wish Kane would have deferred that last shot attempt

    4) 3-0

    5) Great game top to bottom… When the hawks play like that, they will not lose to anyone in the league.

  17. Best rebound control I have seen from CC is a looongg time. Nice job that completely neutralized and frustrated the Wild. I had been a 86 playoff skeptic, glad to see he’s proving me wrong as he seems to be quick enough to stay out of physical trouble (mostly), and is obviously clicking with 80 and 10.

    Speaking of 80, another excellent game, the strength of this team up the middle is vastly different than past few years, kudos to Stan Jr. for pulling the trigger and going for it with his deadline trades. Related- hope we’ll re-sign 11, he’s a keeper and great fit for reasonable price tag.

    Great to see Calgary come back and make it more interesting out west. Go Flames!

  18. Btw- for all the 44 criticism (as fair and reasonable as it is), I’ll wager you that IF we hoist the Cup that’s who 19 hands it to..

  19. The Wild continue to play Mild, too mild and not nearly as physical when they BEAT the BLUES! The Blues series took toooo much out of them. A very well played defensive game by the Hawks. We’re Lucky that Webber was out and he took with him all the physical play out of the Pred series and no Stewart also helps take it out of the game last night. The wild even look tired on the ice except for Zack and Suter is playing poorly too, The wIld may not recover from this, they made no adjustments really and should be swept. IMO Their speed is over rated , they are no faster than Hawks but are good at transitions which gives an average fan an illusion of speed.

    The Crow Show! Not much more to say but that he was “over due” for a great game and maybe this sparks a 3 or 4 game run for him.

    Vermette was average, as we begin to expect him to play more consistent on the dump and chase and close “FASTER” on the puck, he still likes to float. TnT has earned the starters role, doing so much right, makes such fast and right decisions with the puck.

    Our defensive parings will give us trouble vs the DUCKS, But i think Q is just trying to save minutes if he can . . . vs. Ducks it will be the Core Four back again, Ducks to big and quick for the “odd couple”

    the playoffs are really another season the regular season is borderline meaningless, Hawks don’t even need home ice, no one does, so just make the playoffs healthy!

    Go Hawks,

  20. Hawks D-men did get trapped below the dots last night a few times. Hawks did what they do that is get back on defense. It will happen as we are asking d-men to carry the offense at times.

    I would need to watch the game again as it seemed Toews played well but not sure Q had him matched up all night with ZACK. I think Zack is the heart of the team and played very well as he almost always does.

    The only advantage the Hawks have is experience and they role 4 good lines that Q does not have to worry, wait and hurry with match ups, not vs. the wild! The Ducks with that 2 big line maybe but Hawks play 4 lines and interchangeable.

    Wild as said way back when also just dont have many “pure scorers” even Vermette for the Hawks is a pure scorer, as is Sharp, Toews, Kane, Kieth, Bick, Richards, Saddd etc. so KANE is purest of all but we got some real depth.

    Stay Healthy and it is on to the CUP, the Ducks series will be brutal and the Flames are not punishing them too much. Rest is good makes for great hockey!

  21. Booman- you do realize that Crow/Hawks played in two series – so far this year right?

    Jax- please share ALL of my quotes- for everyone to read- and TRY to embarrass me…

    I am going to share ALL of your memoarble/original thoughts and quotes right now… I’m done!!!!!

    You are right- I did say that– But you see,, not even me nor Nostradamus could have predicted SD baling out CC/Hawks in 1st series… I didn’t calculate/predict SD setting NHL record for saves in PO win in relief… I couldn’t predict SD saving Hawks and Q having balls to Bench the $6M superstar Crow… I couldn’t predict SD out winning and out playing Crow in 1st series…. OH- wait a minute maybe I did!!! But I did not think SD would get the net that much… so – yes – I was wrong – I guess

  22. People that come on right after a win to mock someone’s outside the box thinking are silly. I mean, it’s one thing if it’s Rufus spouting garbage with nothing to back it up, but Wall is spot on in regards to what he says about goalies, and there is data to back it up. However, most GM’s are willing to overpay for consistency in the goaltending position. We ALL (including Wall) want Crow to succeed because that means the Hawks have another parade in June.

    TT is like some freaky cross breed of Kane and Hossa. Obviously he isn’t as elite as those two (yet), but you see some of the things he does and you can’t help but be reminded. His hands in tight spaces remind you of Kane, his ferocity on the backcheck make you think of Hossa. I think his best play last night was on a back check at some point in the third.

    Patrick Kane is on his way to his second Conn Smythe. This is where you take a shot at Rufus because he said that Kane isn’t a playoff performer.

    On to the next one.

  23. TT and Sharp were great last nite… they could have easily had 2 goals each- from their “chemistry”… with this new found Chemistry… I hope that SB finds away to keep Sharp here w TT next year… gonna be really tough cap wise… the only way 10 stays is- a combo of 29,23, and maybe 50 are moved- imo

    Furthermore- I think on 2 of the Wild’s PP – Crow did not have to make a save…
    That is a pretty amazing team effort- as well as that one Wild possession- where it seemed like every Hawk on the ice- blocked a shot

  24. LOL what a game last night! Will the hawks sweep the Wild? It could happen! I think the Preds were the toughest Rival the Hawks will face. I think the Hawks can take the cup once again. Drop the puck, let’s do this.

  25. I didn’t expect this little desire out of the Wild. They look like they are done. Some of that may be due to their solid booster rocket since mid-January having finally burned out. The other is that it looks like the Hawks have finally figured out their lines and are getting contributions from top to bottom. The 10-80-86 line looks extremely dangerous every time they are out there. That could easily be a #1 line on many other teams and that’s our 3rd line. Even when the 4th line was out there for an extended shift against Parise’s line they chased the puck for awhile, but snuffed it out. Just tremendous contributions from all involved.

    What a game by Crawford. It had to feel good sticking it to the fans who started chanting his name the second the puck dropped. State of Hockey might want to hold off until they actually score a goal before they start that again.

    Last thing – I love that the Hawks can just choke the life out of a game with a lead in the 3rd. It may not be pretty or exciting but they have it down to a science.

    Wall.. you make me laugh. You are nothing if not consistent. Never change.

  26. Yeah Ernie, Kenny Albert is horrible. And I know exactly what it is about him that ticks me off… he doesn’t get excited at the most intense moments. Either the game is too fast for him to pick up, in which case he has no business being a hockey announcer, or he doesn’t have a good feel for the theatre of sports. A shot from the slot is tenuous. A loose puck in the crease is white-knuckle. But his voice conveys neither. He gets just as excited during those moments as he does from sharp angle shots or unscreened shots from the point.

    The other knucklehead announcers are Micheletti and, of course, Pierre. I can only watch on NHL Gamecenter, so I don’t get Foley’s golden pipes. How I miss him.

    CROW! Bring it home boys!

  27. re: Chevrier – I wouldn’t characterize the Blackhawks dominance as a lack of desire on the part of the Wild. They’re playing their tails off. It’s more a case of the Blackhawks being too good, too deep and more healthy… I think Yeo may have Tortorella’d his key players with too much ice times since October and they’re running out of gas.

  28. Thanks Jax and Bill, just wanted to make sure I wasnt the only one. Bill, for me its a couple things I dislike about him. The first being his voice, just don’t like it. The other reason are his inaccuracies when calling the actual game. Calling Shaw-Kane, Teravainen-Shaw, Richards-Hossa, Vermette- Sharp. Come on dude, you get paid to do this.

    I hate when NBC covers it and we get someone other than Emerick. I don’t care for Strader either. They just call boring games in my opinion. A bit slow and lacking just a little bit of whats happening.

  29. Wall- outside of the great Dumba individual effort/shot/Corey biff, the Wild Power Play has done nothing. The Umbrella plays right into what the Hawks do well and Minnesota has been too dumb to adjust. The guy in the middle is constantly draped by a forward and their movement hasn’t been good enough to pull someone away from him for long enough.

    2013 – Kings play Blues. Hawks beat Blues next round.
    2014 – Hawks play Blues. Hawks squeak by Minnesota, lose to Kings.
    2015 – Wild play Blues. Wild… well it isn’t over yet, but you get the trend.

    Really wish that Richards buried his chance in the third, because the second line keeps getting hemmed in and if not for outstanding PDO, that line would not be looking too good.

    I really, really like playoff Bickell with Kane. Bickell causes so many turnovers in the offensive zone with an active body and stick, and Kane seems to always be there to make the right play when the puck finds him. Would be nice for BB to start pointing up, but you have to like his play so far.

  30. Hawks had all men on deck last night to play team defense. Special teams were special and along with strong play from Crow the Hawks got it done. Wild looked flustered and appeared to be gripping the sticks pretty tight as witnessed by so many shots missing the net from the kill zone in front of CC. I thought Kruger was heroic last night with his play. Kane is simply magical in playoffs. He is the mailman that delivers on time. I’m just loving this 4 line rotation Q is rolling. It is apparent that the Vermette Sharp, TT line is finding some real chemistry. Both Teuvo and Sharp could have put in 2 each last night. That line is becoming dangerous and presents match-up headaches for opposing teams. The win last night shows Hawks can adapt to just about any style needed to get the job done.

    The Wild know they are done, but it doesn’t mean a sweep is in the bag. Wild have no pressure tomorrow except to try and raise their game and force the series back here to the UC. As noted by earlier poster the absence of Stewart helped the Hawks I think. I was very surprised to see lack of physical play by the Wild apart from Cooke and Dumba delivering some rough stuff. Suter just looks gassed. Yeo can be criticized for overplaying that guy during reg season as his ave minutes are very high, and he isn’t the skater or as athletic a guy like Duncan Keith is.

    So barring a miraculous turn of events its going to be a barn burner conf final between the 2 best teams in the West. Both the Hawks and the Ducks have 4 good lines and solid d corps. Nice of Flames to burn Ducks last night. Flames didn’t play that great either from 2nd period on that I was able to watch, but got a clutch tally from Johnny Hockey at the end of reg. I have no love lost for the Ducks, and especially the rat-faced cheap shot artist Perry and Kesler. It will be a fun series to watch when it starts.

    Stay healthy Hawks and keep the line moving. They are almost half way to the prize.

    Lets Go Hawks!!

  31. Chev- Yes- I agree- Hawks look like they are in science class, tactically, taking apart the Wild…

    really – the last two games- Have been “stare downs”… who ever blinked first- would lose… The Wild relaxed on a PP in game 2- And HOF/Hossa Jumped on Suter and exploited him… all it took was – a Blink!!! as well as 2nd goal… Wild relexed on the Offsides- and a second later- 2/88 rang the bell!!!

    The Hawks are playing as focused as they ever have- perhaps dating back to 2010 when they Dissected the Sharks in the West… Just real business like in all zones…
    The ONLY guy I thought that made more than a couple mistakes last nite was Saad… He made 3-4 ill -advised passes…

    Tab- gotta agree- Wild have stood toe-to-toe… in the end perhaps- have a couple
    of injured (like Kings in 2013) , OR just not deep enough ( the Wild’s best/open net chances- have ALL missed the net), OR Hawks are just that Focused right now. Or just Tired from the “run” they have been on.

    The Wild are NOT playing with the same frenzy/speed – they played w last year vs. Hawks… probably a combination of reasons- why

  32. Fair point Tab, desire is probably the wrong way to put it. They want it just as badly as the Hawks do but they look like they are completely spent.

    This is (to me anyway) the difference between the Hawks and the Wild (and Preds and others). The Hawks remind me of Milton Berle, where they only have to take out enough to win. The do this over and over in the regular season pile up enough points and coast into the postseason. Then they have gas left in the tank and can whip out the full package when necessary. The Wild has been playing with their hair on fire for 4 solid months.

    Hopefully the Hawks can keep this going and we don’t get a half-effort game coupled with the occasional defensive meltdowns that we are used to seeing. If the Wild can get their mojo back and eek out a couple wins in games 4 and 5, look out. Not sure the Wild can pull it off but a couple bounces and one or two less crazy Crow saves and the story today is very different.

  33. Agree with poster who said he’d prefer to have seen 88 pass the puck at the game’s end as a dish assist to open net. Fully understand his score at all times mentality, but c’mon Bro, share the love.

    Speaking of loving it, the strength down the middle improvement the Hawks are boasting for this year’s playoffs has transformed our Cup aspirations, here’s our C/FO options vs last year for comparison:
    * Last year’s lines 1-4: Toews/Regin/Zus/Kruger (with Shaw as option)
    * This year: Toews/Richards/Vermette/Kruger (with Shaw and Desi as options). Note that Regin is in the AHL and Zus is out of the league.

    Now THAT is a HUGE difference.

  34. Speaking of announcers – totally agree regarding Kenny Albert. His cadence is much to slow for hockey. He calls a hockey game like he calls basketball and they require two totally different announcing styles.

    I’ve always loved the way hockey play-by-play guys call the game that matches the quickness of the play. Doc doesn’t quite match the speed but he calls a very good game. Pat Foley used to be great at it although he can’t keep up quite the way he used to. I like listening to Wideman because of his rapid-fire delivery. It just SOUNDS like hockey.

    Tab, any advice on how to avoid the dreaded “comments awaiting moderation.” I try to keep the cursing to a minimum but even that doesn’t always work.

  35. I just have to chime in on Kenny Albert. He sucks. His father Marv “the biter” Albert also sucks. It runs in the family. Give me Pat and Eddy anyday.

  36. Also speaking of announcers, couldn’t help notice that Pierre seemed awfully biased toward the Wild at the beginning of the series. I understand the urge to pull for the underdog, but his total lack of subtlety was getting under my skin. He always annoys me with his little puppy dog at Eddie Olczyk’s feet routine.

  37. @Chevrier – no idea why the filter randomly catches some & not others. I try to get stuff approved as quickly as I can if it gets caught up. Sorry

  38. Thanks Tab. Glad its a random thing to be left in waiting for moderation pool. I’m still in there with comments from around 9:00 this morning….

    Lets Go Hawks!

  39. I heard a report out of Minnesota that this morning at approximately 3:30 am, “Zach Parisi awoke from a restless slumber, in a cold sweat, screaming “I should have accepted the blackhawks offer in June of 2012! ” “I coulda been a winner!”

  40. Pierre was actually interviewed for the Pittsburgh GM position. He was asked back for a second interview and thought he had the job. I know he was assistant coach for Bowman back in the early 90s and was head coach briefly for Hartford which seemed to be a disaster but I couldn’t see him as GM after being an ‘announcer’ and hockey journalist. I notice the same things you guys do but I don’t get annoyed by him that much. It was funny during game 2 how Emrick was messing up whenever Vermette had the puck, calling him Versteeg and Teravainen I think. Wiedeman on radio has me thinking every play is about to be a goal. It kind of drives me crazy.

  41. Wall, you possess an outstanding hockey mind and speak the truth, if some people can’t handle it, who cares. Don’t get thin skinned on an anonymous internet chat board, as its a losing battle. The people here who know hockey appreciate your great posts!

    I agree with Tab that the Wild are running on fumes. The run that they HAD to go on just to make the playoffs was incredibly impressive, but it wasn’t over 10 or even 20 games. The Wild played .820 hockey over their last 42 games! That’s half a season! It must be taking a toll on them. And that’s not to diminish what the Hawks are doing, but the Wild are tired.

    Its funny how things work out. The Dalai Lama daily advises others NOT TO JUDGE any occurrence in the moment. His belief is that there is no bad, and as such, everything works itself out given the necessary time. When Kane went down with his injury, the initial reaction from almost every Hawk fan was “we’re done”. The Dalai Lama would have responded, “we’ll see”. Without Kane’s injury we simply would not still be playing hockey IMO. The trades that were made possible from his injury occurring (when it did) have put the Hawks over the top in the West and likely to the Cup now that Crawford is back on his game. Kane is completely rested and healthy and as another poster noticed, is well on his way to a 2nd Conn Smythe trophy.

    Crawford’s collapse at the beginning of the NSH series again was another blessing, given some time to see it. Crawford may have been tired from playing all those games down the stretch and needed a break. Scott Darling came in and showed the Hawks that he is a #1 goalie and during that time saved us in the NSH series. Now CC is back, rested and seemingly back on top of his game. Again, funny how things seem to always turn out well in the end.

  42. Deuce, “I could have been a contenda”. Parisie should have accepted the role “on the Chicago waterfront” instead of in a frozen meat shop in Minneapolis!

  43. Thanks, Tab! Never knew about Pierre’s special fondness for Parisse. That explains it!

  44. The Hawks have started out slow in the 2010 playoffs the Preds as well before they starting gaining momentum through out and on to the Cup. This is eerily similar to that run.

    The Hawks are simply the best team in the NHL for exploiting another teams weakness and shut down their strengths and make adjustments throughout a game and series. With the effort and 4 lines rolling and Crawford playing well all is good. I love the backchecking, it has been phenomenal in this series so far and the lines seem as great as can be so NO VERSTEEG. Go Hawks!!

  45. Disagree that the Wild are running on fumes. The Blues exploited a lot but are a bunch of bozos and couldn’t put them away. The Hawks, to their credit, have done a better job taking what is available and then shutting the door. Especially in games 2 and 3.

    The deeper and more talented team is winning. Minnesota has one legitimate threat offensively? Maybe 1.5 if you want to get liberal and 2 if you’re pandering to a national audience? “System” may win them games in the regular season or steal a playoff series like when Smith (for Phoenix) played out of his mind a few years back but otherwise they do not have the talent to go anywhere significant and never did.

    Like Nashville, who were very well coached, some of you all are giving this Wild team wayyyyyyyy too much credit talent wise. The Hawks are that good and the only major change is they are now simply playing like it.

  46. B&B
    Timely extrapolation and a great classic flick. Can’t help thinking that parisi has some regrets about that non-signing a few years back.

  47. You guys don’t get Bob Cole? He calls the games on the CBC/SN for the Blackhawks/Wild series and he is simply the best…ever. Guy is 80-81 years old, amazing. Last years Game 6 Blackhawks/Kings was the best called game I have ever heard. Calgary putting up the good fight…fascinating team and impossible not to dislike but I’m afraid the numbers game ( advanced stat guys, new school ) may catch up to them…maybe Giordano set to comeback in some capacity? Habs look done..Rangers/Caps who knows, leaving us the Ducks, then what? Tampa Bay? Getting excited…Final Exams June 1-June 5, IF we win Lord Stanley and the timing is right I’m heading to the Windy City to join in the festivities. If, if ,if …lets not take anything for granted yet at this point.

  48. JS, I said the same thing about STL taking toll on what teams they played these yrs here.

    AJ, that’s what I thought even though STL is a top team, they just do not have all the ingredients in the playoffs.

    By playing a good MIN team has taken our play to another level.

  49. I live not too far from Excel Energy Center. (Wishful) thought I heard the “Fat Lady” warming up her voice today?

    Reilly would be a nice add. As Morrison has pointed out many times, you cannot have too many prospects.

  50. Morrison, I think this is the first time Wild have had Hawks attention from game 1. Two years ago Q lamented Hawks did not get into playoff mode until game 4 at Detroit (Hawks loss to put them in 3-1 hole). Last year saw Wild control play for larger stretches. Crow “stole” game 6 clincher.

  51. Much has been written about 32 and 44. I bet 8 did not skate more than 10 minutes in most playoff games last year. Remember, 8 was healthy scratch at least once. We were fortunate to have 17 grace the ice for a few token shifts in those games. So, the minutes should not be much different this year vs last year for 2, 4, 7, 27. 32 ice time may be a bit higher this year.

  52. MM, yes Bob Cole very good, did not hear him much the last 2 years. Best call ever, give me Dan Kelly 1987 Canada Cup, Russia/Canada—Gretzky and Mario, Sorry I’m one of the old timers.

  53. Yes MM is agree Bob Cole is fantastic and Jim Hughson (the Vancouver Canuck lover) is brutal.

  54. BNS, you’re right, you can’t have to many prospects. But there is some picking and choosing. I believe an NHL club has a limit on total number of players under contract regardless of where they play. I think that number is 50. Someone please confirm or correct.

  55. Another Gameday… just feels right… lol

    Crazy night in the east. Habs and Rags on the brink. Hopefully the flames can continue to stretch out the Ducks.

    Gotta think Minny will be desperate tonight, but desperation breeds mistakes and there isnt a team that is better than making people pay for mistakes in the playoffs than the Hawks. Hossa, Keith, Toews, Kane… they are at their best making people pay for mistakes.

    I said Hawks in 5, but i’ll go ahead and say i was wrong… Hawks in 4 here! I just dont see them losing, short of Crawford just sh***ing the bed.

  56. Mike, you are right… only 50 under contract. I found this breakdown on the Oilers site… it from a few years ago, but it kinds sums up the roster limits and i dont think anything from it has changed.

    “Teams have four different “roster” limits to balance under the league’s regulations; a 20-player “dressed list” for games, a 23-player active NHL roster, a 50-contract maximum, and a 90-player maximum reserve list.

    Starting with the largest and working our way down, teams are only allowed to have up to 90 players on its reserve list, whether signed to a standard player contract or unsigned. From there teams are only allowed to have up to 50 players signed to contracts for any given season, including those for the players on the active roster and injured reserve lists. The unsigned players are draft picks of the club who have not yet been signed.

    Every player on the 23-person active NHL roster, plus any player on the injured reserve list, must be under contract (and count toward the 50 contract maximum) and every team must have at least 24 players and three goaltenders under an SPC. Beyond those parameters, a team has wide latitude to make up its 50 contracts. In actuality, most teams opt not to use the full 50-contract maximum to give the organization the flexibility to make roster moves – trades, waiver claims, or player signings – at any given time. Most teams carry a significant number of signed players at the minor professional level, AHL being the highest minor pro league in North America. Since these players are already signed to contracts, it’s easy for clubs to recall the player(s) to the NHL as needed.

    Other players may be signed to contracts but returned to the player’s junior club – most often this takes place between an NHL club the CHL). But 18 and 19-year-old players assigned to their team in the CHL do not count against the 50-contract maximum, until they have played at least 11 NHL games in one season.

    The 50-contract limit has an interesting distinction in that the limit pertains to the season(s) for which a contract is valid. All NHL player contracts expire on June 30. The year varies from contract to contract, but the day remains the same (as we’ll discuss more when we look at player contracts in later editions of the feature). Knowing it has expiring contracts coming off its 50-contract maximum, a team can sign players to contracts for the following season. By doing so a team may have more than 50 different players signed to valid SPCs, as long as 50 or fewer are signed to valid SPCs for that current season AND fewer than 50 SPCs on tap for the upcoming season.

    The 23-man roster limit is in place from the conclusion of the preseason until 12:01 am on the day of the NHL’s Trade Deadline. After that teams are allowed to have an unlimited active roster at the NHL level, provided players are signed to one of their 50 contract slots. NHL teams are only allowed to dress a maximum of 20 players – 18 skaters and two goaltenders – for any given game, but those 20 must come from the 23-player active roster.

    Both the 23-player active roster and 20-player game roster can change day-to-day and game-to-game. All changes to the team’s 23-player active roster must be cleared through the NHL’s Central Registry before the move is considered finalized (and before the player is eligible to play in a game). In most cases the clearance from Central Registry is simple and completed in a nominal time span. Changes to the 20 players on the game roster are even easier – the list is submitted to the NHL official (either referee or official scorer) by the team (usually the head coach) moments before the start of the game. Prior to submitting the list, the team can choose from any members of its 23-man active roster.

    As for the 20-player game roster, according to Rule 5.2, “Only players and goalkeepers on the list submitted to the Official Scorer before the game may participate in the game.” The rule further states that any goals scored while ineligible players are on the ice are subject to be disallowed – at the time of the goal – and the ineligible player(s) removed from the game with the offending team not allowed to replace the ineligible player’s roster spot. However, the rule continues, “No additional penalties are to be assessed but a report of the incident must be submitted to the Commissioner.”

    There is an exemption to the rule should both of the goaltenders on the game roster become “incapacitated” but that is an extremely specific rule that has very rarely come into play in the league’s long history.”

  57. it’s worth pointing out here that if/when players sign PTO contracts w/ Rockford they aren’t technically part of the Blackhawks organization; that kicks in when their entry-level deal begins. Also, it’s worth noting that there are a number of players on the IceHogs roster – including Keith Seabrook – who are on AHL contracts w/ the IceHogs, NOT contracts w/ the Blackhawks.

  58. it’s also worth noting that having a collection of players under organizational control while maturing in the college ranks for as much as 4 years has been a hallmark of Bowman’s tenure as GM.

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