Corey Crawford Carries Blackhawks Past Canes

After a dominant first 20 minutes, the Blackhawks needed a stellar effort from Corey Crawford to escape Carolina with two big points on Monday night.

The Hawks scored two goals in an 80-second window in the middle stages of the first period. Marcus Kruger set up Andrew Shaw on the doorstep and he deposited a one-timer past Anton Khudobin for Chicago’s first tally. Only 79 seconds later, Patrick Sharp scored a rare even strength goal to extend the lead to two.

After Sharp’s goal, the Blackhawks offense disappeared.

And Carolina did everything they could to beat the visitors.

Over the game’s final 40 minutes, the Canes put 34 shots on net, but only beat Crawford once. Crawford finished the night with 44 saves to earn a victory for his team. The win marked the fourth time in his career that Crawford has won 30 games for the Blackhawks, moving him into a tie with Hall of Famer Glenn Hall for second in franchise history; only Tony Esposito (eight) won 30 games in more seasons wearing the Indian head than Crawford and Hall.

Shaw added a second goal into an empty net with 40 seconds left in regulation to finish the night. On Shaw’s second goal, Jonathan Toews picked up an assist for the 500th point of his NHL career.

Toews 500

Toews’ benchmark points came in an appropriate way for the one-time Selke Trophy winner (for now); his third blocked shot of the night led to the Shaw breakaway to close out the game. Chicago’s captain was also credited with two hits and won nine of 20 faceoffs in the game.

The night began with Toews on a new-look top line, however. Coach Joel Quenneville, who won his 750th victory as an NHL head coach on Monday night, turned on the line blender and put Toews between Brandon Saad and Teuvo Teravainen. Sharp skated on the second line with Antoine Vermette and Marian Hossa.

Bryan Bickell once again received the lowest ice time for any Chicago skater, getting only 13 shifts and 9:17 in the game. Bickell was credited with five hits in the game, but failed to put anything in the box score in his final six shifts. He was also credited with two giveaways and only one missed shot; Bickell failed to get a shot on net.

Chicago’s “fourth” line of Shaw, Kruger and Joakim Nordstrom skated as many shifts (24) as the top line did together; Sharp (24), Toews (25) and Hossa (28) all skated less than 18 minutes in a balanced night for the Hawks forwards. The two goals for Shaw give him 12 on the season.

48 thoughts on “Corey Crawford Carries Blackhawks Past Canes

  1. Obviously Crawford was the story, but Kruger was also terrific. He was all over the place, up and down the ice. The guy is invaluable.

  2. We got to be better than that.

    Crow, with taking it to another level this yr. Has to be in top5ish conversation as he starts the prime of his prime yrs.


  3. This team would be in serious trouble if it was not for Crawford. They are getting seriously outshot on a regular basis and look old and slow. I would rather see Runblad and Cumiskey then 32 and 44. TT was one of the few Hawks with legs at the end of the game. How about that move and pass to 19 in the third period. Taser has to bury that shot. I am pleasantly surprised by 27’s resurgence. He has cut his turnovers way down. It is still early but 80 sure does not seem like a difference maker. 91 has looked much better than 80 recently. Hurry up and get better 88, your team needs you.

  4. CC got the 2 points tonight. How many goalie wins has CC had this season – a lot.

    Way too many shots against. Seemed like all the Hawks players were a step slow again tonight and then they end up losing board battles and chasing the puck. And there were a few too many 4 on 2 and 5 on 3 rushes given up tonight too.

    But the Hawks got the big two points so that was the main thing.

    I really like the 42-16-65 4th line. I know some are pining for Dejardins but if Q feels the need to play him I hope he sits 29 or 23 instead of 42.

  5. Mox17- you are the glass is half full guy…

    Crow- LOST the net several times tonite… another team OR some other bounces and He lets up 6 goals tonite…. But that view is from Glass is half empty guy…
    OR- if Hawks are skating $5M more worth better skaters… Perhaps- Just perhaps The shitty Canes don’t put up 44 shots!!! I Know- I am crazy…

    Crazy- Let’s try to think back to the guy on this blog who said 86 should skate with 19???

    Ohhh!!! that was me… I am glad Q – could pick up on my crazy thoughts!!!

  6. Uninspiring…lackluster…outplayed…they don’t look like a group that has the fire in them to overtake the clubs ahead or hold off those behind. I saw a team at least a step slow; no possession time; Canes seemed like they had an extra man on the ice a majority of the time.
    A win is a win is a won but surely this kind of performance gets them nowhere come mid-April.
    Thank God for 50 and some good puck luck on all the grade A chances that the Canes missed.
    Agree that 16 had a helluva game; loved the drop pass that 86 made to 19…he’s by far the best passer on the team with 88 out.
    Hoping 80 breaks out soon; I would bet he’s already pressing trying to make his mark.
    Need a much bigger effort Wednesday at PHI…
    …GO HAWKS!

  7. Crawford stole this one for us, as he has done several times this year. Corey Crawford is core Blackhawk and we would likely be out of the race for a playoff spot or fighting desperately for a wild card berth without him. Wall…You going to tell me that Montreal would be where they are without Price, and an extra expensive dman can replace him. Thats a friggin joke. We will need Corey back there and Darling as backup to give confidence to the team and to allow our stellar up and coming dmen a year to develop at the NHL level as his tremendous play will make up for the inevitable learning mistakes. I would not give one red penny for Walls nutty theory. Tell it to the Habs…they would tie you up in a canoe and send you down the St. Lawrence ( St. Laurent in French ).

  8. Not my style but here goes-(sometimes somebody has to say it)
    Wall, I really did value your thoughts and insight-
    lately your ego has exploded and it just seems……
    CRAZY is a good word!

  9. Crow continues to impress. Pat & Edzo talked about it Crow continues to give the Hawks chances to win night in and night out. The Hawks continue to be near the top in goal differential a extremely important team stats, but have look awful in shots for and shots against.

  10. anyone who thinks superior goaltending can be supplanted by forwards would also think that baseball teams can win world series with superior hitters. Pitching wins world series and goaltending wins the cup.

  11. Crawford did an excellent job last night! He really stepped up and that is exactly what is needed in times like this. Leadership from the goal tender. I think that Darling could have pulled this off in a similar fashion too. I agree that both goalies together can make this happen! Great game, go hawks!

  12. Hawks skated well in the 1st and after that it was cringe time for us fans. Hawks stole 2 points, or at least CC did. I want to throw this question out there to the tacticians whom might be able to provide some important insight as to how in 2 straight games, opposing teams are sending ALL their players up ice to create odd man breaks and create excellent scoring chances. It’s as though both Dallas and the Canes were on power plays when it was really just 5 on 5. This to me is an extremely worrisome trend. Really good teams bury many of those chances that the Hawks have been giving up the past 2 games. I don’t know if Hawks forwards have to finish checks on opposing d men or forwards to solve this or what, but all I can say is we have seen waves of attacking players swarm the Hawks d zone creating all kinds of scoring opportunities.

    Not a pretty picture. I have to believe the Hawks coaching staff knows how to solve this, but considering we have two huge games coming up against Jets and Kings this needs to get fixed pronto or some ugly blowouts like the Dallas game will be repeated.

    That said, it’s a positive sign to get a very important win when the team did not play well.

    Lets Go Hawks!!

  13. Agree with noonan96’s comments. Wall, please consider dropping the pat-yourself-on-the-back-every-other-post-I’m-the-smartest-guy-in-the-room schtik. Annoying. I know you get trolled a bit but you brought it on yourself.

    Crawford was very good last night, he was largely responsible for the two points, can we just leave it at that. This what-if, if it were another team stuff is just pie in the sky chatter that only serves to advance your ongoing agenda. Your thoughts on what Crawford is being paid are crystal clear, we get it. Write Bowman a letter if you think it’ll help. And by the way what you’re advocating might very well happen, it just gets old hearing it every time he has a bad game, or a good game, or when Darling plays well, or any other game for that matter.

  14. Crow had a good night, not a great night, he was a little out of position at times (even tough foley & Eddie praised his position) I have said since his first game in the net, he’s a nightmare behind the net with the puck! Canes missed a few open nets and gimmy’s as did the Starz so Crow was okay but the core defense continues to struggle. Rozy and Timonens lack of speed is killing us, both have a hockey IQ off the charts but the lack of speed is just not there and it’s killing us in our end. If you don’t have all-star quality d-men GO with the Speed. Runblad needs minutes now. Hawks development strategy sucks.

    Shaw, Kruger and Joakim Nordstrom played very well, did their job, Since Joakim was told to finish his checks and get a little more physical he’s delivering, not a goal scorer but is doing his job every night with speed and grit. Shaw has some scoring skills good so good to see him get two! Hossa Sharp and AV, Vermette looked good = smooth in the firsts period. Sharp and Vernette have a nice chemistry match speeds and that is a balanced line IMO. Towes with Saad is a very good combination, get Bick with them and keep him with Toews, the captian makes Bick responsible!

    Oddly Hawks still don’t get the puck ‘top shelf” often when down low? Watch enough other teams and ya see them knock that god damn Gatorade bottle into the cheap seats all night long! Still a lot of over passing that oddly lead to not an open shot but a blocked shot? Shaw did a nice job of pulling the trigger quick, not settle the puck and look pass, SHOOT! Even Richards sadly on his Rangers Goal said ” Gee golly I was looking to pass the puck then i decided well i might as well shoot.” Quicker shots and Quicker decisions!

    Hawks can still beat anyone in the West in 7 . . . it is now the EAST that scares me!

  15. Hofmeister I agree with your “wall” thoughts!

    Wall, enough already! Reading all of the constant negativity gets tiring at best. Move on wall.

    Two points is the GOAL in any game. The boys did that last night! Goalie win for sure. Let’s see what the boys can dish out to the flyers. Lets Go Hawks!

  16. Some amount of PO home ice is looking more realistic now. WOW, what a change from two weeks ago! Would not like to see the Wild in the first round though!

  17. Crawford is the reason why the Hawks hoisted a Cup in 2013…more than any other player on the roster. And his performance kept the 2014-15 Hawks propped up when things were dicey in stretches. Scott Darling or Anitti Raanta in goal as starters? We struggle to make the 8th seed. This silliness about Crawford and salary dollars allocated to the goalie is the stupidity of one poster. The analogy would be my take on Teuvo, although that is a case of my brilliance going up against the forces of ignorance and rose-colored glasses.

  18. Uhhhhh, RTF, there is an issue about “the cookies” re TT that you need to own up to. Promises should be honored, even by those that would proclaim their own ignorance. Sorry, meant to say brilliance.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  19. Great to see the Hawks get the win but the shots against are worrisome. Again we get another teams BEST game. Every team really amps their game to play the Hawks. Look at Dallas last night they barely beat Buffalo but look like playoffs contenders versus Chicago. When the Hawks decide to play (like the Ranger game) they look great but when they don’t play 60 minutes we get tonight’s effort. However 2 points is 2 points let’s play better against Philly.

  20. Shots against are a problem. But then again the Hawks are paper thin on defense. Rosy, Kimmo and Runblad are role players being asked to do too much. And again, the 2014-15 Hawks represent the least impressive and deep roster during the 7 year tenure of Quenneville. We have too many role players at forward who aren’t doing a whole lot (Bickell, Shaw, Versteeg, Carcillo). We have Richards and Sharp as a shadow of their former selfs. The only role players consistently earning their paychecks are the invaluable Kruger and his new Swedish sidekick Nordstrom, but even then these two don’t add much on offense. I like Vermette and he will be counted upon heavily when the playoffs start, but who knows what to expect. DesJardins is a nice role player…like him, but won’t get carried away with what he can deliver in the playoffs.

  21. It sure is hard to believe that this is the same team that played a great defensive game against the New York Rangers, last week.

  22. Not going to argue or post again, I see it this way.

    Even though Shawzer and Sharpy are having a little bit off yr for them. Bicks usually has 2.5 out every 5 yrs good reg seasons but then always plays good in playoffs, I think 65 does the same this yr. Steeger hasn’t played as good since wrist but he is smart (I think) and just needs to play north team game. Dejon is a better depth FW then 13/52. Q rolls 5 Dmen when it matters, so whoever the 6th is (8/32/5/57). Now that 27 is back to normal for him, other then the little gap between 67 and 28/42 we are a better roster then 2014 (similar to 2013). We have so much better center quality then we had in 2014.

    Steeger is healthy this yr (was not in 2014)
    Vermy is better then a 2c we didn’t even have (put 2013 Bolly role here/same)
    Richy is better then 2014 Handz.
    Timmo (once he gets into game shape) is as good as Rozy (2013)
    Saader is better himself
    Tayvoo is up and Coming.
    Hoss is the Same (unless it 37-42 Im not ever going there)

    Then 88 comes back. Here comes the Boom.

    Lets Go Hawks.

  23. if 50 wants to lose his net i say let him…i got no problem with him bringing home a report card that says .977 He’s near the bottom of my list of worries.

    Nash, proven pretenders __ weak at Center
    StL, puuh-lease. no goalie,and that little brother syndrome
    Minn- best chance was last year and couldn’t even force 7
    Wpg+Cal, come back next season. Maybe
    LA –tee times ahead
    Nucks–with Ryan Miller? No — with Eddie Lack? uh no
    Anaheim, goal diff +10? wow. goalie/team d still suspect

  24. Seems I heard about a shot like that being made not too long ago, said the guy’s name was Bob Lee Swagger.

  25. @ RyanDale

    I think you are sleeping in the Wild, that teams legit. They have added a lot since last season.

    LA, if they get in is a huge obstacle, LA gives up the least amount of shots in the league and have a proven back stopper in Quick

  26. There are no clear “dominant” teams, this year. It seems that every team seems to go through a tough stretch every 15 games, or so. The first and second place teams will win 13 of 15 and then lose 5 of 7. This could be an interesting playoff season.

    If it comes down to only goaltending, we may have the edge.

  27. Hof- I will never speak my mind or offer thoughts that differ from those of others… that would be silly on my part… i promise to drink the Kool-aid every game… and joyfully sing praises to the Hawk’s players…

    Agenda??? what is my on-going agenda??? I didn’t even know I had one…

    If you don’t like what i have to say…. don’t read it… nobody is forcing my “agenda” on you…

  28. Mr. Rufus, you are too much. Red or black? Heads or tails? You are flipping coins re: Crawford. How many prior blogs have you posted singing the accolades of the Rinne (Ken Dryden Jr.) and disparaging Crawford? “… Rinne is the best goalie in the league… in the West…” “$6M per year salary cap hit on goalie way too much … Crawford not worth it… Hawks’ need cap room elsewhere…”. Now you are Crawford lover ringleader. Hey Mr. Tab, do you archive prior blog postings? If so, can you load the anti Crawford ones from Mr. Rufus? Alternatively, I’m sure they can be subpoenaed if necessary.

    I don’t know what’s funnier, the Morin posting by Mr. Rufus when none of us were talking about Morin anymore, or the latest coin flip. Hysterical. The entertainment never ceases.

  29. Wall, read the other responses in this thread directed to you. Maybe you’ll “get it” but I doubt it. Funny you didn’t address noonan or montana, cat got your tongue?

    You clearly have this Crawford agenda, you know it, you talk about it after every game, so cut the crap.

    No one said you needed to drink Kool Aid, but that’s a typical response from you. Take the extreme position in the other direction with anyone who dares stand up to you and your rants. And believe me I’ll stand up to you anytime I see fit.

    Keep doing what you’re doing, see if I care. And if you don’t like what I have to say, take your own advice and scroll on by.

    Do something productive and go write Bowman a letter, maybe you can get it out of your craw, no pun intended.

  30. I happen to love Wall’s commentary, even when I don’t agree with it. He attempts to back up his arguments with more logic than, “I’ve been watching the game for 200 years, season tickets, etc.”

    So you don’t have to agree with him, but he makes valid points. The counter point shouldn’t be “Crawford made 43 saves tonight so he’s obviously deserving of the money!”

  31. JS…agreed all the way on Wall. He’s made countless solid comments, points, and observations through the years. His only “agenda” is to talk Blackhawks hockey. Is he right all the time? No. But even when he’s off a bit–which isn’t often–he’s got some logic backing him up. Consider this: put an NHL all star team in front of a crap goalie and there could easily be a shutout…

    Hof…when you first got on this blog you were defensive and think skinned. You attacked anyone who disagreed with you. It was obnoxious. Someone even suggested anger management. But then you backed off and have been a great contributor, especially giving us the skinny from Rockford. Chill, dude. I know yiu can do it.

    Iceman…thanks for stating the truth about RTF.


  32. Although I do not agree with Wall’s assessment of the Crawford situation, I find his posts interesting and worth reading. I almost never agree with Rufus, especially on 86, but I like reading his opposing opinions. Many on this site have years of coaching, playing and watching hockey under their belts so I find the conversation engaging.

  33. I see we have another goofy bastard in our midst. Claims I have besmirched Crawford in the past?!? Quality control on this blog has systematically been flushed down the crapper. I’ll humor you Iceman…find a single post where I said Crow was bad or overpaid. Good luck with your investigative report.

    On to more important matters I would certainly respect the Blues, Preds and even the Kings if the playoffs started today. And I wouldn’t underestimate the devastating nature of no Kane in the playoffs or a far less than 100% number 88. For the Hawks to plow thru the playoffs then Crow, Toews and Keith will need to be superlative. The best they have ever been in playoff hockey. For Crow, well he’s already stood on his head in the playoffs many times. But he will have to do it again. And Keith, Seabrook and Hjalmarsson will need to have the strength of gods because they will play extreme heavy minutes for us to have a puncher’s chance. Be nice if Hossa had a 5 week stretch that harkens to his days of youth too.

  34. I don’t know if I love Walls’ commentary but I do respect it-always have
    even if it sometimes gets extreme-
    It’s the “look at how smart I am”-references that get annoying-
    But even that is allowed with free speech-so to each his own

    True genius (something I can’t claim) is marked by humility and grace-

  35. I just had way too much fun reading back on the blog from the 2013 Cup run. (I’ve been working 15 hour days with about 5 hours of sitting around twiddling my thumbs, it hurts).

    Wall and I have almost never agreed. However, it was fun reading our banter. Maybe just fun for me since I was participating, but I digress.

    It’s been fun talking hockey with you guys for so long.

  36. Wall, you do have good hockey knowledge and I have learned some things from you(even though I only agree on 50% of yours). I respect your comments and you. Cant make everyone happy.

  37. Mr. Rufus: I don’t run the blog, I don’t have access to any prior posts. However, if the FBI needed them for some reason, they would find your posts going on and on about Rinne and how much better he is than Crawford; also, they would also find other posts of yours putting down Crawford. I can’t speak for any other bloggers, but one wouls guess at least a few others would verify this. All this being said, you are hilarious, keep up the coin flipping.

  38. Nothing against the guy who said hes more afraid of the East conf. teams. The top Campbell conference teams (roster wise), other then ANA, just put all the top East teams in their place tonight/this wk.

    A better realignment would have been to have 1/16, 8/9, etc. conference and divisions don’t matter. It would be a Campbell Conference final four.

  39. SSHM
    wide awake, i just think if we had to meet them they wouldn’t fare as well as last year…that’s all. I know they are the flavor of the week/month whatever….They weren’t too legit when Yeo was nearly out on his behind. Maybe they will backslide?? I understand your thought and Im sure many feel same. Time will tell

    I respect Quick and his accomplishments. He has won some huge games, and would be a de he has a bad side too. He’s had a very trying year and is easily rattled at times, which leads to PIM and lack of focus/results. 50 is just as capable of playing as well i think

    Mo–Bob Lee and Mr Ford…of course, i remember them both very well lol

    i’m here to have a break from things that might be too taxing for me…it’s always done a good job of providing that. thanks Tab and all and wall .

  40. Hof- truth be told… I do enjoy reading your comments… you do come up with some interesting thoughts…. but as “bored” as you are with my patting myself on the back- I find you to be a little arrogant and defensive… BUT, I will continue to read your posts… because you do make some good points…

    But- “do something productive” – write Bowman a letter??? Ya know I am a cynic… But even you have to admit that letter wouldn’t produce anything…

    Re Crow- I have stated 50 is NOT responsible for losses ( not his fault a bad team puts 44 shots on him…)… I probably could be good friends w Crow…. I like to drink and like the same music…

    JS an AJ argued with me for about a whole season on the importance of Corsi/Metrics in hockey….

    My point is-it will be very hard to win in PO’s getting outshot – AND that will NOT be 50’s fault.

    I will respect the comments of many- and refrain from the “Crow agenda”

  41. Recorded and watched replay of Kings Rangers game from last night. Rangers just didn’t show up and were just buried by a Kings team that MUST play hard every game now or face not making playoffs. Rangers just looked disinterested last night. And so it will go for the mighty Kings. Listening to commentary, one would think the Kings are the best team in hockey, and that no one can beat these guys when “they want to play”. What rubbish. I have great respect for the Kings, but lets get serious. They had a must game last week against the Nucks and stunk the joint out at home. Gave a way a point against Ducks last week. They are running out of chances.

    Had a good laugh also that came from a comment by Barry Melrose that Richards now back in the lineup is the catalyst to propel them into post season. Really? A guy the Kings waived and was sent down for improvement is not going to the guy that motivates the team???

    I don’t want the Hawks to play the Kings in playoffs because they will be a pain in the ass. I am hoping that that pain will be reserved for Kings players on the golf course in April or some other team we would have to get past on the way to CF.

    Again, I will point to Jets and Kings tilts Sunday and Monday as big games. Never mind the two against the Blues and one against Wild. Against strong competition the Hawks seem to rise to the occasion. Meanwhile, lets hope the guys come ready to play against a Flyers team that has no pressure on them at all. Last 2 efforts have been a bit lacking and we were lucky to grab 2 pts against the Canes. Thanks again CC.

    I’m not against a jab here or there, but I’m not going to pile on good, knowledgeable fans like Wall, RTF or anyone else for that matter that wants to present an argument, or make a point that happens to be a bit provocative. It’s an open forum.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  42. I wasn’t aware you could have a sports agenda. Weird.

    This season in general. Weird.

    wall: Here’s one we can have fun with. I was talking to my brother about Jonathan Toews a few weeks ago and he made the suggestion that we’ve seen his best and the plateau before diminishing effectiveness has set in.

    Unless he’s injured I can’t argue much with that. He seemed more explosive and dynamic before he had his brain rattled.

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