Corey Crawford Confirms Concussion Issues

As his teammates skated in their first preseason practice, Corey Crawford talked to reporters.

Crawford confirmed that it has been concussion symptoms that have kept him sidelined. Before Friday’s skate Crawford worked out individually, and the team announced he would not be participating in the full practice.

“Things have been progressing,” he said. “But right now I’m not ready to go yet.”

Crawford also confirmed that it was not a single concussion suffered in his final appearance that did the damage, but rather a series of hits that created an increasingly bad situation.

The Blackhawks appear to have opened up their policy of limiting health updates on players beyond “upper” or “lower” body, as evidenced by Connor Murphy’s back issue being addressed and now Crawford openly speaking about his concussions.

75 thoughts on “Corey Crawford Confirms Concussion Issues

  1. Seabs is out a week with abdominal strain.
    Good to hear Crawford actually talk in terms of what was actually wrong last year.

  2. Sounds like the worst is behind him, hopefully so. Looking forward and talking positive, all good.
    Seabrook be back for the 3rd or 4th exhibition game.

  3. It may take 1/2 a season for CC to get back to the goalie we remember so hopefully the others goalies can keep us close until then

  4. It doesn’t sound promising (the multiple hits made me think of how fragile Lindros became, although who knows). At his age and with this dragging on I would be very surprised if CC plays whole lot more games for us. Perhaps a goaltending prospect could figure into any deal we make for AA cuz right now about the only one we have is in Russia and it’s not even clear he wants to play for us.

  5. It is very hard to be optimistic right now. No one knows how the CC situation will play out but it sure doesn’t look good when he hasn’t been “fully cleared” nine months after suffering the concussion. That uncertainty coupled with more injuries to an already thin d-corp and a grab bag of inexperienced bottom 6 forwards is not a recipe for success. It will be very interesting to see what SB does with the cap room we have – I have to believe we will add 1 or 2 players with some NHL experience prior to the start of the regular season.

  6. MS,
    This is a development year. Hopefully Schmaltz continues on an upward trajectory, deBrincat shows he’s a sniper again, Sikura proves he’s an NHL player, Hayden becomes a decent bottom 9 forward and we get lucky with somebody like Ejdsell or Kahun.
    I realize that’s a lot of wishful thinking but that to me will be the measuring stick for me.
    Nashville, Vegas, San Jose, Winnipeg, are so loaded, Hawks need binoculars to see them.

  7. MS,
    how many mths were those people in PIT out with concussions.
    Not ever forgetting that one of them, on that team, was one of the cheap shot to Crow and the puck to helmet times.

  8. Its a training yr., who cares about playoffs/top 10 pick might be better.

    Want the FW to become established and good/exciting to watch.
    Then the drafted D is coming. Hopefully Crow 100% back by then/when we really need him.

  9. CC’s state of mind seems extfremely fragile. He looks like a very depressed human being. The concussion has had a lingering affect on him and it shows. It’s clear he is not right and goalies get tagged often with a puck to the head during a season. I think retirement would be wise. He is a great young man who needs to think about his health. Many ex-NHLers have gone into a dark place after their hockey careers. In the meantime, Hawks need to draft or trade for a true goalie prospect. And they have to draft elite wingers as well to keep Toews and Kane releveant for the next 2-3 years.

  10. Craig is right this is a development year, it doesn’t matter how many games Crawford plays. Concussions are taken a lot more seriously now and this is about getting him back to health. He will get the best care and hopefully make it all the way back. I said before i believe he is somewhere between being ready for season opener and not playing again, now he just had to find where thst is going to be.

  11. I agree Crawford is probably better off retiring and not risking further injury that could effect the rest of his life. There’s a few years here while the kids grow up to find another #1. I actually think given how long it takes goalies to develop we’ve got a few good looking young prospects. And if nalimov actually gets a shot his numbers seem promising

  12. I think we have to trust the medical team that Crow has to tell him if it’s prudent to retire – obviously that’s not part of their mindset at the moment

    lots of players come back after long term concussion issues (Crosby for one) but if he continues to sustain concussions then that could be the time to retire

    I remain cautiously optimistic that CC will be back in his old form by 2019 perhaps sooner

  13. I always thought he would be ok. Not take this long, going by no rush your ready when your ready.
    I really donot like some of the things you guys and others are saying. I didn’t watch any camp video, so not sure how he sounded/talking wise.
    I am not giving up on Crow getting back all the way and the team getting back to top3 team and win a 4th Cup.
    It might not look good with Crow timeline, last yr/and at times this yr team wise. Its what we have to go through to get back.

    What a story though it will be when they write the journey of what it took to get back, what Crow had to go through on the way to the hard cover book
    One Goal Achieved IV.

  14. If you watch the video of Jimmy Waite shooting pucks at Corey Crawford, it looked like a beginner goalie lesson. It does not even look like he would be ready to make a few saves in a recreation league. He is nowhere near ready for NHL hockey. I’m with Ian, he might be closer to never playing again. We just don’t know. Nor do we know how his head really feels.
    Think about it ! A guy who suffered a concussion 10 months ago is moving gingerly around the ice TODAY. That’s something that’s not going to change tomorrow, Monday or by October. Hence the $3million for Cam Ward

  15. I like the sanity and compassion in these posts-Corey seems to be missing something at this point, whether it’s confidence, passion, drive, excitement– whatever-get well for the rest of your life. He is not ready and isn’t the key to a Cup.

  16. If Crow doesn’t play, for Blackhawks again.
    Who is a ufa that’s available in next two summers.
    What bad team has a top 10 goalie that could trade.
    What are the possibilities, other then draft/trade prospect.

    Because then we are prob looking at having a chance to get another top10 pick.

  17. First summer I like Hutchinson, Kinkaid, Lehner and Elliot. Mrazcek, Miller Varlomov and Neuvirth also available.

    Next summer after that I like Dell and Halak with Kinkaid and Korpisalo available.

    If I were Nalimov I would be wanting to stay here and getting ready to be the next number 1.

  18. The last team to win a cup without a goalie performing at the top of the league was the 2010 Chicago Blackhawks. And even then during that playoff run Niemi was not bad and at times great. Everyother cup winning team since then has seen absolute elite goaltending in net; heck the closest to not elite was Corey Crawfords glove side in 2013. No goalteanding means this team (or most any for that matter) is really going nowhere.

    Corey was having what could have turned in to an “MVP talk” type 2017-2018 year before getting kneed to the head by Malkin.

  19. I should also mention had Ray Emery not been injured for the flyers there is at least a chance we would be talking about the 2010 Philadelphia Flyers…and let’s also not forget Ben Bishop in net not being able to move side-to-side for the 2015 Tampa Bay Lightning. The Blackhawks did a good job taking advantage his inability to move as Ben Bishop appeared to play some games injured during that series.

  20. Bishop was taking batting practice with the Rays 2 days after the finals ended that year, didn’t appear to be hurting too much then, lol. So not sure about that.

    Nalimov’s agent said when he went back to KHL he rescinded his trade request and he was on sane page as Bowman, in that he was coming to Chicago next year and would get an opportunity to be one of 2 goalies. He has to keep improving this year and he likely get the opportunity to show he can be a no. 1 goalie next year. Even if Crawfords back healthy a reduced workload be something that would work in his favour anyways.

  21. If I was at the training camp “game” today I would have been unhappy; a running clock and took forever to set up nearly every faceoff. Not a fan of the lack of hustle.

  22. Not buying the 2010 thing.
    There was no team in league then and since then that could beat that team.
    The 2010 team could turn it on when needed, at any time.
    It would be something to have seen what that team could have done, if a team pushed us more.
    SAJ was the by far the closest team to us/roster wise.

    Wall showed us the difference between Emery and Crow. Nemo is no Crow, at the time/2010 he was at same level. Crow a top3 goalie, Nemo/Emery not.

    Not argue just disagree big time.
    To say if BOS didn’t get a bounce over the top of the net, right to the tape and that, were looking at 1 Cup. The odds of us at 5 Cups now are greater. 2014 referring/no instant on offsides.
    Were actually one less Cup, on average, then we should be in those bonuses/league directed-no cap era dynastys. They tried though.

    Wall, need the good vibes for the young players/good ones-eye test that are coming. Were going to need to loaded again like 2010. You called it one more top 4 D and low caphit/good playing goalie, is might going to happen and the path.

  23. @morrison that’s my point; the goaltending was good but not elite; every team since then had elite tending; and most before that did too. The only team before that with less than elite goaltending was…..I mean….maybe chris osgood in 2008? Chris Osgood…..that’s about as close as it gets to less than elite. I guess maybe gs giguere in 2007, maybe. Just look at the list of goalies to win a cup the past 20 years and tell me if I’m wrong, but I believe Niemi was probably the worst goalie (and not bad by the way) to win a cup in a very long time.

  24. Your right. I thought you meant something else.
    That’s cool.

    Wall said that’s the best model in the cap era.
    Thing is, at time we have top3 goalie, we keep that.
    Now with the dude might not being able to get back, if that’s what happens.
    We go to the 2010 model.
    We were just so so lucky to get a bloke like the Crow.

  25. Recliner agree on the elite goalie thing, only other one i could say was borderline was Khabibulin and he played pretty good the year the Bolts won.
    Until we get to see what Nalimov can do, and what happens with Crawford, that may solidify the situation next year and beyond. Free agency or trades maybe waivers can also bring a quick fix if that doesn’t work.

  26. Crow has nothing else to prove. He does not seem right at all. I think for his long term health, especially a goalie who can get a puck in the head any game, he is better off retiring. He is a great goalie. 2013-2015 showed his playoff ability. Like Billy Smith of the Islanders, he was never given the credit he deserved.
    #17 is not an NHL skater. AA has better wheels than he does which tell us all we need to know why Nashville was happy not to sign him.
    20 8 88 hopefully stays together all season and Q does not disrupt their chemistry because of one or two bad games. Saad needs to be on this line. The biggest problem is Hossa is gone which helped Toews. Kunitz is a good 3rd line winger not a first liner at his age. Hawks need size and speed with Toews. Cat is super small and shy but can score. So, give Fortin a chance or we need to trade for a left winger. I would have signed James Neil!!! Too bad. Maybe we can give Columbus Edjsell and Murphy for Foligno and a prospect. Edjsell for Sherback? We need a left winger for our captain to compete every night. San Jose and the rest of the west is far ahead of us. Nino from Minnesota? Josh Bailey for Anders Lee rom the Islanders?

  27. Hey Wall man, who do you think would be our best lines, once a few of the guys are ready and who we have now and who we will add, like 72.

    Looking at the 20 season/maybe 2nd 40 of that season.

  28. In the 2013 playoffs, Crawford had a 1.84 GAA, which was the best. His save percentage was 93.2 … Rask was best at 94%. Quick and Lundqvist at 93.4% a few less games. Closer to elite than not.

  29. Have to factor in CHI played 2nd best team in BOS and LA (and BOS) played a century talent team.

    Save % goes hand in hand with shots. Being ahead in games/and out playing other team combined.

  30. Sadly, in a salary cap era we have a $6 Million goalie and a $4 Million defenseman who are unable to play. $10 Million dollars of guys who cannot get on the ice. That’s an absolute killer.

  31. This place is me. Straight crickets. Bunch of nobody loser retards talking shit about an absolute PUSSY ASS CUNT of an athlete. Cool story retards. Crow is a bitch. Plain and simple. And so are all of you asshole faggots. Tab is a fat fuck tard and so are all of you nobody losers.

  32. We really havnt used the space for not having Hammer.
    Danault and Hammer should be here.

    I know younger and faster or were not good until 49 more yrs.
    Hammer would slow us down any.

  33. The Hawks (more specifically Bowman’s decision to sign him) gave Ward $3M cap hit this season b/c they knew Crawford likely wouldn’t be able to play, or at least be unable to play for a decent chunk of the season? If this is accurate, then Bowman isn’t all there lately.

    Statistically — as well as eye test confirmation — tell us Ward has been one of the worst goalies in the NHL the last few seasons. How has Carolina done the last few years playoff wise? The Hawks expect to contend (Q is correct, they are in “the winning business”) w/ Ward as their regular goalie? This is Marty Turco II.

    Speaking of, there could be a silver lining in all of this, as was the case when Turco was signed. Turco was so bad, Q had the sense to put Crawford in, and he took the ball and ran w/ it. This Finnish goalie the Hawks signed has experience, he seems to have a bit of an edge to him. Let’s hope and pray or what have you that if Crawford is a no go, Lanniken becomes Crawford II. You never know. Success stories come out of nowhere sometimes.

  34. Good point iceman. Back at Christmas, it appeared Jeff Glass was going to be the rags to riches story last year. Then reality set in.

    Sadly I watched the NHL Network tonight and it was all about San Jose acquiring Karlsson and Vegas getting Pacioretty.

    It’s a rebuilding year Hawk fans. If Sikura can join Schmaltz as a top 6 or top 9, if Ejdsell is an NHL player, if Hayden secures a spot every night, there is great reason for hope.

    And it this point, hope is what we have.

  35. Outside of Ward and Crawford the goalies are young and inexperienced. Lankinen and Delia rookies snd Forsberg basically just last season as his only one. Ward can add some veteran leadership to the group at camp and too until Crawford is ready. Lankinen and Delia both waiver exempt making them easy to move up and down. Chances are this season, dependable goaltending to let young defensemen and forwards develop will be whats needed. Ward can help.provide that and help young goalies in their development.

  36. Mo man… way too early for line predictions… need to see more- especially when forecasting 2020 lines…

    But – what I see today- w/ current team…

    Sikura- should play with speed- cuz- he thinks game so fast and skill is sooo good-
    so Sikura with Kane type flyer (but-HUGE problem there- cuz both lack strength to win/clear zone- when that skill is needed)… Is Kahun fast enough???

    I wouldn’t mind
    Kahun/Schmaltz/Sikura– This line might be quickest/most agile line we have seen in while (weak on boards– but Q would shift versus weaker comp)

    IMO- at some point- I replace AA with Kampf or Kahun (Both are better at FO’s and are faster) saves Bowman $$$– to find another stud – or sign a Panarin type guy.

    So NO AA:


    And a lot of left over $$$$

    I still say– watch out for the Kurashev KID— Kid can skate/stronger and bigger than I thought/ in Very small sample of viewing– always “catches” my eyes with speed/IQ/anticipation… at very worst- Danault-like… But could be Better than Bolland!!! When will he be ready??? But- barring injury- Kid is a Player!!!

  37. Wall be better when Kahun gets a chance with some higher skilled linemates for you guys watching to see how he stands out or not. Outside of 20, 8, and 88 doubt the forward lines mean alot yet. Good stuff.

  38. I think that Q putting Kunitz on Toews line to open camp just set the bar that anybody wanting that spot has to achieve to warrant it. Don’t expect it to be season long thing.

  39. I like that idea of 15 with 20/88 and have 8 on 3rd line. Unless Schmaltz with them and they really tear it up/like the pizza line.

    Having Schmaltz on the 3rd line, is better for the 3rd/he can make that better on his own then 15 can. Good idea. More balanced/3 good scoring lines.

    Another 5th round gem by Bowman.
    I like what you guys are saying about this Kurashev guy. Hes between 24 and 36 for sure and maybe as good as 36 or ceiling better. That is just what we need, and in time for when were deep again/get serious next Cup runs yrs time. We need to be deep and have to, have to have a player of that type.

  40. This is the first yr, didn’t think so last yr until Crow got hurt, that I thought we cant win Cup since 2008.
    Were in these transitions yrs, to get back to a top 3 team/loaded, not to just let the yrs god by and wins some games and make people satisfied.

    Craig, those thing and thing Ian and others/me have said are what we want (and need) to happen to build the roster to deepness. I wouldn’t use the word hope (for me that would be Ward catching fire and play like a top 10 goalie).
    I would the word, development.

    We really can focus on those parts of the team, because that’s what matters and what we have to have happen to get to deep again.
    Well have to figure the goalie thing, depending on what happens, good thing is we have this yr and the 1st 40 of next yr before were close to being deep/drafted guys nhl ready. Which helps the situation/were in no rush now or until that 2nd 40 next yr.
    Cant wait until these guys start to come in. Remember these guys are different then prospect we have had for the last 8 yrs (other then a couple) they are higher end type players.

    Its going to be awesome to watch these guys develop and be a wav of young players, that are really good. The only old farts that will still be here are 19/88/2/hopefully 50.

    This wave will be like a tsunami. Cant wait.
    Were going to get those chills again.

  41. Didn’t see the whole of yesterday’s scrimmage but from what I saw I’m further convinced that Kahun makes the team

    Kampf also looked good and Q is talking about using him as a winger plus he’s good insurance if Kruger doesn’t bounce back

    If Edjsell and Sikura also make the team which is likely in the former’s case almost certain in the latter’s then I don’t think there’s room for Hayden in the top 12 and they wouldn’t have him as the 13-14th forward

    That role is probably Martinsens – a vet whose development isn’t hurt by not playing regularly

  42. Saw some videos oc Crawford working with Waite this morning before the rest hit the ice. Increased the pace of workouts getting into some conditioning drills. Looks like he is progressing little bit at a time.

  43. Yea, I am watching the training camp videos now/interviews. So far it seems ok and maybe there just taking it easy with those peewee shots/drills people were talking about.

  44. I caught most of the 2nd/3rd periods in the scrimmage except for when the periscope kept freezing and I’d have to restart it. My main takeaway was it sure was nice to see Kane doing his thing out there. Amazing player to watch.

    Who is the sniper wearing #95? I thought Sikura was supposed to be a set up guy. It sure would be nice if he can be effective shooting the puck – being a double treat would make him so much more valuable.

    Ejdsell-Anisimov-Sikura – looked pretty good – who woulda thunk it?

    Kahun showed off his “nifty-ness” in the scrimmage with a sweet pass to Kampf for his goal. I’ve gotta think Kahun is among the top 12 forwards and should make the team.

    Nice to see #16 back in a Hawks jersey. I’m rooting for Krug’s to recapture that game that made him a very good shutdown center and PK guy. It would be huge to have THAT player back.

  45. If Sikura can post 35 points or more this season that would be very encouraging. He was excellent at the rookie tournament, was excellent in the scrimmage and that’s what a top prospect should be, the guy who stands out.
    If Hayden steps up and becomes an every night player in the NHL, that would be magnificent.

  46. Yea, I am going for enough of those kind of guys getting better.
    We have to have it, no pressure.

    This yr or next, when your not expecting it, Schmaltz might take off like that 92 guy did for WAS.

  47. Training camp usually comes down to a numbers game, at least we hope it does meaning there are more worthy players than roster spots available. Categorizing the forwards into the “locks”, “probables”, “possibles”, and “long shots” to be the top 13/14 forwards coming out of training camp:

    Locks (6) Toews, Kane, Saad, Schmaltz, DeBrincat, Anisimov
    Probables (3) Sikura, Kunitz, Kruger
    Possibles (4) Ejdsell, Kahun, Hayden, Kampf
    Long Shots: everyone else

    The Locks, Probables and Possibles add up to 13 – are those the top 13 forwards? Did I forget anyone? Of that 13 – is there anyone who shouldn’t be the healthy scratch very often as they need to play to keep developing their game? The obvious answer for who is the 13th forward press box guy is Kunitz but I doubt they brought Kunitz in to not play regularly. So I don’t know – opinion/comments?

  48. My first thought is there is a need for two guys to ‘jump’ out this year in relevance going forward-I think Kampf and Hayden are serviceable bottom six guys (really hoped Hayden was more but don’t get that feeling anymore) so two young guys from Ejdsell, Kahun and Sikura and possibly a name not on the list need to become top 9 NHLers with one of them becoming a good top 6 guy. And cheap in cost.

    With 21 million going to two guys the best you can do is have room to pay one/two more guys good, but not great money and have fillers that surprise. This is the dilemma and juggling act that is this team and that’s why the key is probably post two of the greatest Hawks which is frustrating but not as much because of the 3 Cups.. Anismovs’ 9 million after this year isn’t affordable anyway you look at it.

    Is that post time with or without one of the two best Hawks ever, as it’s five years away and the assets start to depreciate? This is why most rational people cringe when they look at short and longer term prospects for my favourite team.
    Then there is the goalie dilemma and young/green and aging D former stars. (Seabrook 6 more years, close to 7 per) Yes some real upside for these young kids, but one day they need to be paid if they get good.

    I’m waiting for some real optimism and hope something happens to increase this in the next couple of years. Look forward to the young guys developing, the up-tempo game and to see where D-Cat elevates to.

  49. Ebony Your opinion on the forwards looks to be quite accurate.
    Except for Kunitz and Kruger will be definite locks in Joel Quenneville’s eyes.

  50. As young guys need higher cap hits, 15/7/others will cycle and cap will go up a little each yr. Guys like Crow if hes good long term wise wont be as high caphit next contract. Stuff like that.
    Its a circle. When its seems like theres no cap space or not enough good players. The nest thing you know were deep again and the caphits fit. At times it doesn’t seem to look good/2011 and 12 and last yr and a half.
    Yea we do not have a 20 and a 65, but do we. We have 8 and 12 and whos next.

  51. @ Ebony I think those are exactly the top 13 FW and it’s possible they all stay up with the Hawks but perhaps more likely that the winner of Hayden vs Kampf stays and the loser goes to Rockford (they’re both exempt from waivers)

    To your point and the same point I made earlier is you want both of those guys playing regular minutes either in CHI or in RKF- leave the 13th FW role to someone like Martinsens

    My early sense of things (and this could change) is that Hayden will start in RKF and Kampf with CHI

  52. I wouldn’t exclude Highmore yet, i believe he will compete for a roster spot too.

    Noonan good thing about young Defencemen is Boqvist and Beaudin at least 4 years before they are done of elc and Jokiharju 3 years at least on elc. Mitchell could be 2 years if he burns a year at the end this season. Anisimov and Murphy be off the books, Schmaltz and Debrincat could be in the midst of 5 or 6 year deals then. The extra space now covers one of them if you factor in their elc room and bonuses now. Saad contract be up by then, may be resigned or not who knows by then. Seabrooks or one of the other big contracts could ltir by then and handled similar to Hossa. Get the forwards locked up in next couple of years, should be ok. Goaltender probably going to cost one way or the other close to hit now. You can maybe luck out for a year, sooner or later you pay. Crawfords hit pretty reasonable everything considered.

  53. Yea not disagreeing. Just that it will work.
    Have to have a certain amount of good players on elc and we can have as many ‘core player caphits’ like we did before, and then add a 11/26/91/80 when were deep.
    When you do that you can only keep for a couple yrs, then cap and younger guys higher caphits, like 2011/2016/202?

  54. Read Krugs has his FO back up to 55%. He was around 50 the last yr here. So that’s not where he was when he was at 57%, 55% would do wonders.

  55. Its been a long time since I posted… but came here to scan and see what young players were getting everyone’s attention. All of you guys for the most part have a better hockey IQ than me, but as someone sitting at the scrimmage the other day… I have to say, that I loved everything I saw from Highmore. He skated hard, and put alot out there. Highmore and Sikura were the two I took note of.

  56. I think Highmore is one of the bubble players but I think he’s more on the outside of the top 13/14 forwards than on the inside because it’s a numbers game and I’d give the edge to other players over him.

    Figuring (9) forwards are locks/probable: Toews, Kane, Saad, Schmaltz, DeBrincat, Anisimov, Sikura, Kunitz and Kruger – that leaves only 4/5 forward spots. My guess is they will carry only 13 forwards (rather than 14) so they don’t need to sit 2 forwards every game. So, of the (4) forwards I listed earlier in the “possible” category – which one would you replace with Highmore:

    Ejdsell – bigger and better offensively
    Hayden – bigger and a better physical player
    Kampf – similar player but bigger
    Kahun – jury still out but looks much better offensively

  57. So true about Highmore. I have seen him play a lot and he will be one of the hardest workers on the ice and will give it all and he is good at a lot of things offensively and defensively and special teams, as ER said it’s a numbers game and I don’t think he is quite there yet but he will get his chance.

  58. Anybody watching camp notice Boomhower play. He is a very good body checking tireless worker from what i hear. Even called an Andrew Shaw clone.

  59. Don’t forget Matinsens – I think he makes the team

    I had thought that would be fine as 13th FW but the way Q is praising the Hayden-Kruger-Martinsens line you have to wonder if he start is top 12

    Then what happens to Kampf and Kahun – you have to figure if they’re only going with 13 FWs they Kahun because of the Euro clause

    Maybe they will keep 14 FW and 7 D

  60. They keep Kahun… cuz he is ++ skater/Hands/IQ– On championship teams in Euro…

    If he plays with top 6 talent– he scores 40-55 points

  61. Agree Wall almost likes 3rd line with Sikura AA Ejdsell and 4th Hayden Kruger are set and Kahun is looked at to win a spot in top 6. Kunitz default to 4th then. Martinsen be a good press box role player and Highmore could be an in the lineup at any spot type 13th forward. Too early to say yet though.

  62. That’s sort of a lot of FW. Once most of these guys get established, were looking deep. The FWs will haveexperience once the drafted D guys are ready.

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