Corey Crawford Named #2 Star of the Week

On Monday, the NHL named the league’s 3 Stars for the week ending Nov. 6. Blackhawks goaltender Corey Crawford was named the #2 Star of the Week.

From the release:

Crawford went 3-0-0 with a 1.00 goals-against average, .971 save percentage and one shutout as the Blackhawks (9-3-1, 19 points) picked up four wins in four games to move into first place in the Central Division. He made 33 saves in a 5-1 victory over the Calgary Flames Nov. 1, earned his 21st career shutout with 38 stops in a 4-0 win over the Colorado Avalanche Nov. 3 and turned aside 31 shots in a 3-2 triumph over the Dallas Stars Nov. 5. The 31-year-old Montreal native owns a 6-3-1 record in 10 outings this season, ranking in the top 10 in the NHL in wins (t-4th), goals-against average (8th; 2.01), save percentage (7th; .936) and shutouts (t-3rd; 2).

Tampa Bay forward Nikita Kucherov was named the #1 star, and the #3 star was current Rangers forward and one-time Chicago draft pick Kevin Hayes.


13 thoughts on “Corey Crawford Named #2 Star of the Week

  1. Hopefully he stays consistent and injury free. If he does that, I can see him in the running for the Vezina. More importantly, I see the Hawks going deep in the post season which is (of course) more important than anything else.

  2. Trade the bum and his 6 mil. contract for better players in front of the goalie. (complete sarcasm, so yell at the people that have been preaching such nonsense for years.) I am a firm believer that you are not going to win it all without a net-minder with a distinct skill set, or a guy that plays lights out or out of his abilities for two or three months in a row. I prefer the first, which 50 has proven he is. Go hawks and congratulations to 50 for something his probably due every week.

  3. Jax- So when 2010 Hawks/ Niemi won cup… how do you explain that?

    And- Crow- didn’t make $6M during 1st cup!

    Could you imagine if SB/Hawks could have actually signed Hayes… Then- Hawks would have landed Vesey… would be one hell of a team… w/o a lot of the cap issues today.

  4. Johansson one of few bright spots in Rockford so far…

    I am not going to beat my old argument into ground…

    just saying– someone is going to be moved to make cap space next year… Assuming 72 gets his $6M +… one of top 3 candidates??? Crow??? and I hope he continues to play great… cuz-nothing wrong with selling High.

    Then again- maybe Cap jumps up $4-$6M with most of the Teams from Canada looking decent again… and Crow stays

  5. Wall don’t think anybody will be moved or anything done about 72 till we know the cap. Then if he can get his 6m he will if not sign1 1 yr deal four 4m or so and enter into extension talks early next year. With 4m salary and 2.8 bonuses being paid you have 6.8 in cap space already there to get a deal with going forward if both sides really want it

  6. Cory is a steal @ 6 million a year . The Leafs are paying Anderson 5 million a year ,may have played 100 n.h.l. games ,..,never won a thing . . Holtby 6.1 million a year ,never won a thing . Quick making 5.8 million ,he has a cup . Lundquist 8.5 never won a thing .Bobrovsky,.,.,7.5 million nuff said ,Rask and Rinne 7 million ,.,.SEE where this is going . Go Cory Go ,Go Cory Go ,Go Cory Go .

  7. Hawkhead– you are only proving my point… High $$$ goalie does NOT guarantee cup… and might actually do the opposite…

    Matt Murray- low paid… CUP last year…

    Brian Elliot- great stats- last few years …. traded – stats are suddenly NOT good…
    Did Elliot suddenly get bad??? or Perhaps- the team in front of him… ain’t as good???

  8. But,.,But ,.But ,.,.Crow has 2 cups and is a steller goalie ,call a spade a spade Wall .if you wanna argue about the 6 million dollar man ,do it with Lee Majors . You do not let go of a key cog on your team ,as Crow is ,to sign an over rated Russian forward who ,by the way is playing on a line with a cast SOoooooo talented that I would get points on that line . Keep your twisted trade this and trade that for your barroom friends and your wife ,you know, Quiet pillow talk after Hockey Night in Canada .

  9. I have not mentioned any “Trade this for that” in quite long time???

    Just stating obvious– IF 72 is signed to big $$… someone else- has to go… (unless huge Cap increase)…

    So who is that someone else??? And if Crow continues to play great (which he is so far)… Crow- gives a lot of value…

    So basically- you are saying Crow has more value to Hawks than Panarin?

    I disagree-

    Moreover, In Hawk’s system– Darling is closer to “replacing/equaling” Crow than
    ( fill in the blank) – is to replacing 72 ( Motte? Panik? ???)… the 72 “replacement” doesn’t exist.

    Just like the Saad 1LW isn’t there.

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