Corey Crawford Named NHL’s #1 Star Of The Week

On Monday morning, the NHL named Corey Crawford the league’s #1 Star of the Week for the week ending Nov. 5.

Islanders forward Josh Bailey was named the second star and Sharks goaltender Martin Jones the third.

From the NHL release:

Crawford went 2-1-0 with a 0.68 goals-against average, .979 save percentage and two shutouts to lead the Blackhawks (7-6-2, 16 points) to a pair of wins. He opened the week with consecutive shutouts, making 35 saves in a 3-0 triumph against the Philadelphia Flyers Nov. 1 and 24 stops in a 2-0 victory over the Minnesota Wild Nov. 4. It marked the fifth time Crawford has registered consecutive shutouts in his NHL career (394 GP) and first such instance since Dec. 11-13, 2015. He then finished the week with 33 saves in a 2-0 loss to the Montreal Canadiens Nov. 5. The 32-year-old Montreal native owns a 7-5-0 record in 13 appearances this season, pacing the NHL with a 1.77 goals-against average, .945 save percentage and two shutouts (tied).

37 thoughts on “Corey Crawford Named NHL’s #1 Star Of The Week

  1. Maybe the rest of the league will start to give him the credit he deserves. I am TIRED of hearing about how great Carry Price is.

  2. Add King Henry to that list for me too. Put Crow’s playoff stats against theirs and I don’t see how people don’t put Crow above them.

  3. congrats to crow! well deserved!

    mechanically, crow is a “blue collar” goalie where henry and price and rinne are more “white collar” in their movements which is why he never gets ranked with them by most pundits. at times, crow loses his net, doesn’t handle the puck well and gets his glove torched, but he never quits, never complains never blames and gets up off the canvas of his errors and tries hard again and again.

    we will keep crow and our cups and they can keep their goalies and their hopes.

  4. Best Hawk this year bar none, I believe the stats will also show he’s been getting better year after year. Carry us Corey!

  5. Now Crawford will need to learn how to score goal to help the team …
    Maybe Martin Brodeur can teach him …

  6. Watched the Golden Knights last night-
    Las Vegas plays hard and fast, and they seem to enjoy what they do. We have a better goaltender (perhaps the best), it’s hard to fathom why the Hawks aren’t a better team to this point.

    The Hawks have had lots of rest since 2015-it’s time to start caring and playing with some passion and enjoyment. It must be earned.
    They used to be good enough to play/win in spurts. Not even close anymore.

  7. Trade the Bum!!!

    He’s overpriced & lucky!!!

    Package him with Seabrook & get Darling & Bread-man back!!!

    Also invest in: “We can rebuild him, make him better-faster-stronger!”
    “The Six Million Dollar HOSSA!!!!”

  8. Ironically- the ONLY way SB going to flush That Turd- Seabrook- away… is to give up a good/wanted player – (Crow)- with the Turd…

    Crow- is the ONLY Hawk making over $5M- that is earning his salary so far this year…

    Further proving my point/argument – about NOT paying goalies…. Crow is PLAYING like an All-star- thus far– and Hawks pretty much suck- and have Nothing to show for it!!! From most other Points of view/logic– Hawks have GREAT goalie… So why aren’t they winning???

    Cuz the SKATERS- can’t score???

  9. Using that logic, the Oilers should jettison McDavid because all he does is score but they can’t stop the puck and they didn’t win the Cup last year with McDavid anyways….

  10. Tab- I would love to here some “original ” thoughts”– not your after the fact- game stats (which usually contain errors)…

    Please share some of your wisdom…

    where do you predict the Hawks will place this year???
    Where will Seabrook be playing in 3-4 years???

    I will be holding my breath!!!

    What part is Dumb… I know- ANYONE taking Serabrook in deal– is laughable- gonna take a lot more than Crow… Maybe Crow and Hartman and Half of Seabs cap hit… and then – maybe u can get rid of that Turd… maybe

  11. Wall, why so muck frickin’ hatred. Besides your concern with salary cap money, why would you stoop to calling Seabrook a “turd”? Why? Why so frickin’ personal about the whole deal? I just don’t get it.

    Seabrook is not the player he once was. And despite that, he’s not the reason the Blackhawks lost this last game against Montreal, or perhaps a large number of the games they’ve lost, if any. The Blackhawks by and large have not scored goals.

    In terms of the D-Men the Blackhawks have, he’s still probably a top 4 guy. He’s also apparently a guy they have never wanted to lose in the locker room. And maybe they can’t move him because they rightly or wrongly signed him through several more years with a big cap hit. But, again ……. why would you feel so much anger to call him a “turd”. In this ‘what have you done for me lately’ world, I can see displeasure perhaps by someone who takes this all too seriously. But to call someone on a team that you cheer for, and who has never been anything but an exemplary member of the team ON AND OFF the ice, and who is respected around the league the names you call him …. man, that is just bad form.

    He’s Brent Seabrook. He’s not Raffi Torres for God’s sake. He’s won Stanley Cups and been a huge part of all three teams that won said cups. I just don’t get it.

    I like to come on this board and read about the games, hear some insights, read and talk a little bit of strategy. But seriously dude, your mantras are past cliche’ by now.

    I know, I know …… I’m a golly gumdrops ….. I’m a Pollyanna ….. I’m not in touch with reality and need to get a spine ….. I know all the things you’re probably thinking if you read this. But sometimes you/we need to chill a bit. It’s our passion as far as some of our free time goes. But it isn’t putting food on or keeping food off of our tables.

    I don’t get it. I guess I won’t ever. Maybe it’s my bad.

  12. The word “fan” is derived from the word “fanatical.” It implies passion…like true fans who love their team have. So I don’t get why commenters on this board keep telling others to chill. This is the place to vent our fears, worries, anxieties, etc about the team we love. So stop telling passionate fans to keep their emotions in check. It’s sports. It’s fun and intense and we get worked up. If someone gets goofy and starts tweaking, whatever–let em be. This is the joy of being a Blackhawk fanatic.

  13. 2013 game 7 vs. Red Wings….. Seabs wasnt a turd then ! Game 4 vs. Bruins. Game 4 2015 vs. Preds. Come to Vancouver and watch the Sedins pirouette around the ice for 10 yrs. !

  14. Remember too against st. Louis 2 yrs ago in game 7 Seabrook hits both posts and puck bounces out and Brouwer hits post and puck comes right back out on stick and scores series winner.

  15. Big Indian I was thinking the same thing-thanks for saying it. Seabrook deserves respect for what he has done.
    To the Bomba point-yes your right about allowing for criticism/venting but I’ve noticed a change in Wall’s posts. The passion has always been there, and personally I believe the knowledge to back it up
    -and I think it has a lot to do with the challenges he gets (which are OK, he deserves them) but he also gets a lot of personal attacks and perhaps that’s why he’s gotten edgier (polite term) of late.
    Wall stick with us, some of us value what you have to say.

  16. Big Indian- I read and do agree with your respectful comments… I was out of line for using the word “Turd”…. Yes- it’s not his fault that he can no longer play at the level he once did… And Not – Seabs- fault- that SB signed him to that silly/bad contract…

    I wrongfully used the word- most likely out of being frustrated with The Hawks (possible end of Cup/window- here)… and some of the Fans here (Tab)- denial that Seabs/contract- is probably the “final nail in the coffin” – Re: the difficulty that SB/Hawks will have to wiggle out from this Deal….

    But- you are right- It is not Seabs fault…

    In other news- I see that Q- will roll out
    10/19/88 – to try to generate some Offense

  17. been a hawk fan a long . im happy they won three almost 4 cups what a great time it has been, but with the salary cap which the owners demanded, all teams eventually fall on hard times. what i dont understand is the hammer trade and even if the hawks werent cup contenders it was fun to watch breadman and kane light the lamp. now we dont even have that. panarin for saad, any hockey fan knows the jackets won the trade, the veterans on the team arent willing to skate thru a brick wall anymore i dont blame them. they feel its time for young guys to carry the load but the kids arent there yet maybe they will settle in if not im still happy for the fabulous time the hawks gave us

  18. Rich I understand where you are coming from but for two years now we have watched Panarin skate within 5 feet of the boards all series as the Hawks were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs these last two years. The Saad-Panarin deal was not done to be a better regular season team, Panarin will outscore Saad in the regular season. It was to be a better playoff team, where checking is tighter and goals come from around the blue paint. Saad has demonstrated he can do that, Panarin has demonstrated that he can’t / won’t.

    Now, not sure the Hawks get to the playoffs this year so you can see the difference, but one can hope.

  19. re: “any hockey fan knows the Jackets won the [Saad/Panarin] trade.”

    a) I’m w/ Hereismike. What did Panarin do in the last 2 postseasons to get the Hawks out of Round One?
    b) talk to me in 18 months when Panarin is asking for Tarasenko money and the Blackhawks still have Saad at $6M for a couple more years…

  20. I agree that Saad will help in the playoffs, but his offence is needed now to help them get there. Big week with games at Philly (they will want revenge) at Carolina and then New Jersey. In tough to get 3 or 4 points in these games.

  21. Totally disagree that Jackets won that trade. You’re basing it on 15 games played, when we’ve got 67 more to go? I’d call that a little premature at best. Panarin was fun to watch indeed, but not so much against the Preds in the playoffs. Flash turned to Flush pretty quickly under playoff pressure.
    Not sure where this team is going yet, though the opening of the season has been sobering, no doubt, but it’s nothing that a 3 or 4 game winning streak couldn’t cure. The most important thing for this team, IMO, is to continue to refine our defensive game. The goals will come. And I have a feeling Tab is right on about Panarin’s future $$. I doubt he lasts with the Jackets beyond his current contract.

  22. Wall and Bomba – I’m good with both of ya, and respect both of your replies.

    Now on to hockey ….
    I’ve heard guys say that they get amped up to play the Blackhawks (i.e. Saad I think said that when he left Chicago he was surprised that his Blue Jackets would play a team that played like stiffs, and then he’d watch the same team the next night on TV against the Blackhawks and it would be a totally different bunch).
    I thought of that last night when I watched Washington and Buffalo play. Those guys looked like an over 40 adult no-check rec league bunch. Nobody was going for the pucks against the boards. If some guy was an easy mark (loafing around with his head up) he might get blasted, but overall there wasn’t much intensity or effort on display, save maybe Ovechkin.

    With that said it’s important that the Blackhawks get their heads screwed on straight when it comes to the intensity they need to bring every night. It’s just a fact. Guys are going to have to work the whole game to get a point or two. And consistency was not there last year and hasn’t been this year. Makes it tough on Crawford obviously as others have pointed out.
    I think a number of guys have kind of been drifting in and out and unfortunately it’s the guys most likely to have the chances to score. It just looks like there are too many moments when two or even three opponents crash in on a Blackhawk player against the boards in the offensive zone, and there isn’t anyone going anywhere near the net or even in the zone (and it’s not during a change). Is it just a matter of guys not getting up and down the ice?
    I am a Toews “homer” I’ll admit, and I think he’s been playing really hard these last few games, but I will say that as Captain he has to try and do something to get the others more energized. In theory they should be self motivated but that doesn’t appear to be the case. I can’t buy that it’s totally lack of speed because it’s Saad and Kane who are often out of the mix.

    Go Blackhawks!!!!

  23. Big Indian I couldn’t agree more they need to stop depending on being able to find that other gear when they need it to bail them out and start playing a more 60 minute game. Instead of playing spurts they need team effort shift after shift and they have the talent needed to be a very competitive team.

  24. Big Indian you should have seen the Kings and Ducks last night. The intensity was off the charts and to your point it didn’t resemble any recent Hawk game.

  25. This is a big oversimplification-but they have had a style based on their players/coaches that worked, very well in the past–I believe we still see it today (e.g. the bursts-spurts) although perhaps with less ability to play it. But they haven’t done a real good job of adjusting/changing based on their current players and the growth of other teams and the style they play.

    I get that it’s easy to say this from a far, but–my question is how will they adapt (and a better question)–can they with Q in charge?
    Let’s assume for a minute that they have the horses to compete this year.
    Can this team compete as is, and with their style of play? I hope they can.

    I team I watch the Toronto Raptors are changing their style of play this year-they look lost at times and inconsistent but they feel they must to get over the hump and win in the East. (less Lowry and Derozan and more perimeter passing and better 3 point shots)

  26. I was talking with a friend who is much more knowledgeable on hockey than me, & he mentioned how good Q used to be at match-ups etc. and now not so much.

    He attributes it to the fact that the hawks used to be the much faster team & could compensate better for their mistakes & take advantage of the other teams mistakes..

    The league has now caught up with the hawks & possibly passed them by, & Q appears to be frustrated because what used to work doesn’t anymore…

    Maybe it’s time the hawks make a change like Pit. did 2 years ago…????

    I’m not advocating it, just up for discussion…

  27. Noonan I don’t think its over simplifying it, the puck possession is not there like it used to be and being more motivated is one way to help remedy that. If you listen to the coaches they basically talk about what they are not doing and alot of that is being motivated to do it. The talent is still there just need to work at it and the chemistry and puck luck comes with it.

  28. Lines still 10, 19, 88
    20, 15, 14
    12, 8, 38
    17, 57, 40
    Looks like this is an attempt to get 88, 10 & 15 to lesser degree 38 who didn’t look to be playing happy so far. Maybe little spark and buy into the roles they want them to play this year. Be interesting to see what it brings.

    Same D pairs 2 44 42 7 & 5 11 but left door open for Rutta to go back to left side prob. be 2 11 44 7 & 42 5

  29. Bomba, Big Indian, and Hialeah Kid; I remember Backes cross checking Hossa into the crossbar after scoring a goal in the playoffs a few years back, (cheap, late and very dangerous hit), and Seabrook put Backass into the boards with authority and vigor. Wakey wakey Backass, wakey wakey.

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