11 thoughts on “Corey Crawford Returns

  1. Sure won’t expect an “A” game out of Crawford, but it will be good for him to get a game under his belt prior to playoffs. Let’s hope that no one else gets dinged in this last outing.
    The St. Louis and Dallas final regular season games will be interesting in terms of who they put out for their lineups and who their opponents put out for their lineups. This of course has implications for who the Blackhawks play first round, but beyond that it has an implication for who Minnesota ends up playing. The Wild have sucked Bronto and have sort of limped into the playoffs. However, they have played both St. Louis and Dallas pretty darn tough this year. It’s not an automatic wipeout for the team that ends up playing the Wild. They’re an 8th seed that could still get a hot goalie streak and cause some problems.

  2. Good, good. Bring it on. Tune up.

    I have, and still use, a laser disc player, something I purchased in the mid nineties. Whenever I load one of those giant discs in to watch a movie it has a real turbine whine as it gets itself ready to do its stuff. It is a very pleasant but powerful sound that just denotes power and assuridty. Listen for it.

  3. Mind numbing- Game 82 Boston gets trounced 6-1 by Ottawa in a must win game and then Detroit game 82 goes and loses as well. Will Philly get 2 of 4 possible points? Vs. Pittsburg and Islanders? Holy Mackinaw.

  4. Claude Julien will probably up for grabs for some team very, very soon. Deservedly or not he’s going to get crucified in Boston. Detroit pulls an el choke-o and Boston loses at home to a non-playoff team. Ouch. Flyers might just barely sneak in.

  5. Yup…. Thinking Claude better get one of those big nose-glasses-moustache and a wig and get outta town before they fire him out of cannon,

  6. Blew another lead. But I’m wrong for saying this team doesn’t finish people off,
    Right Tab?

  7. Yeah fire Claude,.,.the TEAM sucks.
    Ottawa ,.,Playoff killers. Only thing they did right all year ,..,keep the B`s out .

    Ottawa Sucks and should start by firing their G.M.
    This league is turning into a sissy piss off.,.,.Canadian teams are being controlled by some Know nothings ,.,.,This disappointed hockey fan feels Canada’s pain.

  8. After Claude Julien takes a ride on the catapult it will be followed shortly by Ken Hitchcock. Watch for them flying over your roof.

    No Canadian teams a bit embarrising but what can you do. I thought Calgary would be superb this season but they “flamed out” right from the start. I simply don’t understand the Oilers, like just how many super stars do you need screw in a lightbulb anyway?

    I live in a small town of 3,500 folks and there are fans of every single team in town, wearing their jerseys, caps, licence plates, you name it. The media makes a big deal out of it, and maybe in Toronto viewership will be dismal but they are kinda bizzare anyway. Bandwagon time for most folks. They just enjoy the games and the action in the playoffs.

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