Corey Crawford To Miss 3 Weeks

On Tuesday afternoon, Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville told the media that Corey Crawford is expected to miss around three weeks of action.

This news comes on the heels of the Hawks recalling netminder Kent Simpson from Rockford and placing forward Bryan Bickell on injured reserve (retroactive to Nov. 19) on Monday.

Antti Raanta will start in Dallas on Tuesday night.

4 thoughts on “Corey Crawford To Miss 3 Weeks

  1. Ouch … but really, if CC is back to 100% and playing in 3 weeks I will consider it fortunate based on the way he looked when the injury happened. Hopefully Raanta can handle the load, and if he can maybe it ends up being a blessing in diguise.

  2. As Hawks fan we will have a real chance to get a long look at both these guys. Unless the Hawks add a goalie which I doubt will happens. Kent Simpson is going to play too. Antti Raanta was a solid depth move on paper and now we will have a chance to evaluate his game on the NHL stage. I think he will do fine. Simpson on the other hand has been thrust into an opportunity hopefully he will answer the call. I just wish Stan signed a legit backup last offseason, the think Antti will validate that decision.

  3. Technically, Stan did sign a legit backup last off season… he just forgot how to play goalie over the off season.

  4. The Hawks will be fine, Raanta was the best goalie in Europe last year, and is playing very well already, and Simpson is a good goalie…once he gains control of his nerves, Kent will settle in and play well…nature will always find her balance…CC was overworked and now he gets his rest.

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