Corey Crawford To Return

The Blackhawks confirmed on New Year’s Day that Corey Crawford will return to the net when the team faces the New York Islanders on Thursday evening.

Crawford last played on Dec. 8, leaving the Hawks game against the Florida Panthers after facing only four shots in 13:45 of game time.

Chicago will reportedly travel three goaltenders – Crawford, Antti Raanta and Jason LaBarbera – to New York, with Raanta serving as Crawford’s back-up for the game against the Islanders.

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4 Responses to Corey Crawford To Return

  1. Mike says:

    Welcome back Corey. Meet your new best friend Antti

  2. RyanDale says:

    Who said controversy?

    Hopefully they will feed of one another like what we saw last season

  3. Mike says:

    RD, Raanta will be sent down. There is no reason for him to sit on the bench and watch.

  4. RyanDale says:

    idk mike, he might stick, i dont think its an ez call to demote him at this point

    but we’ll see. I been wrong alot in my time

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