Crawford, Blackhawks Enjoy Record-Breaking Night In Music City

On Tuesday night, a couple impressive benchmarks were established by the Chicago Blackhawks. Corey Crawford established a new personal best, winning his ninth consecutive start, and the Hawks broke the organization’s record for consecutive victories with their 12th straight win. And since I was touring the music city, I had enough fun with the little music festivals there. And when I was done, I was already looking at the schedule of Los Angeles events and concerts.

It took 19 minutes for the Blackhawks offense to arrive at the party, but a pretty passing play from Patrick Kane to Artemi Panarin to Artem Anisimov ended with Anisimov’s 16th goal of the season. The goal came with only 21 seconds remaining in the period and gave the Hawks some momentum heading to the dressing rooms after a relatively flat opening period.

The second saw both teams’ offense get going quickly. Richard Panik scored his second goal since joining the club just 2:43 into the period, but Nashville’s Ryan Ellis cut the lead in half with a goal only 25 seconds later.

It took 60 seconds for the in-house PA to finish announcing the Ellis goal and Nashville’s fans to tell Corey Crawford how much he sucked. Then Kane pushed the lead back to two.

That breakaway goal was Kane’s 30th of the season, tying his career high established during the 2009-10 campaign. Panarin picked up his second assist of the night with a gorgeous outlet, and All-Star Pekka Rinne was no match for Kane’s moves.

Rinne, who will represent Nashville in their home arena at the 2016 NHL All-Star Game, came into Tuesday night’s game with a .864 save percentage and 3.27 goals against average in five January starts. His loss to the Hawks made his record 1-4-1 in the month. He’s an all-star, however.

Crawford, on the other hand, came into Tuesday night with a 7-0-0 record, .954 save percentage and 1.56 goals against average since the calendar turned over to 2016. He’ll enjoy a couple days off during the All-Star Break, though…

The third period saw the Blackhawks forced to kill off two penalties to Kane and Trevor van Riemsdyk, and Nashville put 16 of the first 18 shots of the final period on the net before Roman Josi was sent to the box for tripping Andrew Desjardins inside the final four minutes of regulation.

In the final minute, Desjardins found the empty net for his sixth of the season to put the game away. And when the final horn sounded, a record in Chicago’s long, storied history books was rewritten.

The Hawks’ fourth line continued to be solid since Panik joined Dennis Rasmussen and Ryan Garbutt. Garbutt picked up three hits to lead the Hawks while Rasmussen was credited with an assist on Panik’s goal; none of the three skated more than eight minutes in the game.

Teuvo Teravainen was firing the puck all night, leading the victors with five shots on net. Erik Gustafsson and Niklas Hjalmarsson blocked two shots each and Jonathan Toews was credited with three takeaways.

Crawford stopped 38 of 39 in another spectacular effort.

Chicago is back on the ice in Tampa for a Stanley Cup Final rematch on Thursday night.

Anisimov Panarin Kane

39 thoughts on “Crawford, Blackhawks Enjoy Record-Breaking Night In Music City

  1. Two facts:

    1. We got it rolling now.

    2. Tony has spoken the clearest truth yet this year: RTF is the one who’s “just a guy.”


  2. It looks like the effort to keep the red out is not working. The cheering by the Hawks fans in the final minute was awesome. United Center South.

  3. Amazing! Just think of what we could do if we didn’t have a team filled with just a bunch of guys! Where is that clown RTF, has he crawled out from under that rock yet??!!

    The bread and butter line is awesome. Now that the opposition is concentrating on them with their best checking line and best pair of d men, they still can’t be stopped!

    Let this sink in for a moment. This team just did something that the 2013 team wasn’t able to do.

  4. Lot of thing I wanna discuss,,,

    One, and I’ll start with the negative. This Blog has gone way down hill. I use to read every comment, every minuet, because I LOVE the Hawks. But this has turned into a pissing contest. I hate it. I miss the days of Brad and Hoff discussing real Hawks hockey. I barely read comments anymore and I can’t foresee a way for Tab to recto fie it, which is too bad.

    2- I can’t but help that every time 86 touches the puck I think something good is going to happen. He is turning out to be a great asset in my view. Argue all you want about his minuets but his contributions are one of the factors that set this team apart.

    Speaking of this team setting itself apart… I would poop a little if I were any other team in the league watching this team come together this past month. All I’d hear is Indian drums in a war campaign coming to get me. Despite all the turnover and turmoil, we are proving once again to be the team to beat.

    And to piggie back off that, the acquisitions of gusty, TVR, Rass and Bready are really speaking volumes (and scaring the poop out of the league) to how our management is performing.

    Craw is worth the money. I think his performance has altered the way Q coach run this team. We can focus on not allowing grade A chances cause our confidence in him. And that is what sets this team apart. (paging Wall)

    Which brings me to my 2nd last point… I think Q has two styles, score goals and prevent goals. That’s all he needs to contribute in game time. Obviously there’s offense and defense incorporated in each. but that’s how simple he makes it. And coaches to that which is why I believe the hawks have been so successful.

    Last. Danult… He could be better then Krugs… Think about that and it’s implications.

    Notice I didn’t even mention our success about our amazing two lines??? which is the obvious discussion that I’m trying to avoid to bring some life (substance)back to this blog.

    Kyle out_

  5. Chew on this for a minute.

    Blackhawks 57-0-1 in past two seasons (incl playoffs) when leading after two periods.

  6. Let’s not lambast Mr. Rufus. His redundant negative posts speak for themselves. Let’s hope the solid play continues and leads to another mid June parade.

  7. Great run-
    Gustafsson has made this team better and deeper. What a find! No need to panic over the 4th line.
    It’s a broken record but 4 is a beast. (and 50)

    Just curious-what has happened to K. Baun?-miss those Rockford updates.

  8. Kyle-needs to be mentioned again-
    Brad and Hof contributed lots but ‘pissing contests’—they were right in the middle of many.

  9. Great game and another memory for the scrapbook. Wow! Kyle, nice post.

    Go Hawks!!! Thursday’s game can’t get here soon enough.

  10. On the money, Noonan. Gustaffson looks like a kid with instincts and a high IQ…so far. He’s disciplined with the puck and he has patience with the puck, things you can’t teach, really. So nice to see. This organization has shown some great taste and timing with the way they choose and nurture talent.

  11. Great game from all but special nods to Hjalmarsson, who was just a tank in this game and Crawford with yet again another (darn near anyway) goalie win. The boys are really having some fun out there and exhibiting incredible skills of passing, shooting and defensive work. There were many times the Predators D looked as if they were playing in a different time event ,,,ie…looked slow, but it was us that played so fast. Many many outstanding stops from Crawford as the Preds poured it on in the third. On to Florida for a pair against some formidable opponents, who will be pumped up in the role of ending our run. 2 more for Kane and nothing from Benn tonight so far. Keep it going Patrick Kane. At this rate Panarin will end up in the # 2 spot as he moves up the charts. Wow.

  12. Morrison- Time for some pipe music don’t you think? Scare the bejeezus out of them pretentious Florida teams as we emerge from the haze and mists relentlessly moving forward.

  13. Tab – thank you great summary (as usual) and photo. (Always appreciate your effort.)

    Mining Man, “special nods to Hjalmarsson” – yes, indeed. It seems sometimes his contributions (LARGE) get lost.

    Great run!! Keep “playing the right way” and they will win more often than not. This group may be good enough to win again – and a healthy Kruger and maybe a more experienced (“polished”) Dano, Hartman, and Svedberg will be all the depth they need? GO HAWKS!!

  14. Kyle, I agree. I think the personal attacks people are making on each other makes this blog a lot less interesting and wish those comment could be left off. Tab … maybe rules of conduct?

    To give this winning streak some perspective. I remember when the season started there was a lot of sky falling in comments from some people. and several of us said give this team 20 or 25 games to gel with all the new players learning the system. Well by game 37 they really took off right? Also a big change this year is so many young players really making important contributions which I think has really elevated the play overall. If you go back a few years there were some years that it was lucky for one rookie to crack the lineup ala Shaw and Saad did in their respective rookie years. It’s really nice to see all these young players doing well. It really bodes well for the team for the next few years. Re Locking up Panarin long term at some point Bickell’s dollars will be available if it is not spent elsewhere. Go Hawks!

  15. I am amazed at this team. They lost two high quality LW’s in Saad and Sharp. Replaced by Panarin (what a great signing) and, for now, Shaw.

    Danault’s play has been most welcome. That line is solid.

    Panik really seems to be fitting in.

    Lastly, our D has been able to rotate the old guys with Gustafson. He’s learning from two wily veterans.

    I haven’t really discussed the stars. Why? They’re doing what they always do.

    This team may very well be better than last year’s.

    I look forward to Florida but more so to another meeting with Dallas.

  16. Hawks sure are fun to watch, yes was hoping that was growing pains we were going through early in the year. And Bowman should be G.M. of the year, outstanding moves, some without giving up assets, and having to dance around the cap for this year and beyond. I hope Crow doesn’t need me to tell him he is a all-star, he SURE is. I have always thought it was better to have the time off for some Crow time.

    Maybe Bowman can steal away the Preds draft choice that is completing his senior year at Yale, I believe, a big time scorer, who will be free if not signed after season, his name escapes me now, know he is a forward. Someone asked about Baun earlier, with my limited knowledge of Rockford, I watch the games they show against the Wolves and check out their highlights on their website often, I have only seen him once and they played him on D that game. So I don’t know what has been happening to him. I know I had a good feel about his game from watching him last year, limited I know and preseason this year. I know he has no points so far.
    And I think every team has several { just a guy } players on their teams, it stands for guys who know their roles and I believe ours do pretty well.

  17. The crying MJ pic looks like it was from the national anthem. Hawks fans do what we they do when they hear the anthem, and he Predators fan in the bottom right looks a bit upset about it.

  18. Kyle- I agree with TT- looking better/more dangerous… his Stick/forechecking w/ 24 has been great… as I suggested before… If Panik gets a chance with him… Might even be better??? Maybe- I love Desi’s work, board effort… but Panik- looks to be a way better finisher…

    Kyle- Your “page” to me on the Crow comment??? In my opinion- you need to re-write it… cuz – the way I read it… it Defends – my position about superior Team D- leads to great goal tending… so if you want to have a discussion- please restate.

    Noonan96- is 100% right- Kyle, Those 2 were in the middle of lot’s (as am I)…
    Hof- when I disagreed with Him… he would usually be the 1st to attack …. isn’t this supposed to be about opinions? I liked Hof’s writing… but a lot of it was pure “reporting from Rockford”- which I could read the boxscore and get… I attended several games- and had lots of different “views” (Moose- for example)… Hof- never liked… Pissed on my thoughts about him… and well- we see how that went… I also predicted Danault would get next call… not Hartman,Kero, Dano

  19. Another Hockey Observation: Panik- appears to be a steal for 3rd/4th line player right now,,, + skater/speed, + size, + shot, Play/pass recognition… Surprisingly weak on Boards/Possession , Cycle… IMO- Stalberg (and TT keeping his skates) on boards were terrible when they 1st became Hawks… But- Improved Greatly in 1st year/or two… IF- Panik can improve like Stalberg did… Panik- could be REALLY dangerous… So I have Confidence – The Hawks- can improve that part of Panik’s game… the only issue… Been very little Practice- all games right now…

    Gus- Like I said- he is Keith-Lite!!! Give Gus a full year of practicing/learning/watching Keith… and Look out… I actually think Gus is better than Keith passing in O zone!!!

    Gus made one slippery move – back toward Crow w/ Puck to escape forecheck!!!
    Wow!!! Not many guys- can make that move!!! Really hope he stays healthy and avoids the Big/late hits!!! Team is so much quicker with Him!!!

  20. What an awesome time to be a hawks fan. 3 cups in 6 years. Trying to repeat for the first time since 1999 Kane leading the league in almost all offensive categories. Panarin heading towards rookie of the year and an awesome win streak setting records. The game in Tampa will be a huge challenge for the hawks. Go hawks !

  21. First must agree with a few “posters” that the lame personal attacks are number one, NOT VERY CLEVER and NOT VERY INTERESTING PLUS ARE ODDLY NOT FUNNY TO READ! ( I know hockey and funny not funny )

    So if your gonna get personal make it funny at a bare minimum? Or shut up?

    Second I’m only looking and reading for “insights” and I at times I do read for some of the AHL mumbo jumbo just to get a general idea but to ME, I AM ALL NHL and ON ICE PERFORMANCE! I do TRY to add insights I hope are a little helpful to others to help understand a rather complex and sporadic game! I like to “analysis” a players On Ice Play game night in and night out . . . NOT ON HIS STATS?

    Back to the Hawks

    GUSTY is amazing, getting very comfortable! Really moves the puck with confidence and in contrast shows how “wonky” TVR really is. GUSTY is a man child, head up and out, and passing is crisp and clean, and if he continues he gives us a solid 4 d-men! TVR’s slap shot need a “scope” a little wild but his play is consistent. TVR has gotta get better and he is playing with Hall of Fame partners?

    Yes Hammer was called out all game last night by home town announcers and had a solid night for HAMMER but he does that every night!

    Panik is so far soooo good. Watching the Hawks we know the Defensive and Fore Check System is a SYSTEM and is like a TRAP and SWITCH in the NBA, not easy to execute, like a very lose zone, you CAN NOT OVER SAKTE or OVER COMMIT! Rotation is key and all 4 lines are playing it to perfection!

    Again score first and pack it in, PREDS a lot of LONG RANGE slap shots? Even when they had odd man breaks they settle for these 20 foot slap shots? Nothing taken to the net? PEKKKA Is horrible, or at least average, again get these BIG GUYS to move left to right and it’s easy to beat, let them stand up 6 foot 6 and straight ya lose!

    Garbutt again good shots on net, plus MOOSE is almost AWAKE now, as he can have 15 goals by my count, Garbutt comes in on the WALL gets shots on every time , low, and rebounds leak to the outside, Moose missed one last night, this happens 2 or 3 times a night!

    Danault is playing well, BUT for some reason I Think MARCUS will return with a vengeance and add a lot more than when he left! Danault is does not have the same INTENSITY Marcus has on the puck, but Marcus is one of a kind. EFFORT!

    The Maestro Line, refuses to take bad shots . . . what a thrill to watch and they make the top line better, really hard to match up! The patience is incredible, The Artist is almost showing me some speed to the outside and along the Wall, need to see him turn it on, goes past the wall and outside defender and take it to the net, just once!
    NOW he is being played for the pass which is easy to defend, he can have 40 goals easy once he shows he can “frezzzze ay and pass ya” in that coveted outside lane!

    Go Hawks

  22. Dano is a player! Great offensive skill set, balls for the blue paint! Wish Hawks had room for him! He just looked solid for a 3 or 4 line player! Dano may have too much offense and not enough two way d? Panik is just okay and should also get better, like Garbutt he gets shot to the net and on the net, something if ya watch enough hockey is the GAME. High and wide or blocked or tipped means lost possession.

    TNT is playing well, not sure i’d say better . . . but he is getting the minutes! That line needs to be a little more “physical” for TNT to really shine, he needs to be able to drift and find gaps not just be another THIN BODY crashing the boards. His skill is in the open ice, but his physical game is WISER if not better. Love the kid and again yet another PLAYER ya gotta defend and know where he is at all times! So TNT for that alone makes that line better!

    go hawks

  23. RTF is no where to be found! Oh yea the hawks are winning. Like all trolls he only shows up to post his negative crap when they’re losing. He must be really depressed about now!

  24. All I know is it sure would be great to here this chant from a million Blackhawk fans in Grant park this summer…”4th in 7″

    Let’s go Hawks!

    Make it 13 straight!

  25. Crawford continues to be an elite goalie at this stage of his career. Q has done a good job of alternating Scuderi and Rozy to keep them both fresh. This will pay huge dividends when the playoffs roll around.

  26. C R A W F O R D……..C R A W F O R D……..C R A W F O R D……..You Suck
    Hahahahaha. Didn’t hear much of that last night did we???

    It is nice to see that Crawford is getting some recognition that he truly deserves.
    Last 8 starts…..279 shots against (that’s 35 a game, give the guy a little help) and 12 goals given up (1.5GAA) WOW

    Darling has played well too. I notice that the Hawks give up far fewer shots when Darling is in net. Either the skaters play better D or the skaters have so much confidence in Crow that they are in offense mode all the time.

  27. The guy who gets very little credit is Anisimov. He has taken the second line center position and made Kane and Panarin better players. He is a LARGE human and plays well on the boards, but I love the way that he goes to the net. This addition by Stan has made the Hawks a much better team than out Stanley Cup winning team of last year.

    The comment by Jamal Mayers on the pre-game was spot on, he said “most teams do not accept the new, young players very well, but this Hawk team welcomes them with open arms and makes them feel comfortable”. That only comes from quality leadership in the locker room……19, 81, 2, 7, 88, 65, 50, 4 and the rest of the clan.

    I like the fact that we back check like mad men. I like the fact that Crow keeps us in games until we can get our feet going. I like the fact that Q makes adjustments on the fly. I like the fact that this team is as resilient as any that I have ever seen.

    When Saad left, these guys could have sulked and bitched and moaned but they didn’t. They knew what had to be done, they faced the consequences and now they are preparing themselves for a good Cup run.

  28. In regard to Kyle and his comments………he is spot on. I still come to this blog and voice my opinions and observations, but I don’t get involved with name calling and insults. The true hockey fan knows the game and tries to pass their knowledge onto other hockey fans without insults or name calling.

    Besides, I need my energy for the Stanley Cup run in the spring!!

  29. Count me in the group that comes here to immerse myself in hockey discussion and wish the Jerry Springer Show stuff would not pollute this otherwise fine forum.

  30. Cheers to those posting about ceasing negative (especially personal attacks) posts. Jeers to those doing so. Really detracts from a quality and often looked-forward to read.

  31. Saw that Hawks prospect Tyler Motte had 5 points, including a hat trick as his Michigan team beat Ohio State on Sunday. He played in the world juniors a year ago and I would guess he will sign and finish the year in Rockford once the college year is finished. He is playing with some big time prospects at Michigan, including Werenski who looked really good at this year’s world juniors.

    Been very impressed with Danault’s game. His AHL numbers weren’t great but he looks to be a lockdown type defensive center with more offensive upside than Krugs. I love Krugs but have to believe his slot will be in jeopardy next year as once again we will need every cap dollar we can get our hands on. Hope I’m wrong.

  32. All great things will come to an end but I was surprised to see in the paper yesterday that the second biggest win streak in the western conference was 2 games (one team) and then 1 game-the Hawks have picked a good time to go on a run.
    It’s so hard to win more than a few games in a row with the depth of competition, travel schedule and back to back nights.

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