Crawford, Blackhawks fall to Petersen, Kings in a shootout

The Blackhawks lost eight in a row. The best thing they could have seen on the schedule was a couple struggling teams with injury issues, and that’s exactly what they got. The Blues came into the United Center and got shutout, and on Friday night the Los Angeles Kings visited Chicago.

Well, what’s left of the Kings.

Notre Dame product Cal Petersen made his first NHL start and second overall appearance in net for LA and the Kings weren’t sure who would be available to serve as the backup until just before the game started. With injury issues all over the Kings roster, it would have been wise for the Hawks to jump on the young netminder early.

So the Blackhawks put eight shots on net in a first period that could have cured insomnia. The Kings managed ten shots in the opening 20 minutes.

In the second period, the Kings put the game on a silver platter for the Hawks.

Michael Amadio took a penalty at 8:10 into the second.

The Hawks did nothing.

Drew Doughty went to the box at 12:30.

Again, nothing from Chicago.

And Dustin Brown sat for a couple minutes beginning at 15:11.

Zero goals on three consecutive power plays for the Blackhawks. Patrick Kane was on the ice for 5:36 of the six minutes of power play time for the Hawks but the coaching change has changed the dumpster fire that the Hawks’ would-be “advantage” has been for the last few years.

Meanwhile, Tyler Toffoli scored 19 seconds after the Amadio penalty ended, banking a shot in off Duncan Keith to give the Kings a 1-0 lead.

Los Angeles held onto the one-goal margin as the teams headed to their respective locker rooms after 40 minutes. Both sides put 12 shots on net in the second, and the Hawks started the third period with Jonathan Toews in the box for 1:46 of penalty time.

Corey Crawford and Petersen were both playing very well, and Crawford made some big saves to keep the game close, including one short-handed opportunity while the Hawks’ “power play” was on the ice in the second. .

Less than 60 seconds after the Toews penalty ended, Chicago’s captain executed a perfect passing sequence with Brandon Saad that ended with Saad tying the game at one.

Saad’s fifth of the year brought some life back into a United Center that felt like it had 20,000 attendees who were tired after a long work week.

Crawford continued to make huge saves to keep the Hawks in the game. Too many Kings were able to set up shop in front of the net without worrying about any contact from a skater in red. Jeff Carter got a marvelous look with the Hawks making a terrible change with 90 seconds left in regulation but Crawford made another big save.

Regulation ended with the game still tied. Chicago held a 34-32 shot advantage through 60 minutes.

The Blackhawks picked up a point in the standings in a third consecutive game; they were 1-0-1 in the previous two contests.

Chicago opened overtime with Toews, Kane and Keith on the ice together against Anze Kopitar, Brown and Drew Doughty. An awful pass by Keith gave Brown a great look, but the veteran opted to wait for a trailing Kopitar. A return pass from Kopitar was off the mark and neither team was able to score early in the extra session.

At the mid-point in overtime, Artem Anisimov threw a puck at the net and almost got a terrific tip from Gustav Forsling, who was flying across the net. Petersen made a nice save on the play, however, and on we went.

Neither side was able to score, so we were treated to a skills competition.

In his first shootout as Hawks head coach, Jeremy Colliton opted to shoot first and sent Toews over the board. Petersen made a terrific save against Toews. Ilya Kovalchuk beat Crawford easily.

Kane went second for Chicago and was also stopped by Petersen. Kopitar shot second for the Kings and won the game.

56 thoughts on “Crawford, Blackhawks fall to Petersen, Kings in a shootout

  1. Top brass say we’re a playoff team. What are the seeing that we can’t see? Half this roster should be in 5he AHL

  2. Glass half full Mo-one way to look at the last three-it was Crow’s play.

    Tab mentioned the many times players on the other team are left alone in front of the net with quality chances. If the Kings could score the Hawks were in trouble.
    Debrincat is being wasted. 40 looks good.

    For those in Canada-London vs. Guelph tomorrow afternoon on Sportsnet 360 and it is being billed as Merkley vs. Boqvist

  3. Hawks are a joke. They consistently get pushed around due to Bowman’s drafting of midgets. They have no pep in their step. They look like my beer league team. Bowman can’t be fired soon enough.

  4. Hawks lost again … ho hum.

    Now on to some good news – a bunch of Hawks prospects hit the score sheet. Boqvist with a couple assists. Kurashev with a goal and 3 assists, Mitchell with a goal. Krys with a couple assists. Hagel with a goal and 2 assists. Jake Wise with an assists. Evan Barratt with a goal and assist.

  5. Demo – valid observation. 12 forwards dressed — Hayden, Kunitz & Martinsen less than 10 mins played each. That’s essentially down to 9 forwards. Then you have Kruger. That’s 8 forwards. Then you have Kahun & Kampf playing high end minutes again for (if you ask me) no reason/established basis. That’s 6 forwards. Then you have Anisimov. That’s essentially down to 5 forwards.

    So, the moral to the story is one goal last game and one goal tonight, you can’t win in the NHL to make the playoffs and take a legit swing w/ 5 NHL forwards. Who is responsible for this? Hmmmm….. A) Quenneville B) Colliton C) Chelios D) Roenick E) Tallon F) Bowman

    I select F). Anyone that thinks (b/c he “plays the body”) Martinsen is anywhere near being an NHL forward is smoking some serious stuff. The new coach is more enamored w/ him than Q was. He is the poster boy for what is ailing the Hawks. If the four lines (right now 3 would suffice) were solid and legit, Q would still be employed.

    This is all on Bowman. Good evening to all.

  6. P.S. Martinsen is the poster boy, if the other 11 eleven forwards were solid, it wouldn’t be a big deal. But it is a big deal b/c he sucks; the fact that he actually “plays the body” is wholly irrelevant b/c he (and basically the other six guys w/ him I mentioned) have how many goals combined? 6 or 7? That is a joke. It’s not even funny.

  7. The moment i saw the new face as the Kings goalie I thought ‘ah shitballs”. Not sure why but those goalies always step it up against the Hawks.

    I saw promise in the power play. I like the system. Wish there was a better right handed sniper option than Seabs. Well there was but hes in Clb. Lol

    I actually dont mind the 4th line. Theyre doing what theyre supposed to be doing. Martinsen was fine.

    Not sure why the hate on Kahun. Hes a good player. I like him as a third liner.

    Kampf tho. Not sure why we have him, Johnson and Kruger. Theyre all the same damn player. Three 4th line centers and they all have the same scoring touch. Trade one of them for crying out loud.

    And send down Fortin. If youre gonna scratch him then demote him. Hes just another Jack Skille anyways.

    It frustrates me to see other teams not like what they see and then try to fix it via trade ala Pens.

    Then again maybe its best Stan doesnt. I cannot recall last time I saw him win a trade.

    I see them getting more comfortable with the new system but every so often theres a huge hiccup. I saw Toews leave his guy in front the net and go to the corner at the guy who had the puck. That guy passed the puck past Toews to the guy in front of the net who was now not covered. Gah!

  8. Chad Krys looks really good running the BU power play. Ian Mitchell with an absolute bullet on the Denver power play tonight.
    Sadly we are going to have to wait for this type of young talent.
    In the meantime ho hum, Hawks got one point at home. Meh.
    Start looking at the teams with more than one first round pick like Buffalo. They will be buyers instead of sellers for the first time in years at the deadline.

    Clear as much cap space as possible. Have a great draft in June and come out swinging on July 1.

  9. Baby steps. Right? I see baby steps in the right direction regardless the outcome of the game. Saad has improved a little. Schmaltz actually looked to shoot and did. Forsling looks good. And finally, JC has jettisoned Q’s 1st Commandment of Thou shall not play Toews and Kane together unless down 2 goals late in the 3rd period.

    Baby steps.

    This is a rebuilding year.

  10. Craig agree, gotta make room fa signings. Some good forwards be available. Panarin, Stone, Duchene, Eberle, Nelson, Lee say Isles want to sign him, Skinner, Simmonds etc. Plus some good young secondary support coming. Add one or two fas with them and a couple of young defense mentioned contribute and could be a different year.
    Crawford still an elite goalie no reason to think he can’t be next season too. If isn’t able to then his ltir space could be used to go get one if thats all that was needed.

  11. Look at the bright side…

    when Hawks skate – next year…

    Jack Hughes ( I would be happy w/ Kaliyev/or Kakko-to)
    + UFA

    They will compete for a PO spot… and Might be enjoyable to watch…

    as of now- They are a great way to help you sleep at nite– Boring!!!

    And NOT CLOSE to a PO team!!!

    SB/McDoughnut— who you Crappin!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Craig-I think the future of the D-core looks really promising-one of Joki, Beaudin, Mitchell, and Boqvist will emerge as a true # 1 and one will probably be a disappointment. The next tier of Krys, Forsling and Hillman might produce a surprise. if you get lucky 4 of the 7 produce a really nice core.

    Next work is the forwards and a replacement for Crow-because sooner or later it will be needed. I still say realistically it’s the above core with a couple of the young players currently on the team and next years draft plus a couple of the young forward prospects that are what will eventually win and be exciting to watch.

    There is a pretty big talent-readiness gap between the Hawks and 7 or 8+ teams, that the team is best to show patience and do it the right way–and how much 88 and 19 have left in the tank will be interesting. The McD and Bowman optics were just that. A top 5 pick is the best thing for the future, not adding another big contract-just my opinion.

  13. I watched Mackenzie Entwistle play in Niagara the other night. He looked pretty
    good. He registered 2 assists. He’s a good size with a long skating stride. Gets up
    to full speed in a hurry. Has good hockey sense and is not afraid to hang around
    the front of the net. Also, he played in all situations with lots of PP and some PK.
    I’ll see him a few more times along with watching Boquvist a couple games.

  14. Wall throw in the trade deadline to bring something in if things come together for next year too. Let the younger defensemen develop during the season and need a little more for playoffs get help there then.

    My thoughts is Entwistles game more closer to being ready than Kurashevs but time will tell on that. Entwistle can take the 4th line up a level at very least, if not ready for a top 9 role. May have ability to go for top fa forward or maybe a Skinner/Nelson and Simmonds on shorter deal to bolster secondary scoring too if some cap moved. I hope they do enough so there is a chance next year.

    Expecting an 18 year old draft pick to be an impact player is asking alot, only be 2 or 3 that might.

  15. There was a comment above that Saad has improved a little. He has improved a lot. He is noticeable in every game and even when not scoring last night, he was a force. It has been that way for a couple weeks now and it’s very encouraging. Schmaltz was making good decisions last night too and his shot is potent. It still seems like the Hawks miss the net an awful lot from fairly close in. In game after game we hear Foley say, “He missed the net!”, or “He just missed the far post!” Make the goalie stop it. Rebounds are not a bad thing. Crawford’s return has been outstanding. After not playing for 10 months, it would have been reasonable to expect him to have rust. He doesn’t, although he has been under assault a few games. Carter owned the Hawks last night except that he couldn’t finish.

  16. Has anyone seen Kurashev play any QMJHL games this year? He’s been scoring fairly consistently and he’s on a bad team so he isn’t getting his stats padded by playing with a lot of good players. When we saw him in prospect/training camp he was very noticeable as a high energy player – hitting and forechecking, but not from a scoring perspective. Now he’s scoring a bunch – so I’m not sure what to make of him so I’d really like to hear some eyewitness reports.

  17. Noonan if you were Rocky Witrtz paying these contracts to core, would you be willing to not try to ice a team that contends next year and lose on the ice as well as revenue. Don’t see any other choice than to try to go for it, wait 2 years and who knows what that will bring. No Kanes or Toews on the horizon and still struggling to replace Hossa, unless the team is gutted i don’t see the opportunity getting better than next season could be.

  18. Dominik Kahun is at 55.3% Corsi, and 5.7% relative. That’s borderline elite. 1 goal on 34 shots = bad luck. Good decisions, good at buying time, good defensively, good speed, good in tight spaces. He’s 23 with 20 games of experience on North American ice. He’s gonna start cashing in if he can maintain this level of play through the whole season.

  19. Glad to see more reasoning on why the Hawks will not make the playoffs for the next two years…BOWMAN!!! DRAFTING! +TRADING! FREE AGENT SIGNINGS! LISTENING TO HIS DAD! FIRING COACH’S BEST FRIEND! Wow, 9 lives!

    Anyhow, I hope JC stops listening to Bowman and the old genuis Barry Smith!
    If you want to still have people come to the games then put your best 5-6 players on the first two lines and then when someone asks you why the 3rd and 4th lines have no skill offensively what so ever, tell them to ask the GM.
    Kahun is a nice little player who is a 4th liner at best.
    I want to see Nick Schmaltz dance and skate at center like he did last year with Kane. The rest is Bowman’s problem! Nopt bringing my kid tom watxh 24, 64, 15, 62, 14, 16, 29, 23, 22, 5 ,30 (maybe 40 on the 4th line)
    Watching Saad suffer with AA on the 3rd line and the small Cat suffer with Kahun and Kampf on their 2nd line was embarassing to watch. I would not pay to see the other six forwards play. Finally JC realized to stack the 1st lines in the 3rd….

    20 19 12
    ? 8 88
    The rest of the forwards are AHL garbage so trade AA and Murphy for a left winger and a prospect please! But first fire trhe GM.

  20. Good insight by Craig below. Going to be a frustrating year. Top brass need to start talking the truth about direction of this team. Stop speaking about remodeling & rebuild. Hope Stan is being pressured to make good personnel decissions. Due to past performance, patience with him should be short.

  21. Robs, that’s why I was saying wks ago when people wanted to trade 20 for anything and that the 20/72 trade was worst in NHL history.

    I said then, you can always cut a tree down later, you cant put it back.

  22. Trav, yea I like that. Get him with the faster players. I see Schmaltz go flying up the ice and no ones with him, because no one can catch him. Same with Kahun he takes off and no ones there to help or play with. Get these guys on the line with each other.

  23. Good Lord Hull. You need your eyes checked. Lol

    Schmaltz isnt a 2nd line center because he never shot, shyed away from board battles, extremely bad on faceoffs and looked for kane immediately.

    Kahun is better than a 4th liner

    The rest of bottom 6 are ahl garbage? Wow.

    Then you say trade AA and imply hes ahl garbage since hes not on your top 6 list.

    Im not a fan of Stan bowman but ill take his decisions over yours easily. Lol

  24. 2008 thats why i say don’t wait, look how this core was built, yes got 1st overall Kane and took Toews 3rd overall. Look at 2oo4 took Barker 3rd overall as big mobile defenceman, a lock at future top pair defenceman as a piece of the future. While the undersized late 2nd rounder from 2002 Keith was still considered a marginal prospect at the time. Also later in the 2004 draft in the mid 4th round they found Hammer as a diamond in the rough. Even Seabrook a mid 1st round pick not top 5. Skillle 2005 7th overall, just no guarantees tanking for top 5 type picks going to get you ahead. Wait a couple if years and no go to guys emerge where are you.

    Travis agree on Kahun, potentially a very good forward as he gets more comfortable. Also leading rookies in assists.

  25. Ian I’m not disagreeing that with the financial facts in play and desire to keep the Hawks relevant to pay the bills, it is a dilemma and re-tooling may be the only viable option but perhaps not the best in the long run.
    The 3 Cups, and most teams will not see 3 in 30 years, if at all–have produced some necessary pain and the need for patience and really wise decisions.

    This team isn’t one really good player away from relevance. The young guys are the key to being relevant in the future.

  26. Ian there are always some exceptions, but the data shows that higher picks tend to have longer and better NHL careers than lower picks.

    Our best course to future prominence is to cash in Crawford and Keith for high picks at the TDL and start a true rebuild.

  27. Ian- Re: possible TDL sells for Hawks- to land more picks/prospects…

    I agree -sell Keith/Saad/ or AA…

    Sadly- I really like the way AA is playing… but he Is NOT difference maker – and has some value… Keith would be great in a Toronto type deal… that could benefit both teams- Leafs short term… Hawks longer term

    ER- I loved Kurashev in Camps… I thought his speed/skating is top level… and he generated and created lot’s of chances… imo- he could/should have made team from pre-season- when u compare his skills with what the Hawks bottom 6 players are…. of course it wasn’t gonna happen.

    Kurashev- Is Fortin with much higher IQ/hands

    And Nordgren- In small sample size in Liiga- producing solid #’s… if he continues at his current pace… I would say the Hawks have another “Kahun/Versteeg” huy in the future… great 3rd line guy… with enough skill to fill in top 6 for shorter stints of season

  28. My point though is the top 5 picks that were part of this core are Toews and Kane. Debbrincat 2nd rd. Saad 2nd and Jokiharju late 1st, Schmaltz mid 1st. Bickell and Boland 2nd and Hossa a free agent. If the plan is to win with 19 and 88 the time is now and still have decent picks that can be made, if the plan is to replace them, gut the team and wallow for a couple of years and keep the fingers crossed they develop. Either way is not a sure thing.

  29. This team isn’t one really good player away from relevance. The young guys are the key to being relevant in the future.

    Why not add 2 really good high end ufas to go along with the young/build from within draft wave.

    I keep 50 and 20. Can always cut tree down later, cant put it back.
    Trade Crows contract on contract yr, add pick/prospect. Then he resigns as ufa.

  30. How about this: at the TDL we swap Crawford and Keith for high picks. This also clears, what, about $11 million off the books. Use that money to sign Panarin. Then for a year or so we don’t win much because we’re not there yet, but we’re entertaining. A year or so later the young guys are up and we’re on the rise, with Panarin and 19 and 88 still playing well. So it’s a blend of gutting and buying and hoping the mix works really quickly.

  31. You could be close to signing Panarin and Duchene if you moved Murphy and Manniing off blue line, AA hit off up front. and Mitchell and Beaudin ready to play. Nalimov on elc for backup. Entwistle as 4th line center and 1m range or less wingers and depth spots. No ufa be resigned and Schmaltz and Sikura not too big bridge deals.

    Keeping all the young players be impossible but only to need to lose one ir 2. High pick this year and Kurashev and others coming may not hurt anyways. Doubt that happens but be close to doable.

  32. Why is Kunitz playing every game? If nobody in Rockford is better than him this team is in more trouble than we know. As far as Schmaltz the game is way more than skating around looking to pass to Kane. No way is he a second line center right now.

  33. Ian, is on the right track.
    Whay make it worse and better.
    Make it better and better.
    We already paid our dues. 81 and 4 and not adding.
    Nows the time to reFUCKINGLoad and build from within by draft.
    Sure 3 top 3/5 picks is better then 2.
    I am not traing 19/88/50/2/20.
    Unless were the rangers reloading since 1994. Ya fuck.

  34. I think McD made it clear that the Hawks are not rebuilding (at least not yet) so the notion of trading CC this year I would say is highly unlikely (who would replace him a UFA? for how much? – maybe he gets moved the following year as his contract runs out but just as likely he re-signs IMO)

    and while moving Keith to a team like TOR would probably yield a good return also probably not going to happen – Keith at $5M is still a bargain even if he’s a 2nd pair guy – the Hawks could win again with Keith

  35. I could see a UFA (possibly Panarin or Duchene) being signed in the summer

    I liked the lines that JC is rolling with today – the same as the 3rd period last night except for Fortin in with Kampf and Kahun rather than Kunitz who wasn’t on the top 4 lines today (yay!)

    I think some point this year (probably before the new year) Sikura will be on the 3rd line or somewhere on the roster – I don’t mind Kampf and Kahun and adding Sikura to that line would give them a better shooter and playmaker

  36. Not going to defend some of Stan’s recent moves (like signing Kunitz and not signing DuClair) but I’m not a Stan hater

    Consider the fates this year of the three teams that have won 9 of the last 10 cups
    CHI is 24th in the league, PIT 29th and LA 31st

    The salary cap isn’t the biggest reason all 3 teams including the Hawks are struggling

  37. Stop now that Q gone. Panarin would be crazy to come back ! Eddy O is a way better option than this idiot kid. The hawks lost all respect by dumping winningest coach. So Rocky u will eat 2 years of enthusiasm of fans that would now spend time doing other things then watch a scrimmage team ! It’s like Rocky’s dad DNA kicked in to let the clown GM destroy this team ! They suck and upper idiots are fricking cowards saving there own ass ! The End

  38. Just a thought. After they finish worst in Conf. Maybe Rocky can fire Bowman & McDonough For poor draft piks. High salaries that left no cap room. Oh and shit trades last 3 years he can bring back Tallon & Q. The guys that made them there legacy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Wraparound, you said “McD made it clear that the Hawks are not rebuilding (at least not yet) so the notion of trading CC this year I would say is highly unlikely.”

    Maybe so. On the other hand, do we believe what he says? Hes at core a PR man.

    And even if he means it, who’s to say brighter minds don’t intercede and they change course, realizing the haul they might be able to get for CC will be worth it? A little on-the-fly rebuild.

    None of us truly saw Qs firing coming. These guys are not easily predicted

  40. Kimball, you make a good point about McD PR personality but given Kane and Toews’ contracts and what we know about the Hawks wanting to maximize revenue by filling the UC as much as possible what McD says about ‘remodelling’ not ‘rebuilding’ makes sense

    Of course he could be fired or told to ‘rebuild’ but it seems Rocky trusts him for now and for now McD trusts Stan so here we are

    As long as 19 and 88 are playing well I don’t see the Hawks going for the sort of purge necessary for a proper rebuild – just my .02

  41. Agree with Seat and Wrap on Kunitz. I also liked the lines except for Kunitz with Kampf and Kahun in the 3rd period. No thanks. Please scratch Kunitz immediately if not sooner.

    If you think Kahun is an AHL player, then you are an AHL fan.

    Still think this team is moving in the right direction, and there’s a long way to go. Haven’t seen a Chinese fire drill in awhile. Let’s see if we can take the next step during this nasty stretch of schedule.

  42. Some of you say no way a fast playmaking player like #8 is a 2nd line center on this team? Have you seen his stats as a winger versus a center? So Luke Johnson, Kampf and AA are 2nd line centers ahead of Nick Schmaltz, because they can win a face off? We are not a playoff team which is totally cool. So let’s be serious, Schmaltz was not drafted mid first round to be slotted behind the guys mentioned above. Watch video of him playing center? Forget these faceoff stats….we need to give him the reigns to develop! He did so last year as a center…accumulated more points than AA playing with Panarin and Kane! SAVY was very average taking faceoffs in his career, infact Larmer took several for him.
    How has Kane produced since #15 and #19 have been his centers?
    Anyway, we can debate but the reality is a player like Kahun who scored a mere 12 goals in the CHL went undrafted for a reason. So, I would rather take a gamble on 1st to 3rd round picks than undrafted European players.
    So, stack up the 1st two lines with whatever we have as our top 5-6 players and the rest, well, the reality is there is nothing there because of players like Knott, Iacobelli etc…are not NHLers? Or are they? Who knows but this revolves again around 4 dmen drafted high in the first two rounds when we could have atleast drafted a winger or two?
    Bowman? Kelley?
    Hoping to see #8play his natural position at center and drop AA to the 3rd line like we started the season.
    JC needs to tell management this is not a playoff roster so he can give the few talented prospects ice time playing were they should. Schmaltz, the Cat and Joku.

  43. Hawktalk– Cory is the heart of this team in many ways and that was proven last year-this year has shown just how weak this team can be at times in front of him-
    goalies mature late and peak usually at 28 to 30 and their best years typically are 27 to perhaps 33-he turns 35 in the 19-20 year. (last year of contract)

    If you believe he can be re-signed and keep playing at a high level, stay healthy at 34 to 37 then there should be no trade conversation. Certainly last year proved he isn’t infallible with regard to his health.

  44. Noonan health aside that can hapoen to anybody. Do you think if Crawford still playing elite next year, that going forward they could apply an Islanders in their dynasty years approach. Where Resch was actually playing as no.1 goalie during regular season and Mr. Money Billy Smith took over and dominated in playoffs. Maybe Nalimov or even Gravel a possibilty by then or somebody else to play that type of role. Crawford has shown that sitting and not playing alot doesn’t diminish his ability to step back in at an elite level. Just an idea of how to prolong him at a high level.

  45. So, I am one of many on here who believes Bowman should have gone before Q, but Q had his faults too. Bowman has had some awful trades but some decent pickups (Panarin, Kempny, and Kahun come to mind). Just playing devils advocate here, I wonder if he will be a more effective GM without Q chiming in? I don’t know, just a thought.

    Random: I played NHL 19 yesterday for the first time and my first goal scored was Sikura with assists from Kampf and Edjsell……if only.. haha

  46. Gander – it’s possible

    Q had more power than most coaches over roster decisions – for instance I wonder if not signing DuClair was partly or mostly b/c Q didn’t like him as a player

    We know that Q didn’t like Kempny and wasn’t playing him so Stan more or less had to trade him to get something before he became UFA

    Stan deserves his share of blame no doubt but I do think Q forced his hand on multiple occasions

    So we’ll see now that Stan has his own coach in place

  47. Gander, NHL19 is a good way to see how different lines combos work.
    Have you played any of the yrs NHL08-18. Whats NHL19 compared to 16-18.

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