Crawford Dominant, Quenneville Historic As Hawks Beat Habs

Back in his hometown, Corey Crawford once again played elite hockey to lead the Hawks. With him playing elite hockey between the pipes, Joel Quenneville made history.

In the first period, three goals were scored in 4:30 in what was a fast, back-and-forth opening 20 minutes. Andrew Shaw made a terrific play to set up Jonathan Toews on the doorstep for his 17th of the season to give the Hawks a 1-0 lead, but Montreal got a fluke off Paul Byron to tie the game 2:10 later.

The Hawks continued to dominate the action, though, and Ryan Garbutt scored his second of the season to give Chicago a 2-1 lead. Richard Panik picked up an assist on the goal, his first point with the Blackhawks in only his second game with the team.

Crawford made a number of incredible saves in the first, and was enormous in the second period. Neither team scored in the second but Montreal had the better scoring chances in the middle frame. Chicago’s defensemen helped clear pucks and there were a few big blocks by Brent Seabrook and Michal Rozsival, but Crawford was the show through 40 minutes.

Five minutes into the third, Niklas Hjalmarsson went to the box and Chicago had to kill their first penalty of the night. Late in the kill, Marian Hossa took a stick to the face on a shot follow-thru and was bloody on the ice. The Hawks successfully took care of the Habs’ advantage, but Hossa missed a number of shifts while getting some repairs.

With the Hawks clinging to a one-goal lead and Montreal attacking with an empty net late in the third period, Chicago had their third line of Phillip Danault, Teuvo Teravainen and Andrew Desjardins on the ice. They were able to clear the puck and get off. Hossa saved an icing in the final seconds to secure the victory.

Crawford made 39 saves in a superb win. Danault, also in his hometown, had a nice night as well with with three hits, one blocked shot and winning nine of 17 faceoffs. Hossa led the way with five shots on net, and Toews won 14 of 23 at the dot with his goal.

On the blue line, Erik Gustafsson was scratched because of a lower-body issue that cut his morning skate short. With both Rozsival and Rob Scuderi in the lineup, the Hawks were still able to spread out the ice time nicely with all six defensemen playing well.

And Joel Quenneville is now second all-time in coaching victories in NHL history.

Now #2 all-time
Now #2 all-time

50 thoughts on “Crawford Dominant, Quenneville Historic As Hawks Beat Habs

  1. Another goalie win. #50 was money.
    Sweet dish from #65 on The Captain’s goal. Sweet snipe from #28.
    I like #72 but his turnovers are driving me nutso.
    Nice job Canadiens fans, catcalling Crawford when you’re down with 5 minutes left in the 3rd. Awesome.
    Congrats to Q. He got the puck too.
    Let’s go Hawks!

  2. Very hard fought win. Crawford magnificent and continues to shine. The man is possessed. Have no idea how he even saw some of those shots but the glove was always in the right spot. Q alone in 2nd deserves Adams but no way they will give it to him. They always give it for some flash in the pan semi turnaround and the guy is fired 3 years later. Hey we are tied for first…how about that!

  3. They, always give Adams, etc. to salty east coast bias. Just like Crow, we do not care about that/what the score is, we just want to win.

    Were at 16, DAL is at 18.

    Whooo is it!

  4. I listened to the game on WGN, and you know what? Crawford’s game sounded as good as it probably looked. The man is driving right now, and we are all happy passengers! Congrats to Q!

  5. CC was amazing. “All he does is win. I want a goalie like that on my team” (Jon Cooper after we beat TB in the SC finals).

  6. Crow!!

    Panik looks to have some skills to go along with good size and skating ability – will be interesting to see what he can do with the opportunity.

  7. Holy f’ing Crawford!

    He played like a man possessed, juggling shot after shot and diving around with a mission. He won this game.

  8. Tony- I urge you to seek out and watch the highlights of that game involving Crawfords play…there were 3 separate sequences of multiple shots coming in from all sides with Crawford playing like a Tasmanian Devil…late in the third there was a sequence which was perhaps his finest ever. Simply hard to believe. That goal by Garbutt was a son-ta-bitch…boom!

  9. Official stat …Crawford four saves in four seconds during that sequence. Puck coming from everywhere…highlight of the night on TSN.

  10. MIning, didn’t mean to be so blunt. Got into big fight with boss and do not know if I will work for him anymore. There are 2 career jobs up and coming that I might be suppose to get. Because I cannot understand WTF is wrong with this guy, its a really pathetic story.

    I am celebrating with you guys with Goose Island Pale Ale. Were going to get drunk. Cheers.

  11. The 3rd line has been cemented. They give Q more options. That is what championships come down to. 3-4 lInes of quality. I like our D with the young kid. I hope that lower body injury is minor. Crawford was great. Things are looking up. Hopefully, Panik fits in as well.

  12. Unbelievable Crawford win. That 4 save sequence might be the highlight of the year. Saves using every part of his body tonight. Elite, if he’s not who the hell is?

    Wall, when you watched this game kinda squashes your theory of paying cheap goalies for more $ for skaters doesn’t it. Oh and how do you like Shaw now? He has elevated his game to 1st line status IMO. And yea, if we get a stud LW then you move Shaw, not for an unproven talent like Panik.

    Panik looks good and that 4th line looked good. Finally a 4th line that can match up with the Kings, Blues and Ducks big boys.

    Hang on and let’s enjoy the ride!

  13. No problem Morrison…I think the East Coast bias is a real thing. It’s a mindset that believes flyover country just can’t comprehend their superiority.

    Take it easy and enjoy. People are pretty weird these days. We have a new CEO that likes to flaunt his Porsche and his power…very silly really, almost like a Hollywood caricature.

    In any case we have a great team and right now we are enjoying the fruits of Q and Stan’s guidance and vision and doing exceptional…scary really for the rest of the league. For the first time I actually believe in all reality that we really have a good shot at back to back Stanley Cups. The Blackhawks are scary good this year and getting better.

  14. Amazing how much better the 4th line looks without Bickell or Mashinter on it.

    Yeah. Corey. Crawford.

  15. I know what you are talking about. Wall mentioned it.

    Ah fuck, I loose my blouse.

    Teravainen is going ti be wicked RTF. That’s like WTF.

  16. Crawford was spectacular and so was the entire game. It should have ended in the OT as the Canadiens didn’t deserve a loss.

    There’s this Montreal guy on twitter called @Chris_LogiQ from a hockey analytics site. He posted this:
    The Habs tried to contend these strengths and often succeeded. Still couldn’t solve the Hawks strength called Crawford.

    After 2 games I feel like Panik can be a solid contributor. He had the chance to showcase his speed and skill last night in the 10+ minutes (!!!) he played. He must be stoked to play against the Leafs tonight.

  17. Sorry guys- but if people are going to start it… just don’t read my same old drool…. ya won’t hurt my feelings

    Mike57- No it really doesn’t change my Theory about NOT paying Big $$$ to goalie…
    Crawford was solid again… clearly having his best regular Season (my eye test) … even though he was statistically better in 2013… Oh, that was same year that Emery had same incredible Stats as Crow did… (and Emery sucks balls) while Crow is a very solid/great positional goalie…. which is all you need to be… if the skater;s/D in front of the goalie- are taking away time and space…

    I really do not want to beat a dead horse- and most people here don’t want to read it for the 1,000th time… but since you started!!!

    Last nite-Crow had that great 4 save sequence… but let’s closely examine…
    1st 3 saves – were slower, soft shots, were Crow butterflied and defended lower part of net… lost the net a bit… and made nice little toe/kick save… had a little time to slide back to net and took one off the shoulder… Foley had a heart attack- calling that save… but to my EYES- that was a great positional save!!! How many times does any goalie make a “great” save with his shoulder, face, or Crest of his Jersey??? Not many…

    Once again- Crow is playing great…

    MudTurtle- threw the “Condon over Crow” at me yesterday to… I know one of my comments earlier this year was about how Condon and Raanta were putting up SAME numbers as HOF Price/King Lundquist… MY argument/comment wasn’t that they are Better than the HOF’ers… BUT was about how the system/teams/coaches/skaters… Have a lot to do with it!!! Just like Emery SUCKS yet put up same #’s as Crow in 2013… Crow is/was way better than Emery- period… But how did he put up same #’s??? Just luck??? Emery- was a solid positional goalie…. make him do a little more— and He is an AHL Goalie!!!!

    I will add- Crow has become much quicker at reading the dump ins/playing and moving the Puck!!! which is really helping the Team exit before Pressure comes…
    I would say that is his BIGGEST improvement in last few years!!!

    Also- Hawks have won more cups with Sub $4M goalies in last 6 years than with +$4M goalies…

  18. Crow is a good goalie who is getting better (hitting his prime?) and elevates his game when needed-my guess is his teammates really like him and respect him-
    Glad he’s a Hawk-let’s enjoy it

  19. Hard not to be impressed with Crawford. Last 4 games: 148 shots and 7 goals. That’s a .953 save % and a 1.75 GAA….that’s a hot goalie.

    Happy Human, the turnover by the second line is their weakness. That is why Panarin don’t have impressive +/- stats.

    Now on to Toronto and continue the busiest Jan/Feb schedule in the league.

  20. Crawford did play fantastic but so did Condon. It’s not like the Hawks didn’t play well. That breakaway pass from TT to 11 should have been in and Toews set up Shaw point blank once and he fanned and then the puck went right to Hossa who missed twice!!! a little unlucky in that sequence. I’m glad they won the game as I can’t stand the Habs. Their fans are passionate but annoying (almost as bad as the Canucks). Hawks are guilty of sitting back at times once they have the lead instead of burying teams but its a long season and they will be ready post season

    The Crow Show is still on the air! I have seen no better 2nd period and even some 3rd period performance by a goal tender period. Not Belfour Nor Tony O before him, Crow’s 3 stops middle second where flat out amazing. I feel Crow may have amazed himself playing in front of his home crowd and I even think for Coach Q record breaking win. Crow at times gets sloppy left to right as looses the net, but even when he did tonight he got back into the crease and squared up. Proud of him!

    As the Hawks hit a (subtle) turning point in the back to back wins over Penguins. I feel that CROW might have just stepped up to the Henrik Lundqvist level, yep i said it! Last night vs. Montreal is the type of game ( exhibit A ) of what it looks like when your goalie does the double back flip to win the game all by himself. un-fuck-ing-bee-leave-able! I think their is more to come! Now we see why ya cna get out shot hit and played and walk away with the game locked in the trunk of a 1975 Cadillac Seville!

    Shawzy when going north to south ( simple) is a FORCE, when hit the corners hard, get the puck and get it to the net! Simple Game for him and he is on it! Get Puck MOVE PUCK towards net, no need to make fancy plays or toe drag or take DUMB penalties! And as i said too many times ( sorry like the sound of my own typing) That number ONE line is the best Defensive line in the NHL and Toews believe it or not is the weak link if any on defense and he’s amazing. Did WE see Hossa Defensive play last night? Amazing!

    I love Garbutttttt and love his shot, YES LUCKY but his shot is on net like 99% of the time and hard and accurate. God for him maybe it turns him on like Dezi?

    This was my best example to FANS of HAWKS TEAM DEFENSE, watch this game again and see the details, lots of them. Often just a stick, or angle of attack or a dive, or a block or perfect positioning on defense. A clinic last night as CROW was a highlight reel on steroids the defense made it hard to clean shots to the net! Effort!
    Team defense even with the Odd Couple Scuderi and Rozsival back together vs. a Fast Montreal Team! Good game for GUSTY to play hope he’s back!

    I really like Mike Condon he will be a very good goalie, he played outstanding, calm, square and confidence i have not seen from a young kid and Montreal is not as bad as they look, they are very good, coach is a wing nut! They live on that LONG DUMP IN, which is odd, they dump the puck in from their own zone and race to it! Willy Nilly! Not a good idea vs Hawks, then they sort of stopped that and said hey lets go in and get it TOGETHER ( timing ) more of an LA KINGS STYLE and boy did that work! That long dump in, or I say toss or lob in does not work, vs. Hawks it’s too far like “throwing the bomb” in the NFLon 3rd and 2! It leaves big gaps between wingers and defense and no matter how YOU call it our defensemen read plays ( experience ) better than Michael Singletary.

    Expect as we all know a let down vs the crappy leafs . . . expect as said Big Foot tonight, i say Crow should dress is street cloths and sleep in today! CROW SHOW!

    Go hawks

  22. Quite simply the Hawks don’t win the 2013 or 2015 Stanley Cups if not for Crawford. So his detractors can pound sand. Crow has been essential to this team’s success as much as Toews, Kane, Keith, Hossa, Seabrook, Hjalmarsson.

    End of subject

  23. Some silly comment today?

    Don’t need to watch a slow-mo replay to say that was Crows best game simply for his RECOVERY! Period, Crow’s dark side is sloppy post to post and sliding out of position, watch Pekka Rinne he is the poster boy for out position, sliding and drifting!

    Condon ( undrafted ) is going to be way better than Raanta! Period bank on it, too many stat driven hunches and guess and calculators on this board. Yes stats make an difference but chemistry, who is playing in front or behind, age, skill, conditioning and LUCK! Condon is technically perfect . . . kid can play only time will tell.

    Note to those of us who want Richard Panik to PAN out remember as YOU watch tonights awful Leafs team that Panik could NOT MAKE THIS TEAM, could not secure a locker, andt say what ya will about Mike Babcock his doesn’t give away player’s.

    So again time will tell . . .

  24. Montreal definitely on a down streak of late, but put up a good effort last night, no doubt.

    Wife and I are going to the game tonight at the ACC with a couple friends who came up from back home. Don’t even get me started on how much you have to pay to see the Leafs play, but it’s the only Toronto-Chicago match-up for the year.

    Hoping it is not a repeat of last year when Reimer had 40+ saves and only gave up 1 if I recall, leading to the loss. I remember I could not recall a game where the Hawks had that number of quality scoring chances/shots with little to show for it.

    Side note, the ’15 Cup ring is getting donated to the Hall of Fame this afternoon, hoping I can get out early to make it over there!

    Cheers and Happy Friday.

  25. Wall, I will give you that being an average goalie on a good team will make your stats better. Sometimes it depends on the games the coach chooses to use the back up goalie that also helps those stats. And every NHL caliber goalie will have streaks where they channel their inner Ken Dryden and win games but the elite goalies win the big games. Montreal last night was a big game – Crow stepped up.

  26. Wall, I for one understood what you were saying. You were trying to look at overall value and managing the cap the best way possible, if I may paraphrase.

    RTF… I love pounding sand! Enough said. End of subject!

  27. RTF emerges from his cave! The silence was great while it lasted. I’m sure we’ll hear about how the hawks are lucky to win 9 in a row after all they have just guys on the team. Hopefully you crawl back under that rock you crawled out from under.

  28. Babcock is “just a guy”. He’s almost the NHL’s Jim Leyland – he utters/ spews whatever is on his mind and EVERYBODY immediately stops to listen to the GOLD outpouring. I am aware of his success – Cup, Olympic, Team Canada… (but, No God’s a Man)

  29. This is actually Crow’s best year so far statistically aside from GAA.

    Also differences in terms of shots against \ 60.

    Comparing this year to 12-13 is really not fair or relevant with out talking about the different teams in front of him.

    Pretty incredible what he has done this year.

  30. The pendulum swings. It hits some fans in their anchored positions while other fans duck their heads or ride the sway. What did we used to do for entertainment before sports blogs? Good stuff.

  31. The boy’s are really coming together as a 4 line threat. What a great time it is to watch all the good things developing except…… I can’t stand seeing 32 and 47 together on the back end together. Let’s hope something can be done with that slow mess.

  32. Crow has strung together a dominant stretch of games and is slowly emerging as one of the top goalies in the game right now! Let sit back and enjoy what he is doing.

    Going into this season I had Crow in that 2nd tier of netminders, right now he’s playing his way into a Vezina ballot or at least should be. Tab how do we get the Crow some national love?

    Lots of Crow dislike over the years, Now those people are just eating crow!

  33. “Lots of Crow dislike over the years, Now those people are just eating crow”

    SSHM….. Can’t it just be that 50 is playing really well now. Maybe not so always in the past. Do we need to rub it in? Are you feeling vindicated?

  34. @ Brokerwayne

    Playing well isn’t even a fair statement. Crow is playing like he is trying to get called up to another league. Life would be better when people admit they are wrong about things! Most have been flat out wrong about Crow!

    I’ve listened to countless dumb Hawks fans on here, in person, and on the radio complain about Crow not being good enough. Outside of a few horrible playoff goals against Phx in 2011 Crow has always played pretty good. Crow has unjustly been brow beaten by the NHL stupid for a long time, it honestly has nothing to do with me.

  35. Mike57 and Brokerwayne… I greatly appreciate your comments and perspective… it is quiet refreshing to disagree/argue without resulting in silly name calling and abuse…

    Broker- yes that has been my perspective the whole time “Cap Management”…
    and Like Tab and others have stated… in 3-5 years that $6M will be cheap/market for goalie… so if Crow continues to Grow and/or maintain his play AND Hawks WIN another Cup… well- SB – will look pretty wise… But- if the team slides- and never wins another cup… doesn’t make me right- But- will make me (and maybe others wonder- about what “Might have been”)- if they banked the $$$ and paid it to skater(s) …. and played spin-the-wheel on the next Niemi/Crow (cheap cap/ nobody goalie)

  36. Crow is playing really, really great. Could it be because his goalie coach was an excellent NHL goalie who was ruined by this franchise? Nothing against Stephane Waite, but Jimmy Waite played the NHL game and the European game for many years.

    There are subtle movements in Crows game that emulate how Jimmy Waite played.

    Really, I don’t care how Crow got to be this good, I just want him to continue playing this well through the Stanley Cup playoffs.

  37. I am in Austria right now and wanted to pass on some bits of conversation I had this evening about the Hawks, the Habs ,and NHl stuff in general. Guy I have known a long time here is a life long Canadiens fan. Over the years I have had great sparring rounds about Hawks Habs. Classic Stammtisch battle with beer and schnaaps flowing, I hear from this guy the Hawks got lucky AGAIN against Habs. Crow was LUCKY. Price is king. Basically I brought the full table to attention that the Hawks win and lose as a team. As it stands now Crow is in the books as a multi Cup winning goalie that WINS games for his team when they need him. Price is a great keeper, but CC is on a serious roll. A thing of beauty it has been. Crow is a gamer and apart from the PHX playoff OT debacle years ago that taught him alot his star has been rising. Oh, and has he grown. Those detractors that want to discount him for not being talented keeper, I say it is great. Same to those morons at Bell Centre that chanted Crows name when he was kicking their teams ass. Keep bringing it people. Crow just beats ya when it counts more often than not when the game is for keeps. I am obviously bursting with pride for my teams keeper. Well should we not be?

    Sorry for the rant. Last nights win was pretty inspiring in my book even though I watched on delay this morning. Point being this Hawks team seems like it is starting to get pretty tight as a group. Habs threw the sink at Crow and got nada. The youngsters are getting it via examples set by the much decorated core players.

    Glad Toews didn’t have a broken wrist re slash uncalled late by Gallagher. If Hossa can just go upstairs with some of these grade A chances…..

    If this team can stay healthy into playoffs they can do some damage. Goal is to get to Conf finals. They get that far and its all we can ask. They know what to do once they get there. This team is finally coming together.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  38. Wall, I remember when you were advocating trading Crawford and also the vitriol in your direction that followed. The teams that manage their assets best, should do the best, theoretically. The concept of selling high and buying low is part of that concept. Even if Crawford finishes out real well and the Hawks win another cup, everyone should be evaluated for 2017, IMHO. The H is for humble, RTF!

  39. Crawford!! A Deserved night off.
    Thinking he looked like a rag doll on the spectacular 4 save sequence, then it all made sense, like a Scare-Crow he is. Great positioning + athleticism.
    Arguably one of the top 5 goalies in the world.

  40. SSH. Sorry but I agree with you. I have heard enough from the doom and gloom squad the first half of the season. I as well as others pointed out the EXTREME turn-over, new faces on this team and CLEARLY stated that the #1 complaint, (terrible passing and terrible chemistry ) would settle by 1/2 way barring major injury. Well I would say we had a major injury. I think Hawks are playing O.K. I like this team, IT’S my team and I will live or die with them.(Unlike some fans that picked the PRED’s last year, and the ST. LOUIS goons the year before.”will not go deep in the play-offs this year” was a direct quote of at least three times last year.” If you throw it in fan’s faces, got to eat it when it comes your way. If the Hawks do not get into the play-offs this year, or go out in 1st round, CALL me out, call me wrong, I can take it (been wrong before) but take your lumps and admit when your wrong. I am with you SSHM. 1st game that CC let’s in a softy we will be back to ground zero. Listen to the fu@#$%g steroids talking, sorry MOM, I know you read this site. She is also waiting for the ICEMAN to reveal his G-mom’s cap hit, she is considering come-back.

  41. wall- are you not the guy who “bitch slapped Hoff”, “who’s your daddy” “Tab, e-mail Hoff….” “it is quiet refreshing to disagree/argue without resulting in silly name calling, and abuse” Just a thought. I miss Hoff’s insight and Rockford reports. Everyone that has read this blog has a firm grip on your goalie fantasy. It is a business model that very well might work in your head. Problem is you have to pick your goalie once, BEFORE the season starts, and you have that choice for at least one year. How many different combinations of starting and back-up goalies have you thrown out the last 8 months?,. and more importantly, how many now look better than what S.B. has put on the ice? O.K. now let’s hear you argue back without emotion.

  42. Jax, what are you 5? Please try to complete a sentence so I can understand what you’re talking about. Also, your CAPS are quite annoying!

  43. Jax- I simply would correct or disagree w/ Hof on a lot of his “Rockford reports”- that others praised him for…

    2nd- He usually insulted me- on my views first!!! here is perfect example… I would comment Moose looked good in Rock… Hof- would say I luv Mosse-blah,blah,blah, and Moose is no good… well – guess what- Moose has more goals then 29 and others from AHL….

    I actually- like some of insults- very clever- “Butterfly on acid” for example…
    Jax- he usually started the crap!!!

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