Crawford Concussed (Again), Blackhawks Can’t Get Up

On Sunday afternoon, the Chicago Bears clinched an NFC North Division championship.

A few short hours later, the Blackhawks took the ice against the San Jose Sharks looking to build on a couple nice performances. After beating Pittsbugh and a better performance against Winnipeg, the Hawks had the opportunity to put together a stretch of improved hockey heading toward the NHL’s holiday trade deadline.

And it certainly looked like the Blackhawks were ready to play.

At 2:34 into the game, Alex DeBrincat fired home his 14th of the season to give the Hawks a 1-0 lead.

His buddy Dylan Strome scored 47 seconds later to give the Blackhawks a 2-0 lead.

Things looked good. Confidence was high.

But the only thing harder for this Blackhawks team than scoring first is holding onto a lead, and Chicago couldn’t handle prosperity on Sunday. Melker Karlsson and Marcus Sorensen scored 42 seconds apart in the middle of the period to quickly tie the game at two.

Were the wheels falling off?

Not quite. Two minutes after the Sorensen goal, Brendan Perlini scored his first in the Indian head to give the Blackhawks a lead once again.

It looked like we might be in for a high-scoring night at the United Center. San Jose yanked starter Martin Jones after the Perlini goal, putting Aaron Dell between the pipes for mop-up duty.

With 90 seconds left in the first period, the entire complexion of the game – and potentially the rest of the Blackhawks season – took a hard turn.

As players attacked the Chicago net, Strome slashed Logan Couture. But before that penalty could be called, Evander Kane slammed Strome into Corey Crawford. Crawford was rocked back and hit his head on the goalpost as the bodies crashed to the ice.

Kane was called for interference, but Crawford needing assistance off the ice and directly to the room is serious cause for concern. After almost reaching the anniversary of his last game of the 2017-18 season (he was 11 days away), Crawford appeared to have gotten his bell rung. As someone who has had a few concussions, you know it when you get “that feeling.” Crawford did not look good as he tried to right himself.

The first period ended with both teams having their backup goaltenders on the ice and the Hawks holding onto a 3-2 lead despite being out-shot 8-5.

Reminder: on Sunday the Chicago Bears clinched an NFC North Division championship.

Over the final 40 minutes at the United Center the awful, ugly, unwatchable Blackhawks reappeared.

The Sharks out-shot the Blackhawks 35-15 over the final two periods.

The Sharks outscored the Blackhawks 5-0 over the final two periods.

Chicago’s “power play” continued to be brutal, and they were boo’d off the ice a couple times. The Hawks’ “power play” is now 3 for their last 41. Which is awful. Thankfully Barry is here to fix it, though. He’s a power play guru, after all.

Cam Ward did his best but the emotionless, seemingly-uninterested skaters in front of him did nothing to change the momentum of the game.

DeBrincat, Henri Jokiharju and David Kampf led Chicago with three shot son goal each. Three.

Strome scored for the fifth time since joining the Blackhawks. As the wheels fell off the dumpster, Jeremy Colliton relied more on his younger players. Strome skated 19:33 and won half of his 18 faceoffs. By comparison, Jonathan Toews skated 17:56 and won 13 of 21 at the dot.

Brent Seabrook was limited to 16:36 on the ice, only six seconds more than Connor Murphy for the lowest total on the blue line. Duncan Keith was the only defenseman to skate more than 19 minutes in the game.

Final reminder:

77 thoughts on “Crawford Concussed (Again), Blackhawks Can’t Get Up

  1. Dirty play by Kane. No response.

    Fragile team. No compete. Losing every puck battle to a slow team. Colliton needs a little more fire in the belly. He sets the tone and he looks pretty ah schucks with everything. it’s embarrassing to be the worst team in the league but hopefully we pick up a beast in the draft. Oh yes, Sikura is completely overmatched in the NHL.

  2. It’s time that stan’s Time is done the Dylan storm trade and part of the Murphy trade has come to help this team everything else has cost us everything.

  3. Crow down… There goes one TDL option for the Hawks to move.,, looks like the Hawks are now a lock for top 3 pick!!!!

    Thank goodness for the Chicago Coyotes… or we would have been butt-hurt 7-1…
    SB is a genius!!!!

  4. It’s too bad – the Hawks had seemed to be on the right track but that was a huge step back and Crow is out and with his history possibly for the season

    Not impressed with their compete level in last two periods – thank goodness I could fast forward through a lot of it

  5. Where is the guy who told us Wednesday night Martinsen is in essence Al Secord II? Two turnovers tonight in D zone come to mind. In addition, who decided to parade him out there (allegedly) killing penalties?

    The problem isn’t Martinsen, if he was the only issue on the team like Bollig was when the Hawks were rolling the hockey world would be a better place. It’s not sustainable to be even a decent team with the bottom six forwards the Hawks have. What general manager worth his salt consistently trades with one of the worst teams in the league for quite awhile?

  6. CC’s concussion overshadows what was a performance not worthy of the perseverance it took Corey to come back all the way down that long road to recovery. I truly hope Corey will be OK.

  7. Definitely not what we needed, seemed like we had some momentum. Evander kane should have been dealt with. I guess if crow stays out we’ll get the high pick but it still sucks corey could be finished hes not a kid anymore.

  8. Crow hasn’t taken hits like this on any yr before and of all times he gets hit during the first yr. after what he went trough. Couldn’t even play one fucking yr without getting hit. That’s ridiculous.
    He deserves to be ok and play good like he did after patiently waiting 10 mths. Like to see him fully recover, soon this time, and play good again. Maybe not full amount of games, split them with Ward.

  9. Hoping 50 is good long term. Might be time for him to hang em up. No reason to risk his long term well being on this mess. It’s been great CC. Get well.

  10. Put tommy hawk in some skates. Nice throw down by the mascot on a drunken fool. Maybe he can insert some toughness into this lineup.

  11. Feel awful about Crow. Hope it is a mild concussion.

    Regarding the frustration among all of us, I just checked the stats of players the Hawks traded to their favorite partner, Arizona:

    Hjalmarsson: 0G 3A +6 (still great in his own zone)
    Hinostroza: 4G 8A -9 (not good)
    Oesterlee: 2G 5A -1 (not bad)
    Schmaltz Ariz stats: 4G 5A (9 games) -7 (?)

    Murphy may be a good trade in the long run. Way too soon to score the Schmaltz trade until we find out if Strome and Perlini improve as the season goes on. A lot of cap space was freed up from these trades, which may greatly benefit signings and trades going forward. Ask yourself: If these trades weren’t made, how much better would the Hawks be?

    Am even more concerned about the quality of the Hawks’ coaching staff at all levels of the organization than the players. For several years now we have not been many prospects who have developed into good NHL-level players. How do the Hawks compare with other teams?

  12. That is really disheartening for Crow. That was a hard, hard head bang on the post. We should know by this time tomorrow who gets called up from Rockford. I don’t know if Crow would be thinking differently if this team was good, but there is certainly no reason for him to risk his health on this mess. I have been thinking that Ward should get more games as the more Crow is out there the higher the chance of something bad happening. It’s the same concept with needing to stop Kane’s heavy minutes.

    Once you get past this really bad situation, you then have to be angry at the pathetic performance in the last two periods. Just disgraceful. There are nights when this team has no heart and tonight was one.

  13. So Crawford’s season ended on December 23 last year. It’s likely over on December 17 this year. Just from a health standpoint, it’s probably worth considering retiring.

    This was a brutal shot to the head. Pipe to the back of the head. Last year it was Malkin’s knee to the head.

    Sadly, it’s no longer “if” it will happen again, but when. A shame.

    On the ice it was the men versus the boys from the second period on. Plain for all to see and very obvious.

  14. Evander Kane should be suspended for that idiotic stunt causing serious injury to Crow. It was a dangerous situation and he did it anyway. I was surprised no one would have Crow’s back and go after Kane. Never mind this shit show Hawks season, but I have serious concerns for Corey Crawford’s long term health after taking that kind of a shot. We all know that multiple concussions can cause all sorts of terrible life changing issues. Clearly the NHL is NOT protecting goalies. Hopefully this Crawford concussion is not as bad as it looked.

    This Hawks team has to give a 100% effort every shift of every game just to compete. They were dominated by San Jose as this game wore on despite having an early lead. Sharks were allowed to just hang out in front of Hawks net without any fear of punishment. Apart from the horrible looking injury to Corey that game last night was a rough one to watch for this fan from the second period on. The previous 2 games showed this Hawks team had a pulse as there was some inspired play. The Jets game in particular was a very good hockey game.

    They better wake up for the Preds.

    Let’s Go Hawks!

  15. Without question Evander Kane made a dirty, cheap play. Crow and Strome were defenseless in that situation. Again, this team is famous for “no response”. Martinsen or Murphy should have dropped the gloves with that idiot as soon as he came out of the box.

  16. Corey if you read this please call it quits, you’ve had a great run but your health is everything. Cheap shot or not you can’t let shit like this happen without going after Kane but these Chicken Hawks did. I saw a very good start but after 2 in 42 seconds I could tell they were done. This is the most predictable PP in the NHL and the worst and would it be asking to much of Colliton to show some fucking emotion. And use the timeout sometime to try and right the ship or chew some ass. From here till the end of season I’m not expecting much will change. Best of luck Corey you’ve been a warrior.

  17. Chicken Hawks, indeed.

    Watching Strome it seems his skating deficiency is directly related to his lack of stamina. There is a stark difference between the beginning of a shift and 30 seconds later. Early in the shift he does OK but before too long his leg drives looks like he’s running in mud. Most players lose quickness and muscle drive throughout their shift but not as bad as Strome does. That is something he should be able to improve upon – not to the point where his skating will ever be considered good but improved from terrible up to adequate. Until then it is more imperative for him then for others to keep his shifts short.

  18. Agree with lack of physical push back on this team. The big bodies that are there aren’t stepping up. Thats where having Entwistle in the lineup in a years time can help. A big mobile player who likes to use his size, really believe he can add an element to this roster.
    When Strome keeps moving good things seem to happen in offensive end anyways, when he stops then he is noticeably slow looking. This could be as stated conditioning related and improveable.

  19. I think it’s funny that people are saying we need to give Strome time to grow into his body since he is only 21, when the same crowd did not want to give Schmaltz that same opportunity. Schmaltz is not a world beater at this point, but he is a point per game since landing in Arizona.

    If I were any of the core, I’d ask to be moved. Why would they want to stay here? Bush league coaching, on a team with no heart, no cohesion, little competitive drive, hardly any experience at winning. The choice is either get moved or spend the final productive years of your career playing out the string of the schedule with meaningless games from Thanksgiving onward every season.

    Now with Crow gone we are going to enter another year like last year of getting shelled and having no goaltending to compete, although Ward is better than what we had last year, he still is not good, and not enough to overcome how this team leaks scoring opportunities at the doorstep of our crease all night long.

    We are about to enter, or are already in, another dark era in Blackhawks hockey, as we wait for another star or stars to emerge from draft picks. We have some possibilities on defense, but what if Boquist doesn’t pan out or gets injured? Where are we going to get any top 6 forwards if Panarin doesn’t sign here this offseason? Who knows how long the wait will be this time?

  20. Strome way more talented and complete player than Schmaltz. Like, he’s a NHL center at a minimum and goes to the middle of the ice and crap.

    Anyway, definitely tank. Get a high level talent.

    Bovquist has a stupid amount of talent and will be good.

    Hard cap and too many teams makes the NHL tough to win in consistently unless apparently you’re the Sharks. Who have been pretty consistently good but then again no cups.

    Oh well. Hopefully there’s some more action soon roster wise just so there is something different to talk about.

  21. Hereismike how Boqvist develops is a big concern, with concussions in his past. Keeping him out a couple of games this season to make sure his head cold was just that was right move to make.
    You got to wonder if it makes tentative in tight areas trying to avoid another like ut seem to do to Schmaltz after he recieved one early last season.
    The Schmaltz trade looked like a move to avoid a contract disagreement with him, plus his having fallen out of favor with alot of fans and media. Bringing in a couple of bodies for everybody to get excited about and take some heat off front office while the reload continues. That has happened to some degree, now the task is to try and tap into their potential to be long term contributors.

  22. Hey Al Capone, thank you soooo very much. I was gonna try and be a “warrior” and come back and play the game I love and the only thing I have ever known, but then…then I read your plea for me to hang em’ up. So, per your advice, I have decided to retire immediately. I want to thank you Al Capone. I want to thank you so much for your sound advice that makes this decision that much easier for me.

  23. Now I know all about players’ individual conditioning levels…is there anything I am not an expert on?

  24. First, let me say that I hope Corey Crawford is going to be OK! He’s been the best GK that we have ever had in my lifetime on the Blackhawks, and that includes Espo, Bannerman, Belfour, and Hasek.

    Second, I have had 3 concussions, and they have taken their toll. I am in my mid-50’s and I forget a lot of things, and it takes me minutes to remember the easiest of names or events. I’m sure Crawford’s concussions have been far worse than mine.

    Third, we all want Corey Crawford to play hockey for the Blackhawks. But, we all would rather Corey Crawford be able to be able to play with his kids instead, and be able to remember their names. That’s more important!

  25. I’m not convinced we’re in a dark era of Hawks hockey like we lived through with Bill Wirtz – it’s bleak today yes but things change much more quickly then they used to

    The Hawks will likely get a high to very high draft pick (perhaps someone who plays next year), they could well sign a UFA or two that would make a difference (ie. not Kunitz, Manning et. al.) and they have a bunch of youngsters coming up in the next year or two.

    I think Colliton will prove out to be a good coach but even if not he can be fired and a good coach hired

    This year is lost but the turnaraound could well start soon even by next year

  26. Crawford is now officially damaged goods, I can only bet he 8s out the rest of the year again and probably call it a career. He did well for about 3 yrs 2013,14,15…..other than that, he was average. Time to give Delia a long term look with Ward, because we know beside Delia, the Hawks have Zero goalie prospects…..and with the D we have now, it’s much worse than what Forsberg had to deal with last year. Hello #1 overall pick !!

  27. As much as fans want him to continue Crawford should think long term about his health and retire before any more damage is done. Financially he should be set for the future and enjoy life. The Hawks will struggle for a few years trying to right this ship so lets see what we have. Nothing lasts forever especially in hockey.

  28. I agree with the discussion about his long term well being first-hockey a distant second.
    Can this power play be fixed?-it’s bad enough to be almost funny. The PK being just as bad indicates this is more systemic and compete and effort also a problem-you can outwork your way to a decent PK, PP is more talent mixed with proper coaching-execution)

  29. Please, Strome is simply an awful skater who cannot keep up. The NHL has been about speed for more than a decade, not since a couple of years ago. His shifts last 15 seconds then he is done. He is awful defensively becuase he cannot catch up to anyone. Again, Kane was on fire at the beginning of the season playing with Schmaltz at center. The HAWKS were 6-2-2!!! Q and then JC ruined the perfect duo since Panarin left. 52 points for a 21 year old last year playing center not wing!!! WHO CARES ABOUT FACEOFFS when you are trying to build a duo and develop a young center!
    Crow is awesome and we all feel for him. And of course, Bowman has not drafted anyone in 10 years as a GM! Gravel is not the answer, especially not a goalie drafted in the 6th round or a Belguim soccer goalie or a free agent named Delia???
    Gravel was never even invited to the Canadian Junior camp either. A good goalie needs to be drafted in the first 3 rounds, just like any winger, center or dman.
    And there are no prospects in the AHL. Stop with the hype (SIKURA, DELIA and who??? Laughable) Bowman let his core down and Coach Q.
    Fire Bowman and JC.

  30. AJ, good post.
    Wrap, that’s the reality, the league has cap so it wont take as much to get back to the top and sooner then later. It wont take 5-10yrs.

    it will take 2-3 because we already have a bunch of good players coming, were going to add by not having 72/81/4 cap space, not keeping tank ufas caphits, and some trades for more cap space, were getting a top 5 skill and maybe 1st pick/which could land us an extra 1st pick or prospect.

    Lots and lots of good players coming next 2yrs.

    So hopefully Crow is back fully healthy again, because he can still play top 3 quality in league. Just need to tomahawk any fuck who touches him. Who cares about suspension, nail the bastard who touches him.

  31. The PP hasn’t been good since 2009 and 2010 seasons.
    The PK was excellent/top 5 every yr except one or two yrs, this yr doesn’t matter. Its crazy yr and seems like with five 81s out there PK still wouldn’t be good.

    Its not that were trying to be top 10 % on PP. So if we play the ‘predictable’ (in a good way) style we should be able to be around 20th in league. It really is an X File.

    I imagine the PP (amazingly) and PK will both be good/top 10 once we have entire wave of young players established. Just by having a diff. system and a whole bunch of new players. And we ll benefit from it, like 2009 and 2010 PPs and PKs.

  32. Thank you Corey for your time with THE BLACKHAWKS. Think of yourself and family, allow yourself the ability to reminisce about your playing time with them. How many goaltenders can say they were on Stanley Cup winning teams. Now I need to address the no heart lack of toughness of the team. The “old” Hawks used to have policemen on the roster to protect the skilled players, who would have put Evander’s lights out for that dirty punk ass manuever from last night. Need to to get more physical players not these 165-175 lb weak asses from the ECHL,OHL, etc. Another words get guys who have balls. Larger body types, not afraid to throw checks that will knock the opposition down.

  33. Lindross, sorry about your concussions. Wish the NHL would clean up hockey like the European league, which will reduce injuries. Evander Kane should be suspended for an outrageously cheap shot. Did you say Crawford is better than Hasek? Maybe with the Blackhawks, because Hasek was traded with just a small number of games under his belt. But Hasek is considered a top five goalie of all time. Six Vezinas and a .922 sv%, and that does not include his Czech international play. Agree that Crawford is better than all the others on your list. Espo choked in Game 7 of the 1971 finals, when Jacques Lemaire’s scored from the center line. No excuses. I remember how depressed I was after losing this series. Winning in 2010 was such a relief. Crawford plays at a higher level in the playoffs (except 2011), bailing out his team many times with impossible saves.

    Here’s a good decision that Bowman made: Didn’t match Niemi’s offer sheet.

  34. Bowman was excellent, not perfect, at keeping team loaded as much as we could.
    We do need those guys to reload the right way and make the right trades (most of them). Not sure whos best for that.
    Ian, said Bowman prob make all these moves at deadline, draft, summer, young wave comes in. or who/when would be better GM (for reloading/building).

  35. Hopefully is Crawford will be healthy long and short term.
    Delia called up, let’s see how he looks. Give him as many games as possible.

  36. Hull, how did the Kings win theirs cups in the past decade? With size and brawny play, not speed. You are wrong about another thing, sir.

  37. In terms of Crow getting back to 100% healthy. He did it after 10mths of patience, when we heard everything imaginable during those 10mths. I am not worried about him not being able to come back. He should be fine. Hopefully hes ok if not. We do know he came back fine and when he did he was as good as he always was. So theres that too, as not worried. Hopefully hes ok.

  38. Mo i’d like to see Crawford in the net as much as anybody. This is about him having a life after hockey and able to enjoy it with his family. The Blackhawks having to move on from him is going to happen. If they need a high end goalie next season they can pursue a Bobrovsky or Varlamov in fa and use his ltir for his last year to offset it, if they have to. Any other plans they had, they could still do. Thats minor compared to his life decisions he may have to make. This is serious regardless of the severity of diagnosis.

  39. Sure. I want whats best for him. The lady I know who knows his family told me this fall that Corey dad told her the Blackhawks wanted him to come back before he was ready. He didn’t and he came back when he wanted to. Fully 100% healthy.
    That’s what I am hopeing for again. If he doesn’t feel good, then sure.
    Just because it happened last yr and now again, doesn’t mean he has to retire on the 2nd concussion. But then how many times does he want to go through it.
    I would like to see him come back and if it happens again/or twice more then maybe do that.

    Not come back until he says hes ready.
    I understand his health is more important then team/and he already is a dynasty goalie, which not all two time Cup winning goalies are.
    Its just that so many people said retire/during that 10mths time, and he was fine.
    So its up to him when he wants to.
    Hes been through it before, now so he knows what to expect and what its like and that you can recover from them. Hes done it all.

    I just think its none of anyone’s decision but his.

  40. Its just BS for Crow, he deserves to play for Blackhawks when were deep in two yrs. He went through those 10mths to be able to do that.

    If he doesn’t I want people taking head/shots at Evander and Malkin.
    Daves a Killer style.

  41. The league is a disgrace. They wont suspend ‘properly’ to every player when needed/deserved.

    We should take their heads off and get suspended. Who cares if we get suspended. If the league doesn’t suspend/or enough games then you take both their heads off.

  42. So do we want speed or are we fine with not great skaters but skaters who can keep up. People who say Strome is a bad skater and that he wasn’t worthy Schmaltz yet still support Seabrook and other slow old players need to pick a side. Do you like slow guys like Seabs and Strome who isn’t even that slow. Or would you prefer Schmaltz who doesn’t do any corner work and would’ve wanted a big deal that is now avoided. Do you not like the trade because Schamltz could skate fast and Strome can’t, because that would also include disliking Seabs and all other slow dmen and forwards to a certain extent. Also at the beginning of the season on the 6-2-2 run Toews Dcat and Kahun had the most points of any line without a Schmaltz having only 1 goal in 10 games playing with PATRICK KANE. Schmaltz also had 3 assists that game against the Leafs which made up about 1/3 of his points this year as a hawk in one game.

    Crawford should hang up the skates if he gets another concussion he could be in serious trouble later in life.

  43. 200ft. Your post reminds me of when Babcock was asked to compare Matthews a and Mcdavid to Crosby. His answer was there is no comparison, one of them won 3 cups the other 2 haven”t.

  44. In terms of stats, we scored a lot more in first 10 games/those games were higher scoring by both teams.

    After that Crow came back and was shutdown goalie and basically every game was lower scorings.

    The FW and D players points act accordingly.

  45. Crow can come back. Take a few wks off, then when ready just practice for a few wks. Then split games from then. Cant take the, talk, again all summer long like last summer.

  46. I can’t even tell you how much this team affected my gag reflex. Coaching change was THE dumbest thing they could’ve done. Ironic they show a stock photo of him playing and he’s in mid-air from a Seabrook check. If they wan to give a guy his first shot at being an NHL head coach, I heard Steve Thomas had been an assistant for a few years, and that deal breaker was probably that he knows a thing or two about power plays.
    Perlini is a joke, and don’t give him credit for one goal on a goalie having a bad night. He gets told to shoot and it’s at everything but the net. He’s 6’3 and he plays like a wet noodle when the team needs physicality. If Hinostroza was off to a bad start, shoulda had him included with the Schmaltz trade. He wasn’t bad last year, and get this Mr. Bowman: he’s a hometown boy and he plays with grit. Where’d you think he’d sign? Hockey sense must skip a generation.
    I admit Seabs and Keith are getting up there, so start giving the younger guys some more ice time. Keith is losing a step. The OT goal and a few times against the Sharts, he wasn’t reacting quick enough. Seabs can still play, but doesn’t get a whole of of support on D. (This means you forwards) Dahlstrom is not the answer. We get more out of Manning, and he would’ve made that turd think twice about making a dirty play on Crow.
    That should be a suspendable play. How you let a proven dirty player on and off the ice pull that kind of a stunt and not respond, and then let him get the tying goal is beyond me. Mikita, Magnuson, and Probert are spinning in their graves. Did coach tell you to let it ride? If he did, then let him coach in France.
    I know it’s long post so, I’ll wrap it up with a message to all Hawks players: don’t just go out and play with Bauer sticks and skates; play like Jack Bauer on skates.

  47. I agree-there are all kinds of needs on this team-some very specific like the next quality goaltender and eventually a way to use the talent on the ice effectively for a top 10 power play (by the way a way to stop other teams taking liberties) but…
    the heart of the issue is to get 2 to 4 players on this team that other teams don’t enjoy playing against because they are not just good, but strong on the puck with just enough nasty. Not stupid, nasty.

    And I predict there will be a change back (not in the need for speed and pace) to having that one player that answers the bell when needed-who could be a star player or at least a top 5 player.

    Who on this team is tough to play against? Martinsen does it to stay out of the AHL, not every game and only plays limited minutes. And doesn’t have the nasty gene. Jones, Simmonds, Tkachuk brothers, Manson, Wilson etc. The problem is the Hawks have no one.

  48. According to MSN, the Hawks have denied access to Q to all interested teams. They have that right since he is still being paid by them. Which makes me think that something is going on behind closed doors.

    Could it be that Q has been told to take a vacation for a few months so the Hawks could evaluate a few things. In the back of my mind I still believe that Q is our next GM.

  49. Noonan wondered since a bit if they might pursue Simmonds this summer on a 2 or 3 year deal if he isn’t extended.
    Reg that would be a twist, for sure.

  50. Wait … Q as GM? C’mon. HOF coach doesn’t guarantee good GM. The only thing I can think of that Q becoming GM would be that he would probably insist on autonomy so he can tell McD where to stick his 2 cents.

  51. Buckaroo going to World Juniors.

    Ian, is there al ist of whos going.

    The Four Horsemen going.

    We should get a print out of our guys and top draft players with the jersey numbers.

  52. Careful what you wish for regarding Q as GM – even Scotty Bowman was not a great GM in fact IIRC he was a not very good GM (in Buffalo)

    Agree we need a new Shaw type – is Evan Barratt a possibility for that role? I don’t know his game well enough but maybe

  53. Yea guys like that, that are nasty and can score make plays/make then happen.
    Hayden could be like a bigger version but is he going to good enough skill wise because he has the right attitude.

    Also some guys like Krugs/Frozal/Bolly/65 kind of players. We have Kampf and we need more of them too.

  54. Difference is Q played the game when you had REAL enforcers out there. Colliton or Cottontip, whatever we’re calling him, played in the era (for not that long) of breathe on someone the wrong way and you get a major.

  55. Canada Entwisle fwd
    Mitchell d
    Usa Barrett fwd
    Swe Boqvist d
    Fin Nordgren fwd
    Jokiharju d
    Swiss Kurashev fwd
    Cze Galvas d
    Not sure of # s yet, all aren’t confirmed but have fairly good chance of going

  56. How much do the rankings of the 2019 draft eligible prospects typically change between now and the draft? I was looking at he top 5 picks to get an idea of who besides Hughes is out there and what they look like. Since Crawford is out indefinitely with a concussion, I fully expect the Hawks to land a top 3 pick. I guess what I am asking is this, will the Hawks find a talent to replace Kane or Toews in the 2019 draft?

  57. Rosival in his last three or four years and Bollig his whole career were totally useless.
    If Q was not coaching they would not have been playing in the NHL.
    Most likely they would have been terrible AHL players.
    Andrew Shaw is an extremely hard worker but no superstar. Why does everyone want to see the next Andrew Shaw?

  58. Miro, other guys aready said there wasn’t, as Hughes is not a Liane or Matthews quality.

    Boqvist was ranked 2nd/best playe after Dalin during this section of season, so it prob had a 2-7 range.

    Some of the guys here know draft and junior players well, like Wall. Those guys should know.

    They said kakko is prob top guy and maybe a better pick to add and trade down/to add yet another pick.

  59. Because Shawzer takes no shit/would have knocked Malkin out. Besides being harder to play against/as a team.

    We need certain kind of balance. Not just the 12 best FW at OFF.
    Guys like Shawzer are a killer on PP too.

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