Cristobal Huet, Red Hot Chili Peppers Unite to Give It Away

One of four times on Saturday that Cristobal Huet found the puck behind him.
One of four times on Saturday that Cristobal Huet found the puck behind him.

On Saturday night, the red hot Blackhawks were cooled off by their own goalie.

Cristobal Huet allowed four goals on 25 shots as the Hawks lost to the Dallas Stars 4-3 before a capacity crowd that let Huet know exactly what they thought of his effort. The only applause Huet received was mocking Bronx cheers, on the occasion that he stopped a puck before it got behind him.

On at least two, if not three, of the goals scored by Dallas, the blame can be aimed directly, and solely, at Huet. The third goal, scored by Toby Peterson in the second period, was a lazy shot from the blue line that passed Huet roughly letter high on his glove side.

A junior high shortstop could have made the play, but the Blackhawks $5.6 million goalie was unable to do as much.

The fourth and final goal would have embarrassed Helen Keller. A simple dump in from Stephane Robidas bounced off a loose partition and bounced toward the net. Huet watched helplessly as a puck moving at maybe 15 miles per hour bounced up at his waist, hit his forearm, and wound up behind him in the net.

This was a play my two-year old son has made in our living room five times this week. Huet, not so much.

Many of the Blackhawks have their own theme songs. Patrick Sharp’s is ZZ Top’s classic “Sharp Dressed Man.” Patrick Kane has Scorpion’s “(Rock You Like A) Hurricane,” while Jonathan Toews is Chuck Berry’s “Johnny B. Goode.”

Perhaps the Blackhawks should start playing the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ classic “Give It Away” for Huet from now on. 

The Blackhawks’ offense gave a solid effort in the losing cause, trying to come back time after time. Three Hawks got off the schnide on Saturday night, as Toews, Troy Brouwer and Niklas Hjalmarsson all scored their first goals of the season. Dustin Byfuglien, Dave Bolland and Patrick Sharp were credited with assists.

4 thoughts on “Cristobal Huet, Red Hot Chili Peppers Unite to Give It Away

  1. Scorpions, not Twisted Sister. :)

    And maybe Huet’s song should be “Loser” by Beck. Haha. ;) “I’m a loser baby, so why don’t ya kill me?”

  2. I made the 80s glam rock correction… thanks for catching me. And I didn’t want to go as far as death for the Frenchman…

  3. Well, I didn’t mean literally, of course. That’d just be crazy talk. ;) Maybe death for his career and ridiculous salary though…

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