Dallas Dominates, Chicago Slide Continues

In the final 40 minutes on Tuesday night, the Blackhawks scored as many goals as the Stars.

Unfortunately, Chicago allowed four goals in the opening 20 minutes, and lost 6-2.

Scott Darling started, allowed four in the first, and was relieved by Michael Leighton. Leighton allowed one of the two Stars goals in the second and third periods; the other went into an empty net with 6:12 left in regulation.

Andrew Shaw got Chicago on the board with his 13th in the second period. Richard Panik scored his fifth in the third period.

CHI DAL box 3.22.16

This wasn’t a Darling problem, though. The gentlemen between the pipes haven’t been the issue for the Blackhawks in March.

Tuesday night marked the third time in 11 days the Blackhawks allowed at least five goals. Two of those games were against the Stars, who have out-scored the Hawks 11-4 in those games.

The loss to Dallas makes the Blackhawks record 3-5-2 in March. Will they magically flip a switch in a couple weeks when the playoffs begin? We’ll see. But recent evidence suggests that’s a heavy switch the team needs to figure out in a short amount of time.

44 thoughts on “Dallas Dominates, Chicago Slide Continues

  1. Anybody on the ledge now? Last 2 games panik and Shaw have all Hawks goals. Does that make sense?
    Tab did u write this at the end Of the first period?

  2. On the ledge? No. Chemistry is a fragile thing, and this team is fighting to find it right now, and flailing miserably. The talent is here, the sychronicity is not. Whether or not we can bridge that gap remains to be seen.

  3. It’s the Garbutt/Tikhonov curse I tell ya, manifesting itself into a full blown virus.

    What is up with Ehrhoff? How come no play?

  4. Need to save something for playoffs they need their legs then. Enjoy the run time will tell all

  5. This one was a weird game. The Blackhawks came out with a nice pace.
    Then, the two goals from behind the net happened, and the first period went straight to hell.
    I see above where the Blackhawks actually won the face-off battle, but the puck possession when it counted was won by Dallas on better hustle on the boards and more energy getting in the lanes and getting to loose pucks. Saw Shaw and Panik giving it their all, but a couple of guys looked like they were phoning it in (to me, Ladd was one).
    This was disappointing, but here’s hoping that it serves as a bit of a slap. These next four games are big. Not much chance of not making the playoffs, but there’s a big chance of playing crappy hockey and limping in to the playoffs.
    Captain Obvious signing off.

  6. And where is Ehrhoff? Sit TVR or Gus for a game or two or three. From what I’ve seen over the past half dozen games, it couldn’t fucking hurt.

  7. And enough of the lazy bench minors. We’re second only to the Maple Leafs in too many men on the ice penalties this year. That’s a proud stat.

  8. Look who’s -3. The best players ain’t been the best players. And 33 was clueless tonight. Remember when we used to be fast?

  9. Yes we used to be fast . Now we are flat. Slow lazy ,confused , disinterested and right now playing THE worst hockey in the NHL they are AWFUL as individuals and as a team.

    Pathetic– not even worth the time to watch.

    There clearly is a problem and Q and the $10M twins better figure it out fast or it will be a wild card for these guys and a fast exit from the playoffs.

    As a Hawk fan for over 60 years I am disgusted with their lack of heart the past 15 games . YUCK !

  10. Take our slap and turn the other cheek take another. Get this out of our system.

    LA and ANA took a loss as well, so the 5 teams playing for the conference seeds are same position/close (other then DAL). NAS getting closer but was to far behind (like MIN that yr). Who cares about the other teams.

    Keep it simple. Play on our toes.

  11. Puck watching sorry sods,.,.,Like a magic trick….puck over here ,,,NO puck in your net.
    That was such an AMATEUR PERFORMANCE.,.,.,Whats Bettman cooking up now.

  12. (Sigh) It just sucks that this team, with the amount of talent it has, has been outplayed by the top teams in the West…and the MN Mild.

    I don’t think this team will figure out what it needs to do to get very far in the playoffs. As for the people claiming that the players’ chemistry needs to gel, well the Hawks are running out of time for that too!

    I think other teams have figured the Hawks out, just pressure the puck carrier and take away any chance of the their puck possession game. It sucks to say this but I don’t think this is the Hawks year to win the Cup.

  13. It is rare for me to leave a game early, but I took off after the 2nd last night No drive, no push, no nothing, from the Hawks. Give the Stars credit for coming in and doing their jobs. They played a smothering team defense which erased open space, and took what they were given offensively which was a lot. Stars clearly wanted this one more which was depressingly as hell to watch, yet again.

    To be blown out in in this fashion 3 times in a row by the same team in the 1st period is hard to fathom, but that is what we have seen. To start a 2nd period without much if any push back was equally baffling.

    As mentioned correctly above by Demo, it was Shaw and Panik that had some give a damn to their game. The rest could have raised their efforts, but didn’t. I completely agree that Erhoff should be in the lineup. Gus and TVR both have really struggled as of late, and Rozy needs some rotation rest.

    The ice looked particularly soft and in poor condition last night with players toe picking and falling all over the place. Rolling pucks were common. Yes is was 60F yesterday, but there is no excuse for having such crappy ice.

    Crow hopefully is back soon. Darling was good the past few games, but last night after giving up the 1st goal on a bad luck play seemed to sap his confidence for whatever reason. D coverage in front of him was very poor yet again.

    Some days off and a road trip coming at the right time. We have witnessed some serious stinkers from the Hawks the past month few with just a few strong efforts mixed in.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  14. There definitely something off right now…. i think everything has already been said over the last 2 weeks. I usually the last to the ledge, but im creeping up. I know there are the “blackhawks” and then there are the “playoff blackhawks”… but we have never seen the likes of 72, 15, 25, 12, 14, etc in the playoffs, so we dont know if they can do it the way others before them have. And that doesn’t even include assimilating Kruger back in.

    I’d like to think we will be fine. Draw the blues in round 1… Beat them like we should (2-2 in season series so far with a game left), then worry about who we get then. Probably this dallas team that is playing with lots of confidence right now, but its the NHL playoffs… maybe the Avs/Wild spoil the party, or even the Preds if the LA can hunt down the top spot.

    Until we have 2 playoff losses, i’ll take in the view from a few steps back from the ledge… but its a few steps closer than i usually am this time of year…

  15. Anyone else notice that the interview with an assistant coach between the 2nd and 3rd period was cancelled? This coaching staff must be as dumbfounded as we are.

    But before we all give up hope, this is what this team has a bad habit of doing, tanking before the playoffs. Probably not this bad, but this is NOT unusual. It’s not one or two players, the whole team stinks like a heaping pile of dog****. I have NEVER seen Duncan Keith give up the puck or lose track of a puck more than this year. He was AWFUL last night!!

    To me, this team looks exhausted! No excuses. But every opponent looks at the Hawks as the team to beat. The Hawks are STILL the CHAMPIONS until they get beat in the playoffs. They need to start their playoff run on Saturday night in Calgary. Q has to fine tune the line up and these guys need to put forth an effort that at least makes it LOOK like they are interested in defending the Stanley Cup.

  16. There are two ways to look at this-the Hawks, and its fans have been the envy of those across the league (not getting much sympathy from a few of my friends who like the Leafs, Habs etc)–we’ve enjoyed a great run and they are still a threat this year.
    The way they are playing now–6 and 11 in the last 17–they certainly aren’t the favourites and have many issues that need answers that may or may not get answered.
    There is no shame for this core-whether they go on a long run or exit early.

  17. Problem is the players appear to be NOT interested. They should be embarrassed. I am embarrassed for them.

  18. There have been a lot of comments the past few weeks that this team is easy to play against, and I agree. It seems that the losses are coming more from opponents good play, and less from hawks bad play. (but definitely some of both). I’m no hockey coach, but is it realistic at this point in the season to completely change the playing style effectively before the playoffs so that the hawks are less predictable? That is not a rhetorical question, I would love some insight.

  19. What me Worry? Sasquatch was the Darling Sasquatch I know and looked a little slow ( his weakness) and un-aware and is average was it his fault NO, but he’s got a bloody glove! Hawks ALWAYS win as a TEAM, and lose as a TEAM and they have to ALL play at a high level to win, nothing comes easy!

    The Hawks top two lines looked lost again, meanwhile the 3rd and 4th line look to be finding a groove. Panik is a great“player” Great hands, ie. strong, strong on the puck, chip and chase, and good speed to the outside and a quick accurate wrist shoot that reminds me Baron Von Bickell! Shaw as observed when playing with players with some speed can up his game and is! Good for Shawzy still a kid at 24! Weise and Flash and gonna do some damage in the playoffs just wait! They’re all finding space, timing is much better and they all get back on defense.
    TNT as mentioned ( had a bad game last night) but is playing and setting up the table like no one can. His performace at the DOT is horrible but ya cant have everything. As Eddie O & company said Hawks DOT performance is weak all year but it is an OVER RATER stat! If you lose it and get it back fine, but we’re losing it and struggling to even find the puck!

    NOTE: If Chrisitan Ehrhoff is not on that second line defense with Hammer, come playoffs I smell and EARLY EXIT for Hawks. TVR, Gusty and Rozy are flat out horrible come playoff time. As I said many times good teams just wait for KEITH to get off the ice and throw their best line out. Simple! No one is afraid of TVR, Gusty and Rozy and ya ca throw a slow Seabrook and Hammer in their too. TVR is weak on top and is slow and short footed, and his stick is often just waving around off the ice and position. Gusty looked good for a moment with his quick lateral moves out of the zone, but he see the blue line and get stiff, then “poooof! Hammer as I have mentioned for “Years” has more unforced turnovers in out zone that an Defensemen in the history of the NHL. Hammer does so much well but not that and he is often like “always” playing on his off hand / side with a wicked weak back hand exit?

    Anyway can’t blame the D. NOW the Top two lines and the top Three PLAYERS Toews, Kane and Ladd ( Panarin ) will have to play at such a HIGH LEVEL thru 3 rounds of playoffs that is almost seems “unlikely” I mean they have to turn their game around big time!
    We will get no consistent Offense Push from anyone but Dunk so pressure is on, but this team does handle Pressure very well.

    Good news is Crow Show is resting . . . bad news if he ever went down for a extended period of time, I could be his back up it’s that weak.

    Go hawks

  20. Funny Chemistry? The Chemistry with our second tier players is just about “perfect” while the Chemistry for the top guys who have been playing together for months is off! Top Tier players the salary cap suckers should have no problem with line changes. It is effort ie. tired and they do NOT need to win the division at all. They can be the last guy in and WIN THIS. So they are not playing all out and all in!

    PLUS remember . . .HAWKS team system is not built on a lot of speed and it’s not complicated. It’s simple. Our 3rd and 4th line once they draw a straw and get a guy to the front of the net will be as effective as the top 2 lines.

    The only complicated part of the HAWKS is getting the puck from behind our own net to the dot in our zone then to our blue lien then out to the offensive zone…period! that seems to be very complicated and as “preached” before DEFENSEMEN will run the NHL in the next few years we’re almost there now.

    go hawks
    Unfortunately we’ll face the Wild or Stars two teams who played just okay and beat us? BEAT US not just won! BEAT . . .smack down on home ice?

  21. Well, it took 6 years but opponents are simply too familiar with the Hawks game. Time for Q to throw out the current playbook and figure it out. Hawks have 3 days off (not always a good thing). Use that time to counter what the opponents are doing to us.

    Also, don’t look too far ahead. I think the Hawks need at least 8 points to stay out of the wild card

  22. IMTGRILL it’s notso much style or system we are getting beat in our own end. The exit out of our zone our seldom clean where Hawks can exit with some speed. We turn it over more than anyone in the NHL period. Opponents simply, Shot the puck in the corner or MOSTLY at the feet / skates of our defensemen and PLAY THE MAN not the puck first. Easy Peasy, Hawks system goes in with stick first second and last except for Panik and Shawzy!

    But it our lack of speed and pivoting out from behind the net that is the problem. Very slow out, weak backhand exits. Also Hawks are BUILT on that lame STRETCH pass so defensemen are “trained” to look up and out, go deep not just make a quick exit left or right?

    does that help . .. all NHL teams are built on Defense, Think NFL? think any sport
    how defense sets it all up! Right now we have DUNK.

    best to You

  23. Mook (and I called it)… the behind our net play… is awful… Missing Oduya (who could/should have been easy to keep last summer)… is making HUGE difference…

    Too many goals/plays coming from Behind Hawk Net- out… Turnstyles- TVR, Gust, Rosey… Hammer-TO’s—

    Q will force the Forwards to drop further back in Hawk’s D coverage… which will make the Hawks exits/tempo even slower… and give the Hawk’s opponents even more time/space to cycle puck up and down the boards…

    Ladd is slow… Hoss is slower (than he used to be)… Kane is being walled off…
    Hawks are in BIG trouble!!!

    Bickell- should have been paid to go away… AND ODUYA signed!!!

  24. There may be a simple logic to Mike’s response-I believe part of it is that teams have tried things against the Hawks that are now starting to work more often-
    it was interesting that lately (including last night) the Hawks have been close to or outhit their opponent–this is a new trend.
    is that because they have less puck possession or that teams have tried to pound the Hawks to death and it hasn’t really worked-so teams are beating them at their own game?
    Not sure.

  25. Does everyone just give Seabrook a free pass? Everyone points out how bad TVR, Gusty, and Rozy are, but seem to look the other way when it comes to Seabrook, who’s been just as awful, if not worse than the aforementioned. I don’t give a flip about his offensive numbers. His play at the blue line this year has been terrible, and he looks completely out of shape. Unless he’s sandbagging, which I doubt, he’s going to get exploited in the playoffs like the Kings did to him in 2014. Oh, and just wait until his contract extension kicks in. Yikes. Everyone thinks Bickell’s contract was bad, imagine Seabrook and his near 7 million cap hit kicks in for the next 6 seasons. Yikes!

  26. Okie- agree on 7 contract… Price of success…

    Biggest mistake still Sharp trade and NOT fitting in Oduya (could have easily been done…

    Said it couple of years ago… SB- Much easier/safer to PAY those big fat contracts … and blame the players for NOT achieving (and lack of Cap)… then to trade one or two of them now and still have money to go around (cuz there is no guarantee that the “New ” guys will take you where you want to go)…

    At the end of the day- Pro sports contracts … most of the duration of the contract- you are getting paid for what “you did”… and not for what “you are doing”

    sad- but true

  27. Noonan96… to add to your thought…

    seems like team’s are packing it in to “switching man/zone defense better (like what Hawks play)” and letting the Hawks skate circles/figure eights and keeping out of the slot…

    then they have a “Plan” of when to “jump/double team” Kane… in the middle of his Globetrotter skate…

  28. The Blackhawks will enter the PO’s in the first wildcard slot and face the Kings in the first round and lose in 5 games, season over early!

  29. Darling will start . . .

    Seabrook is out of shape this year more than past and is slowerrrr. He does step up in the playoffs and adds that ONE extra BIG HIT when needed in playoffs and knows how and when to drop down and get a high percentage shot on net with “Weight” behind it when leaning on offense. Offensive output makes up for defensive laps.

    HAWKS play TEAM DEFENSE . . . period. Most teams do but Hawks live on it so they do cover up mistakes a lot.

    I still insist LADD has not lost a step maybe over 6 years but age is a bitch, he is a high skilled, slot player, smart, strong in the corner does not energy nor waste ice, point to point, like a greta middle linebacker, love the guy! LADD will be a rock star in the playoffs. LADD will play better on the lower lines ( like last night) where he LEADS not support toews and hoss? When He /we WON THE CUP IN CHI he was often on the third line with Bolland and Ver-Stinks! So his production is noted!

    Still no better Team in the West than Hawks.

    Crow get healthy and a little hot and it off to the Cup!


    Yes, certain players in this town get a free pass when they play like garbage. Hell Sharpie is beloved and he flat out sucked for almost 2 yrs.

    Apparently Seabs is another guy that gets that pass. Although Seabs has a track record of playing at a very high level and then having random bad games from time to time.


    If the Hawks Hawks bow out in the 1st round against the Kings you can count on a major overhaul this offseason.

  32. Haven’t been watching entire games for obvious reasons, but it is clear the Hawks are not skating and are slowing their own game. They are also staying on the perimeter and that is not a successful approach in the playoffs. Are they coasting to preserve energy for the playoffs and to avoid injury? I don’t know. If they are, they are damn good athletes and we know their history.

    Those willing Shaw to be gone are nuts. The kid has heart that is irreplaceable.

    If they bow out of the playoffs early, it will be understandable why the season ticket commitment deadline for next year is 4/15. We won’t have a chance to be totally disgusted and not renew. :) LOL!!!

    Go Hawks!!! I’m keeping the faith because this team has more generational talent than any Hawks team we have ever seen in our lifetimes. Can they turn it around, I am thinking they can because they have shown they can several times before. Keep the faith boys.

  33. re: SSHM’s link to a late-March bitch-and-moan session about the Sharp trade – it’s water under the bridge. Amateurs are more than happy to bitch about the Sharp trade but will never write about the Saad trade being a strong move by Bowman while his hand was being forced.

    No sense in crying about the Sharp deal any longer. The Byfuglien deal was a disaster, too. Maybe we should talk about the fallout from that as well?

  34. 16 / 19 / 12 Need a bit more speed at the top
    72 / 15 / 88 Why mess with this?
    65 / 86 / 81 Grit, speed and possession
    14 or 25 / 70 then 22 / 11 A balanced line that can skate 11-12 minutes

    2 / 4
    7 / 55
    57 / 32 boy the third pairing is tough

  35. @ Tab

    I do absolutely agree that there is no sense in continue to complain about Stans horrible offseason. The difference however is Stans horrible trade weakened the Hawks and strenghtened Dallas who kicked the crap out of the Hawks this game and all season.

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