Dallas Stars To Hire Ken Hitchcock

In this week’s “no, you’re kidding, right?” news, the Dallas Stars are expected to name Ken Hitchcock as their head coach on Thursday.

Hitchcock, fired by St. Louis earlier this season, was the Stars coach from 1995-2002, leading Dallas to their lone Stanley Cup championship in 1999. He has spent time in Philly, Columbus and St. Louis in the 15 years since leaving Dallas the first time.

The Stars fired Lindy Ruff on Monday.

10 thoughts on “Dallas Stars To Hire Ken Hitchcock

  1. Wow-they need a kick in the pants (and a goalie) but this seems short-sighted to say the least.

  2. This is definitely short term. But I never really cared for Ruff. This is an offensively gifted team that lacks defensive discipline. This is grasping at straws trying to make it work with what they have before they lose valuable cogs. Hitch might be able to make it work. While goaltending has been bad, they will have options this summer. To echo Wall, if the D in front plays better the goalie looks better.

  3. Hitchcock took a floundering Dallas Stars team to 3 straight division titles and eventual Stanley Cup. He took 3 future HOF’s who were not known for defense — Hull, Modano and Nieuwendyk and made them champions.

    In the 1999 playoff, Hitchcock’s Stars beat 2 future SC winning coaches — Quenneville (Blues), Hartley (Avs) and then beat Lindy Rupp’s Sabres to win it all.

    I was always worried that a good coach would get a hold of the Dallas talent. They are 1 goalie away from being a top contender. Hitch’s system will take care of the rest. He has inherited a much faster, more skilled team than he got in St. Louis.

    The only good news is that he didn’t go to Winnipeg. They too are only a good coach away from being really tough.

  4. It will be interesting to see how they play. The Blues always played physical, and he struggled coaching once he lost his gritty players like Backes and Brouwer. It will be interesting to see what he does in Dallas with players that aren’t that different to what he had in St. Louis.

    I also thought he was retiring….guess he changed his mind.

  5. Hawkfacts — last I checked, Hitch is not second or third coming of Scotty Bowman, Al Arbour or even Q. If anyone thinks Dallas will become an annual Cup contender based on this hire, quit smoking those funny cigarettes.

    What Hitchcock needs more than this job is a personal trainer and far less trips in the buffet line.

  6. iceman – He will soon be 3rd in all-time wins, won 8 division titles in 16 years, has been to 5 conference finals, 2 stanley cup finals and 1 stanley cup.

    He’s hardly chopped liver

    BTW – prior to the Blackhawks, Quenneville won 1 division title in 10 years, was 42-45 in the playoffs and made it the conference finals once. Assume you think he’s a pretty good coach.

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