Daniel Carcillo Added To Camp Roster

On Friday morning the Blackhawks added forward Daniel Carcillo to their training camp roster.

Also, in the early roster release for tonight’s preseason finale the Hawks have Nick Leddy, Johnny Oduya and Trevor vanRiemsdyk listed as active.

42 thoughts on “Daniel Carcillo Added To Camp Roster

  1. Prediction… Carcillo makes the team, Mashinter sent down… on Carcillo’s first shift, he goes crashing into the boards attempting to deliver an illegal check and is injured for the rest of the season. Mashinter called up…

  2. I’m officially off the Stan Bowman bandwagon. Not really… but maybe.

    I’m sure Carcillo won’t make the team. Just another body to finish out the preseason.

  3. Full time meaning 3 to 5 minutes of ice time per night…

    It appears that SB and Q feel they need this type of player in the lineup in order to “protect” their highly skilled players.

    I understand that, but I still think its a waste of cap space and it prevents some of the Hawks really good young talent from playing in the NHL.

  4. Bottom line- Q does “need” (in his eyes ) a goon… AND Cbomb IS a better skater than Shitter… AND he can actually win a fight (as if that matters)… AND like my Torres comment before… The NHL actually knows Cbomb- might cheap shot/injure someone (on purpose)– so Cbomb IS a BETTER option than 53…

    at the end of the day– RasMOOSEn is a way better option than ANY goon!!!

  5. Wall… Well put… “Cbomb” had 4 goals and 10 assists last year, which is probably way more than Mash can deliver in 2-seasons. Also, it appears the hawks brass “trusts” Carcillo more than other goons they have.

  6. …looking for *something* positive in this = at least they’re admitting Mashinter is not an NHL player (and more important, not a Blackhawk)?

  7. I remember a few years ago when the Hawks still had John Scott. He had been a healthy scratch for some time when Foley said Q made the comment that he couldn’t not skate him. He felt he needed a guy there to protect the top liners. I understand that rationale, I just don’t agree with it.

  8. Carrillo does not protect anyone…in fact, he pisses off the other team with his own cheap shots and endangers our guys.

    He also cannot fulfill the role of antagonist because he’s so stupid HE always takes the penalty. I sure as hell hope they did not get him because they are thinking of dealing Shaw to get cap money back.

  9. Ernie, John Scott is in no way the same as Carcillo.
    Carcillo COULD be a good player…he can skate. Carcillo also scares nobody.

    Scott cannot skate at an NHL place…that’s obvious.

    What he did do though was change the game by being dressed. For example, the 2011 playoffs…we got absolutely run out of the building by Vancouver’s thugs in games 1 and 2. We inserted Scott in games 3,4,5 and 6 and the big runs Vancouver was taking ceased and out skilled guys shined and we won 3 of 4. Then in game 7 they decided not to let Scott watch from the bench and Vancouver went right back to freight-training our guys and won the series.

    These players play 2 completely different roles and a true enforcer does not have to play…just having big brother on the playground allowed out guys to strut their stuff.

  10. Espo…that is an interesting perspective. I am of the mindset that the Hawks shouldn’t waste a spot on a goon, but if they feel they need one…you are absolutely right in having one. Bollig and Cbomb are not goons because I feel they actually lose more fights than win and really don’t protect anyone. At least John Scott would actually pummel people. This practice of trying to get a goon who is also “skilled” is silly and the Hawks need to stop it.

  11. Stupidity beyond belief. Mashinter proved he can’t skate in the NHL…Bass and LaBrie were jokes…so CBomb? Wow, clearly Bowman went along with this because he doesn’t possibly think the Carcillo can/will make the final roster, nothing more than camp fodder and humouring Q’s insatiable desire to be stupid.

    Q simply can’t stop himself from self destructing…unbelievable.

    This hockey team doesn’t need a goon or an idiot (as CBomb is not a goon). Bickell, Shaw, Morin, Seabs and Dahlbeck are more than enough strength needed to “defend” our players…like Bollig did with Ordick’s hit on Toews…

    Just line up our 18 best skaters and play the f$cking game already!

  12. Everytime someone talks about a “deterent” I die a little inside.

    EVERY team hits the Hawks. They take runs at the Hawks. They go hard at the defensemen after chipping the puck deep. This has nothing to do with the fact that John Scott isn’t tripping over the freaking blue line while trying to skate backwards. It’s because that’s the only way opposing teams think they can beat the Hawks since they can’t match their skill or speed. Seriously, I’m dying inside. Stop. Please.

  13. Espo, great comment, at least Scott fulfilled his purpose. These other guys are just pretenders. I am starting to wonder what is going through the minds of Q and SB. We have skilled players with size (Danault, Johns, Dahlbeck …) that may make some mistakes but certainly would improve as the season goes on with the excellent coaching that is in place. Instead we want to waste a spot on the roster for what?

  14. Espo, if getting “run at” in hockey is LEGAL, then players need to be able to deal with it ON THEIR OWN. I have played and coached the game all my life, even as a “skilled” player never once would I have approved of one of my teammates fighting one of my battles for me. The same goes for Toews. If Joe Thornton is being a dick and its not getting called, then you use the fighting rule YOURSELF to make a statement against that player and to the refs. It doesn’t matter that you win or lose the fight, it makes a statement to your entire team, to their entire team and to the refs that you won’t take it anymore. Do any of you think for a second that the NHL wants Tazer or Kaner in a fight? Of course not, and if Toews gets into one to “defend” himself, the NHL will take notice and come down on the refs for allowing that situation to occur. However, if Brandon Bollig comes over the boards to fight for Toews, then we as a team get fined, Bollig gets suspended, a cloud hangs over Toews head for “using” a teammate to defend himself and we are penalized. The focus is taken off the fact that Toews had to defend himself in the first place.

    Goons/idiots don’t work in hockey…skilled/tough players do. GMs should design their teams accordingly! In 2010 Ben Eager and Adam Burish were both “tough guys” on our team…they also could both skate and take regular shifts in the playoffs helping us to win games.

  15. It’s worth a moment of pause at this stage in the conversation to remind everyone here that the Hawks left half of their forwards in Chicago for tonight’s game & Mashinter is still banged up and unavailable. Carcillo was added to the camp roster – he was NOT signed to an NHL contract. Important distinction.

  16. @ EspoForever

    If you believe John Scott had anything to do with us losing to Vancouver you are fooling yourself. 1st lets start with Chris Campoli’s awful turnover to lose the game. 2nd go back and look at that roster, It was not cup contending team and that team was NOT a good team. Vancouver was a MUCH better team that season. Vancouver WAS the best team in hockey that season, and SHOULD have won the cup if not for a historic run by Tim Thomas.

    The fact that you think John Scott had anything to do with that series is laughable, as matter of fact I didn’t realize Big John was on that roster,….John Scott mine as well sign him too Im sure he’s not on a roster anymore either.

  17. John Scott did nothing to fulfill anything. He cant skate, pass or score and clearly Doug Wilson wants to get fired. Carcillo is a terrible terrible terrible hockey player and this incessant and erroneous commentary related to needing that type of player makes my brain hurt.

    Bollig did a lot to deter Torres, and Toews still gets the business from Thornton no matter who is on the ice. The game has made those “deterrent” types of players comprehensively irrelevant. They only contribute to squandering valuable roster spots and hindering what could be a valuable 4th line.

    If management \ the coaching staff (demands) does something as stupid as rostering one or more of these bozo’s than there is a massive problem with how these guys view the modern game.

  18. Seems everyone has forgotten that the Hawks have won the cup twice with SB and Q in charge…

    I guess we will see how things play out and IF they are the team to beat with or without a goon in the lineup…

    Can’t wait to hear what’s coming next!! Hurry up October 9th!!!

  19. I agree with Sr. Brad. If I remember correctly, Toews fought Joe Thornton just to send a message. Brad, you’re right, it sent a message to Thornton, the Sharks and the entire Hawk team that Tazer wasn’t going to take any more crap!!

  20. Hey, the boys we have can play physical with most teams. Bickell, Morin, Shaw, Moose (instead of Mash please) Dahlback, Johns. Saad is strong as an ox and Hoss can lay the lumber when he needs to. We don’t need Mash, Car Bomb or Bollig.

  21. Tab, the problem is that Carcillo is wearing a Blackhawk sweater. And we all, well except those that are blinded from the glare of the 2 cups, wonder why?
    We should be a team that beats you by outskating you and as JS said, they all want to hit the Hawks. Force the change by proving goon hockey has no place in the new NHL. Reg, yes a fight to stand up for yourself should still be an option but as I think you stated earlier, these staged fights are worthless. If the Hawks don’t have a goon type player on the ice, do you think someone is going to talk a player into dropping their gloves when the puck drops? Well, maybe Shawzer, but no one else.

  22. I´ve got a soft spot for Carcillo, happy to see him back. He brink spark to the team such Burrish did other days.
    But, I still don´t understand Bowman´s pokker face, something has to be done to get under the cup.
    Don´t fool youre self that Hawks are physical enough. In play off we need to get over St.Luis and then over Los Angeles or Anheim. all this three are much more physical then Hawks are.

  23. Pushing play and playing with a lead does a lot to deter the other team from “taking runs” at players.

  24. Coach Q is saying that Rozy and Oduya are out with injuries… “Johnny is fine.” Rozy will be out about a week with an upper body injury…

    Looks like neither will be traded… or so it seems.

  25. I’m aware that John Scott and Carcillo play a different game. Scott is an enforcer, carcillo is a punk. He’s suppose to be an agitator but isn’t very good at it when he’s in he box or the press box. I was simply using that instance of John Scott to gain a little insight into how Q likes his roster. In case that wasn’t already evident.

  26. Fact: Cbomb scored twice as many goals as Crosby 2014 playoffs in almost half the games 87 played!!!

    Opinion: Cbomb is better option than Shitter… and worse option than RasMOOSEn!!!

  27. Carcillo….wow…holeeeeee….have to admit I also have a soft spot for him as well…..lites it up and fun to watch…everyone gets their nerves on edge when he’s out there, including the fans! I think every goal he scored was a game winner or just at the right time…ok, ok I know, I know…just have a soft spot thats all. As Tab stated, no contract just added to the Camp Roster….sitting on pins and needles awaiting the cap move…gonna be any hour now.

  28. Good point Mo, over the weekend Rozy’s injury will get infected and he will be out for 10-12 months…

  29. Shaw’s goal tonight shows how a center with speed between Kane and Saad makes that line extremely dangerous. There is no question Richards has offensive skill, but he does not have the speed to go with those two. Richards will never be involved in a 3 on 2 or 2 on 1 when centering those two speedsters.

  30. Watching the power play with Kane on one wing and Teuvo on the other wing handling the puck was very impressive.

  31. Sportsnet wire reporting “7 teams interested in making a deal for Nick Leddy”. Looks like this could happen real soon.

  32. Mark Lazerus of the Sun Times just tweeted out that the Hawks are on the verge of trading Leddy. He says Q said “we’ll see” when asked if he will be on the roster.

  33. Calgary “D” weak; accordingly, Leddy for Bollig and another 3rd pick. Ha ha ha…. Then (this portion is legit), flip Bollig to San Jose for Burish, San Jose retains 1/2 Burish salary for two years. Doug Wilson loves stocking up on stellar talent (i.e., Mike Brown, John Scott, Torres when he is off medication). There you go.

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