29 thoughts on “Daniel Carcillo Suspended 6 Games

  1. This was just another bone-headed play… and is exactly what the league is trying to clean up.

    The only positive coming from this stupid move by Carcillo is that someone else younger with more skill will have an opportunity to play.

    Hopefully whoever replaces him comes in and does a great job, so that we don’t have to witness this kind of stupidity any more!

  2. Once again an excellent decision by the League.

    Just like they suspended Perry for 6 games for a crosscheck to midside to a unsuspecting player.

  3. This is what evolves when a team doesnt have players that are big and tough enough to take care of themselves or teammates. physical play, dropping the gloves like The guy who went after Bickel on the Peg is an example. At least Carcillo hit him on the arm , not the head like Torres did to Hoss no cheap shot is acceptable whether the guy is on your team or the other , unfortunately in the heat of battle it happens B

  4. Bronco, I vehemently disagree with everything you said. That way of thinking is outdated. Carcillo reacted to a slash. And not a slash on hands. He had such tunnel vision he was totally unaware that a penalty was called. 9 times out of 10, if a hard hit, or if a possible injury could occur from a play that should be a penalty. The refs call it. The dude can play the game. But every once in a while something upstairs takes a break. I disagree with the notion you need a player to keep the peace. Play the body, but don’t go out of your way. Physicality is great, but when you’re out of position to make a play, or trying to stick up for a teammate and the pucks behind you. You have taken yourself out of the game.

    You don’t need to throw a punch to hit someone in the mouth.

  5. It is very evident that Bowman MUST make a substantial move to acquire a physical stay at home defenseman. It absolutely has to happen or visions of a deep playoff run go down the toilet. Johns is concussed and not ready or helping this season. Clendening is never going to be a fit. Dahlbeck may or may not be a partial answer. Runblad shouldn’t dress every game. Rosival can’t sustain playing every game. And Oduys is being over exposed and needs his minutes paired back.

    The role players need to catch a second wind soon. Meaning Shaw, Kruger and Smith. Richards has reverted back to being a defensive liability and the challenge of finding a line to put him on is back. And sadly Father Time is catching up with the magnificent Hall of Famer in waiting Hossa.

    Get your fill of Sharp this season because his slow regression, age and salary surely mean he is gone after this season if there is to be any hope of a Saad deal.

  6. Bronco is 100% correct. The lack of size, physicality and an intimidator is a definite and growing problem for the Hawks. To dismiss this realiry and call it meatballs who don’t understand modern hockey is to be ignorant. Nobody is saying we need to be the Broad Street Bullies of 1974. But my goodness the Hawks need something that only semi exists in Carcillo, Seabrook and on very rare occasions Bickell the $4 M invisible wing.

    Desperately desperately desperately need to add a physical stay st home blue liner if this season is to have any chance for a happy ending.

  7. Carcillo adds zero to this team. A player contributes by bringing talent or some level of intimidation or both. Carcillo brings neither of these to the table. I have watched the video of his cross check a few times and it is embarrassing because it is a gutless attempt to injure. Replace him with anybody and it would be a positive move.

  8. Being a Carcillo fan I am obviously in the minority …you see serious crosschecking every nite all the time in front of the goaltender..whack across the back or chest…now Carcillo hit low and caused injury, and the league has his number. How many times have we seen Toews slashed hard at the wrists when in front of the net? Big mistake, misjudgement or accident on that crosscheck but he’s a Tasmanian Devil and I’m glad he’s our Tasmanian Devil. The way a tired and worn Jets team manhandled us bodes ill for the future. All teams were watching. Teams are not fearful of us anymore. Sure Daniels a marked man…has been for a while but he’ll dish it out and take it as well.

  9. The only thing I worry about with this suspension is that it could mean one of Mashinter, Labrie or Bass takes his roster spot. The Hawks don’t need a guy that can’t play at the NHL level except for the 3 shifts he gets when he’s looking to punch someone.

  10. Rufus, Johns has returned and played 3 games since returning from his concussion.

    I really hope after Carcillo’s latest display he is waived by the Hawks. Hits to the head while usually avoidable, happen. They are part of playing the game. So is the net front battles. Their is a difference between standing your ground and whatever the hell you want to call that putrid display. Replace him with Nordstrom, Ross, McNeil, Danault any of those will do. All should warrant more than the 6 minutes of ice time he gets.

  11. So Carcillo finally grabbed the stupid pills and did what he has done his entire career, play stupid selfish hockey. Carcillo had actually played an effective role on the 4th line when his game was in control. However he always finds a way to blow up and he did so with that stupid cross check Friday night. It can be argued whether a team needs that type of player who brings an edge to his game to keep other teams from taking physical liberties with the talent guys. It’s a very fine line, that one. I think we need to remember that the Winnipeg loss wasn’t due so much to the Hawks being physically intimidated. I thought the Hawks answered that bell admirably last Friday evening. They lost because they made bonehead plays defensively as they lost coverage in some cases and made poor puck decisions in the offensive zone. The odd man breaks by opposing teams due to turnovers in the neutral zone and offensive zone have been occurring way to frequently. Other teams have been applying aggressive pressure on the Hawks specifically up high not only on power plays and it has been an effective deterrent to Hawks offensive thrusts.

    While I would not mind seeing the Hawks get some grit with a larger d man and perhaps a bigger forward with skating ability, this team has succeeded because their skill set is better than most. Let’s look a the big bruiser beat em up teams over the years. Blues haven’t won much lately have they? Kings have won 2 Cups, but shouldn’t have last year except due to Hawks choke. Nucks played rock em sock em hockey and they lost for years. Bruins won one, but they didn’t beat a faster more skilled Hawks team when it counted.

    Hawks need to tighten up their team game concept on defense. Third d pairing could use a bump up somewhere. Rundblad had a nice stretch of games, but I would like to see Dahlbeck get some more time. TvR is needed back, and Rozy needs to be rotated every few games if he is to be effective in the playoffs. Will a trade be made now to acquire a banging stay at home d man or a banger forward? A popular higher paid player might well be sacrificed. What does this team need to bring home a Cup? To get you must give. SB is a reluctant horse trader IMO. I give SB senior more credit that the younger, as Scotty is a hockey guy through and through and really knows the game and talent as well.

    Lets see if we can get the train back on the tracks tonight.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  12. While I agree the Hawks want/need to make a move for a physical player, who are you proposing goes? Keep in mind the NTCs and NMCs that guys like Sharp, Oduya, Rozsival all have… during this season, their options are limited. I don’t think Oduya wants to finish the season in Buffalo or Carolina – and he can say no if he wants.

  13. Tab is correct; the Hawks’ options are limited at best based upon the salary cap and no trade clauses of the salary that is required to be dumped to bring in a decent player. The Hawks won the Cup in ’10 w/ Burish playing the role of “enforcer”; he is the cheapest option to add some grit in conjunction w/ his other assets (kills penalties, decent face offs, decent skater). As far a defenseman goes, good luck. Hopefully Van Riemsdyk heals fast and Rozy regains his ’13 playoff form.

  14. Tab, I like the team as is assuming they can stay healthy. The no trade clause probably eliminates the group you mentioned unless the right deal presents itself. I believe the Hawks are under achieving at the moment and the ship will right itself and get through the mid season wall. Unless a must do deal presents itself I don’t think any major trades happen. Assuming TvR gets back and brings his game with him I think he, Rundblad and Dahlbeck should fill out the 3rd paring mixing in Rozy. Lets’ hope Q doesn’t grind to many minutes out of 2 and 7 as well as 19 and 81. As it relates to playoffs last year I thought we had some burnout issues with core players. I would like to see less of Toews and Hossa on PK to keep those legs strong into playoffs. Shaw will get better as will Kruger(I agree with the possibility that he is playing hurt). Smith will do his job. Versteeg will be back soon enough and then I don’t know what they do with TT. I’d like to see his game grown in the bigs, but time will tell. I think Q will be careful with Teuvo. He is a valuable commodity that needs to be developed through regular ice time. I think he is either ready or close to it, but that’s up to Q to decide. He knows better than we do what it takes to play regular in the NHL. I still want to see Teuvo get some PP time. Given how the PP has been, how could it hurt to inject a guy like TT that has great hands and ice awareness?

    Lets Go Hawks!

  15. Hawks either address the critical need for a physical stay at home defenseman and some physicality in general, or this team will have a highly unsatisfactory playoff run. The Blues, Ducks, Kings and Predators are ALL becoming aware of how you can wear down and ultimately beat this team. I am 100% positive Bowman and Quenneville understand this and will move heaven and earth to get a trade done soon. They HAVE to. They are not going to sacrifice a legitimate Stanley Cup run, especially with Father Time rapidly impacting Hossa, Sharp very likely on his way out at the end of the year and several role players about to become pricey (e.g., Kruger).

  16. TvR broke his kneecap! one of the most painful injuries you can have. Aside from a Joni Pitkanen who shattered his heel, and still hasnt been back. TvR’s initial recovery time was slated to be around the end of the season. While he was solid, he was by no means a must have in the line up. It’s foolish to think he’ll be good as new after not playing hockey for 6 months and be able to lace em up with the best in the world. If he is ready to play, I can’t imagine him being anywhere but Rockford. Besides that, I haven’t looked at salary since capgeek went away, but I don’t think the Hawks can have TvR, Erixon, Rundblad, and Rozsival on the roster all at once. Someone, barring a trade would have to go to Rockford. And I believe Erixon and Rundblad would have to clear waivers whereas TvR would not.

  17. Despite all the angst over the third pairing defense, it would appear the recent slump has more to do with the core not playing up to its high level.

    Toews has not scored in 11 games, Hossa plays extremely hard but can’t seem to finish most of his chances. Sharp, Shaw, even Kruger are all minus players.

    On the back end, Oduya is struggling and the top pair of Keith/Seabrook seem to be on the ice for an awful lot of goals lately.

    I checked and Rundblad is +11 this year. He played poorly against Winnipeg for sure.
    But in the big picture, he has played 80 games at the NHL level, 25 this year. Erixon has played roughly the same, coincidentally, 8o/25. These guys are just getting their feet wet, playing 8 to 12 minutes a night.

    Quenneville trusts Rozsival, that is plainly obvious. He is definitely going to play. So if Stan makes a trade, it seemingly would be for a partner for Rosy, somebody trustworthy to play about 12 minutes a night. Would that make much a difference on the back end ?
    Probably not much.

  18. Many of the Hawks players have some sort of NMC in their contracts. The only way I see Oduya or Rosy accepting a trade (from a team with SC aspirations this year) is to a team that is likely to extend their contract or promise to offer a new contract. Especially Oduya, who is still marketable.

    IMO, the best way to not get beat up is to get the lead and hang on to it. The opposition will be less likely to risk the penalty box.

    When Versteeg comes back I hope the Hawks line up like this
    20 or 10 19 81
    23 91 88 IF they can retain the momentum they had before 23 went down
    10 or 20 86 65
    29 16 28

  19. Tab I’m pretty sure if the Hawks make a deal they’ll use prospects from Rockford to get something done. They like the fact they’ve got a couple extra draft choices this year and I don’t think they want to move them. Their Rockford players are the obvious commodity.

    Problem is, as you identified, the salary cap. That’s why I’m thinking a pending UFA with some salary held by the trading team. Six weeks to the trading deadline, let the speculation begin. Some Rockford watchers mentioned Don Maloney of Phoenix took in the Ice Hogs-Wolves game in RKF yesterday.

  20. I wouldn’t mind pairing Oduya with Rozsival. And pairing one of the Rockford right shots with Hammer. Too many times you see Erixon/Rundblad/Hjalmarsson on there backhand trying to clear the puck and its just too weak. They have the bodies necessary for it to work

  21. It’s too bad we let the enforcer go after the 2010 and 2013 cup runs. Same goes for last year when we were one over time goal away from going back to the SF final (and probably winning). We could really use that enforcer guy. What was his name again? I swear I remember him playing a huge role in the final against Philly. And against the Red Wings and Boston two years ago. Man, we need that guy back or we aren’t going anywhere with this team.

  22. 1st I miss capgeek! What an excellent resource.

    Secondly, the problem with this roster is they are right up against the cap, so in order for them to add any player of consequence they will need to shed someone from the active roster. Maybe Kruger or Ben Smith? While I like both players they both occupy almost the same role. So maybe Stan parts with Kruger who’s contract is done after the year. I believe Smith is signed through next season. Kruger would free up about 1.6 million or so. I would love if the Hawks moved Rosy but I think that is unlikely. Outside of those two I can’t see the Hawks parting with any one else of consequence.

  23. “I’m pretty sure if the Hawks make a deal they’ll use prospects from Rockford to get something done.”

    Issue w/ that premise: no cap space, limited roster space. Already carrying 7 defensemen on one-way deals. Already struggling to find ice time for kids when Versteeg comes back.

    The point: IF the Hawks make a move to supplement their NHL roster, something has to give on the NHL roster for it to work. Can’t wave a magic wand and bump the cap up $3M and open up the roster to 30 players (even after the deadline when rosters expand, doesn’t change the Hawks’ cap situation).

  24. For deadline capspace, have 86, 57, 42 and waive 34 go to Rockford. After deadline/82games theres not as many requirements for the 23man.

    Trade 6/34, etc. and pick for Michalek (50% retained). We helped them a little bit with the Rundy trade (2nd), they can help us a little bit too.

  25. Serious question as we’re kind of across the board. What do the Hawks need/what is the reason for the recent slide? Is it physicality? Specific player(s)? coaching?

    I’d have to go with the team as a whole being lackadaisical. I don’t think you can factor in a poor powerplay as the team as a whole hasnt been playing well. Although the pp has been slightly below midpack all year. Passes havent been crisp. Defense has been caught pinching. Forwards haven’t backchecked. Just sloppy. Like they’re minds are on that all star break already.

    SSHM- Try nhlnumbers. Not quite as good as capgeek, but not bad. Based on contracts alone, their are 2, maybe 3 players that you can move. Bickell, Roszival, and maybe Ben Smith. Although Smith only has a 1.5 cap hit he plays both center and wing. Versteeg is not on LTIR as we speak. And they have a little over 1.1 million in cap space. Once TvR comes off LTIR a roster move would have to be made.

    Arizona scouting the hogs,wolves game is interesting. They want to sell and want prospects. The only expiring contract they have that sticks out is Vermette. Could Roszival be talked into returning to Arizona? Could you come up with a package for Vermette without Bickell? And then what would you do on the blue line without Roszival?

  26. Ups and downs of the 82games. (If you include the 4-0-1 start then the 3-6) we were at 7-6 for that down and 3-5 in this down. Nothing exciting about it, but not terrible being somewhere near .500 for a down.

    Again, would have better taste in mouth winning the last game before a long break.

    No worries, we have the roster and depth we have for the playoffs.

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