Daniel, Henrik Sedin Dominate The Blackhawks

After putting their fans to sleep on Friday night, the Hawks came out and put together a relatively exciting opening 20 minutes in Vancouver.

Coach Joel Quenneville threw his lines in the blender in an effort to spark some offense. He opened the game with Jonathan Toews on the ice with Andrew Shaw and Ryan Garbutt, and then sent out a line of Marian Hossa with Marcus Kruger and Andrew Desjardins. Marko Dano returned to the lineup in place of Viktor Tikhonov as well.

Three minutes into the game, Brandon Mashinter dropped the gloves with Brandon Prust. The slow dance ended after little exchange and the two spend the following five minutes in their respective penalty boxes.

Toews opened the scoring with a power play goal at 6:17 and the Hawks showed more life than they did in Calgary.

Unfortunately, the Hawks defensively didn’t bring their A game in the first period, and the next two goals were scored by the Canucks. With both Toews and Niklas Hjalmarsson in the box, Daniel Sedin found his brother Henrik with only two seconds left on the 5-on-3 to tie the game. The assist was the 900th point of Daniel’s career; the goal was Henrik’s sixth of the season.

Less than six minutes later, Jannik Hansen scored his sixth of the season to give Vancouver a brief 2-1 lead. But 53 seconds later, Toews found Garbutt who scored his first as a member of the Blackhawks.

After four goals in the first period, only one was scored in the second. The Hawks were able to control the flow for most of the early going in the middle frame, but the action slowly started to favor the Canucks – and they eventually made the Hawks pay for too many mistakes. Henrik returned the favor and found Daniel wide open in front of the Hawks net on a power play with Garbutt in the box and broke the tie.

Through 40 minutes, the Canucks had only put 13 shots on net. Unfortunately, three of those shots beat Corey Crawford, and the Hawks – who had put 18 shots on Ryan Miller – were trailing.

With Dano coming back from an illness and Mashinter being better suited for the ECHL, the Hawks played their third game in four nights with two forwards who rarely saw the ice; Dano and Mashinter combined for 16 shifts and barely nine minutes of ice time in the first two periods. And as the game progressed into the third, neither could get off the bench.

With eight minutes left in regulation, Quenneville blew up his lines again and threw Hossa out with Patrick Kane and Artem Anisimov. Kane found Trevor Daley to Miller’s left, who got the puck to Anisimov in front for the game-tying goal. Kane was credited with the second assist to extend his point streak to 16 games, and Anisimov stayed hot with his ninth goal of the season.

The tie lasted only 2:15 until, you guessed it, the Sedins checked in once again. Daniel scored on back-to-back shifts to push the score to 5-3 and his sixth career hat trick. Henrik had four assists with his goal for a five-point night as the Hawks simply didn’t have an answer for the Sedins.

When Alex Burrows scored an empty-net power play goal (with Kane in the box), the final score was settled at 6-3 in favor of the home team.

Brent Seabrook led the Hawks with four hits by himself; Chicago had five as a team in Calgary. Trevor van Riemdsyk led the way with four blocked shots.

Bo Horvat, who had been struggling recently, won 14 of 19 faceoffs to lead the Canucks as the teams evenly split 58 faceoffs in the game. Toews and Kruger each won nine of 17 in the loss; Chicago’s captain led the Hawks with five shots on net.

Crawford allowed five goals against only 19 shots. Vancouver scored on three of their four power plays.

The Hawks are off until Wednesday night when they visit the Sharks in San Jose.

68 thoughts on “Daniel, Henrik Sedin Dominate The Blackhawks

  1. Daley looked very good. Time to take the reins off him and let him just play based on instinct, when he skates and creates he’s an excellent player.

    Crawford needed to freeze the puck on the second goal. Beer league goal for Hansen.

    Swing and a miss by Keith on the third goal.

    The game was 3 3 with 10 minutes left in the third. Hate to say it but CC was awful from there.

  2. Down one after 2 and we tie it in 3rd. That has to be a 3-3 tie. Their goal was weak and wont happen like that very often. I counted 8 of 10 games in the 2nd 10game segment that the other team got more/all of the breaks. That will not continue, like that.

  3. Mashinter/Prust fight nice start to a testy game but no answer to scumbucket Sbisa throughout the game. Beauty goal by Toews. Think he likes to score on Miller? Then a great heads up play by Toews again on the Garbutt goal. Ebony-you feel better about Toews now? More on Ebony in a bit. Weird start to the 2nd. Vancouver looked terrible and it looked like it was going to turn into a turkey shoot for us but we kept shooting ourselves in the foot somehow. Then the tables turned and improbably we were trailing…not my words, the CBC announcers. Crawford made a nice save on the Burrows blast thus saving us from serious angst from Ebony, but it was not to be as Burrows puts in a 200 foot empty netter. It should have been us with the late flurry of goals and the 6-3 score but somehow the universe got it wrong tonite. I absolutely hate losing to the Canucks so will resign to suffer in silence and just read the comments for the remainder of the weekend.

  4. Well liked that from Toews. Shaw was one of one players who seemed to give a shit other than the second line.

    Woof. Those defensive pairings are a mess. TVR looks awful on his off side. And Daley was something special.

    Exiting the zone, bad bad bad.

  5. Dano and Mashinter both under 6:00 TOI – don’t roll 4 lines and it becomes harder to win.

    Crawford gave up 5 goals on 18 shots.

    Combine a bad game by the goalie and not rolling 4 lines = 6-3 loss.

    In Edmonton the team didn’t play very well but the goalie played well enough to get 2 points.

    In Calgary the team played terribly but the goalie played well enough to get 1 point.

    In Vancouver the team played better but the goalie played terribly.

    The Hawks are not a good road team and unfortunately for them half the games are on the road.

    Circus trip going down hill fast.

  6. The Hawks game play away from the UC is killing them right now. Just as Hjalmarsson said after last game in Calgary.

    It´s not fun to read the headlines/papers here in Sweden. ”En kväll när allting gick in” and “Sedinarnas magiska show: Nio poäng” (Translate on google, if you want).

    Kane point streak ties him now with Chelios, back when he did during 1995-96. The only positive of all this.

    Then there was a good thing that I watched Jessica Jones instead. On to the next game at the shark tank.

    Go Hawks!

  7. Incredibly bad situational hockey…bad turnovers (Anisimov), bad penalties (Toews, Garbutt), bad goalkeeping. All lead to goals in moments when the Hawks had the momentum of play.

    I thought Daley and Garbutt were the better D & F players. Animismov had his worst game as a Hawk. Disastrous turnover to start the 5-4, 5-3 sequence & pathetic coverage on D. Sedin to make it 4-2. He left him all alone in the slot to follow the weak side F who was covered by Hjalmarsson.
    Teravainen’s importance to the team is obvious in games like this when you have 2 guys who are basically dead weight. You end up rolling 3 lines in a back-to back game. Teravainen is a key piece from a strategical point of view… just look at how Coach Q HAD to brake up Toews-Hossa in order to get some play making ability into the bottom lines

    PS: This mini-break comes at the right time not only to get Teravainen back (hopefully), but also as some of the players seemed out of gas: Keith, Seabrook looked rather passive & so did the Panarin-Anismov-Kane line.

  8. Hof- can you please Chime in… versus this “Crow bashing Agenda”…

    TT- the straw that stirs the drink???

    Hawks not looking good

    Q- not trusting some of his Roster- gonna be a long year

  9. Crawford is a very good goalie and was instrumental in the Hawks winning two Cups. The fourth goal he gave up last night was an example of why he will never be considered an elite goalie by the press. This Hawk team is the most offensively challenged we have had in 7 years. Too many guys that just can’t produce. Too much dead weight. Mash inter brings nothing to the table. This looks like a man crush thing like Q had with Bolig and Zus. We only really have 6 scorers- 86, 81,88,19,72 and 15. Load up the top two lines with some combination of those 6 and at least we will have two lines that can score. I still think there is hope for Dano and Kero to become goal producers. I watched Daley very closely last night and he is terrible. Weak on the puck, weak on the boards, out of position, and fumbles the puck when he gets a scoring chance. He has got to go. Desi -8. Ouch.

  10. What a about Morin? He has a far better offensive skillset than the collection of bottom six (and two extras) fowards. What is the aggregate goals scored total for everyone excluding Kane Bread Man Anismov Toews Hossa & Teavo? He cant do any worse.

  11. I read a lot of ‘Daley was bad’ opinions. That’s ludicrous.

    First of all he had 2 assists and was +1. Second of all he skated for 18 minutes after 7 games under 15 (including 5 under 13)

    The simple fact Coach Q used him a lot more than in the recent times, shows that he was playing one of his better games.

    PS: How about Keith, Hjalmarsson and Seabrook ? The big guns combined for a -4 with 0 assists.

    This shit is getting ridiculous with the constant bashing of certain players. I naively thought that after last year’s infinite missed judgments and predictions people would chill a little. I see it’s quite the opposite.

    People want f-u-c-k-i-n-g Rundbland-Timmonen, just so they can constantly bitch
    themselves into submission.

  12. Cro was bad, but some of this loss falls at Qs feet also for shortening the bench and not rolling four lines in a back-to-back.

    Seabrook, who we know is terrific, lapsed into one of his “is he concussed?” games, so he also gets a demerit.

    And at the risk of sending Rufus into an apoplectic fit, I second Icemans query–do we really have much to lose by swapping out Mashinter for Morin for a few games? I’m well aware that he doesn’t fit the Q style of play, and that he didn’t do much when he had his chances with us and Columbus, but let’s not forget his scoring prowess down the stretch in 2014.

  13. Wall, just like the sun coming up in the east, here you are again with your Crawford agenda … and for some reason you find it necessary to drag my name into it. I don’t know why you do that. Just stop. My comments are always delayed because I’m on some kind of moderation probation or whatever, so just make your comments and leave me out of it – I’m not interested in your take anyway.

    Regardless, I don’t micromanage every game and prefer to look at things in segments of games. The goaltending should be analyzed after this long trip but no question it has been rather up and down.

  14. As for the Morin comments, I guess it’s ok to look at options but that one ain’t happening. Step one for Morin would be to start playing well in Rockford … which he’s not really doing. Not noticeable at all … just kinda there.

  15. I really would like to see Q using Darling more. CC has been very inconsistent and needs to share the pressure and have a little competition. Look at Detroit. Petr Mrazek beat out Jimmy Howard for #1 goaltender. CC is really good the closer we get to the SC, but regular season he needs to share the time more with Darles.

  16. Average teams struggle on the road, the Hawks are a very average team these days, but atleast we have Seabs locked up long term!

  17. Dano is more of a proven “scorer” than Teuvo. By quite a few points actually. Q just doesn’t like him enough to get him comfortable in the lineup.

    Kero and Mashinter should be shipped to the AHL soon. Neither belong in the big league at this point.

  18. Well now that the line combo that had previously been taboo to even think about was broken and actually tried in the game yesterday – and at this point no one knows where I’m going with this because there were two taboo line combinations tried last night that would meet that description – Hossa on the 3rd line and Kane and Hossa on the 1st line with Toews – are we allowed to go there again?

    Heavens to Betsy – is nothing sacred anymore?

    I wasn’t sure if it was Kane or Hossa that lined up at LW – but the point is that would open up a RW spot for the forgotten top-6 player previously known as the man without a position. So whether it’s 88-19-81 on the 1st line or 81-19-88, the 2nd line could be 72-15-86. This option also opens up the 3RW spot for Dano which is probably the best place for him right now.

    Or –

    Keeping Hossa at 3RW essentially opens up a top-6 RW for TT too, but then we’re still missing a top-6 LW, and heretofore that player is not Dano or anyone else presently on the roster.

    So, I’d go with taboo smashing option #1 with a lineup something like this:


  19. Whats another word for pirate treasure – aka “booty” – I disagree with your thought that Kero should be sent to Rockford. Kero has been very good – not only playing a good 200 foot game 5 on 5 from the center position, but also on the PK as Kruger’s partner. I prefer Kero in the lineup over Tikhonov, Garbutt, Desjardins, and of course Mashinter.

  20. Ok, I’ve somewhat recovered from the loss…best to put the last 5 minutes of that game in the trash bin and move on. We got beat by the Sedins and thats all there is to it. Perhaps a coaching error in that Darling played exceptional last game and maybe should have had the start and perhaps stick with 4 lines come hell or high water. Q was the one preaching patience so why so impatient. Morrison is correct, we came back and tied it up sort of late and their goals were a bit weak. We should have come away with at least the point. 3 more in sunny California hopefully better than 1-1-1. Keep going Patrick Kane! Kaner wants it all as pushback..the scoring title, the Cup the works. No one stopping you kid, go for it all.

  21. We tend to play to the level of competition, this isn’t anything new. I would expect the next 3 games to be better in most areas. It’s November, pace is important. Relax

  22. I am thinking we wont tear it up as much as usual in NOV and DEC but we will do a lot better then we usually do in JAN and FEB with so may newer guys. We have things to figure, were working on it. Stay the course.

  23. re: ER’s lines – we’ve seen for more than five years that 88 w/ 81 doesn’t work. Furthermore, why mess w/ one of best lines in the NHL? Leave 72-15-88 alone.

    With that being said, and everyone here knows I’m not on the 29 bangwagon, let’s get him back w/ the Blackhawks in place of Mashinter. He’s worthless, and Bickell has been doing what was asked in Rockford. Garbutt is a guy who has shown the ability to bring a speed element to a number of areas, and Kero has earned his spot. Let’s try a Garbutt-Kero-Bickell line and see what happens… Shaw-Kruger-Teravainen wasn’t bad in the limited opportunities we had to see that.

  24. Also, Pirate Treasure is on crack. Zero need to address his opinion that Dano is more of a proven scorer than Teravainen or the ridiculous idea that Kero hasn’t earned an NHL roster spot.

  25. Unacceptable play. Enough said.

    I am wondering if Seabs is hurt. He looks like he is just going through the motions.

    ER, I believe you and I had discussed trying Hossa on the third line a week or so ago. I think there is no question that Hossa’s goal production has declined over the last 1-2 seasons. Hoss is still a valuable member of this team whatever line he plays on, but we need him putting the puck in the net if he is going to play on the number one line. Q apparently is tiring of the lack of production from the number one line and finally split up Toews/Hossa for the first time this season. If you do move him to the third line, I agree, you have a natural position for TT (or even Dano for that matter). We have nothing to lose by trying that for a while.

    I agree that Kero is playing well enough to be on this roster.

  26. This is a transition year. And we have holes on this roster. Right now we have 12-14 forwards that don’t all go together. Huge whole at LW. And we are getting scoring from 1 1/2 lines on most nights. We have too many forwards who aren’t credible generators of offense. On defense we simply aren’t as good or deep as we were. For example, TVR is just a guy and yet is being asked to be a primary pairing.

    In a very competive Western Confernce the playoffs cannot be assumed for this club. Hence why I think we will see Bowman active in the trade market very soon.

  27. to the comments from Rufus + Booman – if Quenneville indeed splits Hossa & Toews up for a while, and that opens up a more natural spot for Teravainen at RW1, that still doesn’t address the missing LW piece on that line.

  28. Tab, No, it doesn’t fill the missing LW position, but it should squelch the comments of TT not fitting on this team. I agree with Rufus, I think Stanbo will be making some changes earlier rather than later with this roster. Right now, we have too, too many players that are certainly 4th liners and maybe 3rd liners. Q keeps using those guys to audition for the top line LW. You can audition them there, but I don’t believe we have the answer for that position on this roster. I know plenty will disagree, but we also still need to fortify our defense core; 4th through 7th. Sorry, I am not sold on TVR for the long term as a number 4.

  29. Not a great game by any stretch. Panarin and a few others looked a step behind.

    Let’s see where we stand next Sunday.

  30. Teuvo has obvious skills. But Teuvo does not fit. Very painfully clear thru 25% of the season. So trade him to get something of value that does fit and does fill a critical hole.

  31. You can’t trade players that have the talent of TT. You have to find a way to fit them into the system. Also, it is very rare in the NHL that you would want to trade a top 6 forward. Top 6 forwards are drafted and developed, or you can sign them as a free agent, but you can rarely if ever trade for them.

    TT may not be a good fit at this moment, but Q will find a place for him and he will be fine. Players with his hands, vision and play making ability don’t come along very often, especially with the contract that he has. As a coach, that is Q’s job, to make it work.

    Again, we are not far off the pace from last year, maybe a win, or two at this point in the season. This whole thing is a marathon and as long as we keep pace with the pack we will be fine. We need a little chemistry and a little patience for some guys to blend into the system.

  32. Thr excuse making on Teuvo knows no bounds. Damned clear that he is not a top 6 guy on THIS team given current players. He doesn’t fit, so trade him for something that DOES fit so we can get the help we need to, you know, get back to real competitiveness for another Cup.

  33. TT is tied for sixth in scoring; Sharpe is tied for fifth in scoring. Not bad for a guy (TT) who just a guy. Half a point a game like TT with potential to improve keeps a player in a Blackhawk sweater and not a Stars sweater.

  34. Rufus – you screwed your predictions about TT and TVR. That’s already been established. The fact you can’t let go is a much bigger problem than you having little clue about ‘reading’ hockey players or what Coach Q’s thinks.

    I mean…you’re busting our balls for months now about trading TT for a starting top line LW.
    Even a 7 years old figures out eventually, that there’s isn’t such a thing as a dominant LW who’s on the market and who has under 2M cap hit.

    Would I trade Tuevo Teravainen for Jeff Skinner ? Maybe I would.
    Are the Cans on crack ? I don’t think so.
    Can you be against the cap and trade a 1M cap hit player for a 6M cap hit player ?
    That’s impossible and you literally have to be a moron non to understand that math.

    Which basically brings us to the obvious conclusion.

  35. TT has been injured and they’ve lost fwiw. He had 5 points in the 6 games before getting hurt?

    Manshinter out probably fixes a lot. And id like to see TVR back on the right side.

  36. Completely agree with TvR being put back on the right side, he seems a bit awkward and tentative on his off side. Square peg, meet round hole.

  37. YEP when ya let the tow big guys skate around in our own end, the result is self evident! The Sedin’s hand no real bodies on them all game, Our Defense is good just not physical and that is a long term issue and challenge. When your not knocking guys off the puck or off their skates shit happens. Lots of sticks and poke checks which is the hawks trademark but when the Sedin Twins line up ya gotta lay some heat on them.

    Hossa and Toews will be back together . . . Just a 3 wheel that can flat out skate and score! That First line has to produce, period! Even though one of the BEST defensive lines EVER they need to score! Third line is still wandering around.

    I still think Garbutt is here to stay and that Vik Tikhonov too! Dano looks up, down, hot and not. Young kid still!

    Seabrook plays a lot of minutes, is asked to be offensive, but he is always a streaky defender when he is ON he’s untouchable! Sometime over here we think he is hung over or even tipsy on Pabst Blue Ribbon? Sebs is not the problem!

    hammer needs to get back to this “natural side” this is an issue to any hockey fan who knows the game, he is literally 35% less effective on his weak side! As are most D-men but he’s too good for that!

    Hawks could package 3 players to fill a hole. A solid defense minded D man who hits! or a Winger who can fly, stretch the ice for Hossa & Toews.

  38. We are a volatile bunch aren’t we?

    I’ll add to that volatility. Dave Bolland will be a scratch. Getting paid 5.5 for the next 4. Ouch. Was initially gonna throw out there Bolland for Bickell, Daley, and Shaw. But that term is just hideous. Kudos Tallon.

  39. 2/7. Usually does this when were are not playing good/need focus (like the recent games). That would put us into another gear.

  40. AJ, But Rufus says the Hawks don’t know how to use Teuvo. How could he possibly have 5 in 6 if hes being used incorrectly?

    This time off should help Teuvo and Dano. I know Dano played….but 5:45 isnt really playing

  41. I concur with your most recent comments MTM. The pity of the Nucks game was Q shortening the bench and skating 3 lines for the most part. Mashinter should either get a reg shift or else get someone in there that is trusted to play. Dano is up getting some experience, I get that too. Just give him more if he is going to be on the roster that particular game.

    It was brutal that the Hawks let the twins just float around at will. Those guys really hate getting hit more than most players, and typically shy away from pressing plays when pushed at all. Who wouldn’t want to drill those guys anyway? Pity to have fallen asleep at the wheel after battling back to tie late in the 3rd. Hopefully, the Hawks can remain engaged for 3 periods against the Shar-arks mid week.

    While Rufus makes some good comments at times, we would all have some nice beer money if we got paid for each time he/she/it talks about Tuevo not fitting on this Hawks team and being trade bait. Sheesh, let it go will ya?

    Lets Go Hawks!

  42. Got to agree 100% w/Tab. Bring back Bicks for Mash(why did they call me up?)inter. Bicks has taken his demotion in a workmanlike manner and has done everything asked of him.

  43. My take on TT:

    His skills can be top end but he can be, and often is, weak on the puck and prone to turnovers/killing plays. His skillset, when ‘on’, is nearly redundant with Kane being Kane, and the emergence of Panarin. Speaking of Panarin, the kid is going to get paid and this in my opinion is the ultimate axe stroke against TT as a Hawk. Unless he can solidify the 1LW he should be used as tradebait to solidify that position. He is a luxury in the bottom six, which would be just fine without him.

  44. Because of the salary cap Panarin is very likely only a Blackhawk for this season and next. Simply put, he will price himself out of Chicago.

  45. By the time Panarin is to get paid, Hossa will be on LTIR or in Vegas/QC. Why the fuck are we worried about who gets paid what 2 years from now.

    Enjoy it.

  46. TT is going to be fine. He hasn’t spent an entire year in the league yet. He will get stronger, smarter and his skills will improve. This talk of trading him is ridiculous. Because his skill set is too familiar with Kane’s we should let him go? Because we already have one game changer in Kane we can’t find space for another? Sorry, but I miss the logic in that POV. Just as I miss the logic in “he’s a luxury in the bottom 6 and we would be fine without him.” I say pack the lineup with as much raw skill as you can and let it evolve. Evolution requires patience, something that is sorely lacking amongst some on this blog. Thankfully we have Q and company running the show and not some of the crystal-ballers on this site.

    Speaking of which, I just made a note to remind myself that Panarin will no longer be a Blackhawk in two years time because Rufstradamus says so. Simply put…Yes, “why the fuck are we worried about who gets paid what two years from now??”

  47. We have moar depth then the other top teams on certain yrs is because we have guys like 16/20/86 on the 3rd line.

  48. Thank God Stan Bowman isn’t as short-sighted, simple and naive as Rufus.

    Let’s follow the logic, shall we?

    “Teravainen (read: inexpensive, young, under control) has top 6 skills but isn’t good enough for the Blackhawks right now, so they should trade him.”
    “Panarin (read: still young, a little bit more expensive, not under control) is going to be too expensive for the Hawks to keep, so he’s gone in 2017.”

    So, in essence, the guy who theoretically could replace Panarin in the event that the Hawks can’t retain him should be traded immediately because he doesn’t fit in right now?

    Got it. Thanks for checking in, Rufus.

    Reality: Teravainen is still developing his game (and physically). Panarin is showing the ability to be an elite playmaker in the NHL when skating with one of the best players in the world, Patrick Kane.

    Panarin is signed thru the 2016-17 season, after which the Blackhawks will have $8.4M in extra room become available (one way or another) because the current deals of Daley, Rundblad & Bickell expire. Those funds could easily be applied to retaining Panarin at that time. Indeed, the Blackhawks only have 9 players currently on their NHL roster signed into the 2017-18 season; there is plenty of time to figure out how to keep him.

    (Oh, by the way, Panarin is a RESTRICTED free agent in 2017, too… so we’ll punt the “he’ll walk for no return” discussion at this time.)

    What also becomes critical here is TvR is one of those nine players signed thru the 2017-18 league year – at only $825k per. And while some jamoches might feel he’s “just a guy,” he’s skating 20 min/gm and has Cup Final experience and is doing a damn fine job for a bargain basement rate.

    Furthermore, if the Blackhawks feel Panarin is elite, they have 18 months to make decisions about other players on the roster to guarantee they have can re-sign him. This is where organizational depth comes into play. Ryan Hartman (or someone else) replaces Andrew Shaw. And if they feel Teravainen has the goods to be a top six forward, they’ll either keep him or get exceptional value back for him in a trade.

    I know Rufus loves to second guess the living sh** out of Bowman and Quenneville, but the lack of logic in the arguments are on par with kicking one’s self in the crotch.

  49. ^Tell us how you really feel Tab.

    Sadly, your well crafted rant won’t be digested nor probably even read by the intended recipient.

    On a similar note, interesting to read Bowman in today’s Tribune commenting that Patrick Kane is “absolutely” a big part of the Blackhawks long term plan. This summer we were assured Kane would never suit up for Blackhawks again.

  50. I keep reading here how elite and wonderful Teuvo is. Then I look at the very non impressive start to the season he has had. Then I look at our current record in the hyper competitive Western Conference. What am I missing here? And what on earth has Teuvo shown that says he is top 6 anything? And look at our roster right now. You mean to tell me Teuvo rhe wonder Finn can’t overtake grinders like Shaw, Garbutt, Kero. and Des Jardins for a set role and playing time?!?

  51. Mashinter has his cell camera phone out taking photos of Q in Vegas; he consulted w/ Bollig prior thereto. As for Bolland, Dale Tallon signed him to all three of his pro contracts. Tallon is Bolland’s fairy Godfather.

  52. Hawks have won 3 in 6. Yet the sky is always falling. What a sad and miserable way to live. It’s always sure they won, but they can’t do it again and yet theyve done it. Remember 11/12 when Barry Smith was brought in and Stan was gonna fire Q? Came back in 12/13 and went 24 games without a regulation loss. They lost to Colorado and I guarantee some people here had a comment that went something like the Hawks can’t skate with teams like the Avs. Sharp lost a step and Kane needs a center.

    Well, 2 cups in 3 years later. Sharp has 16 points in 21 games. Stephen Johns is yet to play an NHL game. Adam Clendening is routinely scratched…and now on his 3rd team. Paliotta still in the AHL. Klas Dahlbeck and Antoine Vermette have fewer points than Trevor Daley.

    Come on dude. This is the golden age of Blackhawks hockey. In 6 years theyve doubled their Cup total from the previous 84. Enjoy it while you can. We’ve suffered enough through the years.

  53. Nothing for certain owing to complexities, with some luck thrown in, but it is quite concievable that we capture another cup or two in the Toews, Kane, Keith era along with Q and Stan…maybe not but maybe yes at a higher %..in either case it will be a truly breathtaking emotional experience, even spiritual in laying the groundwork for future generations to follow. It’s going to be one hellava ride, something not all teams can claim. This we have in our grasp now and for sometime yet.

  54. Ernie-words of wisdom-
    All teams are lacking in depth in todays’ NHL. This team has skilled depth compared to most-keep the 21 year old—he will get better and stronger and use him wisely when needed. News flash–the Hawks probably won’t win the cup this year but might win another in the next three. Patience!
    As someone said the message will probably not be heard.

  55. Saturday’s game was a rough one but after having time to calm down and think about it, a lot of it could have been avoided with more prudent roster decisions.

    If they roll 2.5 lines they’re probably going to have a bad time.

  56. You’re right, Ernie, this is the golden age of Blackhawks hockey.
    And you’re right, Tab, rtf is short-sighted, simple and naive.
    And you’re right, Hof, he didn’t read Tab’s post.

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