Doc Emrick Retires

On Monday morning, Doc Emrick retired from the broadcast booth.

NBC shared the following video, narrated by Emrick, to announce the news. Note: you’ll want tissues available to watch this five minute masterclass in paying tribute to a game.

For Blackhawks fans, the past decade was the greatest time in the history of the franchise. Three Stanley Cup championships, at least four future Hall of Famers on the roster together with a Hall of Fame coach behind the bench, and plenty of playoff drama along the way.

And, unless you were in the seats at the arena, your memories of those three championships will forever be through the voice of Doc. And even if you paid to be there, you undoubtedly went home and watched the game again, just to hear how Doc described the action.

Close your eyes… listen.

There’s his voice.

He wasn’t sure what happened in Philadelphia in 2010. Had Patrick Kane actually scored?

He was blown away by two goals in 17 seconds in Boston. How the tables had turned!

And he was poetic as the Blackhawks when the Hawks won it on home ice in 2015.

Doc Emrick has been the voice of hockey on a national level for multiple generations of fans. He perfectly captured the speed and beauty of the game. He was an artist behind the mic without knowing the script he would provide to his audience.

He leaves enormous skates to fill for those in the coming seasons. But we were all blessed to have listened to him.

Thanks, Doc.

36 thoughts on “Doc Emrick Retires

  1. A total class act that defined how the game should sound. Loved this, and hope he contributes more videos like this in the upcoming years.

  2. Doc has been a true pro for a lot of years. It will be very different to have another voice as the voice of the nhl. Doc I hope you enjoy your retirement!!!!!! And thanks for all those years of hockey insights and your observations!!!!!

  3. Great video, he says he first started out, when Gordie Howe was still a Red Wing, when Bobby Hull was still a Blackhawk, and Bobby Orr was still a Bruin really takes you back and sets the tone for his story.

  4. Doc Emrick is the best in the business. Lloyd Pettit level great. Will miss his game call. Never liked the pairing with Eddie O. Then again I’m not a big fan of the self-promoting vain Eddie in the booth.

  5. Best in the business, bar none.

    Him and Olczyk were at the very top of their profession when working together.

    He was hilarious with Chico Resch calling games in NJ.

    But all legends must move on.

    He will be missed.

    Time for John Forsling (Forslund?) to take the reigns as he will no longer call Hurricanes games.

  6. I wish him all the best, and classy tributes aside…I call the mute button on my remote the “Emrick” button. Could not stand listening to him…his call of the 2010 Stanley Cup winner was brutal they way he was making up what he could not see.

  7. This is all well and good.

    That being said, Foley (w/ Tallon @ his side and “definitely Pat” entertaining us) and his “Laaaaaaaarmer” second to none.

  8. espo forever

    what you said. i am in the minority, that is not unusual for me, and i am comfortable with it.

    i never liked him. might be the nicest guy in the world and as class an act as there ever was i don’t like his game calling. he ruined every hawk game for me that i had to suffer through listening to him. for me he retired ten years too late and he should take bowman with him who also has been around ten years too long.

  9. Loyd Pettit will always be my favorite, what a voice calling “a shot and a goal”. That introduced me to Blackhawks hockey and I’m forever grateful.

  10. Seems like most folks either love Emrick or can’t listen to him. I’m an outlier. I admire his skills and devotion to the game; I acknowledge his deserved celebrity and awards. He certainly deserves the praise and well wishes he’s getting. A fifty-year career should be celebrated. Yet I keep thinking of all the times I’ve wished he would be silent and let the cameras do the talking during a game.

    (These thoughts apply to Foley equally as Emrick)

  11. My favorite announcer in Chicago will always be pat Foley his enthusiasm for the game and the way he called it second to none and a hall of famer

  12. Yep, Doc was the best. Especially liked he and Eddie together – the best play by play guy and the best analyst. Too bad Pat and Eddie can’t get over their yuk yuk shtick.

  13. Foley is fun. Definitely a homer in the truest sense.
    Him and Olczyk always sounds like a frat party.
    Lotta laughs. More so now cuz the GM has built a Yugo for a hockey team.

    Emerick, on the other hand, played no favorites and kept your attention with a superb handle of the English language.

    The guy used verbs to describe a game like no one else ever will.

    The test was simple….you closed your eyes and listened to his call of a game.
    You were never lost. You knew where the puck was and how the play was evolving.

    Multiple Emmys, multiple accolades, multiple years as the best in the business.

    Gonna miss him.

    But John Forsling is very, very good and will work well with Olczyk if Olczyk stays in that position.

    Thank you Doc Emerick.
    The Hawks dynasty was very exciting with you behind the microphone.

  14. Thank you Doc. I always loved listening to you call a hockey game. It made it so much more fun. Thank you for making my BlackHawks games and any hockey game so much more enjoyable to watch. You have touched my heart and made me love hockey that much more. Have a great time in retirement.

  15. Lloyd Pettit long gone. Now you. Watching a game on tv won’t be the same. There’s no one who can replace you. Thanks for the memories. Have a safe and happy retirement. You’ve earned it.

  16. To synchronize eye to mouth, fast enough to describe, is an art form and a gift. Reminds me of my early days of AM radio and listening to the World Series. Only a handful have this gift and Doc’ is one in hand. Not many mistakes, either verbal or action wise. Attempt to pronounce a Russian or French Canadian fast enough as to not lose the pace of a game. Doc’ did it all flawlessly. Scott F.

  17. Doc was an institution with NBC national broadcasts. I never really liked his sing songy lilting delivery, but he was very good at knowing the players involved around the puck, and his knowledge of the game was impeccable. I thought the past 2 seasons that his game calls were starting to slip. My wife absolutely recoiled from the room when she heard Doc’s play by play voice, and through especially the playoffs this summer I felt his delivery was way off. Could be due to the fact that he was watching a tv feed and not in the arena where the game was played. As some of you have already commented, I also thought Kaners Cup winning goal may have been the most botched call of all time. The how about that “oh my, the Blackhawks have won the Stanley Cup…..” to that affect. My hope is that NBC finds a quality replacement. There are some good ones out there in both the US and in Canada.

    After saying all that, Doc was a completely class act. I heard a long interview with him from a few years ago perhaps with John Wiedemen(another big time class act) or maybe on THE SCORE radio. Doc is a really interesting and well spoken guy. I wish him all the best, but I won’t miss “oh it doesn’t go”.

    Let’s Go Hawks!

  18. Class Act. Great voice. When flipping channels and you heard his voice you knew it was a hockey game. Was always wondering and anticipating what obscure player’s name he was going to use.

    For the love of Randy Ladercieur Thank You Doc!

  19. I came to really enjoy Doc as the years went by. He had a umique ability to be incredibly descriptive, yet he would never fall behind the action. Always right on top of the play. That’s not easy.
    Mostly I liked Doc because he was just a big hockey fan. It was fun to watch the games along with him. The bigger the game, the more fun it was.

  20. Will always have those chills of every call with each dynasty Cup.

    Kaners goal from the side wall area running down the ice.

    17 seconds. Dave Bolland!

    Are chiseled in stone on everyone who watched. No matter who you were with or routing for.

  21. Well said Mo. I let Doc off the hook for the strange 2010 game winning call with that wild, insane finish in Boston. Doc got that one right!

    Let’s Go Hawks!

  22. i have listened to hockey announcers since Lloyd Pettit and bud lynch on the radio in Mpls with the red wings and black hawks cup series in 1961- without question mike Emmerick is the greatest of all time- behind him is Dan Kelly-st. Louis blues , Jim Hughson CBC, Danny Galivan CBC and foster Hewitt CBC-

    some of his game calls–especially during Stanley cup finals–people should pay extra- he’s right on top of the play compared to Pat Foley who is always two or three seconds behind the play the hawks can do better than Foley stopped watching the hawks when Foley came back

  23. I think he did a great job in that he was informative and unbiased. If you ever hear the asshats that announce Penguins games or Bruins games, you will definitely appreciate the skill Doc displayed. I’ve heard plenty from Forslund, and think he’ll do a great job, but Doc will be missed.

  24. I will miss him. He grew on me. I always thought Gary Thorne and Bill Clement to be the best but Doc is right up there with him along with his wing man. Of course, there’s the great Dan Kelly back in the seventies who did all himself

  25. I could just sit on the couch, close my eyes, and listen to him call the game and felt like I was in the first row. Hockey will not be the same without you. Enjoy your retirement because you have deserved it

  26. This commentator legend has brought to life so many games that I would ordinarily be disinterested in. He never misses a play, yet calmly fits narrative in with his play calling. I love my Blackhawks’ Pat Foley, but Emrick will be missed terribly. I pray he thoroughly enjoys his retirement and even keeps one foot in the Hockey door aka Semi-Retirement.

  27. Doc emrick, what can you say , enjoy my hockey friend you will be sorely missed , thank you for all the great memories ! Just like the old barn on west Madison street, will never be forgotten… GO HAWKS !!!!

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