Doug Wilson Voted Into Hockey Hall of Fame

In surprising news on Wednesday, former Blackhawks defenseman Doug Wilson was voted into the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Wilson was drafted by the Blackhawks with the sixth overall selection in the 1977 NHL Draft. He skated with the Hawks for 14 seasons and won the Norris Trophy after the 1981-82 season.

He is still the Blackhawks franchise’s all-time leading point producer on the blue line, posting 779 points in 938 career regular season games. Only four defensemen have scored 100 goals with the Blackhawks organization. Bob Murray ranks second with 132. Brent Seabrook (103) and Duncan Keith (101) are still active, but neither is half-way to Wilson’s 225 goals.

83 thoughts on “Doug Wilson Voted Into Hockey Hall of Fame

  1. so deserving. my favorite hawks defenseman. do the powers to be finally figure it out that the #24 sweater belongs in the rafters?

    so #24 & #81 get there very just rewards. does hawks management do the right thing and use their power in the league to back #28 for the hof?

  2. Well deserved! My favorite Blackhawk of all time. And yes Larmer should be there too!

  3. @rocky

    not criticizing you, but putting an emphasis on your comment. doug wilson would have been a stud in any day. can you imagine the points he would have put up if he played with the talent keith has played with?

  4. BBB,

    Yes Keith has played with some good players, but remember, the era Wilson played in was easier to score. More goals per game were scored in that era then now. Gretzky was putting up 200 point seasons. Yzerman put up 120. The goalies were small as were the pads, lots to shoot at.

    Still, I loved Wilson’s game as well. Stud in any era. What a shot from the point on the power play. We haven’t seen anyone like that on the power play since he left.

  5. “can you imagine the points [Wilson] would have put up if he played with the talent keith has played with?”

    [Checks Blackhawks rosters in the 1980s]

    Bye Bye Bowman, I’d like to introduce you to Denis Savard, Steve Larmer, Al Secord, Jeremy Roenick, Eddie Olczyk, Dirk Graham….

    The idea that Doug Wilson’s numbers somehow would have been better in the 2010s than they were in the 1980s is hilarious. The Blackhawks were incredibly talented and, if not for the Oilers, would have had Wilson (& Larmer) in the HOF already by now and probably would have won a championship. Let’s not act like Wilson played in a bubble w/out other really good players around him.

  6. So…

    Will #81 & #24 now be retired by the Hawks…?

    I certainly hope so…

    As is my hope for Warmer…

  7. I’m sure 88, 19, 81 and 7 would all tell you how important Keith was to them and he of them. Same can be said of Wilson with those stars of 80s and he of them. Great players find a way to be great and make others great players around them better. no matter the era they play in.

  8. Gretzky Messier Kurri Anderson Tikannen Fuhr Coffey Lowe Huddy……. kept the Hawks from winning championships in Wilson’s era not the players we had that Tab mentioned.

  9. Wilson has always been one of my favorite Blackhawks of all time. The 80’s era Hawks team was my introduction to Hockey and the NHL, listening to the Hawks over my radio alarm clock was a thing of joy. I always thought that Wilson should be in the HOF as he and Coffey were, in my mind, the best (offensive) defenseman of their time.

    I wonder if this affects Larmers case for the HOF at all? I feel that the Hawks of that time were always overlooked by the media because Edmonton dominated the era. Also the fact that old man Wirtz (and Bob Pulford) seemingly had no interest in winning hockey other than as a vehicle to sell booze probably didn’t help that teams image much… But, as Tab just pointed out, the Hawks were a very talented team over that time and with Wilson finally being acknowledged it gives me hope that Larmer will get his due sooner rather than later.

  10. @ miroslav

    the hawks really did not have very successful teams during wilson’s career. they did have some talented players play during that era. see my next post.

  11. @ tab bamford

    very thoughtful for you to introduce me to so many blackhawks players in such a condescending manner. it is very interesting how knowledgeable you are about that era of the hawks and doug wilson in particular because it appears wilson started with his career a couple of years before you were born. while you were just being introduced to the game of hockey i was in the second of four decades of having season tickets on the blue line where the hawks shoot twice thirteen rows off the ice. i attended in the neighborhood of 90% of the hawks home games during wilson’s career, which appears to have ended about the time you were entering junior high. amazing what an accomplished hockey savant you became at such a young age.

    so you introduced me to savard, larmer, secord, roenick, olczyk, and graham of that era. pretty amazing you missed out on the eight years darryl sutter put in with the hawks during that time, but didn’t miss the only 2+ years roenick was with the hawks during wilson’s career or the only 3 years olczyk played with wilson or the only 4 seasons graham played with wilson information that you used to support your point. when you just list names tab you give the illusion these guys played for substantial parts of wilson’s career, which wasn’t the case.

    so let’s look at some reasons why it isn’t necessarily “hilarious,” as you put it, that wilson might have had even better production playing in keith’s era than his own.

    1) keith has played for better teams with better depth that have been more successful. the blackhawks of wilson’s’s era finished with less than 80 points (sub .500) in 7 of his 14 seasons. keith’s teams finished with less than 82 points (sub .500) in 4 of 15 seasons. that’s 50% of wilson’s seasons and only 27% of keith’s seasons below .500.

    2) there was this little rule called the “two line pass,” which was in force throughout wilson’s career, but was not in the rule book during keith’s career. you know the rule right tab, the one that prevents open ice and stretch passes. you think wilson picks up some extra points every year on stretch pass assists if he played without the “two line pass” rule in effect?

    3) coaching – wilson had to put up with pulford for 4+ seasons, eddie jonston for one year, magnuson for 1+ seasons, mike keenan for three years, orval tessier for three years, and bob murdoch for one year. keith’s teams have had the benefit of playing for quenneville for nine of his fifteen seasons.

    4) so those players you were kind enough to introduce me to…….they accumulated parts or all of 45 seasons playing with wilson and a total of 3008 games. let’s see who keith played with. the following players accumulated 61 total seasons playing with keith to include toews and kane thirteen seasons, sharp 11, hossa eight, saad seven, anisimov 4, havlat 3, and panarin 2 and played a total of 4252 games with keith. that’s 41% more games with very talented players during keith’s time than during wilson’s time.

    5) i visited the eras comparative won/loss performance above, but how about we throw in that keith played for three stanley cup champion teams and another which lost in overtime in the seventh game of the semi finals. think it might make a difference in producing points by playing with teams that know how to win as opposed to teams that cannot?

    6) for nearly half of keith’s career he played with toews when toews was in the discussion of being in the best two or three players in the entire league. wilson never played with a player who was in that type of discussion.

    so tab, while you did some stat trolling, i watched the games. the hawks arguably had some top talent on those 80s rosters, but it wasn’t as good as who keith played with and not for as many years or as many games. and save your “if not for the oilers” and “probably would have won a championship.” you play who you play, eras are different, and “probable champions” never get to skate around the ice with the stanley cup after the last game of the season.

    i didn’t criticize keith and i didn’t criticize the hawks teams of the 80s. i loved those teams. they played balls out every night. i merely stated that wilson would have put up better numbers if he had the advantages of the better teams, better coaching, and the benefit of stretch passes that keith played with. you just couldn’t wait to jump all over that without researching the facts. the next time you want to criticize and condescend to someone who contributes on your site do your homework. anyone can look at a roster and spit out names.

    and by the way, i can introduce you to guys like the hull brothers, mikita, wharram, pilote, litzenberger, mohns, bill hay, murray balfour, eric nesterenko, tod sloan, pit martin, cliff koroll, chico maki, jim pappin and many others. i actually was at the stadium and watched them play. not just names i took out of a stat book. many others who participate in this site can make that claim as well.

    i don’t challenge your hockey knowledge. next time maybe you should offer your critiques with a little more research and the same respect your followers show for you.

  12. Ohhhh yesss…if Hawks loose against the Oilers…they could get Lafrenière with the first pick …
    Wow…imagine playing him with Toews and Dach or Kane ….

  13. Now saying a 12.5% shot at Lafreniere or winning a round or 2 is a different conversation, but still players play to win not get draft picks.

  14. Off course Ian …they want to win against a really powerful young team
    So you are telling me that they have the same chance of winning then all the loosing team and that Detroit Or devils still have the same chance to win the first round pick ….
    So what’s the point of making this tonight then …?
    I don’t understand anymore … Please explain please …I am mixe up
    All the loosing team had 12.5 % now all the loosing team has 12.5% chance …what’s the difference …
    I thought that it was one of the loosing team who would have the first choice depending on ..I don’t know what…
    So please explain ..thx

  15. I just read that the sens drop to pick 3 and 5 now and that they have no chance to get the first pick …on Rds sport

  16. Same for Detroit who will pick at no 4 ….big lost for the Wings…loosing 3 spot …wow..

  17. Here’s a question. Would you trade the #1 to Ottowa for #3 & #5?

    Question 2. If you are Ottowa would you do it?

  18. JR. The answer is no. Alexis L. Can step right into the NHL and play in the top 2 lines. Presuming that Byfield goes number 2.
    A GM would be trading Alexis L. For Stuezle and perhaps Drysdale. No way.

    Go with the sure thing. Having a chance to draft a franchise player. Take him. Failure to do so, would result in firings when AL starts to put up 80 points and Drysdale is struggling with the strength of grown men in the NHL.

  19. Here’s a question. Should Stan trade his first round pick(and a 12.5%) to a team like Ottawa for the Islanders 1st rounder and 2 Ottawa 2nd rounders ?

    So Stan winds up with pick 18 Overall or so, 3 second rounders(the Vegas pick +Ottawa’s 2)

    Ottawa gets pick 9 plus a 12.5 % chance of landing Alexis L. Even if they don’t win the second lottery, they wind up with 3 picks in the top 10. That is franchise changing. Stan moves down about ten spots and gets 2 second rounders. AND gets fired if Ottawa wins the lottery and takes Alexis Lefrenierre.

    It’s worth a phone call.

  20. Good question JR. Normally I strongly prefer quality over quantity so my first reaction is to answer no – I take Lafreniere and don’t look back. However, giving it a little more thought I think I would want to consider who would be available at #’s 3 and 5.

    Lafreniere is the consensus #1, but I don’t think there is a consensus #2 like there has been for the last several drafts with Kakko, Patrick, Laine, Eichel, etc. So, we can’t be sure who LA would take at #2 – it could be Byfield, Stutzle or one of several other forwards with great upside. And then there’s the Russian goalie who is said to be a can’t miss by guys that sometimes miss with their assessments of a player. I suppose the best case would be Byfield or Stutzle at #3 and then take the goalie at #5 (if he’s still there).

    Hmmm … Stutzle and Askarov or Lafreniere? Yep, still going with Lafreniere. I don’t think you ever pass up a franchise level player and I believe that is what Lafreniere will become. A Lafreniere-Dach-Kane line would be amazing.

    Yep, a 1 in 8 chance means we’re still in the game.

  21. 2010 all 8 teams that lose in play in round only get an equal chance at 1st pick, not going by odds now, so a 12.5% chance for each team.

  22. Thinking the NHL will change and go to a weighted lottery for the #1 pick. The 7 teams that trying to get the first 3 picks were weighted why shouldn’t the next 8 to get #1 be. Imagine La Franchise on Pitt. Worries me more than on Edmonton because they’ve had #1s and still can’t win. That could change thou.

    Here’s a pipe dream.

    Hawks get La Franchise. He wears # 66. First only to have a 66 77 88 line. Lo and behold we make it to the Cup against…wait for it….Pitt. We win in a sweep! 66, our own 66 is named Cup MVP. Next 15 seasons new 66 eclipses all of old 66 records. What a wonderful world this would be.

  23. I suppose the NHL can do whatever it wants but I’d be surprised they would change the rules in mid-stream so I don’t they introduce a weighting system for the play-in game losers … but if they did it would improve the Hawks odds so I’m all for it. :=)

  24. Apparently no weighted next lottery, just the 8 losers with equal chances, surprised because they had talked about having different odds. The Blackhawks will be 10th pick now if they don’t get 1st pick if they lose, 9th if Habs win and they lose and still 16th if they win a round unless Habs win too then 17th.

  25. I said several mths ago DET would pick 4th after tanking by a lot.

    It needs to be a % system for the ping pong balls in each thing. Maybe for the teams that were in top 8 seeds it could be same. For the teams that were not in playoffs it should be weighted.

  26. BBB,
    Did you forget our ‘pithy’ conversation?

    You can’t expect anyone born after 1985 to read a long post about hockey before their time.

    But the Hawks of Wilson’s era were easily the 2nd best team in the NHL
    Those Hawk teams got beat by EDM in the WCF 2-3 times, and by CGY once.
    Each time EDM and CGY rolled over the ECF winner en route to the Cup.

    So I would say those Wilson era Hawks teams had some good success.
    Not ultimate success, but good success.

    At least that is what my 2nd Balcony, 2nd Row blue line seats told me back then.

  27. Should never have taken this long. A no-brainer inductee. (However, as GM, it was nice to sweep you in 2010.)

    In the late ’70s/early ’80s I thought: Damn, the Hawks passed on Bossy. Forget that. Wilson was a GREAT D-man and O-man combined. If the Hawks could draft like that every other year, we would have a dynasty.

  28. The Hawks were incredible in the late 80s. Unfortunately Edmonton was in the way twice in the Conference Finals. Losing to Gretzky and company was no shame. But the biggest kick in the groin was 1990. The Hawks were up 2 games to 1 against Edmonton in the Conference Final. No Gretzky. Our Time. Then Mark Messier took over. Hawks goals Jacque Cloutier and Greg Millen were not up to the task.
    Edmonton beat us again, then swept Boston.
    Water under the bridge now that we have three. But it hurt then.

    Doug Wilson was an absolute Stud from the left point. The whole league feared him and his accurate 100 per hour slap shot with a wooden stick. Good for him. He’s a Hall of Farmer.

  29. With all the scuttlebutt today about the draft lottery. I am elated. If the Hawk beat Edmonton, that’s fantastic. If they lose we pick in the top 10. What a great year for that either/or.
    So : DeBrincat, Nylander(=Joki), Boqvist, Beaudin, Dach from our non-playoff years.

    I have a feeling one more really nice piece is coming.

  30. Yea thats what I want so it makes the Blackhawks better/HHNL quality better. I know we need to take steps along the way and getting experience and winning a little bit needed before we go on our way again. We have to have the roster to do it though and getting another top 5 skill draft player is very important.

  31. @ rutherford

    right again. but, someone like you jumping in my shit…..well i have to take a long look in the mirror to see if maybe i am full of shit. when some kid who wasn’t shaving yet when keenan ran doug wilson out of town jumps in my shit for praising doug wilson…..well, i’m old, have time on my hands, and take umbrage.

    you are so right. many of those years they were terrific teams and so much fun to watch. and the performance of every one of the hawks that tb “introduced me to” was enhanced with the privilege of playing with wilson.

    sat in your seats many times in the 50s and 60s and loved it. definitely a more fun group to watch a game with.

  32. Craig, Mo agree with you, next 3 years could be interesting, saying in trying ti negotiate a new cba, players are on board with keeping cap flat for those years, maybe up 1m in 22-23 season. That combined with finishing this year to keep their escrow payments from going out of control on them. They are conceding salaries will not rise much either.

    So with Blackhawks contracts all set to expire after basically in 21-22 or 22-23 seasons, the resigns this year undoubtedly be in the 1-3 year range now, may put them in a good position to play the ufa market in 2 or 3 years time. Could be the equalizer if the Lefreniere dreams don’t work out exactly as hoped this year. A 27 year old in his prime already in developed, plus another really good player this draft instead of having resigning Lefreniere as a 2nd choice isn’t the end of the world. Lefreniere ultimately be the route taken if available but not only one that is available.

  33. Plus Lefreniere is going to need a 6.3 m contract after elc. So when it comes to salary cap and loading the roster again its basically the same thing for a core player caphit. I am were adding two high end ufa players at that time or get Lefreniere and one high end ufa player. Could add more then that depending on who we keep.

    Bottom line is the virus salary cap is going to help us big time and were going to be a top team again when you reset the teams like this.

  34. Hey BBB,
    What do they call those born in/around 1985?
    Gen X?
    Gen Y?

    Anyway, you know they are not listening to us.
    Why should they?
    They know everything there is to know, right?

    It was the 17th century German philosopher Hegel who said: What we learn from history is that we don’t learn from history.

    Question: How come you did not mention
    Dennis DeJordy in your original response to Tab?

  35. Mo if he is a franchise player, he is likely looking for Mcdavid/Matthews money in his 2nd contract too. Whether he gets it remains to be seen, but doubt 6.3m is anywhere near what he will want.

    That was my point you would have room for a bridge if a little lower pick and a ufa for same money you need for Lafreniere after elc is up. Then by time 3rd contract is due likely Toews extended for 2 or 3 more years, career be winding down type of thing and cap be manageable for a high end ufa signing. If Lafreniere happens yee haw, but not devastating if it doesn’t.

  36. I have no doubt belabored my prognostication the Hawks will win the lottery and select Lafreniere … so this is in no way softening on that position … but, for the sake of discussion I will opine that there will be a very good player available at #9 or #10 too – just not one ready to step into the NHL without another year or two of seasoning. I’m not sure the same can be said once it gets out to the #16/#17 spot because somewhere between #9/#10 and #16/#17 there is a step down in prospect rankings. Put another way, the luck factor is more of a requirement to hit on a player at #16/#17 than it is at #9/#10. Seems kind of like a d’oh statement, but this draft year seems to have 2nd tier prospects through at least the #10 spot before it slips to 3rd tier prospects somewhere after #10.

    So, as long as the Hawks don’t do something silly like beat Edmonton, they will either have Lafreniere to insert into the 2020/21 lineup or a pretty good 2nd tier player that will take a year or two to get to the NHL.

  37. I guess I meant 6.3 m in 2010 value to overall cap which is higher then that. I was meaning it would be high like a elite ufa at 27 in prime of prime yrs.

  38. I hope the Hawks do something really silly like win few rounds.

    That is what playing for the Cup is all about.

    Playing for a draft choice slot?
    C’mon guys.
    What is this? The Bob Pulford era?
    Remember when him and Bob Murray told us Gretzky ‘did not fit into our long term plans’ when 99 was a UFA after his stint in STL?

    Pulford and Murray then went and signed Jarrod Skalde.

    BBB remembers this.
    I bet many of you do.

  39. Jim, the default position is, as you say, to win playoff games, then each playoff series’ as it comes, then eventually the Cup and that should take precedence over attempted draft positioning. But a good case can be made for extenuating circumstances, the most notable is I don’t believe the Hawks are good enough to win the Cup this season, so beating Edmonton, while possible if not probable, is of no value except for a few extra games of playoff experience for the players who have not been there before.

    That’s not to say playoff experience is of no value, but it should be weighed against the value of adding a tier-1 player who will improve the Hawks chances to win next season and beyond. I obviously come down on the side of it better to have a shot at drafting Lafreniere or even the player available at #9 or #10 than D-cat and others getting a second round of playoff games.

    If I thought they had a legitimate chance to win the Cup or even get to the SCF, I would feel differently, but then the need for a top-player like Lafreniere wouldn’t be as vital to future success.

  40. Eb,
    How do we know this Lafreniere character will not turn out to be the 2nd coming of Everett Sanipass?

    Draft choices are a crapshoot.
    Tony Mandarich or Jerry Rice?
    Drafted at different points in draft.

    One was a bust. The other?
    The best damn WR in the game ever.

    Nobody thought the 2010 Flyers had a shot after getting in the playoffs via shootout in their last game of season.

    Yet they gave the Hawks all they could handle in the 2010 SCF.

    Point is:
    Go for it. Go hard. Sellout all over the ice to win. You never know what can happen once the puck is dropped.
    Hockey is a strange game.
    Very very unpredictable.

    Ever wonder why the sports books in Vegas dedicate a small corner to the NHL, while the NFL, NBA and MLB are front and center?

    Worry about that damn draft once you get bounced…..if you get bounced.

  41. EB you’re right after top 3 picks, they usually don’t play their draft year at Nhl level. Could take somebody at 9 or 10 and they play Ncaa for 3 0r 4 years, or somebody later in draft who plays after a year like Debrincat did. The position they play, can be year of age between some draft picks, where they played prior to draft, willingness to develop in North America if European all are factors in when a player is picked and length of development time to get to Nhl, along with when their picked. Very possible anybody picked in first round be ready in a year or so with the talk of how deep this draft is.

    Bowman likes to swing for the fences and take talent over Nhl readiness, Boqvist 8th overall getting to Nhl after a year and half after draft, Beaudin still developing after 2 years for example as 1st rnders. Last he took Dach at 3rd and he was played all year, an advantage of having a top 3 pick is somebody talented enough to play right away. Mitchell same draft as Debrincat and starting elc next year. Not everybody agrees when players should play, but it is what it is at this point. So no guarantees he is looking at somebody real close if Blackhawks don’t win lottery pick sweepstakes.

  42. In 16 and 17 we were deep enough to win not in 18 19 20. We need to reload the young wave or there will be no future. The off yrs of 18 and 19 are a blessing in disguise and so is 20 because it gets us another top 5 skill draft player. That is what it takes to win the Cup. I am as positive as anyone out there and I think its better for us to reload the young wave when we have a chance to do so.

    Having a decent record and picking 16-22 every yr is shooting yourself in the foot. Lets draft top 5 skill draft players or be a top 5 team. Everything else is chicken shit.

  43. I think were doing very good at loading young wave so far. Lets not screw that up by adding players at deadline. We didnt do that and Bowman is doing the right things now. Just donot trade and Buckaroos and keep adding these top 5 skill draft players when were bottom 10 record in 82 games. Once our record is good enough for the 3 4 or 5 seed in conference sure lets go.

  44. Jim, I understand your position, but in this case I prefer a different position. If the Hawks didn’t have a shot at Lafreniere and the choice was between losing to the Oilers and selecting 9th versus beating the Oilers and selecting 16th – it would be a much more difficult choice – but Lafreniere is a deal breaker for me.

    As for Lafreniere busting – anything is possible but a sober analysis of the top player(s) in each draft usually yields more hits than misses. Sometimes the correct move is to gamble and I believe this to be one of those times. all things considered.

  45. Mo, I like that – either be a top-5 team or draft top-5. Getting into a cycle of mediocrity is a sure way to not get better enough to win the Cup.

  46. Just to point out, the last 1st overall pick to win a Stanley Cup, Patrick Kane 2006. A 5 year span there where, Kane, Crosby, Ovechkin and Marc Andre Fleury were taken and resulted in 1o cups combined. Then go back from 2003 only Lecavalier won a cup until you go back unto 80s. So thats over 30 1st overall picks and 5 of them won a cup and really only Kane and Crosby featured in multiple cups as Fleury a backup last couple Pens won.

  47. Well Eb,
    For me it is not hard.
    Winning in the playoffs supercedes all.

    Deal with the draft if u get bounced.

    To put it another way:.
    If General Grant had taken a position of waiting for more talented troops to arrive, and not chasing Lee south out of Maryland, we would have two separate countries now.
    The Untied States of America and the Confederate States of America.

    If Grant does not deliver Richmond and Sherman does not deliver Atlanta in 1864, Lincoln loses the election to the Democrats, who had plans to end the war and repeal the Emancipation Proclamation.
    In fact, cuz things were not looking good, Lincoln was preparing to hand over the office to Democrat Candidate Geo. McClellan, who Lincoln fired as General of the Army of Potomac, replacing him with Grant.

    So history tells me to go for it.
    You show well in the playoffs, and the UFAs start showing up at your door asking for opportunities.
    Especially a franchise like Chicago.

  48. Jim, I don’t really see an apples to apples analogy there so I’ll simply re-iterate that in most cases I would agree with you but I leave flexibility for rare special circumstances and I consider this one of those rare special circumstances.

  49. rutherford

    have to go against you with the winning in this year’s playoffs versus get the better draft pick opinion. you couldn’t be more right about any draft pick being a crap shoot and an eighth seed can do a lot of damage in the nhl playoffs. but this is bullshit playoffs constructed for money and considering the circumstances i don’t blame the nhl.

    if the hawks had earned their way into the playoffs then i am all in for the upset of the oilers. but they were a tad more respectable than the bottom seven teams and not worthy of a playoff position so if they knock out a playoff victory round or two at the end of the tournament they will still be a shitty team, but with a bad draft position. i am all for that 12.5% miracle chance. the miracle never happens if you don’t have a numbered ball in the cage or however they do it.

    no one complains about bowman more than i do, but as a gm he skates circles around pulford. if bowman is around i have every confidence he will do the right thing if the miracle #1 pick drops in our lap.

    kudos to dejordy. he stayed around for 11 seasons. a couple of really good years thrown in there. i would never have the stones to play goalie in any sport so i love some better than others, but have deep respect for all of them.

  50. Whats dumb is that we are not a playoff team record wise. We are 12th seed and Jesus we should draft accordingly to that. 15 teams ping pong balls.

    If we were the 8 seed or higher sure lets play.

  51. All good BBB and Eb.

    Pulford was a prick. Ask Tony O and Bobby Hull on that one.
    Bowman is an idiot.

    Don’t know which is worse.

    Funny you mentioned miracles.
    I watched that movie this morning while waking up and drinking coffee.

  52. stape

    appreciate your support.

    it’s not about being right or wrong. there are a lot of opinions on this site and very honestly i am thankful that tb provides the vehicle for us to enjoy communicating with each other about the hawks.

    there is respectfully disagreeing with the opinion of others and jumping in their shit. i felt he did the latter. i guess we are just from different eras. we were taught to do our homework before we opened our big mouths.

  53. jr

    you are being too nice. pulford was a prick and an idiot in training to be a moron. i will take bowman over him any day of the week. and let’s remember he didn’t have to balance a salary cap. can you imagine the fiasco that would have been?

  54. My nickname for Pulford back in the day was “mumbles” after a character in the old “Dick Tracy” cartoon on TV. The character would mumble indecipherably and only his partner in crime could understand what he said. Pulford would have a news conference and his gutteral muttering would be near impossible to understand. But I have to give him kudos for a good look with a cigarette often hanging on his lip as he mumbled his way through a news conference. Top notch. :=)

  55. Pulford a fine hockey player, horrible Gm, thankfully he is long gone.

    The players will be pumped and play hard whatever happens, it’s all good regardless of results, that’s what matters. Call the playoffs what you want, it is what all other major professional sports leagues are trying to do and any business for that matter, trying find a way back with least amount of damage to the bottom line as possible. Might as well just enjoy watching hockey again if it is successful.

  56. BBB,
    You will enjoy this:

    My first Hawks game in the 60’s.
    My dad got us seats on the glass right next to Maple Leafs bench. How, I don’t know. Still Original Six days.

    Little boy with face pressed against glass in total awe of the Leafs warming up….until asshole Pulford cranked a shot right at me. Boomed off the boards.

    Scared me. My dad yelled at Pulford for being a prick, but that was nothing compared to Johnny Bower, who saw the whole thing.

    Bower tore into that prick, such that he immediately left the ice.

    Warm up over for him.

    Was a Johnny Bower fan from that point on until he passed.

    As for Pulford?
    Hope that prick is choking on tapioca ad I type.

  57. Sounds like that player who shot the puck up into the stands after game against TOR a yr ago.


  58. jr

    funny how you remember stuff. might seem so insignificant, but gives you a lesson on how to be respectful of others and treat them properly. we had three expectations of us growing up. our letter grades in school never mattered as long as we got straight ones for effort. proper manners. respect for others, especially elders. unusual about that pulford story……of all the stories you hear from friends of their experiences with athletes over the years it is rare to hear about an unpleasant episode with a hockey player.

    the following is long and boring, but left a wonderful impression on me.

    eighteen years old and working in baggage claim at american airlines at o’hare. my job was to check claim checks against the tags on the bags to make sure people had the right bags and to prevent stealing. i finish with one person and look up and there is bobby hull. he has four monster suit cases, two under each arm and two with his hands. i stammer through hello mr. hull and ask for his claim checks. he says call me bobby and apologizes for leaving the claim stubs in the car. of course i let him go without issue. about five minutes later i get a tap on my shoulder, turn around and there is bobby with four claim stubs in his hands and the four baggage tags he had taken off of his bags. i can’t speak to any of the less than positive things that have been written about him over the years, but, well sixty plus years later i still tell that story about what a great guy he was that day. i kept those stubs and tags in an envelope for a very long time.

    you a chicago sting fan?

  59. ebony

    remember mumbles and a perfect description of the prick. ran into him at o’hare once and had a brief conversation. walked away with no idea what he had said. and spot on with the cigarette.

  60. It shows you how good people really are, usually. Everybody makes mistakes/of all kinds now and then and should just be frowned upon and not ticketed.

  61. BBB,
    The Chicago Sting.

    Played at Comiskey Park. Won a championship, right?

    Played indoors at the Stadium.

    I remember Karl Heinz Granitza, but never watched them.

  62. BBB,
    PS… Bears game as a kid.
    They were still in Wrigley Field.

    Was messing with my hot dog from the concession stand and ran into a brick wall of a man.

    Looked up and there was Bobby Hull looking down and laughing.

    Asked me if I was OK. I said yeah.
    He gave me a dollar for my hot dog cuz it got a little messed up.


  63. jr

    seems like our fathers took us to the same places. started my bears fan career in 58 at wrigley.

  64. Ouuppssss…according to second city on Monday ..15 players where tested positive On 250 players …plus another 11 players outside the Protocol where tested positive.
    What is the most important for now …Hockey or Health…
    iff they are intelligent …will they cancel the season or play the game to show that the virus is not a big deal Like in some States.
    125,000 dead is probably not enough…sooo sad to see that many peoples don’t take the situation seriously.First Money, Then money,After money and finaly money .
    Who’s in charge in United States…..?
    Really sad situation …

  65. @2010: agree they should just shut it down (and have the whole time). They may be able to pull it off (or it could backfire), but as you note, there’s not much point to it other than the money.

    It’s an odd dynamic where most fans aren’t clamoring for it and would prefer to just wait for a new season in the fall and yet the owners seem determined to force-feed it to them. It seems clumsy and unnecessary, and I would add inappropriate given the hardships that so many are having to deal with. It’s only about 100 days until the 20/21 season would start any ways. Do we really need this?

  66. Its was ok to wait a mth or so. Then once srping season sports were done/when normally done and there was still a long way to go that was the time to cancel the entire season like all the spring sports already did. The mission for every sport needs to be have a full season for the 21 season starting at the normal time in the fall.

    Besides that theres no way we deserve to pick 16-22. We are the 12 seed in the conference and deserve what our 82 game record was and that is top 5/10 pick.

    I understand trying to save the season which should have only be done if you can complete it by AUG 1. To have playoffs in OCT is just plain stupid.

    I said it back then and again now I hope it blows up in there face only because its dumb and not necessary to save the NHL from extinction.

  67. Guys not saying you’re wrong, but i asked before and got no answers, where is it safer than a bubble environment, where everybody is tested regularly if players health is the main concern. Tests don’t give the disease to people only identify who is positive. So far a positive test rate on players of less than 1%, well below average, actually seems to be working as well as hoped. Players want it as well as owners, nobody being forced to do it. Really cancelling season and opening camps in Sept. to play a normal season next year accomplishes nothing. Have to find a way then too. Progress is finding the right way back, not hiding away. I am not saying risk peoples lives, because i don’t that being the case here.

  68. Ian….who said to open a camp in September…you …I disagree..the world is on pause…no way you open a camp in sept or November..peoples has to wait till their is a solution …
    (it’s low are right ) But those players can contaminate their parents, their friends …and grand parents…ect ect….what is your point exactly ? Iff players are in contact with other players 2 days after getting tested and then start to Get contaminated because they where in contact with the virus in their room or on hotel elevator Or Other places…do you realize that it might hapend like everywhere in the world.
    The players association said yes but many players are against going back to play in those circonstances with a really good reason ….It’s Fudging Dangerous.
    Common sense…
    It’s not hiding …it’s just taking care of other people around those players ( who will be in contact after the games )
    Virus is killing thousands everyday …why play with the virus .
    This is not progress this is playing with a loaded gun .Like the man in charge in the states says Clorox And blue lights to kill the bacteria is not the solution At all
    The Doctors are begging to be careful To keep 2 meters and to put a mask …Why ?
    You Can’t see the virus …but it’s there…130,000 deaths so far in the states …hospitals have no more places…the doctors and nurses have no more control and people still think they will not get the virus.
    It’s just my 5 cents ….we don’t have penny’s anymore here ;)
    No way that their will be a Stanley cup this year .

  69. Ian, you make good points and did before on good ways to make it work and be healthy. I just cant stand making the players wai/have a 4 mth break right be fore playoffs then play in AUG SEP OCT. When it normally APL 1st. Thats 6 mths. No matter what it is I always like things the same and if theres new things it has to be announced before the season so there are no changes ever during a season.

    I know this is different I am just that way with everything thats why I said its dumb to do one ping pong balls and not thte normal trhee. Thanks god that was just talk.

    To me APR 1st instead AUG SEP OCT thats just to much a gap its like its entirely a different season already.

  70. some rationale thinkers-I to want to watch some real sports (golf is nice to play but watch?-maybe the Masters and the start of spring. So I’m torn, but certainly would be OK with a pause. Money is but shouldn’t be the driver.

  71. Hawks2010, what you suggest is a possibility, but my point being are the players better off as things are now and walking around unaware they’re positive and spreading to family unknowingly or be where they have regular testing and a bubble environment that should be designed to limit the spread. If safety of players and family is first, playing hockey and being in that type of bubble if they can flatten the curve for positive tests could be the safest place for them and their families.

  72. Not to talk about basketball in a northern sport those basketball players are saying things like they donot think the NBA players will follow the rules for this.

    That they donot follow all the rules when they isint a virus going on to begin with.

  73. I know hockey players are generally better people then basketball players just interesting to hear the basketball players saying they wont follow the rules and things will happen with them in Florida.

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