Duncan Keith Activated, Viktor Svedberg Assigned

In a second roster move to bolster the blue line on Friday, the Blackhawks activated Duncan Keith from LTIR and sent rookie Viktor Svedberg back to Rockford.

Unfortunately, David Rundblad is still on the Blackhawks roster.

Keith and Michal Rozsival, who was also activated on Friday, are expected to be in the lineup on Saturday night against the Blues in St. Louis

29 thoughts on “Duncan Keith Activated, Viktor Svedberg Assigned

  1. Why keep him. For a player his age he hasn’t played many games. You’re not helping the player or yourself. By not playing him you’re not increasing whatever value he has. Move the player along, save some dollars. Win, win.

    Conversely, if Rundblad isn’t here. Then you have Gustafson or Svedberg most likely sitting ing the box not getting those needed minutes.

  2. Like most of the fans here, I would like to see either Gus or Svedberg playing the #6 dman role and Runblad waived. Rosey should be no higher than #7, and even that is a stretch.

  3. Hopefully, Bowman can something for Rundblad? Even a late round pick is better than losing him on a waiver claim. Agree with Ernie it wouldn’t be better to have Svedberg or Gustafson sitting here rather than playing in Rockford.

  4. Rundblad will likely rotate with Rosy, Rosy will likely get 3 out of every 4.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Sved called up to go on the circus trip.

    For all the criticism Stan Bowman gets for his refusal to get rid of Rundblad, you have to give him, and his staff credit or “finding” Gustufsson.

  5. Listened to the Ice Hogs game on the radio last night. They beat the Iowa Wild 5-2. Bickell had three points, a goal and two assists. Leighton in goal. Gustafsson played for Rockford, Svedberg did not (the game was in Des Moines).

    Jeremy Morin with a goal and an assist. Defenseman Dennis Robertson was scratched, not sure if there’s an injury there. Cumiskey is back playing.

    They have the Wild in Iowa again tonight. Mike Reilly by the way played, did n’t hear his name called that much but he was minus 2 for what that’s worth.

  6. Before we ride the get rundblad out of here train, I can’t help but wonder and think that Rosival is going to be slow, real slow. He was slowing down before his injury, and I cannot picture him getting any faster after his injury. He is a great d-man, but his lack of speed might be a problem. Rundblad is a disaster in his own end, but can at least move pretty quick. It seems to be a two-edged sword: pick a solid dman who is slow as all get up, or pick a dman who is fast but poor in is his own end. In the end, Rosival is the probably the better choice as long as he is played with a faster player to help counterbalance his slowness.

    BTW I remember last year that a lot of people were complaining about Rosival throughout the regular season…just saying.

  7. I agree Nick on Rosy. I wish Rosy had retired. He is not the answer. Which Rosival will we get, the one that played poorly all year or the playoff one. I am afraid we may get the former. The Hawk management must see something positive in Runblad. He is a good skater, decent passer and has a cannon shot. Unfortunately he is unwilling to take the body and looks to have a very low hockey IQ. I do not think he is the answer either. I would prefer to see Gusty as our 6th defenseman instead of Rosy or Runblad.

  8. Nick, great point on Rosy. He played best in the playoffs before his injury, but was a target of discontent on this forum last season. Can’t agree on Rundblad. Can’t believe the organization has not seen enough yet. Agree with Brokerwayne, Gustavson is a much better player than Rundblad and, despite his youth, may also be better than Rosy. Rosy’s experience may not be able to overcome his increasing physical limitations.

  9. Rosival has a deeply trusted veteran fhat helps this team. He is responsible in the defensive zone and has been good in the passing game. We are in danger of seeing the Western Conference surpass us in this a transition season. It’s time to start getting the chemistry and passing game going. And Rosival helps that. I like some of what I saw out of Gustafsson and he will be back at some point. I’m not high on Svedberg.

  10. Runblad is a dirt cheap 7th defenseman. Gustafsson needs to play and develop, not rot in the press box. This is why Runblad is the warm body to mix and match with Rosival.

  11. Rundblad is $400k more expensive than Gustafsson and/or Rozsival. Therefore, I wouldn’t refer to him as dirt cheap. And while I agree Gustafsson is better served playing and not watching, I submit a night off or two for Daley isn’t anecessarily awful idea. With Rundblad here, Rozsival is playing every night. I’m not a fan of that.

  12. There is no way Rozsival can play every night, his body can’t take it and both he and Quenneville have already admitted as much. It’l be interesting to see how (and who) they rotate in. Right now it’s Rundblad but in two weeks it could be different.

    They are so hamstrung by the cap that even calling a guy up for a game or two on defense isn’t in the cards. In addition to Daley, I think both Seabrook and Hjarlmarsson will need a break this season, but barring injury I don’t know how they’d get it.

  13. The Hawks would like nothing more than somebody to take Trevor Daley off their hands. Dumping Daley solves a couple of problems. The fact that he’s terrible defensively and losing his salary the most notable of course. I

  14. Runblad is a throwaway player. The Hawks aren’t going to compromise the development of Gustafsson or even Svedberg. Runblad can fill in for Rosival when he otherwise isn’t sitting in the press box.

  15. Nick, “I remember last year that a lot of people were complaining about Rosival throughout the regular season…just saying.” — rightfully so! During the regular season he by far sucked more often than not. He elevated his game for the post season.

    Hawks1961, “Unfortunately Rundblad is unwilling to take the body and looks to have a very low hockey IQ.” – he wouldn’t have to take the body if he would use his stick and skating to play in the d-zone like Keith…but, maybe you covered it with “low hockey IQ”?

    RufusT, ” It’s time to start getting the chemistry and passing game going.” — I’m for that – full speed ahead!! Where’s that switch…?

    Does anybody believe that Daley will (learn and) improve his defensive game? I tend to believe that Bowman wasn’t just stuck with him for Dallas to take Sharp – except for signing Bickell (and at that time, coming off that playoff run, there is probably a different discussion that defends the move), he has demonstrated that he knows what he’s doing – is a good GM.

  16. Bowman was so desperate for any salary savings he could find that he was forced to do the Dallas deal. I don’t blame Bowman at all, but the Sharp deal was done with very little leverage. Dallas bent us over and Bowman had to take it up the ass by accepting Daley.

  17. RufusT – I don’t believe the situation was as extreme (“Dallas bent us over and Bowman…”)… It would seem that the prize was Johns – not Chicago taking Daley. “A big part of the trade was the Stephen Johns kid,” Nill said. (I sort of remember reading somewhere that Nill said there wouldn’t have been a deal without Johns.)

  18. Dickie, you’re right, it’s not that extreme. And you’re right, Johns was the prize for Dallas. Daley came from a system that favored offense over defense. And even then, his plus/minus was a minus only twice in his 11 or so years there. And one of those times was last year when he was -13, which just happened to be the same year he scored more goals than he had ever scored before (16). No small coincidence, to me, given Lindy Ruff’s system in Dallas the past 3 years. But before Ruff when Tippett was the coach, his defensive numbers were better. (And there was another coach in between Tippett and Ruff but I forget his name). Now Daley’s on a team that favors defense first and he’s having a hard time adjusting back. Not sure why. New team, new players, new system, slow learner, all of the above?…I don’t know. He’s not the biggest guy, but he’s a fast skater and has skills.

    RTF’s reasons for hating Daley are his own. He’s been ridiculously rude and obnoxious – he called him “an abortion” in one post not too long ago – so you really have to consider the source, especially when obsession overrides decency or perspective.

    That said, I do agree that sitting him down for a game or two might be a good thing for him. Letting him watch from the press box could give him some added motivation and incentive.

  19. I have been an employer of between 10 and 15 guys for 30 years, if someone got hurt while working for me I give them their job back as soon as they are able, and go from there. All you who would not give Rosy a chance, don’t understand what being part of a team really means.

  20. Chris Kuc of the Tribune actually wrote a decent analysis of the defense this past week. He argued that the Hawks need a legitimate #4 defenseman; that after Keith, Seabrook and Nik H, there is a gap, then TVR and Daley, then Sved, Gusty & Rundblad.

    Now some may contend that TVR is a #4. The question is, is he truly a number 4 right now or he is merely playing top 4 minutes because he is the best of the bunch ?

    Had Daley adjusted quicker and slid into Oduya’s spot, the argument would be moot.

  21. A couple of other notes for those who like to watch/monitor Hawk prospects.

    Nick Schmaltz had a fabulous game on Fri. night. 1 goal, 3 assists. If you guys want to see a fabulous college hockey goal. Go to the NoDak website and watch the 6-th goal. It was a thing of beauty.

    Also, Justin Holl is off to a fabulous start for the Toronto Marlies. 1 goal, 8 assists, +11 in like 13 games. He had a really good year at Indy last year and is just a very steady, unspectacular right-handed defenseman. In my opinion the Hawks should have signed him after dealing Paliotta and Johns. Oh well.

    Hof – what’s the early eye test telling you about Nolan Valeux. I have not seen him play but noticed he has played every game for Rockford ?

  22. Point being that he deserves a chance. Blackhawks being a class act (just my opinion) they will give him a chance.

  23. ^ Yeah ok sure …

    Craig, on Nolan Valleau, he’s been noticeable the last few games in a good way. Steady heads up player with offsensive skill – good skater and can handle the puck. Decent size, not that physical but doesn’t shy away either.

    It’s easy to see why they signed him, he fits the Blackhawk mold. He’s beginning to show signs of being a go-to guy down there although it is very early in his pro career. I like him – he needs to keep progressing and dial in his consistency.

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