Duncan Keith Ejected, Suspension Likely

Already playing without a sick Brent Seabrook, the Blackhawks were forced to play the final 50 minutes without Duncan Keith as well.

And they might have to play a game (or two… or three…) without him moving forward.

At 9:27 into the first, Charlie Coyle appeared to trip Keith. Chicago’s defenseman fell backward and appeared to hit his head on the ice. But what he did next was reckless, selfish and inexcusable.

The penalty called on the ice was a 10-minute match penalty for attempt to deliberately injure an opponent. Coyle was bloody on the play.

Chicago successfully killed the five-minute major without Minnesota scoring, and Marian Hossa scored his 499th career regular season goal while short-handed to tie the game at one.

71 thoughts on “Duncan Keith Ejected, Suspension Likely

  1. Coyle knew what he was doing with the stick-chop-block and then looking around all innocent afterwards. Keith was obviously pissed and meant to rattle his cage with a helmet whack and Coyle turned his face into it. Dumb on both of them, extra dumb on Keith for the location of his slash.

    I don’t want to see him out, but he’ll be suspended, especially since the Carter slash in 2013. Lapse of mental discipline.

  2. Stating the obvious is being a homer now? Didn’t realize the PC police were here.

  3. Good thing we clinched .. Fighting fir a spot without Crawford and Keith would be a nightmare.

  4. Stupid, intentional and dirty play. Keith is a bothead and is a multiple repeat offender. He desrves a lengthy suspension.

    No, coyle did not turn his face into it…don’t be stupid. But the homerism here is expected. Die hard fans since 2010.

  5. “Appeared to trip” that’s rich! It was an obvious malicious slew foot type tripping event. I agree that the response by Keith was excessive but let’s not sugar coat coyles stake in the eventd that occurred.

  6. reality: it doesn’t matter what Coyle did. Zero sugar coating taking place. Keith can’t take a lumberjack swing at a guy’s face with his stick. Period.

  7. As a fan who has never played hockey my first thought is you can’t rule out that he was rolling over to get up and he accidently hit him. When Keith hit the player on the Kings in the face in the playoffs a few years back that seemed more obvious to me. I would defer to people who have played competitive hockey and ask whether how he got up off the ice tell us anything about intent.

  8. He did it on purpose. It was a stupid choice at a crucial time for a team that can’t afford more lapses in discipline than we’ve already seen these past dozen games. You can’t do that. Ever.

  9. This is where ice hockey has become questionable – I speak as a former college player & coach. Coyle clearly took Keith’s skates out from under him in an attempt to eliminate Keith from a Minnesota break out. Keith didn’t have the puck and weas no where near it. This should have been a penalty (tripping, interferenace take your pick). Taking a guys skates out from under him when he is not prepared (causing him to smack his head on the ice) is pretty brutal and is extremely dangerous. So while Keith is certainly not justified in swinging his stick at Coyle and hitting him in the face, Coyle should have been penalized for a dangerous move. Hopefully the league looks at the circumstances leading up to the Keith penalty.

  10. Inexcusable play by Keith. He will get a much earned 5 game suspension and be raked over the coals by the hockey media and fans for this cowardly egregious act. Fuck.

  11. Coyle didn’t receive a penalty on the play.

    If you think Keith was “simply rolling over and lost control of his stick” I invite you to actually watch the play. Keith was tripped, fell flat backward, hit the ice hard. He then looked up and lumberjacked Coyle IN THE FACE. He could have slashed him across the back of the legs a second later. He could have cross-checked him a shift or two later. But he opted to hit him IN THE FACE with his stick.

    No justification. Stupid.

  12. I agree that it was inexcusable but you can’t deny the fact that Coyle shoulda got a penalty there as well.

  13. Montana – you make great sense, and I wish the referees had seen what we all saw before Keith chose to retaliate. It was a cheap shot by Coyle, and dangerous, I agree, but the response can never be what we saw tonight. They made a cheap shot mistake and we paid for it.

  14. It doesn’t matter what Coyle did or that it wasn’t called! What Keith did was premeditated in reaction and something you can never ever do or justify/

  15. re: Daniel – whether or not Coyle received a penalty has no bearing on Keith’s actions.

    Yes, Coyle deserved 2 min for tripping.
    Yes, Keith deserved the penalty and the forthcoming suspension.

  16. It looks like this friendly audience for Keith is 100% convinced it was intentional. I think we can assume a suspension will be happening.

  17. No one has said there is justification for Keith’s actions, period full stop. On another matter, Coyle didn’t just trip Duncs, his stick was behind his legs and then he shoved him over the stick causing him to fall backwards and hit his head on the ice. As soon as he saw it, Scott Stevens called it a dirty hit on the NHL network. Again, there is no justification for the response but Keith easily could have been injured by the dirty hit.

  18. Now i like Charlie Coyle as much as the rest of you twisted up inside Hawk fans,.,.he has had our number for a couple of years now, But Duncan Keith is building a case for being a real cheap shot Queen. Just plain BAD for hockey,.,.,think of Don Cherry explaining to the Kids,,,,how NOT to react after being knocked on your ass by your arch rival,.,.If Keith is not out for 10 games i will be surprised.

  19. Barry Melrose said the league will be hard pressed to explain a suspension that is less than 10 games.

  20. To me, the only thing that matters (biased or not) is on 5min penaltys recently the refs let the other teams get away with a dirty hit to a top player in league in the head with a 2min penalty (could have been diff in game). Then another 5min penalty, even though player had head down a little (still does not mean intentional head shots are allowed) doesn’t even call a penalty. Then we do a 5min penalty, automatic 5min/ejection/suspension. Why, because we won the Cup more then others and are in a dynasty and have to take it while other teams get away with it. Why. We do not just get every teams best effort, we get the penaltys as well.

    Why do we have to follow the rules and teams that are playing against us get away with things. These are not 2min penaltys. There is a common theme here and it disturbs me. Pisses me off.

    Maybe were not as good as disguising hits to the head as other teams (because we do not do it often/practice it). We are Scottish and when somebody takes a cheap shot we know the league wont do the right thing against the other team, so we police the game ourselves. What has the dps/refs have done on a consistent basis to make us believe they will do the right thing (unless its against us).

    I need another beer because I cant believe my fucking ears. (Rainman)

  21. Two games and he deserves it. You have to control your twig and that was deliberate. He did that to Carter a couple years back.
    And Tab you are spot on w melrose.

  22. If Keith is suspended 10 games our season is over .

    Maybe that would be a fittingv end to how poorly we are playing . This team stinks right now.

  23. Seriously, Keith would have had to be a surgeon to have swung his stick while sitting on his backside/behind knowing that he would connect with the bridge of Coyle’s nose underneath his visor. No doubt that he was trying to give him a whack against the shoulder or side of his helmet in retaliation for the trip but he hit Coyle under the visor in the nose and drew blood. 10 game suspension? Please. This is not like McSorley chasing the guy down and cross checking him in the head. This was an illadvised, wild swing of the stick that struck the player in the head/nose and caused a small cut. Coyle didn’t miss a shift. He should be punished with a game or two but nothing more.

  24. Good grief, who hasn’t taken a stick to the face!? Yes, bad cheap shot on Coyle’s part; yes inexcusable judgment lapse on Keith’s part…stupid, dangerous play from both guys. It’s hockey. This thing has already gotten more attention than it warrants…

  25. I agree with Tab. These players are pros paid at extreme levels all so they can handle their stick. They are better with those sticks in their hands than any other tool. They are VERY good at making it look like an accident. They are all like slight-of-hand- magicians with those sticks. We cannot EVER let any one of those guys say it was an “accident” when I hit him in the face with my stick. .

  26. Because Barry Melrose represents hockey so well.

    Regarding Keith being “a multiple repeat offender”. As defined by the CBA Keith while having been suspended, is not a repeat offender.

    Per the CBA “A Player is considered a repeat offender for 18 months following his most recent incident that resulted in a suspension. ”

    His last suspension was in June 2013. The NHL won’t rescind the penalty. But I doubt they go longer than the 1 game associated with it.

    He meant to hit Coyle. (Looks like Coyle’s visor is what cut him) Therefore intent to injure. He tried to make it look like he did it on accident. He fooled some. But come on.

  27. TAB – calling Duncan Keith “stupid” is inappropriate. Have you played competitive hockey? Are you fully versed in the amount and level of effort, hard work and determination that goes into not only getting into shape, but also to compete at this level? It was a knee-jerk violent REACTION to a dirty trip, and a hard painful-looking landing, similar to if someone snuck up behind you on their knees and another person pushed you back over so that you landed flat on your back. Did he lose control of his temper? Absolutely! The Blackhawks are a very skillful team that plays a very clean style of hockey for the most part, and teams like the Wild and the Blues seemingly go out of their way to attempt to bash our players at every opportunity. The NHL is CLEARLY the most inconsistent professional sport league when it comes to enforcing their “rules” of play. I think Coyle got what he deserved for his actions. Keith will also get what he deserves. Justice will not be served, because after all, it’s the NHL. Just don’t go around calling a future hall of fame, Norris trophy winner “stupid”.

  28. Well said Sbecht63. If you have played the game, you understand. Those that haven’t played, don’t seem to understand…

  29. Keith is a repeat offender. He has skated the length of the ice to throw an elbow twice, knocked out one of the twins a few years back, I want to say he lumberjacked Carter and got suspended for that as well.

    The dude definitely loses his mind and tries to injure guys. NHL probably gives the rest of the regular season because they are gutless. He should get 10 minimum.

  30. Looked to me like Duncs was trying to intentionally yank the stick out of the guy’s hands with the back of his knees…. then when that didn’t work, faked falling backwards, so he could use his head to put a divot in the ice to try and trip him…. bet the Hawks brass have had enough of this BS…. Duncs has played his last game in the Indianhead…..
    (sarcasm off now)

  31. What a coincidence! I saw it that way too…this whole conversation is really unnecessary. It’s hockey…it happens.

  32. I keep reading that he is going to get 10 games for this. Where is this number coming from other than a commend Melrose made? So let me get this straight – Wiedman gets 20 games for crosschecking a referee – a referee – in the back of the head (ref still out with concussion related issues) and the league is going to give Keith a 10 game suspension for swinging his stick up at Coyle while on his keister and catching Coyle on the nose (after Coyle slewfooted him in the first place). Seems a bit excessive to me.

  33. And Wideman’s suspension was reduced by an arbitrator to 10 games after he served 19 games.

  34. Yeah, that was my recollection of the Weidman incident (that his suspension was ultimately reduced by the NHL because the NHLPA fought it but after serving the majority of the suspension). If they hit Keith with a lengthy suspension the NHLPA better get ready to fight it and get it reduced ASAP.

  35. To Hawk Head and the other guy. I grew up playing hockey in Canada through high school and continue to play this game that I love(40 + years and counting). I believe the action taken by Keith was entirely STUPID and RECKLESS. Duncan Keith will probably tell you the same. Keith seems to always get suckered into this type of thing due to a ‘bad temper’, but he has to consider that he is a leader on this team and top player in the NHL, who is adored by many young hockey players around the world. Duncs should know better and conduct himself accordingly.

  36. I agree with others that Keith simply can’t use his stick as a weapon like that as it’s too dangerous and will deserve a suspension, however where the hell are the officials and why can’t they catch these plays before they happen. Coyle shares some of the blame in this case and this is definitely reactionary and not premediated. AJ the Sedin hit was started by a cheap shot as well from Sedin so he isn’t innocent either.

    I agree with SBECHT63, I had an incident where a guy crosschecked me in the mouth under the visor and I lost two teeth and my reaction was a slash back and broke my stick on his ankle. So it happens and surprised it doesn’t happen more often as the officials can’t seem to call the cheap stuff and remove it from the game

  37. sure Barry B ask any player (in the heat of the moment) if they are thinking about the fans or being a role model. Did you ever receive any severe injuries while playing due to a cheap shot?

  38. FWIW I too have played & coached for 50+ years in the US & Canada.

    I don’t believe that anyone is disputing that it was a foolish move on Keith’s part. The refs always catch the retaliation and not the initial event (Coyle’s slew foot). You are taught as a player to not retaliate because you will always get nailed for the retaliation regardless of what precipitated it.

    The question comes down to how much of an intent to injure was there and what are the consequences. I just don’t see this as something that warrants a lengthy suspension. If he had gotten up on his skates and swung his stick at Coyle’s head or cross checked him in the head/face, then yes, premeditation, lengthy suspension. He swung his stick wildly and clipped Coyle’s nose under his visor. Coyle was not injured other than the cut and played the entire game. Keith got a 5 minute major and DQ as he should have.

    Since you have played the game you probably have had some jackass slew foot you and you end up flying in mid-air and land on your back/behind and slam your head/helmet onto the ice. Really one of the worst things you can do to another player because they are not expecting it, are defenseless, and it can result in a serious injury to the head, helmet notwithstanding. Honestly, I too would have likely swung my stick at the guy for doing such a gutless and dangerous thing.

  39. Ummm, he struck another human being in the head with a weapon with what looked like enough force to break his nose. One eye or the other could have ended up on the ice. Also, struck another human being – on purpose – in the head – with a weapon.

    It doesn’t matter how many shifts the guy skated after or how hard “tough” plays “and standing up for yourself” gets you. It is sickening how many people think that this is OK or justified in any circumstance.

    He’ll get somewhere between 2 and the rest of the regular season because the NHL. It was a deplorable play that should be punished in a way that sends a clear message to the rest of the league.

  40. SBECHT63 – I agree 100% with your comments. Duncan Keith has played more minutes and taken more hits and cheap shots than most any player over the past 5 or 6 years. Being “cheap shotted” and landing squarely on your back and then striking out within a split second is not a deliberate intent to injure. It’s F**king reactionary and anyone who has played the game understands that this happens. Is it acceptable? Hell no! Duncan Keith no doubt wishes he could take back what he did. But I hope like hell he only wishes he could have hurt him in another way because the POS deserved it!

  41. Goldenbladz,you are missing the point. Keith has done this before with Sedin and Carter and it is always in retaliation. Granted he doesn’t go looking for trouble, but he has to manage his anger in a more controlled way. Duncan Keith is a face of the franchise and so yes he has to think about being a role model and carry himself according, otherwise he will lose credibility. And no I have never received a severe injury, I guess I have been lucky, but I have had my share of broken teeth, cuts and scars from playing the game, this is what you expect when you put the gear on. I don’t expect an opposing player to swing at my head with an intent to injure, it sort of makes the whole shaking of hands after the game, a tad bid awkward eh?

    Playing a violent game like hockey requires that a player learn how to deal with things in the ‘heat of the moment’. Swinging at a players head is not sensible, be smart about and if you must get your vengeance, then do it later. Coyle is in the division so the time and place will come.

  42. ….Duncan Kieth does not turn the other cheek….lol….because the Hawks don’t utilize an enforcer much….this is what happens…frustration has been building as the older and smaller Hawks continue to be outhit and outhustled….where are you John Scott?…lol….the playoffs forget about it!……

  43. Off topic…

    Completely hilarious that no teams north of the border will make the PO’s while both Florida clubs will! Hockey night in Canada won’t be much fun after April 10th!

  44. If I were Keith I would take my lawyer with me to the hearing and the suspension is six or more I would have my lawyer inform the nhl at the heart.g that Keith will be the first ative player to join the confusion law suite due to the tripping he received that made him retaliate then when the hawks play them in the playoffs I would have him arrested and charged with better during the game . Maybe then then the nhl will get their act together the refs this year are bad at best

  45. Keith always retaliates but does not initiate. Let’s balance the scales of justic and punish the initiator as well. Coyle should sit out while Keith sits out.

  46. ……true Duncan is a bit of a hillbilly hothead …..but no one in the core group should be retaliating or enforcing justice on the ice …..that is not what coach Q expects from this highly disciplined bunch …..its sad that intent to injure is being used against the Hawks while numerous incidents where teams deliberately intend to hurt and injure key players on the Hawks go virtually unnoticed…..unfortunately this may cost the Blackhawks in the playoffs …..expect a first round exit this time around…….

  47. Hillbilly hothead? That’s a new one on me… Exit in round one? Possible, but I think it’s more than just Duncs. Will Crawford play? Hockey fatigue from all the games played in past 3-5 years? Lack of D depth? All this combined will be their greatest challenge. One thing with this team is anything is possible.

  48. Ok guys, a wild fan here who’s second favorite team is the Hawks.
    1) the wild is trying to pattern their game after the Hawks, speed and skill we don’t really have a guy that police for us, much the same as the Hawks.
    2) Coyle absolutely deserved a penalty on the play but if you watch the film it’s not your classic slew foot. No question he knew he could put Keith on his ass by just pushing on him and it was at least a penalty for tripping or interference.
    3) Duncan Keith is a fierce competitor who has played on the edge often during his career. I love his game and feel he’s as good as anyone in the NHL on the blue line.
    4) the guy has an anger management issue. He measured out his shot and new exactly what he was doing. Look up the elbow he put on Matt Cooke…the guy probably deserved it! But when Keith feels he’s been unjustly cheap shotted he just snaps.
    5) played and coached for 50 years and ya, I snapped a few times as well.
    6) they have to send a message but since he’s a key guy it will be 5 games…..get him rested for the playoffs.
    6) The Hawks are not an overly penalized team or victimized any more than any other team, truth is most fans I know think they get the better side of that one…and they are not all wild fans!
    7) you just can’t tomahawk guys in the head….unless you’re on the movie set of Braveheart or Gladiator

  49. ….to: Hawkey Fan…..gotta love Ducan Keith….he is only human and a proud small town Canadian boy……but one thing you missed that is impossible right now is their power play and penalty killing is awful as well….yes….first round exit is my sad prediction at this point…..hope they prove me wrong and we get a fourth Stanley Cup rabbit out of the hat….lol…..

  50. Yeah, you’re right, Special teams are pretty awful right now. Win or lose I’ve been a Hawks fan since early 70’s, so I’m in for the long haul.

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